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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags and Menka having the fruits. They decide not to keep fasts. Golu comes there. Rags asks how did he get gulel. He says Papa bought this for me in Lucknow. She asks him to give it for some time and he can eat anything. He asks for gulab jamun. Menka refuses to give. Rags says sure, take this and gives him gulab jamuns. She tells Menka that they will take revenge from Soumya.

Pratima gives sweets boxes and tells Soumya to send sweet boxes to her relatives. Soumya says one box is bad and keeps aside. Bhavna tells Pratima that Suhani is fine now. Pratima goes. Bhavna asks Soumya whats in this box, does this have anything else, what happened to you. Soumya says Rags and Menka treat me bad. Bhavna says you also do same, you are creating fights, I thought you are

mature, I was wrong. Soumya throws box and fumes. Rags and Menka look at her.

Sambhav asks Bhavna is this for Suhani, shall I take this, I will feed her. She says fine and gives him plate. He says today no one will come in my plan today. Dadi thinks is anyone really following her. Sambhav goes to room and thinks its Suhani sleeping there. He gets close and shouts you… Suhani follows Dadi and Yuvraaj sees her, thinking where is Suhani going at night.

Sambhav asks Soumya what is she doing here. Soumya holds her head and says what am I doing here. She leaves. Menka tells Rags that Soumya may have died. Rags says I threw a small stone. Menka says if anything happens to Soumya, I will blame you. Rags jokes on Menka. They recall how Soumya was going, and they have hit her with stone using gulel. Soumya goes in Suhani’s room holding her head and sleeps.

Suhani follows Dadi and gets dizzy by medicine effect. Sambhav says Suhani is nowhere. Dadi uses the handpump and goes. Suhani thinks where did Dadi go. She falls thirsty and uses handpump to get some water. She thinks there is no water and holds her head. She falls and hears someone screaming. She thinks who is screaming.

Dadi hits her on her head, and says Suhani was following me. Yuvraaj comes there and Dadi starts acting. She shouts for help. He gets shocked seeing Suhani unconscious. Dadi says I followed Suhani and saw her unconscious here. Soumya tells Sambhav that she seriously does not know how she reached there. He says its fine and goes. She tries to recall what happened to her, something hit on my face.

Soumya thinks did Rags and Menka hit me. Golu asks her did she see Rags and Menka. Soumya says no, why. Golu says they have my gulel. She asks him why did Rags take gulel. He says don’t know, she just gave me gulab jamun. Menka gives gulel. Soumya scolds Menka. Yuvraaj and Dadi get Suhani home. Doctor checks Suhani and says she is hit with something sharp, she will get conscious in 48 hours, she will get fine, we will wait, I gave her injections. He leaves.

Yuvraaj says nothing will happen to Suhani, we all know she is very strong. Bhavna asks where did Suhani go. Saurabh asks Sharad and Bhavna. Bhavna says she looked unwell after fast breaking, she asked for food and went to room, Sambhav took food plate from me. Sambhav asks Yuvraaj where was Suhani, what did you do with her. Yuvraaj says I m already worried, don’t irritate me, you say you are her husband, why did you not find her. Dadi comes and says I need to talk to Yuvraaj alone. Menka tells Rags that Soumya threatened to kill us, we have to teach her a lesson. Rags says did Soumya did this with Suhani. Sambhav says I did not know about Suhani, check my phone. Sharad and Saurabh say its fine, we understand, she will get fine.

The kids are also worried for Suhani. Pratima comes to them. Yuvani says if Suhani goes to God like Krishna’s Papa then. Yuvaan says no. Pratima says I have to way to stop this. Dadi tells Yuvraaj that she does not know how did this happen. She says if I told anyone of you, this would have not happened, I could not save Suhani. He says you saved her, I will tell everyone that I went after Suhani, nothing is imp than her health. He goes. Dadi smiles. Pratima and the kids pray for Suhani. Yuvaan prays that culprit gets punished, mumma says when anyone does wrong, he leaves some clue behind it. Yuvraaj hears him.

Dadi says I have stopped Suhani by hitting on her head. Sambhav scolds her and says just shut up, I will not leave you, I will bring your truth out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think fake dadi will kill sambhav and blame yuvraj again suhani will prove yuvraj innocent

  2. Iam happy that at least bhavna showed soumya the right place.soumya is not less than rags and menka

  3. Precap… interesting…. but now yuvraj must use his mind…

  4. I think suhani will recall wat happen to her n then go back to the same place n see the dadi

  5. Not yuvraj, writer have to use his mind …

  6. You are right mini…..writers make us fool…now , suhani ko yuvraj ko twin daadi ke baare mein bata dena chahiye. ..dona ko milkar sach ka pata lagana chahiye………
    I think daadi and sambhav aapas mein lad ke apna bhanda fodege…….

  7. You are right mini…..writers make us fool…now , suhani ko yuvraj ko twin daadi ke baare mein bata dena chahiye. ..dona ko milkar sach ka pata lagana chahiye………
    I think daadi and sambhav aapas mein lad ke apna bhanda fodege…… let’s see….

  8. Yaa.. writer has to use his mind..

    🙁 🙁 🙁
    Bahut popular tha yaar ye show..

    Writer aur director donhone milke 3 months se iss popularity ki band bajake rakhi he…

    Aisa lagta he abhi ke ssel me yuvAni chood ke subko footage milta he..
    Scenes bhi sirf kitchen aur dadi ke room me hi jyada rehte hai… thats really boring…
    Old ssel me hall terrace garden sub use hota tha.. abhi to kuchh bhi interesting nahi lagta.. 🙁

    And where is that detective now??. Yuvi firse dumb kaise ho gaya.?
    Aur sharad and yuvi ki bonding bhi kahi najar nahi aati… sharad yuvi nd saurabh ne team banani chahiye.. tab kuchh solution milega..

    I hope ki actors ke personal life ke wajese ye log story kharab na karr rahe ho…

    I really miss old ssel… loved it <3

    Lets hope hope for the good … 🙂

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