Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya taking the papers from Suhani. She checks the marriage certificate document of her and Yuvraaj and thinks its good Suhani did not see this. Rags asks Soumya how is it going on. Dadi sees Yuvani without makeup and asks her why did she not use any cream today. Yuvani says no, I want to try to be without any cream for one day. Suhani smiles. Rags asks Soumya whats this, we had to make Suhani leave. Soumya says Yuvani is coming in Suhani’s words. Yuvaan asks Soumya for pan cake. Rags thinks maybe we have to change target now. Menka sees her baby crying and asks Leela to send a courier. She asks baby not to cry and let her work. She sends message to someone that she has sent money. The baby cries.

The kids go to play. Rags asks Pratima is Yuvraaj coming after

six days. Pratima says we said we will not talk about this. Rags asks why, you said you will tell Suhani everything when Yuvani changes, see she came without any makeup, there is definitely an improvement. Soumya stops Suhani… Dadi says Rags is right, and asks Suhani to leave before Yuvraaj comes, we don’t want Yuvraaj and Yuvaan to get close, Soumya and Yuvraaj have their family too, even you would not wish to break Soumya’s house. Suhani says Dadi is saying right, I will go before Yuvraaj comes.

Soumya goes to Yuvaan and asks does he not make his friends. Yuvaan says I m missing Golu, but I m having fun with Yuvani and Krishna, I love Pratima Dadi the most. Suhani asks Pratima does she feel the same. Pratima says I don’t need to tell you anything, stay here for more six days and work on Yuvani, don’t think much. Suhani hugs her. Rags looks on. Soumya makes some story of holiday ghosts haunting the kids who don’t play in holidays. Yuvaan gets scared and hugs her.

Leela gives the courier and argues with the man. She took some money from the courier and smiles. Rags calls out everyone and says I was thinking to play hide and seek today. Yuvaan says Yuvani is very mean. Suhani asks him to say sorry. He says sorry. Yuvani says its okay. Suhani says Yuvani and I will find everyone. Soumya says I will make special lunch for everyone. Yuvaan does not get place to hide. Soumya asks him to hide in storeroom. Suhani and Yuvani find Pratima. Baaton me ho khubsurti…… plays…………. Pratima and Suhani smile. Dadi looks on and says Pratima, you are doing wrong, when Suhani goes, what will you tell Yuvani. Pratima says we can see that later, let them spend time together now, Suhani is Yuvani’s mother. Dadi says enough, Soumya is Yuvani’s mother. Yuvani finds Menka and laughs. Menka says I lost and gets upset. Suhani says now we have to find Rags and Yuvaan. Yuvani says yes, we will find them.

Yuvaan hides in storeroom. He gets scared seeing someone. Soumya in disguise of a ghost goes to Yuvaan. She scares Yuvaan saying I m holiday ghost. Rags locks the room and hides seeing Suhani coming there. Soumya asks Yuvaan to promise he will go back to his friends today itself, only then ghost will leave him. Yuvaan says yes I will leave today. Suhani hears some voice from storeroom. She says door is locked from outside, how did sound come from here. Rags tells Suhani that she has seen Yuvaan running towards corridor. Suhani goes.

Rags opens the door for Soumya and leaves. Yuvani says Yuvaan is not here and Suhani looks for him. Soumya leaves Yuvaan and says if you say anyone about me, I will eat your mum. Yuvaan says I won’t say and runs. Rags says good job Soumya, see Yuvaan will not stay here, great. Soumya says poor kid…. Yuvaan runs to Suhani and cries. He says I don’t want to stay here and goes. Rags tells Soumya to see what happens. Yuvaan packs his bags. Suhani asks him did anyone say anything to him. Pratima asks Suhani what happened. Suhani asks Soumya what did she tell Yuvaan. Soumya acts innocent. Suhani says no need to hide it, Yuvaan told me everything, you scared Yuvaan. FB shows Yuvaan telling Suhani that ghost will take you away, talk slowly, I have seen ghost. Suhani asks who told this to you. He says Soumya told me. FB ends.

Rags says yes, I heard Soumya telling about holiday ghosts. Suhani asks Soumya why did she say this. Rags defends Soumya and says we were discussing concept of holiday ghosts, Suhani would not know this, parents scare kids about ghosts to make them do homework, I m sure Yuvaan heard us and imagined everything. Suhani asks Soumya was this the thing? Soumya says yes, why will I scare him intentionally, I m sorry, I did not see he was hearing us. Suhani says sorry, I m foolish to ask you.

Soumya goes to scare Yuvaan. He gets shocked seeing the her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wanna give a tight slap to that soumya

  2. Y is soumya doing this she should leave wen yuvraj come back n find out wat they did

  3. Oh please Suhani just take your son and go home, before anything bad happened to him. The all Birla Family DON’T CARE ABOUT HIM. Don’t listen to Pratma and just leave. Yuvraj won’t care about him either, find a good father for yuvhaan, and get on with your life.

  4. I hope Suhani realises soumya is lying and scaring yuvaan or Krishna too sees her scaring him.

  5. Such a cheap act of Soumya …….scaring a little kid for her benefit..

  6. Suhani is such an irritating character. Applying intelligence and deductive reasoning does not make one bad! Her attitude is partly responsible for the message finds herself.
    Sometimes in life one has to make hard choices to protect loved ones. Being stupid all the time and trusting proven betrayer a repeatedly is Suhani’s nemesis! Pls writers give her some backbone and sense

  7. The mess she finds herself! Sorry

  8. If yuvraj really loved suhani, he would have searched for her when she left. Earlier too he married barbie days after suhani was presumed dead. This is not love. I can’t imagine my husband marrying someone when I leave home out of anger or i am missing. Stupid story..let yuvraj stay with soumya and let suhani marry someone who really loves her

  9. Birla family is portrayed rich at the same time big fools

  10. How rubbish is this.Suhani what is your problem..pratima is using you again..and ehy you keep apologising to Soumya..why.Suhani you don’t miss a trick so why can’t you see through Rags And Soumya..why do you still trust the forget your stupid friendship and open your eyes snd stop getting silly with them..can you not see the fame they are playing with you…Suhani i thought you were strong and intelligent..stop bowing down to is turning into a useless serial..Why is Dadi still allowed to speak rudely.WHY AND WHAT IS THE PURPOSE WRITERS..Yuvraj is a dummy ..who will side up with witch Dadi and so called traitor soumya..Plz end this serial..before you loose all your audience..

  11. I was hurt seeing how Soumya bullied Yuvaan

    Really sad that your best friend can do this to a 6 year old child

    Soumya has lost her I n t e g r i t y

  12. Soumya what a devil you are how can you use a child for your selfish needs and on top of that to hang on to something that doesn’t belong to you.

  13. What is up with menka

  14. Santanya Singh

    I HATE Soumya soooo much!!!! I feel sorry for Krishna to have mother like her!

  15. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Such a characterless women Soumya is … how can she call herself a mother….how can once scare a little boy like that….if she has the guts then she should upfront tell Suhani to leave…i am sure after that Suhani will never come back even if Yuvraj comes and begs…. why torture a small kid like that…if anything bad would have happened to Yuvaan then???? Suhani needs to just leave Birla house with Yuvan irrespective of whether Yuvani improves or not .. irrrexpective of if Yuvani comes with her or not…for Yuvani there are so many people to take care of her but Yuvan only has Suhani and Suhani only has Yuvan…..

    Rags said it will be another 6days before Yuvraj comes back…so this drama will go on for another 6years! come on!!!! atleast please bring in Sambhav……please!!!!!

  16. I agree, bring Sambhav back
    If Yuvraaj (sahil) cannot set aside his differences with Suhani (Rajshri) in real life
    Then please tell me how can they perform on screen
    The audiences are not stupid to see that there is no chemistry between them
    Better if Sambhav had been a replacement for YUVRAAJ as Sambhav is a far better actor than Sahil

    1. I think he doesn’t wants to work with her \
      That’s why this track is bring..

    2. Don’t they like working with each other? I think they do they have lots of jokes off screen it’s becos Saahil has gone on a honeymoon with his wife

  17. don’t these adults know the difference from wrong and right. It’s actually criminal what Rags and Soumya are doing. It’s called abuse, mental abuse. In their quest to make these shows, the writers seem to forget morals!

  18. Stopwatchingtv

    Am sure something will happen to yuvaan and then dadi will get worried for him as he is yuvraaj’s son and dadi loves yuvraaj more than anyone. Then perhaps she will kick out soumya. And useless soumya who has no self respect and confidence will finally go to her mother.

  19. The family are cowards…… I see their tail between the legs

  20. ohhh…Soumya cheapo…..see the way she stopped Yuvan from shouting ….he was gasping for air….I thnk in the precap Someone is coming in a fairy’s attire…maybe Suhani asked Soumya’s help to remove that fear from his mind…

  21. i cant undrstnd wht they conveying to us… if suhani and yuvi reunited r not
    or otherwise why they showing small boy scaring wht the hell its..
    ssel day by day going to worst..
    suhani why u did fr this family to good things ..they all r mads and selfish..

  22. sowmya not comfortable fr saree but ghost dress superb 😛 😛

    1. Well said, she’s perfect in the ghost dress

      1. yaa sushma…i hate her in saree

  23. What a dangerous move by soumya,she’s crossing all the limits what if something bad happened to yuvan? &suhani plz come back to ur senses do u still believe these people ?? Why hv u become soo shameless? Everyday they r openly asking u to leave the house why the hell r u staying there?

  24. In India name of the Sanskr and Adars is normal burai koh hide and Mahan Bano self respect is nothing all though Ramayana Mahabharata tech meaning of salf reaspect

  25. how long is Pratima going to be afraid of that old hag? she has a mind of her own and she should use it dont let the old hag keep bullying her and somya my god she tried and fail miserably to capture Yuvraj now she is torturing that poor little kid suhani needs to tell Somya back off cause she can never be yuvani’s mom and dadi should stop telling suhani that somya is yuvani mom sooner or later yuvani will learn the truth and what happens then? but to see a best friend who can stoop so low just because of her insecurity suhani needs to put her foot down now before its too late

  26. What they showing like when yuvraj loves somya but pratima ne yuvi ki shaadi suhani se karadi..
    I really hate somya what.a shameless.character she is..

  27. First of all, a few days after the leap yuvraj said to soumya that don’t tell anyone that we’re not married. And in this episode they showed the marrige certificate if they r not married then where did the certificate come from. Second of all, yuvraj and Suhani didn’t even divorce so how can the family members believe that yuvraj married soumya. Also when they were playing musical chairs a few episode back they showed the marrige CD, if they filmed the wedding that means they have done all the rituals which means that they r married
    I’m really confused right now whether they r married or not and Suhani should use her brain that she didn’t sign the divorce papers so how did soumya get married. Why can’t soumya just live with her mum a small family is better than the devil dadi rags and menka. Third of all, I agree yuvraj should’ve gone to look for Suhani after he told her to leave but he said that in a fit of rage and Suhani thought that yuvraj wouldn’t forgive her but that is not the case. In one episode I remember yuvraj saying that he could forgive Suhani for the blast incident but he can never her for what she did to her daughter by leaving her and going far away that also means that if yuvraj finds out that dadi lied about the twins and that one died and the other was left by Suhani that means yuvraj would forgive Suhani and be united again but the problem is about yuvani and that she would never leave soumya the ‘best mother’ yuvani is coming in to suhani’s words but I don’t know if she will change her mindset. They said yuvraj will come after six days and Suhani said she will leave before that I think that yuvraj will come a little early than six days without telling anyone as he wants it to be a surprise and yuvraj comes and Suhani is still in the birla house then the drama will go interesting
    Still confused about soumya and yuvraj marrige???
    Anyway Suhani si ek ladki is the best show and I really want to meet them
    Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes!!!

  28. Rags was taunting suhani about her school &that ghost story &suhani like 1 duffer was asking soumya is it true? Didn’t they both study in the same school? They were classmates isn’t it?I remember Mr Steve episode &1 more episode where suhani says soumya had shown suhani’s project as hers.

    1. hehe…nice observation Sushma….also evry parent use this trick to scare kids..poor ya rich…dnt knw wat they meant

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