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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna bringing Gauri. Soumya says her mark will not be seen. Everyone bless Gauri and compliment her. They all smile. Sharad says we planned a dance. Saurabh, Sharad, Anuj and Yuvraaj dance on Soniye Soniye Aaja mahi ve….. Aditya and everyone dance along. Suhani, Yuvraaj and Gauri too dance happily. Gauri and Aditya exchange rings. Pratima sings Chanda mere chanda………….. They all group hug. Menka gets angry on Gauri. She pushes Gauri and makes her fall. Aditya sees this and holds Gauri’s hand.

He gets shocked seeing the mark on Gauri’s face. He leaves her hand, and Suhani notices this. Gauri and Suhani get shocked. Gauir falls and looks at him. She still falls her hand to Aditya, and he gets back in shock. Gauri realizes he has seen her mark and

holds her cheek to cover it. Suhani, Saurabh and Pratima help Gauri stand up. Suhani asks is she fine. Yuvraaj asks how did she fall. Suhani sees Aditya going away. Soumya takes Gauri.

Yuvraaj asks Menka to dance properly. Menka says I lost my balance. Anuj scolds Menka. Pratima asks Suhani to see Gauri. Suhani goes to Gauri and asks is she fine. Gauri says yes, can’t we hide this mark by makeup. Soumya says fine, I will cover it, by light makeup. Suhani says it will be done as Gauri says, and thinks to talk to Aditya.

The pandit comes. Dadi says I called pandit to get shubh mahurat for marriage. Suhani tells Pratima that Soumya is making Gauri ready. Aditya is worried and checks Gauri’s pic, and says her mark is not seen in these pics, I met her so many times, why did I not see that mark. Sharad, Anuj and Suhani come there. Aditya lies that he got interview call, so he has come here. Sharad takes him. Anuj asks Suhani to come.

Dadi asks Aditya and Gauri to sit. He looks at Gauri and smiles. Dadi and everyone take pics with Aditya and Gauri. Dadi says pandit gave next week mahurat for marriage. They all clap. Aditya worries and asks what, just one week. Dadi says yes. Saurabh says marriage can happen with time, whats the hurt. Aditya says as you all decide. Suhani asks him why is he not excited, is there any problem with marriage date. Gauri says no, marriage will happn next week, Aditya is happy. Pratima says we can postpone date. Yuvraaj says yes, just say it, there is no problem.

Pankaj says no, marriage will happen next week, we will do arrangements. Dadi says so its decided now, and they all clap. Aditya worries.

Its morning, Rags scolds Menka for ruining everything, she told her that they will tell truth to Aditya on marriage. Dadi comes and asks what did Menka do. Suhani recalls and says why did Aditya leave Gauri’s hand, he was mad about Gauri. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Menka spoiled the function, I know why she did this. Gauri messages Aditya and worries as he does not reply. Aditya throws the phone and recalls his friend’s words. Bhavna comes to him and teases him. He says he has to make a call and goes. Bhavna tells Lata that I will go and hear what he talks to Gauri.

Rags tells Dadi that Menka made Gauri fall. Dadi scolds Menka and says if you do anything in marriage, I will send you to Menka. Suhani says we should think about something else Yuvraaj, not Menka. He asks why. She says I mean marriage arrangements. He says yes right. He promises Suhani that once this marriage happens, they will go for a long vacation. Gauri cries in her room. Aditya says I got cheated, no one told me about Gauri’s mark.

Rags and Dadi make Gauri against Suhani. Dadi says just I m fighting for Gauri, Suhani would have broken this alliance,

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i knew it,at the end suhani will be made the reason behind all this nonsense.

  2. Pls bring some happy episode and yuvano moments

  3. No common sense in titis show. No matter what evil that old woman does she these idiots forgive her so that she continues her wickedness with her 2 cronies and now poor gauri is being trained to be hateful. How can you not love this dumb show?

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