Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad, Bhavna and Lata asking Pankaj to come with them, Suhani needs him, she is alone. Pankaj says Suhani does not regard us part of her life, she took this big decision without asking us, why should I go there, she did not come to meet us in last six years. Bhavna defends Suhani and says you did not think what Suhani went through. Pankaj says don’t try to make me part of Suhani’s life, she does not care for me. Bhavna says so you think this. He says yes, I have seen her behavior. She asks him how long will he think this. Pankaj says Suhani does not want to meet me, I won’t go in her marriage. Bhavna and says you and Suhani are very stubborn. They see Golu eating the food alone. Golu says sorry, I was hungry. They all laugh. Bhavna says Golu is always hungry. Pankaj

asks her not to say anything to Golu, this is his house. Lata asks Bhavna to make Pankaj meet Yuvaan, maybe he will agree to meet Suhani.

Suhani makes pasta. Soumya says this is Yuvraaj’s fav pasta and soup. Krishna and Yuvani say this are our favs. Suhani says I know, so I made this. Soumya says you made everyone’s fav food. Sambhav says especially Yuvraaj’s. Suhani says no, I made this for everyone. Sambhav says I can’t have this pasta and soup. Suhani says sorry. Menka says I have to bet, Yuvraaj and Sambhav have to take kundlis to pandit ji, but this won’t happen. Sambhav says I will go, I have to arrange food for me too. He goes annoyed. Soumya says Suhani, maybe Sambhav felt bad, you should go with him. Suhani goes. Rags calls someone and says they left from home.

The kids play and Sharad and Saurabh smile watching them. Yuvraaj comes and sees the kids playing. He smiles. He thinks Sambhav went outside, I can try to patchup with Yuvaan. He signs Sharad about Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says we will play basketball at home. The kids run to him. Yuvaan smiles and is interested to play. He then gets sad and stops himself. Yuvraaj says this is brand new basketball, who wants to play. Everyone agree to play. Yuvaan says I also want to play. Sharad says then you have to ask uncle. Yuvaan tells Yuvraaj that even he wants to play. Yuvraaj says fine, but on one condition, you have to play in my team.

Sambhav and Suhani meet the pandit. The pandit tells them that their kundlis are not matching, there is no mahurat for marriage. Sambhav asks how can this happen. Pandit says Suhani and other kundli is matching. Sambhav asks did anyone give you money to joke like this. Pandit says no. Suhani sees Yuvraaj’s kundli and says you matched the wrong one, this is the right one. Pandit says jodis are made in heaven. Sambhav says I decided six years before that if I marry, I will just marry Suhani.

The kids play. Menka says they are happy, I think something big is going to happen. Yuvaan plays with Yuvraaj and their team wins. Pratima asks about Suhani, and thinks where are Suhani and Sambhav. Suhani waits for Sambhav near the car. Few goons come there and tease her. She asks them to leave her and shouts for help, calling out Sambhav. The goons take Suhani. Pratima gets restless at home. Rags tells Soumya that their plan is going perfect, Yuvraaj should not know about this.

Yuvraaj calls Suhani and worries as her phone is not connecting. Rags asks Soumya to relax. Soumya asks Rags whats the plan, will Suhani and Sambhav not come home. Rags says yes, you go now. Sambhav comes to the car and says where is Suhani, I asked her to be near the car. He finds Suhani’s phone fallen there and Yuvraaj’s call coming. He worries thinking whats Suhani’s phone doing here. He shouts Suhani. Yuvraaj says Suhani is not answering. Pratima and Sharad also worry. Rags gets a message and smiles. The goons take Suhani to some house and tie her to the pole. Suhani cries and screams. Sambhav comes there and beats the goons. Sambhav asks will you tease Suhani and scares them. They all run away. Suhani cries. Sambhav sees her sleeves torn, and makes her wear his jacket.

Sambhav hugs her and asks her to calm down. Someone takes their pics. Sambhav says its all my mistake to leave you alone, calm down.

Yuvraaj receives a parcel and gets Suhani and Sambhav’s pics. He gets shocked. Rags smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhh it’s too bad…..hw can a frnd behv lk ds….so bd n chp…..

  2. Lagtha hai is writers ki dimaag kaam nahi kar raha hai…isliye old film sitution doond kar laathe hai…guys am sorry for ma hindi..actually am a malayalee n not gud in hindi or english….

    1. That doesn’t matter yaa,,,me too malayalee

  3. Ok I can’t watch this anymore . I lose all hopes for patch ups. Too dumb leads

  4. Why I am not getting full update of episode.

  5. I thought yuvraj will save suhani… stupid serial

  6. I thought yuvraj will save suhani… stupid sambhav

  7. It still does not worth watching, total waste of time.

  8. God..i am feeling bad for Suhani… When yuvraj had not confess his love for Suhani was better..He used to care for her,Supports her and on top of this Trust her. Even when Soumya had left krishna and wanted to marry Yuvraj..Yuvraj supports Suhani and did not marry Soumya..

  9. Raags….so cheap…. Playing dirty games again & again.disgusting… Totally fed up….

  10. What an idiotic episode nowadays dis serial become too boring n stupidness n I think writers lost their mind. What an cheap episode n precap

  11. De writers are copying De track from the film yuvraj vil insult suhani to be characterless…After dat may be Sambhav vil also create similar situation with yuvraj n soumya to make yuvraj realise his mistake n to bring back suhanis respect …writers please don’t stretch the serial so much…Please unite suhani n yuvraj…soumya should realise her mistake..For that something big should happen with krishna…den only she vil realise Wat she had done to suhani n poor little yuvan. .

  12. Sambhav is mch betr..dn yuvraj..!! Yuvi is jst dumb..only knws to b angry n stupid

  13. Guys, stop watching this saathiya..Gopi is rocking…

  14. Yaa .. I also think sambhav or sharad vil create same situation vth yuvi and somya to make yuvi realise his mistake…
    Yaar but kitni acchi love story thi yuvraj -suhani ki .. isme filmi scenes kyu mix kar rahe he ye log ? … 🙁

  15. aishwarya ravi

    yes they are copying
    from ishq

  16. Are ye tho ishq movie ka scene hai

  17. Copycat ssel

  18. Anju

    Rags, soumya and menka are the perfect bahus for that devil dadi.. All of them are like dadi that’s why she likes all of them.. Always plotting against others and playing with their emotions… Suhani is straight forward thats why she was not accepted as birla bahu..

  19. I too agree yuvraj is so dumb….how suhani is still loving him only…

  20. I just get so cross that evil always win. Its so wrong.!!!!!!

    The good are portrayed as bad and the good people are looked to be bad

  21. I want suhani to marry Sambhav and to live hapilly, i want her company to become powerfull then she should buy Birla ´s company, and when they will got no money, Soumya will leave them with Krishna and Yuvani, that´s how they will realise their mistakes

  22. Aqsxxh

    I am still waiting for YuvAni no matter what…

    1. Nithu

      Me too

  23. Come on writers..keep writing such cheap tracks..are these stupid birla women ever gojng to be found out and punished??its gone too far for any family to do such cheap disgusting trick ..and the men turn a blind eye..rubbish.Does dumraj not know Suhani that he will fall for such photos and believe Suhani can be so cheap?well if he blames Suhani again than sorry but dummy does not deserve to be with Suhani..stop this serial and all its bullshit.I want to see if the writers are clever enough to get these disgusting women punished in some way.What is the message to the janta???better to be evil than being goid human???

  24. After today’s epi we will get to knw how much Yuvi trusts Suhani,,,,It’s true that I wanted Yuvraj to save Suhani,,,eventhought it didn’t happen I’m glad that Sambav saved Suhani,,,coz my heart stopped seeing that goon’s face,..I actly thought smthng bad gonna happen..,,,Yuvraj is nt a superhero to reach within seconds and save Suhani,,,,so glad that she is saved,,,,,,,Rags is nt a woman,,,she is a witch,,,

  25. Yuvraj should use some commonsense and think,,,,He should think that why will anyone send photos to him,,,,,He should support Suhani,,,,,Sambav should see how much Yuvi trusts Suhani,,,then may be he will leave frm Suhani’s lyf his own by making any plan to unite yuvANI….

  26. Nithu

    I felt to give a tight slap to rags n those 2 witches

  27. sambhav did a good job.. when he save suhani and hardly attack the goons superb… last how he care fr suhani.. even yuvi also didnt lyk that

  28. i directly want to write my comments to suhani serail director.such a stupid track i cant bear it anymore.iam waiting for suhani and yuvraj meeting but what the hell had been hapng there.i wnt watch this wrst show anymore.showing all evil thngs incresing the lkelyhood of hpng them.cha fed off wit ths show.even if the trp has been decrsng makers of the show are not understanfing

  29. why does in all hindi serials are based on 2 / 3 wives or this is the trend for all North Indians that each male should compulsorly should have 2 wives. Dadi thinks she is very brilliant lady but she does not know that Menka is cheating her under her nose as that baby is not menkas. And when dadi can control her bahu Pratima, why cant pratima control her bahus. This serial is really boring and soumya is a black mark on the name of friend ship.

  30. I’m waiting for suhani and yuvraj’s reunite

    1. The story is interesting but as a viewer I’m expecting more…but I always love this serial it’s one of my best serial good job by ekta kapoor

  31. Very worst seriel.

  32. Actually Now its yuvraj’s turn to belive suhani.. remember , at the time of rohan , yuvi seen vth d girl but suhani belived yuvi only.. so lets hope for d best.
    I just love YuvAani… 🙂

  33. I can’t understand how many times they will marry, Suhani earlier with the advocate, now sambav and Yuvraj earlier with Sowmya, barbie again Sowmya, what is going on, Please change the track, finally make Vyu and Suhani to gether with children, let us enjoy the serial for some time, always revenge against Suhani, not interested to watch

  34. I don’t understand what message the writers are conveying the society
    Every time,rags,Maneka,Sowmya playing games
    Showing ladies as villains
    The serial initially was good,I never watch Hindi serials,but some how I liked the serial
    But surprisingly the story s taking unnecessary twists and now I almost stopped watching the serial
    I hope the serial writers will change the script or close the serial

    1. Yes you are right dear…..

  35. Amoula

    Soumya I hope yuvraj will throw you out of the house witch

  36. soumya is too bad. how she can behave like this ?
    she is not a good frnd. i hate her

  37. obviously the writers are not reading the comments…people are not happy…this is so so sad!

    I cant watch anymore…wait…I don’t even want to read the updates!

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