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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Soumya what Barbie did with Dadi. She says Barbie is lying and doing drama, she cheated Dadi too, but I can’t do anything as she has my baby now. Soumya says we will think what to do. Suhani asks did you think anything about family planning. Soumya says nothing yet and ends call. Suhani slips by water on the stairs and Yuvraaj holds her. Saware…….plays……… They argue sweetly. Suhani gets sad and says you are not mine now, you became someone else’s. He asks her to look at him, can she think he can leave her. She says sometimes situation is like that others use the most of it. She goes away.

Rags and Menka argue. Rags tells Saurabh for his card, as her credit cards are getting declined. He asks her to ask Dadi. She says my needs are your

responsibility, tell Dadi. Rags says you are my husband. He says exactly, this implies everywhere, look at Menka, she is here with Anuj and you stayed in house for luxuries. Menka thanks Saurabh for giving her credit. Saurabh asks Menka and Anuj to play and goes.

Pratima talks to Yuvraaj and assures him that things will get fine. He asks will Suhani forgive me. She says once baby comes, your distance will end. He gets up seeing Barbie in corridor and goes out. He stops Barbie and asks her where is she going. She lies that she is going in Mata ka jagran. He says at this time, fine, take Maa along. She says no, I will come soon, I have to take care of baby. He says fine, call me if you need someone to drop you. She says sure and goes.

Suhani sees Barbie going with her friends and looks on hiding. She thinks Barbie said she is unwell, where is she going at this time.

Sharad and Bhavna play with Golu. Suhani smiles and takes Golu. Sharad says Barbie is doing bad things, she is making Dadi massage her legs. Suhani says I did not think Barbie will do this. Golu cries and Bhavna takes him to change his diaper. Sharad goes to Golu. Suhani stops him and shows him Barbie coming back.

Bhavna, Sharad and Suhani see Barbie coming home, and wearing jeans inside the saree. Sharad says I will ask her from where is she coming, come. He stops Barbie and she gets tensed. She asks are you guys following me. Sharad says no, we were just roaming, where did you go. Barbie starts lying and asks why are you questioning me. Sharad asks why are you tensed to answer. Barbie slips and Bavna holds her asking her to be careful. Sharad sees a stamp on her hand, and says she is liar, she has stamp which is applied in clubs. Bhavna says high heels and jeans… Sharad says it means… Suhani says we have to find out about this.

Its morning, Barbie talks to her friend and laughs saying how she fools everyone. She sees Suhani there. Suhani says I m glad seeing you happy, it will be good for baby, you have to come with me, you did lots of shopping and did not buy anything to wear in pregnancy. Barbie says I don’t want to go for shopping. Suhani says fine, but I took doctor appointment for your sonography, will you come with me, its necessary to monitor baby for first three months. Barbie gets tensed and refuses. Dadi and Pratima look on. Barbie asks Dadi to explain Suhani, she gives me stress. Suhani says its important to go for checkup, its my baby. Pratima says Barbie, this is imp, you can go with Yuvraaj or me. Barbie says I already did sonography. Suhani asks for reports. Barbie goes to get. Dadi thinks whats Suhani doing. Yuvraaj comes with Saurabh. Suhani tells about Barbie’s reports. Barbie brings reports and gives to Suhani.

They all sit and watch the baby sonography video. Pratima says technology got advanced. They all get emotional seeing the baby. Suhani cries and says that’s our baby Yuvraaj. Dadi and everyone are happy. Bhavna asks Barbie when did you do sonography. Barbie says when I realized about pregnancy. Suhani says however our terms, please take care of yourself and not let this affect baby. Bhavna gets shocked seeing the baby sonography looking more than a month old.

Krishna asks Soumya about the reports. She says its all fine. He says its great, i will get a new job too, and I just wish all things get fine. Rakhi hears them. Krishna asks Soumya to take rest. Pratima talks to Ramesh. Barbie hears them and says I want to have something good today. Pratima says tell me what you want. Barbie says daal baati… Pratima says Suhani makes it fine, I will tell her to make it for everyone. Barbie asks Ramesh who will help Suhani if you go with Pratima to temple. Pratima asks Ramesh to stay at home and help Suhani. Barbie smiles.

Suhani asks Bhavna how did she like about baby. Soumya calls Suhani. Suhani tells about seeing baby in sonography. Suhani says till you are with me, everything will be fine. Soumya says yes, I m always with you. Bhavna tells Suhani that I don’t feel this right, Bhavna showed report of minimum three month old, I know this, I have seen such things at Golu’s time, I m sure of it. Suhani gets thinking.

Barbie asks Pratima to drop her somewhere. Suhani thinks whats the plan and thinks to follow Barbie.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have read half of it really good so far time is 1:13pm

  2. Nice episode but fastly get that barbie out of house

  3. It was soo nice to see the happiness on the face of yuvani after seeing the sonography.just don’t understand why the writers r butchering yuvrajs character at present he is just a caretaker of barbie .

  4. How is that pratima, bhavana &soumya say that everything will he fine once the baby is born, I really don’t get it. Even though barbie is surrogating yuvani’s child ,she is married to Yuvraj how can they expect her to go away frm their life after giving birth to the baby &what if she refuses to give divorce? What if she is pregnant with someone elses child? she is still yuvis wife .Moreover suhani is declared dead by the police. .omg it’s too too confusing whatever it is I want barbie to be out of their life forever.

    1. but suhani is not dead so they marriage is illegal , it’s against the law becoz suhani has not divorced yuvi….

  5. Nice epi. Get that barbie out of that house. I’m sure she isn’t pregnant, she is acting. If she is then why she refused to go with suhani to doctor. I was so happy to see yuvani faces when they saw the baby.

  6. I don’t think Barbie is pregnant, how does she have everything ready? Like the report she showed dadi after saying there’s no baby, and now the surogacy, without with informing or taking anyone with her. Hope Suhani and bhavna/soumya find out the truth especially as bhavna noticed the dates. Hope Barbie doesn’t harm pratima.

  7. i thought the baby is made up!! like she is ACTING to be pregnant!!

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