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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rama checking the room, and wondering how Yuvraaj and Soumya sleep with half bed clean sided and half messy. Sharad lifts Yuvaan. Yuvaan says that hero lifted me better than you. Sharad asks him to play with hero uncle then. Yuvaan asks what are you jealous, if you met him, you would have been his fan. He says what all Yuvraaj did before playing game, I have to tell this to mumma too, but where is she since morning. Sharad says mumma went for imp work, you go and play.

Suhani reaches the park and sits there. She recalls visiting park along with Yuvraaj. She says so much changed in all these years, don’t know Yuvraaj comes here or not. Rama gives green tea to Dadi and sees the bed. Dadi asks what are you thinking. Rama says look at your bed, you sleep alone and

that’s why half bed is clean. Dadi says yes, I sleep alone. Rama says Soumya’s bed is also like that, I don’t understand why Soumya sleeps alone, where does Yuvraaj sleep, why don’t they sleep together. Dadi starts scolding her. Rama says sorry Dadi, this mistake won’t happen again. Dadi asks her to leave from here and go to village. Rama leaves. Suhani says its late, I should leave now.

Suhani says I thought Yuvraaj will come here, maybe I was wrong, he moved on, maybe even this year, I have to celebrate anniversary without seeing him. Yuvraaj comes there and does not see her. Suhani says its no use to stay here now. A man sells groundnuts. She recalls Yuvraaj’s words. She turns thinking Yuvraaj came, and sees another man buying groundnuts. She cries and does not see Yuvraaj buying groundnuts.

Soumya asks the girls to remember formula and make Dadi and Pratima’s patch up. Yuvani gets tea for Dadi. Krishna takes tea for Pratima. The girls act and ask them to have tea. Pratima gets a note and reads. Dadi also gets the note in the saucer. Dadi reads Pratima’s apology, while Pratima reads Dadi’s apology. Dadi says Pratima should say sorry to me. Yuvani asks her to forgive Pratima. Pratima says I should meet Dadi and come. Yuvani and Krishna smile and show thumbs up. Dadi forgives Pratima. Pratima says its my mistake, why are you say sorry. Dadi asks when did I say sorry. Pratima says you have sent note by Krishna. Dadi says no, you sent sorry note by Yuvani. The girls hide behind Soumya. Soumya says it does not matter who sent note, the truth is you both wanted to talk. They smile. The girls hug Dadi and Pratima. The girls leave. Pratima thanks Soumya for managing kids and house. Dadi says yes, if you were not there, don’t know what would have happened of Yuvraaj. Soumya says after that incident, if Yuvraaj was not there, don’t know what happened of me.

FB shows Yuvraaj making everyone outside. Krishna goes to help Yuvraaj. They both get the Mata idol outside. Krishna apologizes and says my boss called and said this chowki had bomb. Yuvraaj says Suhani said Sajan kept bomb. Krishna says maybe Sajan got to know this. Saurabh says its good we are safe. Suhani asks where is Gauri. Bhavna says Gauri is in kitchen. Yuvraaj rushes to find Gauri. Krishna thinks to go from back door and see. Krishna reaches Gauri and says house has bomb, come. The bomb explodes…. Krishna and Gauri die. Yuvraaj and others fall outside and see the blast. FB ends. Pratima sees Gauri’s pic and cries.

Suhani asks the man to distribute the masks to kids. He asks why are you crying. FB shows Suhani getting a mask to keep infront of Gauri’s pic. Yuvraaj stops her and blames her for Gauri’s death. He says you got Sajan home and did not listen to me. Pratima says this is not the time. Yuvraaj says when will time come, when anyone else is harmed because of Suhani. He says Gauri is dead, you kept a bad man at home because of your greatness. Suhani says I did not know. He says I warned you million times, but you did not listen, you went against me to defend him. She says no… He says shut up. Sharad says she did not do this intentionally.

Yuvraaj says you were with me when I was making Sajan leave, but Suhani got him back, I told her that she will be responsible if anything happens to anyone, I lost my sister, Soumya lost Krishna, Soumya’s 5 day daughter became orphan, how shall I forgive you, tell me, you don’t know anyone’s nature, atleast we see faces and know people, what did you do. She says please listen… He says no, I m going to immerse Gauri’s ashes, I don’t want to be around, let her soul get peace. He keeps the mask and tells Sharad that I hate Suhani, I can see how I lost Gauri because of her. He asks Suhani to go so far that even her memories do not come close to her. He leaves. Everyone look on. Suhani asks him to listen and cries holding her stomach. She falls down. Everyone rush to her. FB ends.

Yuvraaj leaves from park and says whatever I said was in anger, it was an accident, things would have got normal, but what you did that day, I can’t forgive you. Suhani says I stopped you that day, you did not listen and left.

Dadi says I could not let Yuvani leave, I lied to everyone, I don’t regret for it, as my one lie moved on everyone’s life ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. whats wrong with this Rama ,acting oversmart.


    1. may be she said one child is alive to both peoples.

    2. It happened bcz of dadi n yuraj. Dadi got barbie it was bcz of her the blast happend.

    3. Are you watching what the rest of us are watching Ayesha how can it be Suhanis fault she did’nt do it and she never knew Saajan would do that. It is Dadi’s fault she bought Barbie in to the Birla House and Suhani has always covered Dadi’s faults. She is unique in personality. Krishna is also responsible for his and Gauris deaths because he knew what he was doing was wrong so Soumya should have explained to Yuvraaj that Krishna bought the idol with a bomb in it and Suhani did not know anything about it. It is okay for Yuvraaj to say he said things in anger but he always does this to Suhani he never listens to her side and always blames her SHE IS TOO GOOD FOR HIM BUT THEY DO BELONG TOGETHER… Soumya could have lived in the Birla house and looked after Yuvani but there was no need to sleep in the same bedroom.. Besides Yuvraaj will only love Suhani

  3. Sowmya and yuvraj to next level is nonsense. Always suhani waits for yuvraj but why not he wait. It’s just a nonsense sooooooooo boring.

  4. Oh you stupid dadi, how could you. You don’t care about anyone except yourself. Suhani just move on, he is not worth it.

  5. so its dadis mistake.

  6. poor soumya!! what will happen to her when yuvraj and suhani will unite? all problems are because of suhani!!

    1. sorry .u r wrong.notsuhani.yuvraj is the reason for all whats happening.What he tell to suhani he changed bt he never changes.uska thought waisa hai.isliye suhani us par trust nahi kiya.agar suhani trust na kiya tho wo prove kar sakthi thi suhani se jaise hamesha suhani karthi he dont.he only know shouting.he dont like sajan because of his face.not because of us ke carelessness.pehle naar assumption sahi hua tho uska attitude dekho.
      jab suhani aayegi obviously yuvani will hate yuvaan will love yuvraj.dekhna this will be the boring story.

  7. I need a new handsome hero for Suhani , I agree that it is Suhani mistake to take sajan in that house but dadi bought barbie that house so the reason for every problems is dadi but no one is not even bother about dadi , otherwise a new handsome guy or rohan should come back he should make yuvraj jelous Suhani come on u will get any other guy who can live u with heart and take care

  8. silpa k sivadasan

    wat did dadi meant by her lie
    she created the misunderstandng b/w suhani and yuvraj

  9. Thank God..finallyyy fladhback epi….
    in the flashback watever Yuvraj said ws true…Suhani supported Sajan just bcoz of his looks..she should hv listened to Yuvraj…instead she supported Sajan just to shw her greatness…bt I dnt think that Suhani is the reason fr Soumya’s state..coz Suhani warned Soumya..Soumya is in this state bcoz of Krishna…she can’t blame Suhani for her state

  10. Also….as usual..a stupid twist by Dadi…dnt knw wat she said bt watever it may be..I thnk it’s bcoz of her lie dt Yuvraj and Soumya married and no one in Birla family tried to find Suhani

  11. dadi dadi whats wrong with her i m sick of it ,she has the habbit of doing things in whatever she want in her own way, did she ever put some thought of her act.

  12. I’m sorry, but Somya is also responsible for the state she is in. She supported Krishna in what he was doing. She would not have thought twice about it had Sunhani not said anything. Sorry Somya, but I don’t feel sorry for you in the least bit.

  13. What did Suhani do that yuvraaj can’t forgive? What lie did dadi tell? Only need this shown now in flashback. But Krishna admitted he brought bomb. Suhani is at fault for not listening to yuvraaj but even she didn’t know at the time he was barbie’s brother, nobody did any checks until later when it was too late.

  14. Waiting for tmrw’s epi.. I think everything will be revealed..

  15. But… Its kit suhani mistake
    The bomb was because of Krishna
    There writers are senseless

  16. I like Rama she is better than Ramash I knew dadi is behind all of this misunderstanding I wander why she chose yuvani instead of yuvan her barish I wish dadi get punishment she creates problem from the first day of their marriage

  17. Dadi took Suhani’s one baby away from her so that she break up the marriage between Suhani and Yuvraaj

  18. again the dadi devil is ariasing her drama…….. whatever in flashback was good…. but one think is in qusmark… on the drama going they ill not show the deadbody of gauri.and krishna…
    i think they both are still alive and one more think both are hidden by devil dadi…

  19. I hate this dadi.i think yuvaraj and somuya no married yet.they just acting front off the family.if she married yuvaraj.i no do no also what we can call her.

  20. Didn’t watch the episode, but as per the wu did yuvraj say u don’t know people by their nature but u can know them by their faces? How pathetic is that so being with suhani fr 2 long years he has learnt nothing his thinking is the same old. ….agree suhani is at fault she didn’t listen to him, but her life was at stake barbie wanted to kill suhani but she changed in the climax. Why didn’t he listen to her when she said someone wants to kill their children? Situations were so bad she thought rags was behind everything ,how is that soumya is in good books it was her husband who had got the bomb &she was ok with him doing illegal things if not guari &krishna don’t know how many people in the temple would hv lost life if the bomb was blasted in the temple how would she justify that. Yuvraj is ready to throw his pregnant wife out of the house very well understand his condition but why marry soumya ?
    One positivity I see in this track is now there is no escape fr dadi she will be caught red handed once yuvraj gets to know about yuvan but only by the grace of writers.

    1. I think Dadi did not like Suhani anyway so she was happy that she was going away after Yuvraj asked her to go ….but selfish Dadi did not want to let go of her grand children so she stole one baby from Suhani(i think in doing so she might have got the wrong baby….she might have wanted to steal Yuvaan but got Yuvani instead!)

      Dadi might have told Suhani that one of her babies died and then might have told Yuvraj and family that one of Suhani’s child was dead and that Suhani abandoned her other child and left….. Thats why now Suhani does not know about Yuvani and neither does Yuvraj know about Yuvaan but he knows Suhani is alive!

  21. krishna may be suhani n yuvaraj daughter n yuvani krishna soumya daughter dadi’s lie

    1. or suhani said that one child died dat may be the lie

      1. no dadi will be lying to yuvraj that one child died

  22. Owwh please for God sake, I don’t understand the aim of this series! Why always evel win? Why now suhani to blame? While she always has been doing nothing but good things…. she even covered for dadis doing and if it wasn’t for dadi to get Berbie there would never be Sajan for making revenge. I don’t pity Krishna as he died in his dirty work he has been doing as for somya sorry for her but she deserves it as she doesn’t a true friend heart for Suhani….. I love Suhani as is the best character who is showing amazing massage to the society. Despite of what happened but her heart is still pure and not dark like how Birlas are….. hope to see Good days for Suhani in the future…..

  23. Told you all ….that Dadi was behind all this!!! Up coming episodes will tell us how! Yuvraj only told Suhani to go away but Dadi separated them with this lie and for her selfishness!

    For all those who blame Suhani….Agreed….Suhani did a mistake by trusting Sajan….but what about many times has he trusted Dadi??? How many times she tried to separate them? Gauri was anyway dead for all had it not been for Suhani who brought her back and gave her a life! Why is Dadi not being blamed for bringing in Barbie??? Yuvraj now says everything would have been okay with time it was just an accident after all….then why did not he wait for Suhani? Why he had to marry Soumya…he could have helped her even without marrying her! And please do not tell me they are living together even without Marrying! Disgusting! i mean betrayal of both love and friendship! There were so many times when Suhani forgave Yuvraj but Yuvraj could not do it for her even once! Remember how Suhani had to fight it alone when Gauri accused her father!

    One other thing to look forward to would be…. Yuvani and Yuvaan’s summer camp(comes at the right time so Sahil can go away for his real life marriage…..and once he comes back) we may get to see Yuvraj and Suhani together….but it will be interesting to know if Suhani forgives Yuvraj and Soumya then? I do not think she will…neither should she forgive them….but i think it will be more because she loves Yuvraj and Soumya and would want them to be happy together…. wonder if Soumya will go away from Yuvraj’s life once Suhani comes into the picture! want to see with what face Yuvraj will ask Suhani to come back or will he not???! There is no sympathy for Soumya either…. she should not have married Yuvraj…whatever it may be he is her best friend’s husband. And she was too responsible for this accident … both she and Krishna. She cannot/should not have married Yuvraj even on the pretext of taking care of Suhani’s child. She could have taken care of Yuvani even as an Aunt! And even now look at how she has brought up Yuvani!

    I just wish we have a new hero who loves Suhani will all that he has and will never leave her or distrust her! She deserves better than Yuvraj!

  24. yuvraj was buying house fr krishna but the house bought by another one as yuvraj said to him bro to foundout who ill brought the house.. i think is suhani was bought house… if looking fr my thinkings

  25. as @uniteyuvani said i agreed too..
    always suhani to fight to deserving herself .. but yuvraj didnt done lyk anything… …
    once suhani dead was hearing he married with barbie .. and again he did this time too.. ..

  26. hope they get another man for soumya after suhani and yuvraj union

  27. if sowmay and her daughter is orphan cz of u as yuvrah said.. but its suhani ill take all responsible fr blasting…
    even she ill advising to krishna .. but… whtevr done frm the blast.. always he blaming suhani
    suhani always suffering.. to live her life….

  28. yuvaan bhilkool jaise suhani
    yuvanni bhilkool jaise devil dadi and

  29. Please get Suhani and Yuvraj back together as soon as possible. The show is better with suhani and yuvraj. Also please expose the evil dadi

  30. How awful..dadi at it again.Yuvraj is blaming Suhani but my boy your family forgave dadi for hiding all these years and it was Suhani who bought you guys Yuvraj blame dadi…open your eyes.Suhani did alot for your family and you treated like shit..why..Birla are at fault.Yuvraj stop and think..your daughtter is now getting spoilt..are going to blame Suhani??You need to find Suhani and bring her back…Yuvraj needs to open his eyes..realise that Suhani did alot for the family and their business how did they let her go???where were you Pratima_ selfish or what??.Yuvraj wake up and don’t insult your intelligence

  31. Dadi need to go n i hope suhani n yuvraj get back together as a family

  32. pls dadi should be exposed n no pity for soumya b,cos she supported krishna in his evil acts. Yuvraj is too harsh on suhani

  33. So I guess Dadi moved on guilt free, though it was she who started the chain reaction with bringing Barbie and playing that twisted game with Suhani not able to have kids etc. How easily everyone forgets the evil doings of Dadi…why Suhani ever want to come back to that house is beyond me. Even after all the tragedy Dadi still hasn’t changed.

  34. Yuvaan and yuvani are twins??? If so how come there’s so much difference in their size??
    I don’t understand.

  35. Plz expose and punish the evil dadi and also punish Soumya bcoz how could she marry with the husband of her best frnd. I hate dadi as well as Soumya. Plz reunite Yuvraj and Suhani very soon oitherwise nobody will see this serial again.

  36. Whats nonsnse in this serial now what is dadi past that that she lied nd when will yuvraj nd suhani meet nd i think so guari nd krishna is alive

  37. I thnk gauri nd krishna is alive nd that lucknavi company belongs to them an also yuvraj is also respo.sible for this incident as yuvraj alao trust in barbie lie so suhani also trust on sajan so evrything not happened becoz of suhani

  38. Dadi needs to be exposed.Why did they not hire a maid to bring up yuvani..why bring in Soumya?where is her mother??Why did Yuvraj not look for he angry all these years?Pratima loved Suhani so where did this love ?got blinded by your love for your daughter who was hidden by forgave her quickly why??Yuvraj the blast was caused by Krishna and you’r are looking after his widow and thrown your own wife away??You birlas owe alot to Suhani.She helped you from day 1 and you all overlook Dadi evil deeds.Sorry but writers plz apply some sense.Yuvraj needs to work hard to get Suhani back.Teach Dadi a lesson.Soumya needs to leave Birla house..cos they are lazy let them do some work..they got money to hire maids.Soumya if you r a true friend you would not have moved in with Yuvraj..both should be ashamed.Pratima whats wrong with you??Soumya done alot but what about Suhani and Sharad??are you that selfish??Stop bowing down to Dadi.Yuvraj if u truely love Suhani..go find her..who and what is stopping you?? ego?? Get over it .Happy to forgive Dadi but not Suhani..heartless now show us what you would do for Love.Challeng to the writers.

  39. I have always been a big fan of YuvAni, but now I am forced to say that Yuvraj is not a true lover.. Did he ever do anything for Suhani?? Always shouted at her, insulted her (can’t forget insulting her publicly), misunderstood her.. And never trusted her.. I agree dadi lied, but did he even bother to talk to Suhani about it?? Did he search for her?? Dadi must have told that she left, did he even try to search for her? No.. His ego didn’t permit him.. He trusts his dadi and not Suhani inspite of knowing kaun kaisa hai.. Its high-time a new guy should come in her life.. She has achieved so much after leap- status, a happy life, her own identity.. Then y to lag behind in her love life?? Today she looks so beautiful that any guy would fall for her.. And she has a beautiful heart too.. Suhani please don’t go back to that crap so easily!!

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