Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad and Bhavna doing Ganpati visarjan puja arrangements. Yuvraaj asks Krishna why is she studying in hall, she can go to his room and study. Yuvani comes and asks Krishna to play with her. Soumya sends Krishna to study. Yuvani tells Yuvraaj to call Suhani and Yuvaan for visarjan. Yuvraaj recalls Pratima’s words and says tell her to call Suhani, then Yuvaan will surely come. Sharad tells Yuvani to talk to Pratima tomorrow, she has slept.

Its morning, Suhani ties bandage to her hand. Sambhav comes and says I will do. Her phone rings. He answers call and puts on speaker. Pratima talks to Suhani and says I miss you, Yuvani was asking you and Yuvaan to come here for visarjan puja. Suhani says there is Ganesh ji puja at Sambhav’s friend’s house, we have

to go there. Pratima says fine, come other time. Suhani says I have imp work and ends call. Sambhav says good girl.

Suhani says Yuvani wants to meet Yuvaan, why don’t you allow him. Sambhav says someone wants to meet you, its Yuvraaj’s drama, you can get trapped, but I can’t, don’t go against me, I had to burn your hand, now I have to wait to have Bhendi cooked by your hands, what about that man who got killed. Suhani says you will get punished for it. He scares her with scissor. She asks what will you do, will you hurt me, your sins won’t get less, you are murderer and will be murderer, even if you torture me, you can’t get me, love can’t be made to do by force. He says you will love me, I will prove that person can be forced to love. He hurts her and says you know to which extent I can go. She goes.

Rags and Soumya argue over keeping storeroom items at the outhouse. Soumya says I asked Dadi, Krishna needed a study room, her exams are approaching, so I kept these items here. Rags says I wanted to open a parlor here. Soumya asks her to buy a place for parlor. Rags asks why can’t I get this outhouse. Dadi says I will keep a competition to decide who will get outhouse. Rags fumes.

Suhani looks for Yuvaan and worriedly calls Lata. Suhani asks for Yuvaan. Lata is at Birla house and says Yuvaan is at Birla house. Yuvani says I won’t go for Ganpati visarjan without Yuvaan. Dadi asks Lata to call Suhani and ask her to get Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says I will go and get him.

Sambhav asks Yuvaan to go and catch that snake, if you want to become superman, keep that in her neck and you will become Lord Shiv. Yuvaan asks will I become Lord and smiles. He goes to catch the snake. Suhani comes and stops Yuvaan. She scolds Yuvaan and says if this snake had bitten you then… Sambhav says its not poisonous. Suhani says I won’t talk to you Yuvaan. He says sorry and cries. She goes. She thinks how to stop all this, there will be some way to keep Yuvaan away. Sambhav asks her not to insult him infront of Yuvaan. She asks him not to put Yuvaan in risk. He says I did this to teach you a lesson, next time you can’t stop me, I will not die him so easily, I will make him suffer. She pushes him. They both see Yuvraaj at the door.

Yuvraaj asks what happened, is there any problem. Suhani argues with him, asking why does he always come in between. He says I won’t come again, Dadi wanted Yuvaan to attend visarjan, Pratima and Yuvani wanted you to come. He tells Sambhav that Suhani is your wife and I have no place in her life, I don’t want any place, but Yuvaan is my son also, Dadi wanted him to be part of this festival, I will take Yuvaan and drop him later, you guys can also come if you want. Sambhav says I don’t stop Suhani, she takes her decisions on her own. He asks Suhani to go, else everyone will feel he stops her. He goes. Suhani says I will just come and goes after Sambhav.

Suhani asks Sambhav why are you doing this, I know you don’t want me to go there. Sambhav threatens her about Yuvaan, he will be out of range of remote, and…. She says then bomb will explode. He says exactly, you and Yuvraaj can see him dying. She says don’t do this, you come along, Yuvraaj will take Yuvaan. He says you tell me that you want to spend time with Yuvraaj. She asks what do you want. He says just one thing……

Yuvaan talks to Yuvraaj and asks did you come alone, where is Yuvani. Yuvraaj says she is at home, I came to pick you, your mum went to get ready, this watch is good. Yuvaan says Sambhav gave me this watch, mumma asked me not to remove this, else Sambhav will feel bad. Yuvraaj says but you can remove it when you sleep or bath. Yuvaan says no, this is water proof and scratch proof, so I never remove this. Yuvraaj looks at the watch.

Pratima shows the pits to family and says this time we will keep idol in the pits, then fill it in water to do visarjan, then we will plant tree in this pit. Everyone like the idea. Yuvani says why are two pits here. Dadi says I got two pits made, its Rags and Soumya’s competition today. Sambhav says now we will go out, I will say I won’t come, you guys go, then you convince me like a lovely wife and give me a kiss, I will then agree to come, if you don’t do this, you will lose Yuvaan forever.

Yuvraaj tells Yuvaan that he will tie Mauli thread to him, and removes his watch. Suhani comes there and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Bhargavi

    f**kiest episode ever!!!😡😡😡…tomorrow she kisses him in front of yuvraj…yuvi tu kitni useless hain yaar…worst hero ever….suhani teri bari mein baat karna hi bekar hain….u always trust evil ppl…i think d watch has no bomb in it…anyways atleast avoid dat kissing scene by bringing pankaj at dat moment…what d f**k this sensor board is doing….writers ko rehab chaln padega…seriously lost mental ability..and turned into psychos!!!

  2. TUFFY

    I hope Suhani finds out the watch didn’t have a bomb in it now that it’s removed from yuvaan’s wrist. Please end this track.

  3. Xxyy

    Really now suhani is overacting… I really wish today the truth might come out.. Yuvraj acting real from starting…. He was angry whenever he saw Sam with suhani n yuvan n so he angry was natural… But here Suhani case she really 😣😏 she can tell 2 yuvraj coz he too has equal right towards yuvan

  4. Tp

    Rohans track was good his love for suhani was true. But this stupid Sam bullshit I really want to kill him and cvs have gone mad I want to shoot that stupid ones

  5. Ash

    F*cking hate this track. Atleast Suhani will realize the truth now that Yuvraj removed the watch. And Dadi, the stupidest character on television. Suhani saved her and she still hates Suhani. Suhani should have left her to die.

  6. Nithu

    |Registered Member

    Ssel has turned into a stupid crap it’s high time guys now we need to join cvs writers producer directors into a metal hospital

  7. TUFFY

    Why doesn’t yuvraj tell his doubts to dadi maybe she can do something and find out about sambhav. I really hope yuvraj finds out about sambhav and Suhani realises the watch has no bomb and sambhav was using yuvaan.

  8. akshu

    haha tuffy. Dadi sambhav ko paise degi ki torchur suhani more ya kill hr.
    kal dekha, keise ye serial 6.30 pe ye sb dikha rha hai? bhayanak lgta hai. Teen agers aur bachho ko ye badly affect kar sakta hai.

  9. Ritz

    What crap are u showing?? Its just pathetic…when you have made this prog for viewers then it should be their choice at least and should make some sense.
    Why don’t you just end the sambhav chapter soon and make suhani yuvraaj together.
    You can always revolve the prog on the kids growing up and all. But what you are showing is just bullshit.

  10. Sodo

    What a crap and nonsense show!
    Sambhav just kills someone and no one knows!
    Yuvani is such a bad mannered chill!
    Yuvan is shown so dumb that he thinks he will be God if he catches the snake!
    Dadi hates Suhani even though Suhani saved her!
    And Suhani is just letting Sambhav torture her!

  11. Oshi

    Isse jyada BAKWAS ho hi nahi sakta . Agar 1 week bhi aur chala to viewers jayenge ,TRP jayegi,shayad before time serial band ho jaye……itna galat koi kaise likh sakta hai,produces dikha kaise rahe hai…..ghar mein snake le aaya!!!!! Matlab har baat ki hadd ho gai …….ab to lagta hai yuvani reunite bhi nahi honge.suna hai sambhav ko maar kar wo jail jayege…….

  12. Shreyasa

    Get rid of Sambav….this is a family show and dont make people believe that such things like bomb in a wrist watch can be used on anyone.Violence has a limit and children get scared seeing them. Also Suhani has to be smart and throw away the watch ….may be destroy it when everyone is asleep.
    What is that clingy Saumya doing in Birla house? She is a selfish gold digger and can stay anywhere and claim her rights over anyone.What is her Aukaat? She can be kicked off from there. She can stay put at her rich mother’s place and remarry someone else. You are showing violence of the worst kind.

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