Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying about Baby. Sambhav drinks the juice. Suhani sees him and makes him busy in talk. Sambhav falls asleep. She calls him out and sees he slept. She leaves. Baby gets ready and asks Dadi to take her along. Dadi scolds her in tension. Pratima stops Suhani and says I m worried for Krishna, we will meet her. Suhani says I was going orphanage, we will meet her later, you talk to Krishna on phone. She goes.

Dadi asks Baby to go by auto or by walk. Suhani comes. Dadi leaves with Suhani. Baby says what happened with Dadi, she left me and went with Suhani. Pratima asks Bhavna did you talk to Suhani well. Bhavna says yes. Pratima says she gave me phone when I told her about meeting Krishna. Bhavna tells about Suhani and Dadi’s argument. Pratima says they both

always fight. Baby hears them and thinks why are they together and acting in front of others.

Goon laughs and says I will not say anything. Suhani slaps him and asks him to say now. He agrees to tell her. She asks where is Yuvraaj. He says I know Sambhav has taken Yuvraaj from Birla house, he has hidden Yuvraaj in Birla house. Suhani asks what. Dadi says he is lying. Goon says trust me, I m saying true. Suhani says he is saying truth, I know Sambhav well, he would keep Yuvraaj in such place where we can’t think, we can’t get Yuvraaj till he himself tells us. Dadi says we will try to make Sambhav tell us, there is one way, one person can do this, who does not know Sambhav is a devil. Suhani asks who.

Pratima gives lemon water to Sambhav. Suhani comes. Sambhav says I don’t feel good. Suhani says I know the reason. She gets Sambhav’s pic and says till Saiyyam came here, he has reminded us of this devil, today no one is happy in this house, as Sambhav’s shadow did not go from our life, as we did not do his shradd, I will rectify my mistake today. She says I want this to end soon. She asks them to come for puja. She puts garlands on the pic. Sambhav lights incense sticks infront of the pic. Dadi looks on. Suhani pushes Sambhav and makes the diya fire catch the pic. Saiyyam comes and shouts no, how dare you.

Saiyyam gets water and blows off the fire. Krishna looks on. Saiyyam gets angry and asks how dare you burn my dad’s pic. He slaps Sambhav assuming he is Yuvraaj. Everyone get shocked. Sambhav angrily goes and drinks. Dadi comes to him. She says you maybe feeling bad that your only son raised hand on you, but he does not know you are his father. She shows the ashes and says you would feel bad to do own Shraddh. He asks her to be quiet. She says fine, I came to tell you that if Saiyyam knew you are his father, then he would be with you, its too late now, you can’t tell him that you are alive and fooling everyone by wearing Yuvraaj’s mask. She goes.

He says if I tell my son, he will be on my side, there is no harm in telling him. He goes to talk to Saiyyam. Dadi says once Sambhav tells Saiyyam, he has to tell where he has kept Yuvraaj. Suhani says thanks, this idea is nice to call Saiyyam home. Sambhav goes to Saiyyam. Saiyyam gets angry seeing him. Dadi and Suhani hide and look on. Sambhav turns to see. They hide. Sambhav says I have to say truth.

Dadi asks Suhani to go, I will tell you later what happened. Saiyyam asks what will you tell me, what truth that my dad is bad. Sambhav asks will you believe if anyone tells bad about your dad. Saiyyam says no way, my mum left my dad because of you, you felt my dad married Suhani forcefully, did you think that he loved her, don’t talk about my dad, next time don’t do this, else I will not leave you. Sambhav smiles. Saiyyam goes. Sambhav says there is no difference to say truth, my son is on my side, he will not trust anyone. Sambhav sees someone going and asks who is hearing our talk. Dadi goes to Suhani and says nothing happened, your son is against you, it will not matter, he will always support his dad. Suhani says I told you Saiyyam will not listen to Sambhav. Dadi asks why are you blaming me, he is your son. Yuvraaj says Dadi and Suhani, focus, you have to fight with Sambhav.

Sambhav catches Dadi and scares her for electric shock. Suhani comes that way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. precap~again back to square 1.. sambhav returns… cvs hav gone mad, how can they show a younger person beating elder one even if he does wrong. why nobody asked anythng even suhani? so bad.

  2. I have a strong feeling that saiyaam is yuvraj n suhani son…. Saiyaam attitude is like yuvraj…. Yuvraj also do exercise in frustration we can see in soumya’s track…. May b some1 lied 2 saiyaam abt suhani to take revenge…

    Anyway I liked the attitude of negative yuvraj n precap is funny….. Baby is other menka…. Where is rags n saurab…??? Y day by day no.of characters r decreasing in ssel…

    1. @ somi
      What make you think that saiyyam is suhani and yuvraj.

      Suhani would have known, knowing suhani she would have not abandoned saiyyam. If she believed that saiyyam if saiyyam is yuvraj.

      If this is true, then I hope saiyyam tell suhani and yuvraj. To go to HELL!
      Sometimes in life, it is better to be an orphan.
      Then to have parents like that.

      1. Saiyaam too had a pet like yuvraj…. Firstly snoopy n now tiger…. Saiyaam loves his mother like yuvraj…. He insulted baby also…. Yuvraj also insult others those who insult pratima… First night of his mrg, saiyaam doing also reflected like yuvraj n saiyaam also care for krishna as yuvraj was too take care of suhani…. Though they were not in love….

        I guess but cvs r doing what they want too show….

      2. well…..If we think lyk cvs,,,,they can bring twist lyk,,,,actly Suhani was pregnant with Yuvi’s child bt was nt aware,,,,,,,after whatever happened ,Suhani misunderstood that it’s Sambav’s child,,,,,don’t call me mad,,,,cvs will think lyk this,,,,they are all creative ppl,,,-_-

      3. @ Somi, if you are right about Saiyyam. Being yuvraj and suhani son.
        I can see where you are coming from. Your observations, is good.

        But I have to agree with mo. If it true. Then I hope saiyyam, tell them to get lost.
        Suhani has done too much, to saiyyam. Now the only reason that suhani well love saiyyam. Is because he is yuvraj birla son.
        That would be disgusting.

        However, it also well, would make a good drama.

  3. Me also want saiyyam to be yuvraj son may be surrogate or she had triplet may be cvd give us twist

    1. Don’t know abt cvs…. Because gauri too had mark n dats the reason dadi doesn’t want to mingle her with family members n she was also alone without parents…. Though she was mentally immature…..

      Here saiyaam too had a mark… May b he surrogate baby of YuvAni… May barbie want to take revenge…. N cvs didn’t showed who is saundarya….??? N saiyaam is not orphan…. He was adopted….. So many things to b revealed

    2. ur idea of triplet is awesome hope cvs show somethng like tat it will b so gud

  4. Saiyyam won’t believe suhani, because the way she treated him.
    Also saiyyam is nothing like sambhav.

    1. Hey mo.
      Still believe, it well go your way ?
      I still do.

  5. Have cvs lost their mind how can they show younge ones beating elders please put some sense in the show dont make it worse

    1. Totally agree… Nonsense… They must reveal sambhav deeds

  6. What was that today??..y suhani was telling ki saiyyam kuch sunte nahi hai…did she ever tried talking to her son..jab bin maange sab ko lecture de sakti he tho aaj kya hua…give a try then u can estimate others character in which u mostly failed…seriously writers have made her so dumb…anyways whatever it may b i always love suhani ( rajshri) as shez d only reason i watch this show and only this

    1. Talk, suhani doesn’t understand saiyyam PAIN!

      All suhani think about is Yuvraj. Anyway I only watch this show because of Krishna and saiyyam.

  7. I think suhani should do a game night with everyone including saiyyam n Krishna n then reveal sambhav in front of everyone that the only way

  8. @silent reader n @r….. I guess abt saiyyam being yuvani son but it is not sure…… After sambhav track… They can bring saundraya track instead of kriyam scene….. Becoz yuvraj n suhani confession took after 1 year…. But end this sambhav track … It is irritating

    1. Mystery

      Who is saundarya???

  9. iam damn sure he is sambhav son……

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