Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj coming home. He asks Sharad does she feel its Yuvraaj’s mistake, and asks why did he do all this. Dadi comes and asks where did Yuvraaj go, she was looking for him. Suhani tells Soumya that her box is missing. Soumya says Rags and Menka have stolen it, and they have it to Yuvraaj, he feels you have sent it to him, I doubt that they stole things from his room and got it here. Suhani asks why did you meet him. Soumya says I m your friend, I have to do this. Suhani says if Rags and Menka took the box, why does he not care, it means he is moving on, don’t waste your efforts. Rohan looks on.

Soumya asks why, can you move on? Suhani says I m trying. Soumya says I need to talk about divorce papers….. Rohan interrupts them and brings sweet juice for them.

Dadi asks Yuvraaj to be happy, she can’t bear his upset face. Yuvraaj says I m fine, take rest. Dadi thinks there is something cooking between them and leaves. Sharad says he is not on anyone’s side, he is with the person who wants to help them.

Soumya tells Rohan that they are talking something imp, he can knock and come. He says its past, leave it, just have this juice. Suhani refuses. He insists. Soumya asks him to go, its about Suhani’s life. He asks what life, that house is bad, are you jealous of her, Yuvraaj insulted her, try to understand. Suhani says he is right, Yuvraaj likes superficial beauty, you go home. Rohan thinks did Soumya come to know about divorce papers. Soumya leaves.

Bhavna asks Soumya did she talk? Soumya says Suhani accepted that Yuvraaj does not love her. Bhavna says he has done such things, what will Suhani do, she loves Yuvraaj a lot, he does not want to be with her, Rohan loves her and wants to marry her, and Suhani does not wish to live with him. Soumya says I know, I have to do something. She meets Sharad and tells him everything. Sharad says how dare Rohan think to marry Suhani, I will beat him.

Soumya says I think there is something fishy, Rohan is staying there, why did Suhani sign, and stops recalling Yuvraaj’s words. Sharad asks what sign. Rohan calls Dadi and says Soumya met Yuvraaj and they spoke about Suhani, she was telling Suhani that Rags and Menka are creating misunderstanding between Suhani and Yuvraaj, and she was trying to say about divorce papers. Dadi asks is she sure, she will meet him outside, she is visiting doctor and will meet him there in market. He says fine. Soumya and Sharad hide seeing Dadi. Dadi says she got rid of Suhani and will never let her come back. Sharad says I think she was talking to Rohan. Soumya asks him to go, and she will inform Yuvraaj, we have to make Yuvraaj hear them talking. Dadi sees Soumya leaving. Rohan asks Suhani to confirm is her mood off. Suhani says I m annoyed with you, Soumya is my childhood friend, I don’t like anyone talking to her badly, she was worried for me, she has full right. He asks don’t I have this right? She asks how long will he stay here and she hopes his work ends soon.

Sharad sees Dadi leaving and messages Soumya. Yuvraajs ees him smiling and asks what happening. Sharad says nothing. Soumya calls Yuvraaj and asks him to meet her, its all a misunderstanding, she will clear it. He says fine, where to meet. She says I will say. Rohan says I will leave. Lata asks why did he ask Suhani to forget Yuvraaj. He says I love her. She says Soumya said right, why don’t you unite them. He says no way.

Soumya follows Dadi. Yuvraaj is upset seeing the sign and recalls Soumya’s words. Rohan says he is getting late for the case, and justifies will Suhani be happy in Birla family, Yuvraaj cares for her a bit, but she won’t be happy there, I want her to be happy, with me or with Yuvraaj. He leaves. Suhani brings Bhavna to hospital and asks her not to take stress. She says she is fed up. Bhavna asks will you take divorce from Yuvraaj. Suhani is shocked. Dadi meets Rohan in the market. Soumya tries recording the video and some people come in between. She records the video. Rohan turns and she hides. He looks around. Dadi says I have to leave, if anyone sees, it will be problem. Yuvraaj comes to Soumya. He sees Dadi and Rohan talking, and moves Soumya.

She thanks him for coming. He says fine, but don’t blame Dadi always. She says Rohan is weird, I feel its connected to Dadi. He says fine, I m believing you for the last time. Rohan says I think Soumya came to know about divorce papers. Dadi says Yuvraaj is bearing all this, I know you are worried for your brother, Yuvraaj is like your brother, I m worried for her. Rohan is puzzled. Dadi says it will be tough for you to make divorce papers on Suhani’s saying, what can we do if she wants divorce, its good you told me. Rohan cleans his ears and looks at her. Yuvraaj and Soumya leave.

Rohan asks what is she saying. Dadi signs him to see Soumya hearing them, I think Sharad is also there, I have seen them at home, and understood something is cooking. Yuvraaj asks Soumya whats all this. She says nothing, I m sorry, I don’t have any proof, I wasted your time calling you here. He stops her.

Sharad and Soumya ask Yuvraaj to sing a song. Anuj asks him to sing Big B song. They all plan together to impress Suhani. Rags and Menka are shocked seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. too bore

  2. Boring……..
    Kuch nai hua episode me. Jo jesa tha vesa hi he

  3. simrandeep kaur

    they are extending the divore scene soo much

  4. Pls end this episode and will play manmarz this time. Pls

    1. starplus will not hear our request viji..:(

  5. V boring

  6. Pls show some interesting tracks,become tired by seeing the boring episodes.

  7. Dragging too much
    Plz unite yuvani

  8. These writers are so stupid. How come the always have that old woman outsmarting everyone…for god’s sake, why can’t Somu/Sharad/Yuvraaj turn the tables on her…go back to writing school and spare us these nonsensical drama!!!

  9. Boring waiting to see su

  10. this epi is v interesting but stop the evil dadi’s drama

  11. come on now. dont tell me there can be a ‘HERO’ sitting dumb without trying to get into the root of any problems… just pulling a long face. y should pratima ramesh shrad anuj sowmya etc. struggle so much to unite them when the dumb husband is just loitering around doing nothing to improve the situation…. though he knows very well that birla house is half filled with wicked minded women… such lack of common sense……… just staring at the divorce paper like a fool….. doing nothing to improvise. he knows he ill treated suhani. them he should be sorry about it and take the first step to apologize and set things right. enough of making fools of the viewers you dumb writer. please go back home and find some other job that will suit your unimaginative brain.

  12. Let Suhani marry rohan. Yuvi will realise his mistake. Dadi is devil’s reincarnation

  13. actually,vidya is saying correct hero should do something and should try to get suhani back in his life

  14. Seriously no offense to all herein but Yuvraj continues to look like a fool and dadi given too much lee way — give some break to Suhani and Yuvraj to realise they are being played – everytime they are made to look dump… halooo.. wake up with this script please..

  15. Yuvani r freaking so dumb —can’t they talk to one another n clear things out —-
    Imagine being a 3 hr movie “yuvani”
    N the cast wud just make a baboon face all 3 hrs !!!

  16. boooooring!

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