Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya taking haldi and her hand gets injured. She says whats mixed in this, I got this bowl from kitchen. Yuvraaj says I can’t open my eyes, and Pratima asks him to just see her, nothing will happen. She blows in his eyes. Suhani jokes on him. Soumya says what shall I do now. Yuvraaj collides with Suhani and they both fall in the pool. The kids laugh and push Yuvraaj again. The elders laugh. Suhani and Yuvraaj smile. Saurabh says they both are still same. Pratima says now haldi got completed. Dadi looks on. Bhavna feeds sweets to them. Dadi thinks what to do to break this marriage.

Yuvraaj comes from bath and tells Sharad and Saurabh that he have bath thrice but haldi stains are not going, whats there to laugh. Sharad and Saurabh defend themselves. Yuvraaj says

I know who did this and laughs. Saurabh says I know you guys are marrying for kids. Sharad says no, we know the truth. Saurabh says their decision is right, happiness came back. Yuvraaj says I hope so, I want to live a normal life now, I have been for 6 years. Sharad jokes on Ragas and Menka.

Bhavna compliments Suhani. Suhani says I know you will say you are happy that I m marrying Yuvraaj. Bhavna asks her to save all this to trouble Yuvraaj. She says I will call Pratima, she wants to make you wear jewelry. Menka hugs Suhani and says I m very happy, finally you are coming back in this house, the jewelry is great, I have bet with Rags and Dadi that they can do anything but you will come in this house. Bhavna asks what are they going to do. Menka says nothing, I came to tell you… Suhani says that you are my friend. Bhavna says Menka is smart. Menka says I want to have smart friends. Suhani says fine, our team is made now. Menka hugs her and goes. Bhavna and Suhani laugh.

Yuvani and Krishna talk to Yuvaan about sharing their cupboard with him. They aid Yuvaan and say they will share their study table and help him in his studies. Yuvaan says I will also help you both in studies. Soumya sees the kids. Dadi calls someone and says yes, I want same necklace, you will get double money for that, I will not let this marriage happen. She turns and sees Bhavna. Bhavna asks what necklace. Dadi says nothing, I got a new one for Suhani. Bhavna says she already have a lot. Dadi says I have to give that necklace in mu dikhai.

Bhavna asks for Pratima. Dadi says I did not see her. Bhavna goes. Pratima and Bhavna make Suhani ready as the bride. Pratima says Suhani, after you left, I did not think this day will come. Suhani says I also left hope. Bhavna says I realized person should not leave hope. Sharad comes and says pandit called everyone outside. Pratima asks Suhani to stay here and they leave. Suhani hears sound and opens window. Smoke enters the room and she starts coughing. The man tells Soumya that the smoke is dangerous and person gets paralysis by this. Suhani hears that. She holds her neck and faints. Soumya comes there dressed in similar dress, and wearing a mask. She opens the other window and clears smoke from the room. She removes her mask. Suhani gets semi conscious and sees Soumya.

Lata shows the gifts arranged to Pratima. Pratima tells pandit that they prepared for puja. Dadi hears Sharad and Saurabh talking about jaimala. Saurabh asks Pratima about the jaimala. She says yes, I got this. Sambhav asks Dadi to say if she has to give any message. Dadi says yes, ask Pratima to call Suhani. Sambhav gives the message to Pratima. Sharad and Saurabh argue. Sambhav says enough, now keep this if Dadi said. They laugh.

Pratima goes to room and asks Suhani to come. She takes Soumya, and does not know about Suhani is locked in cupboard. She says I m happy Suhani, and notices the bangles. She thinks why did Suhani change bangles. Bhavna calls them. Yuvani and Yuvaan pray for Suhani’s happiness. A rat comes there near the idol and kids get scared. Krishna makes the rat run away. Lata asks Suhani to lift ghunghat. Dadi says its fine, let it be, she looks good, give them jaimala. Bhavna says we did not see Soumya and where is Krishna. Dadi says they will come, start the rituals. Soumya and Yuvraaj take Jaimala. The rat goes on Suhani’s dupatta. Krishna sees Suhani’s dupatta and pulls it. She gets shocked seeing Suhani unconscious inside and shakes her asking her to get up. Suhani gets conscious. She sees Krishna and cries.

Suhani comes and stops Yuvraaj from making Soumya wear garlands. Everyone get shocked. Lata asks Suhani who is in ghunghat then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    Gud precap i think yuvi will nt b kidnapped…guys

    1. Ruksy

      i dont think so either

  2. Awesome precap

  3. Nadia

    eagerly w8ing fr tom….finally soumya’s evil plans will be revealed…….

  4. Nice episode..yuvraj realized that his happiness with suhani….again krishna did good job… i am feeling relax .story has comeback it’s own beautiful track…..soooo sweet…..

  5. Yuvani reunion possible hai kya..??

  6. Finally some good thing is happening. I had given hopes on this serial

  7. Someone better slap Soumya!!!

  8. kindnapping news was fake ah????
    now ..suhani knws sowmya true color of her friendship… now sowmya defintly exposing frm BH ….
    suhani give a tight slap on sowmya i hope …
    lets see wait fr tmrw episode 😀 😉

  9. patha nahi Xxyy

  10. Why not xxyy.They made for eachother.from starting at janmashmi parchi mein inhi ki jodi thi jise sharad ne badla tha .bahut se incidents mein ye dikhaya bhi hai.and I also feel yuvani will reunite very soon ……

  11. Maybe ash

  12. Today’s epi was nice. Sometimes I get a feeling that Krishna is Suhani’s daughter. Anyways there is still something fishy about dadi as today she didn’t do anything but give the jaimala to sharad. I think there is something in the flower garland. Hope Suhani shows her true colors to that chudhail soumya.

  13. but i dont think so suhani slap somu.. she can move back wen somu sheds her crocodile tears..and make suhani herself to told yuvi to marry somu.. but am really excited fr yuvi reaction… krisnha took suhani side wen yuvi not trust her

  14. Good episode

  15. What is going on here? I have watched this soap from the beginning and am looking for writers to come to their senses! Nothing ever gets resolved, Dadi gets away with lie upon lie, Menka and Rags are ridiculous, now there is supposedly a twin Dadi whose appearance and behavior makes no sense. There is no backstory or explanation. I find all of this to be silly
    and poorly thought out not to mention what I consider to be cruelty to children with tricks pulled on them by some of these so called adults. The time leap of six years is just plain stupid. The children look to be at least 9
    or 10 and speak like children of that age.
    I live in the U.S., don’t speak Hindi and rely on subtitles for my understanding of the stories. So far I have seen little positive or feel good relationships in these soaps. I was hoping to learn something about culture as well as entertainment. So far all I have seen are very negative behaviors with no little or no accountability or punishment for evil doers.

    1. I agree. I’m also watch w/subtitles, In the US and never understood the leap, Suhani left with a newborn, came back six years later with an kid older than 6 yrs old. I was also hoping to learn about India culture and all I get is that the males treat the females like dirt. They have no said what so ever. What kind of family where the other ladies (menka/rags) treat you so badly and you can’t say anything. And their so greedy. And twin dadi is in the picture, don’t they ever met Dadi’s family that they never knew she has a twin? Now menka steals a baby n nothing will happen to her. Don’t get me started on Soumya. She’s no friend. Hope Suhani doesn’t forgive her, but she will. She will forgive all of them. Yuvraj blames suhani for everything that goes wrong in his life. Bad haircut, blame Suhani. Lol.

  16. Yeah gud epd waitting to see next
    Suhani shld expose somu evil shld come infrnt of everyone

  17. Wat a great precap can’t wait for next episode final the director does something good but then it will get boring when they find out that somuya us the bride…..

  18. What does “your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?

    1. I believe they want to check your comment/reply isn’t offensive before they post it.

  19. Wow superb precAp n finally suhani know the truuth about soumya I’m just waiting for tomorrow epi

  20. so glad that Krishna found Suhani in time

  21. Good she stop the wedding n soumya should start counting her days

  22. Barbie is the bride

  23. Hold on don’t get toooooo u know big hearted Suhani may decide that Yuvraj should marry poor best friend Soumya .Wake up Suhani she is no friend and STOP defending her…she is self centred selfish and should be shown the door..with the devil dadi.Plz bring some sense in this serial.And Yes Nina you right we living abroad find the serials unreal and evil prevails and there is No justice…makes a mockery of indian society in india.Writers shame on you!!!

  24. saumya ke sath bhut galat ho rha

  25. Nina, agree 100%.

  26. meri friend keh rahi hai ki soumya ko koi expose nahi hogi. suhani sochegi ki uski bff ko haar ke baare me pata chala aur soumya suhani ko bacha rahi thi. jaise hamesha hota hai, dekhne walon ko aur frustrating hpga.

  27. Something like that will happened.

  28. Yuvraj said to saurabh and sharad that he wants a normal life,happy life.matlab wo janta hai suhani ke sath wo khush rahega ,kyunki wo usse pyar karta hai.Ab to yuvraj ko accept kar lena chahiye ki,suhani ko aaj bhi wo pyar karta hai.but mujhe lagta hai writers naya natak dikhayege .soumya ki har galti uski majboori batayenge,ho sakta hai fir se yuvraj suhani ko alag kar de ….if they will do that to bahut bura hoga.we fedup by this nautanki…..

  29. gys yhe somya aur shagun dono hi shdhi sudha ke peche pade hai
    its fake because real life koyi apna boyfriend to de skta hai but husband aue wife to nahi deta na

  30. In this day and age a woman can bring up children on her own..what is wrong with going out to earn your living..lots of successful women juggle India and why Soumya who is from a rich family had to stoop low to come and live with Yuvraj.Birla got money to buy cosmetic and spa but not hire a maid to bring up a baby???AND it was Soumya’s husband Krishna who caused the why than Yuvraj bring his widow into the Birla house..Why??AND YET he blamed and insulted Suhani..why???i cannot see the logic..PLEASE TELL US THE JANTA THE PURPOSE OF THIS SERIAL…more of crap doubt.

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