Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka saying Suhani that her work is done, she has recorded Dadi’s words in the phone, but she won’t give it easily, give me guarantee that you will not trap me. Suhani says fine, let it be, I don’t want. Menka thinks what happened to her, and stops her. She asks why does she not want this now. Suhani says I knew when I send you to Dadi, you will do this. FB shows Suhani scolding Menka and Menka saying she did this on Dadi’s saying, and Suhani asks her to get proof against Dadi. Menka says tell me you won’t do anything.

Suhani asks think what if anything does this with you. Menka says promise me and take the recording. Suhani says I don’t want, I have sync your phone with Bluetooth with my phone, and I got everything, I don’t need video now. Menka

asks how does she has technical knowledge and calls her cheater. Suhani sends the recording now and says she has settled the scores. She says you acted like my friend and trapped me.

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Menka says sorry and says I will get Dadi’s info, forgive me. Suhani sees the file transferred and says sorry, I will not save you, you will be punished, thanks for giving the phone, and now the video is transferred. Menka says cheater and gets angry. She leaves. Suhani talks to snoopi and says everyone cheated me, tell me will you cheat me too. Soumya comes there calling out Yuvraaj and hides the letter. She says I felt its Yuvraaj with snoopi, and wonders why did Suhani not ask anything.

Soumya asks did she see Yuvraaj. Suhani says no. Snoopi runs after Soumya and barks. She drops the letter there and goes. Suhani asks Snoopi to show the paper. Soumya, Rags, Menka and Dadi see Suhani taking the letter and reading it, as it was part of their plan. Suhani reads that Soumya writing that its bad to make Suhani wrong, it was not her mistake that she thought their fake relation was true, and he did not know he came after me, and the marriage was your helplessness, that you have always loved me, not Suhani.

She says you wanted to marry me, not Suhani. Suhani cries being shocked. Dadi smiles. Suhani reads that Suhani will feel bad knowing it, but we should tell her, the day her misunderstanding clears, everything will be set right. Dadi says see how broken she is, as she wanted to expose me. Suhani reads that that Yuvraaj has kept the dupatta thinking it was Soumya’s. Suhani recalls in FB. She thinks it means Yuvraaj has thrown it that he knew its mine, not Soumya’s. Soumya writes that Suhani does not know the diamond necklace was bought for me, not her, you did not love her but she loves you.

Soumya writes that don’t behave rudely to Yuvraaj, she feels bad, I know its tough for you, the truth is now she is your wife. She thinks its true and her every relation is wrong, whats the truth, why is this happening. Dadi says if this plan succeeds, our problem will end soon. Menka says if she did not take your name, this would have not happened. Soumya asks her to stop it, and says Menka told Suhani about her and record your words and give to Suhani. Rags asks Menka did she do this. Soumya says I heard her and Suhani talking when I went to give her the letter. They are shocked seeing Yuvraaj and Sharad come home.

Rags says if Suhani shows video to Yuvraaj then… Sharad and Yuvraaj see Suhani crying and are worried. She recalls his words and thinks so this is the reason he stays away from me since marriage. She recalls Soumya’s love confession. Soumya says don’t worry Dadi, Suhani will not say and show anything to Yuvraaj, she is already confused by it. Suhani and Yuvraaj turn. He thinks he can’t tell anything whats in his heart. Suhani thinks what to ask you if you are not ready to say anything. Dadi says let me think something.

Suhani asks Ramesh about Soumya. Ramesh says she is in her room, and asks what to make in food. Suhani says make what everyone like. Soumya tries to find something. Suhani comes and hears her saying where did she keep the letter. Suhani asks is she finding this letter, it was outside. She throws the letter and goes. Soumya says how can she go without asking anything.

Dadi scolds Menka. Menka says if I did not agree to Suhani, she would have sent us to jail. Soumya comes and says Suhani kept the letter and went, she did not ask me anything. Dadi asks how can this be possible, that she read the letter and did not say anything. Menka says I said she is very smart, now she will show the recording to Yuvraaj. Soumya says I wrote all truth about me and Yuvraaj, how is she so quiet. Rags says enough Soumya.

She says Menka and Soumya wasted lots of time, and they failed our plans. She says they have trapped us. She says I will clear all the confusion. Dadi says if Suhani proves us wrong then. Rags says I will not let you down.

Rags tells Suhani that Pratima can clear her confusion, Yuvraaj told her that he wanted to marry Soumya, he did not do mistake, he has sent right pic of Soumya to Dadi, Pratima did the mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Pooja

    How shameless this devil Soumya i never saw this type of characte
    One frnd like Soumya = 10000 enimies

  2. suchi

    Oh god wht hpnd to tat 4 monkeys they crosng d limit idiots pls yuvraj say d truth to suhani pls yr

  3. suchi

    Guys i saw in fb tat suhani knw al truth n decide to go out 4m d birla house n stay wid her parents on d other hand yuvraj n sharad plan to gt out soumya 4m their lyf

  4. Lisa

    What crap is this? I’m tired of all this stupid drama and the 4 b*t*hes. This is not a show but only nonsense. God when will this bullshit come to an end? .

    • suchi

      Dnt knw suketa im also in fb if u dnt mind cn v frnds in fb if u ok wid it naa my acnt name suchitha kumar profile pic meri ashique heroine ishaani image d image lyk ishaani takng selfie

  5. suchi

    Nw d truth vl b reveald infrnt of suhani vch would leave her shockd n shatrd shard a source,pankaj would cum visitng his daughtr whr he vl gt to knw abt d reality of suhani n yuv relationshp.being shckd to knw tat his daughtr is nt hpy wid yuv he would decide to seek revenge
    suhani vl ovrhear pankaj n startng tat he vl dstroy yuv family reputation shckd at ths she would decide to confrnt him,bt little would she knw wht would lie ahead in d revelation stream
    pankaj would sudntly blurt out d trth of him black mailing yuv on gtng maried suhani ths bitr trth would shtrd d girl n she would b left pondering over d shollownes of her mrge wht she vl do

  6. suhani

    Suhani decides to leave the house and stay with her parents. She still has to know Pankaj’s blackmailing to Yuvraaj, and she will surely be more hurt when Dadi uses this truth in terrible way. Poor Suhani hopes on one thing in her Maayka, that Yuvraaj comes and takes her back with respect and love she deserves.

  7. Oh god this show is crap and soumya u are spoiling the word friendship and what do u know about friendship if a friend try to steel her best friends husband and I’m feeling very bad for u suhani soumya sucks ragz rotten tomato and dadi tuje tho ma maar dalugee and menka foolish plz do something sharad

    • leo

      shut the f**k up
      calling us stupid then why the f**k are you on this page if you dont like suhani si ek ladki you little piece of shit

      • leo ji u r ryt
        n rajna is also ryt
        so rajna has given d highest number of comments
        rajna has proved her own words

        that c is STUPID

  8. I thought i read in spoiler that dadi truth will come out on her birthday but nothing like that happen in fact she is still planing n plotting evil things it look like it will take another year for the truth about them to come out in the open

  9. Kasturi

    Hey guys … but that’s life . Some FRIENDS are just like that. They are just there to bring u down… because they are jealous of what you have. I love the show because the story at the moment is interesting and reality based.

    • arre rajna, sharath told d truth only
      U urself called urself stupid
      u stupid cum fool rajna
      Go home n drink rashna juice
      N don’t irritate ur sister
      U bad sister

  10. bink

    rajna Taras is a piece of cowdung..!!

    this four jokers r going to have an pardafaas…a huge drama is coming through..

  11. dia

    Suhani won’t b able dhow d evidence …cz .its quite common n Hindi serials dat when heroin iz tryin to show d real face of evil she always fails
    Evils always destory d evidence
    So this tym also same thing vl happen
    N yuvaraj n suhani vl live separately
    Plzzz dnt repeat d same thing as other serials do
    Dadi menka rags soumys real face shud b brought soon n frnt of yuvaraj

  12. I don’t know who the hell is person rajna Taras it seem to me she is mad she need to go to some mental hostipal if she have problem with these shows then why are she comments in the first place get out of here and find something better to do then to waste time stupid

    • khud apne insult karte hain aur dusro ko bhi insult karna shikhate hain
      Apne gandi adat ka prasar kar rahe hain ye ladki

  13. Foolish girl from the way u comments it seem as if u mad ifbu dont like it then stop watch n comments because u only take up space ill manner little girl/child

  14. yoho am the mad number 1. I’ll make a serial with this name with my pagal hero no. 1. Coz I m such a mad thing. I m cowdung, a fool, a preacher of fighting and what not.
    I pride myself on being mad coz not everybody are mad
    I love u guys for giving me time n for my nickname ‘ALIEN DUNG’

  15. Alia

    I actually like Soumya, she is nice loving and caring but she is being pressurized to be bad and hate her best friend because the Dadi is always aggravating her against her friend

  16. suchï

    Mind ur words rajna taras its nt ur personl syt to talk lyk ths its a public syt n v hve al ryt to tlk anythng abt d serial if u dnt lyk thn dnt cme here n dnt cmnt here k dnt distrb us mind it

  17. mad dung

    hi cow dung rajna, i mad u mad, wil u be my partner in my madness? I wl kip u lyk a mad queen in a mad house made of cow dung where u r d main show piece of alien dung. U stink awesum cheapo, u loser

  18. mad dung

    o rajna u r d g8test mad of all n now u accept dat u r a clown. So sweet mad baby. Marry me maddy. U wil get d privilege of stayin in my super cowdung house

  19. mad dung

    yupyahoo rajna has acepted my proposal. Guys this is her way of saying yes.Nw c considers me above her mom n pop

  20. mad dung

    ai rajna dont compare bufalo with u. Bufalo wil feel shy. Do u want d poor thing to die of shame? Now u r mad dung’s partner ha ha

  21. mad dung

    rajna , one info for u, john is in sath nibhana sathiya page star plus nw, u cn get him there bye

  22. john

    wel rajna , come to saath nibhana sathiya page star plus n lets talk over d matter there, i m chating in dat page, if u hav d real guts hope u wl find me in dat page soon n we can decide who is corect, oderwise u r dung

  23. mad dung

    rajna dnt disapoint me prove ur worth to john. i hav nt found bink yet bt i hav found john. al d best n bring d quarel award to my dung house gud bye

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