Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka’s foolish talk annoying everyone. She calls Suhani as Methi an says Yuvraaj does not like her. Rags scolds Menka. Pratima tells Suhaniis really like Methi, it is a cure for many and those who don’t like it, we can’t help it. Suhani cries in her room and Snoopi comes to her. Sharad and Yuvraaj have a talk with Pratima. She asks him to come for keeping Suhani’s heart. Yuvraaj says I do a lot to keep her heart, its tough for me, I don’t like to celebrate valentines.

Sharad sees Suhani’s name and says her name. They all stop talking. Yuvraaj says he has to go on walking and leaves. Lalita talks to Krishna and says marriage should happen in equal status people. He says yes, but Soumya said love is the biggest thing than money. She says where

did her love go. She did not turn back to see you, she has sent divorce papers, I can’t see you dying every day, you are my blood. She says she is a greedy woman, who wants to stay as guest in Suhani’s house, and not as owner in husband’s house, sign the papers.

Yuvraaj comes home and turns off his laptop. Suhani looks for him. He says he went to get a watch for Suhani as her watch is not working, and gifts her, and thanks him. Dadi asks for whom it this. He says its for mum. Suhani smiles hearing this and leaves. Dadi calls Soumya and asks how is this watch. Soumya says very nice. Dadi says you take it and smiles. Yuvraaj gets stunned and leaves.

Suhani says she will keep the watch in her room, as it will get damaged by water. She bumps into Soumya and sees the watch. She asks who gave you this. Soumya says Yuvraaj gave this and its nice. The flowers fall and Soumya throws them in bin. She wears the watch and Suhani stops her. Menka says Dadi is calling Soumya and she goes. They wear same watches. Soumya asks Dadi why did she call her.

Dadi gives her shagun and smiles. Suhani comes to Pratima and asks did Yuvraaj showed you this watch. Pratima says no, he did not show me, sons forget mother most of the time. Suhani leaves. Soumya asks whats this. Dadi says you wanted to become our bahu, and Rags shows the divorce papers with Krishna’s sign. She says he has signed it and he called me for cheque. Soumya sees his sign and cries. She says he ruined my life for 10 lakhs. If he wanted money, he should have told me, I would have given him money and married Yuvraaj.

Suhani is puzzled and thinks to ask Yuvraaj. She sees Soumya crying and asks what happened. Soumya says leave me alone, don’t give any lecture. Suhani says you don’t tell me anything, I will not ask and gets angry. She says she will say her sorry and goes back. She sees Soumya and Yuvraaj together and is shocked.

Suhani gets her dupatta and says it means Yuvraaj got that that and he has kept it safe. He throws it and says I was mad to keep it. Suhani sees this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think suhani should come to know the truth. ..she should leave yuvaraj and go…then oly tat yuvaraj ll feel her value

  2. Suhani is starting to get irritating, how dumb can you make her, soumya said ilove u to yuvraaj, roses, dadi loves her. Is she that INNOCENT that she cant think out side of the box. flipping hell, yuvraaj might aswell marry soumya as soumya repents and yuvraaj is starting to like her back in yesterday’s episode. suhani is just to dumb

  3. Really feeling vry bad fr suhani tat foolish yuvraj doesn’t deserve suhani

  4. stupid dadi chi.. Her cheep drama

  5. Yuvraj go hell with that Soumya…………u deserves 4 that scrap only dont deserve 4 cute diamond…….

  6. Yuvraj go & marry that dirty devil Soumya then make ur life & Ur house big hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. so sad suhani…….. shw wa luking beatiful today…….. but seeing her cry…….HEART BROKE
    hey yuvraj hate u man….. fool….

  8. she was*

  9. Menka you are soo bad to make our sushani crying,sushani dear I think u have to open your eyes now and take action b/4 is too late

  10. I think Yuvraaj should marry Soumya as the two devils deserve one another, let Soumya drive the Birla house crazy until they remember how good Suhani is. Cochroaches!

  11. how more stupid and foolish can suhani get?

    1. more………

  12. oh god what a f**k serial is this???????plzzzzz stop it

  13. Yuvraj gives red rose to suhani. Thursday spoiler

  14. i hope dadi die somehow 🙁 make her out of house after the truth make sure evetyone kick n throw her out of house
    suhansi open ur eyes she felt bad fr talkin to soumya in dat way and soumya how many she shouted on u realize
    yuvaraj hate u even uva dumb
    i think he thought that is soumya duppata n throwed

    1. I thk ur dadi wala comment….

  15. its good that krishna signs the divorse papers…..ab soumya yaha ki bhi nahi aur na vaha ki…..dadi is just irrating……Yuvraj ko pata nahi kya hogaya hai…dumb

    1. yeah simply he listen to devil dadi

  16. soumya how many days u ll roam wit flowers u gav everyone flowers fr couple but didnt fr suhani hate u to da core

  17. its good that krishna signs the divorse papers…..ab soumya yaha ki bhi nahi rahi aur na vaha ki bhi nahi….dadi is just irrating……Yuvraj ko pata nahi kya hogaya hai…dumb

  18. Atleast suhani is finally realises something is wrong. That’s a good thing she is finally getting her brains back

  19. It really good that Krishna sign divorce paper now soumya will loose both side but b/4 she leave brilas house writer or director let her betray dadi,rag and menka and let them see that is after their money not yuvraaj love

  20. Suchi sree pachi. . Imaginatn continues u can chk those comments i hv rpld there. . U al lyk dat 2 continue thn do tel me. . .

  21. Suhani seems to be more annoying at this stage. How can one not notice the shit happening in her home? No one really values her, especially the women. Rags, Menaka and the Dadi simply dont understand what they’re getting themselves into. Krishna should intervene at this stage. This family are not worthy of her love, respect and patience.
    Soumya on the other hand, is a piece of a pig’s shit. Shes not even worth the crap that comes of of Snoopy. Her face makes my eyes bleed.

    1. u r right priya hate her

  22. U are right priya soumya look like children toy especially her lip

  23. Can yuvraaj not hear how dadi insults his mum, dadi is pure evil, which planet does she come from, she actually believes that what she has planned is ok and every one will agree with her and happily accept her evil plan, yuvraaj is not a man but a dog sniffing around the ugly soumya,suhani deserves better,

  24. I think suhani should leave yuvraaj n see wat he do maybe he will realize he loves her n plz get dat ugly witch soumya out of the house n their lives

  25. Hate yuvraj!! Snoopy looks better than him!!

  26. Seriously,I don’t believe that this kind of thing is happening in someone’s life.the writer is making suhani look so stupid and dumb .this really a boring story,no Action,No suspense,so predictable,even Nigerian movie is better than this.for months now they are still doing same thing,at least change some things.are u sure this series is going to win any award this year?we are so disappointed.

  27. @pamela are u a Nigerian?

  28. why yuvaraj is changed. during sankaranthi he showed too nuch affection to suhani in preparing laddoos. he did not tell sowmya that he still loves her it does not mean he still not told his love to suhani. whether he loves suhani or not.
    if she goes and talks with krishna he will definitely know the full details we are so disappointed

  29. I have not seen such a stupid serial till now. how can anyone be so dumb!!!!!!!!
    Another dumb character is Yuvaraj….

  30. Enough is enough. Dadi insults both Prtima and suhani in the presence of Yuvraj. How can he tolerate the inslt of his mother and wife. I am sure writer Director believe we all who are watching are fool.

  31. Stop fooling the audience and stop this serial. My earlier text is not appearing why?

  32. Ate end you are displaying similar comment of same person again and again. and in my case when I found tat text of my comment is not appearing , I write again and you are restricting me Why?

  33. Why don’t the brothers confront dadi & gang when they are insulting their mother and Suhani? Why should Yuvraj accompany Soumya each and every time when she asks or dadi orders to. Can’t he say No atleast once in a while. Why didn’t Yuvi or anyone else notice that Soumya did not give the flower to her best friend Suhani on Vday.

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