Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani, Yuvaan and Krishna coming to Birla house and meeting Dadi, Rags and Yuvani. Yuvani hugs Suhani. Yuvaan touches Dadi’s feet and hugs her. The servant says someone entered the house and locked it, see that warning. Everyone read that its disaster for them inside. Yuvaan asks them to come, they will meet that guy. They all go inside and Saiyyam sits on the rocking chair in darkness. He asks them to step ahead but be very careful. Suhani asks who are you.

Saiyyam comes infront of them, and Suhani, Yuvaan, Krishna and Pratima get shocked. Yuvaan says it means you acted to help us in Goa. Saiyyam asks do you work in CBI to find out so soon, don’t you think I should get a national award for this performance. Rags asks Yuvaan what did you do with him, that

he is behaving this way. Krishna says we did not do anything, Saiyyam did all this.

Suhani asks Saiyyam why did he help them. Saiyyam taunts Suhani to have less sense. She says it means you did this. He says yes, I got your shack shut single handedly. Pratima asks how can you try to kill innocent people. Yuvaan says my mum’s dream broke because of you. Saiyyam says I had to do that, before Raavan died, many innocent people died. She says that was their sacrifice, if your parents taught you Ramayana well, you would have known it. Saiyyam scolds her and asks her to get lost along with her circus.

Yuvaan asks by what right are you asking this. Saiyyam says you look the only literate here, read this paper. Yuvaan reads and says these are fake papers, we have real ones. Saiyyam says thanks for clearing my misunderstanding, you are a fool, check well, its original papers. Dadi asks Saiyyam whats his price. He taunts Dadi to keep her money for her botox injections, as she can’t afford him, anyways you all will die. Yuvaan says I won’t leave him.

Suhani asks Yuvaan not to become cheap. Rags says don’t be angry and impulsive like your Papa. Pratima asks Rags not to drag Yuvraaj in this. Suhani asks Saiyyam to prove it. Saiyyam asks shall we go court. Dadi says no. Suhani asks why. Dadi says no one can spoil our name, we can divide this house in two shares, why are you taking revenge, will you make us do this in this age, I fold hands, give us some time. Yuvaan asks Dadi not to fold hands. Rags asks what shall we do, maybe this guy has problem with your mum, like always, we have to bear because of Suhani. Dadi requests Saiyyam.

Saiyyam says fine, but I will kick you all out of the house soon. He goes. Suhani asks Dadi why is she not going court, why is she afraid. Dadi says by defaming, I can’t stay by losing name, this house’s fate changed by her one wrong decision. Pratima says you know why that decision was taken. Dadi says we are bearing the result. Krishna says Suhani does not know why Saiyyam came here. Yuvani asks Krishna not to talk between elders. Suhani sends children out. Suhani argues with Dadi and says you always blame me since I came in this house. Dadi says wrong started happened, your black color got over this house, let us stay happy, I will find way to make the guy leave, I will not go court. Suhani says you are encouraging him. Rags says Dadi is right, we won’t spoil Birla family name. Suhani asks what image. Dadi says you fight with society, I won’t.

Rags asks Suhani to find out why is that guy after Suhani, why did he get her shack shut, why did he not do anything against us. Suhani promises to keep courage and not fail. Pratima says Yuvraaj and I are with you. Suhani sees Yuvraaj’s pic. She cries and hugs his pic. She recalls their moments.

Yuvaan sees Krishna crying and cheers her. He says everything will get fine and holds her hand. Rags asks Yuvani not to clean the room, and share her room. Yuvani says okay but I can get my room here, I don’t care for Krishna. Rags says don’t worry, Dadi will sort everything, maybe Suhani did wrong with the guy, she hurts others to prove she is wrong, just focus on your career. Krishna tells Yuvaan that she can fight with the world. Yuvaan says Saiyyam is the problem, we have to teach her lesson. She says Dadi refused to go court. He says don’t worry, Saiyyam will get punished in Yuvaan’s court. She asks what do you mean. He says I have a plan and smiles.

Saiyyam argues with Suahni, and asks her to be quiet if she does not know about her mum. She says I don’t want to, I just care for my children.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think saiyyam maybe barbie’s son(pic posted on Instagram with yuvraj, saurabh and Barbie) but until what happened before the leap is shown, we don’t know. Why is it suhani’s fault? What wrong decision did she take? What if he is barbie’s son, whose fault is that going to be? Why is yuvani speaking bad to Krishna and saying she doesn’t care about her? Dadi and rags totally brainwashed her. Please writers show us what happened pre-leap.

    1. Really!!..writers now dont show dat saiyyam is yuvraj n barbie son..?

    2. Apku koi mistake hogi hay dear apna Jo pic instragm pai dekki hay o old pic upload kiya hay

      Plz apni ya comments change Karo aur use instragm pic upload kihi unsi puch ki kya ya Barbie ka beat hay ya nahi

      Aur ya comments fans ku promoble hori hay yarr Jo use pic par comment Karo dekho kya jab milth hay tum

  2. Oh come on u botox a*sh*le…this all happened coz of u…tum responsible ho is situation keliye…tum ne yuvraj aur suhani ki zindagi barbaad kee hain..i agree suhani has trusted wrong ppl..but wats d difference even her own family members backstabbed her…main ppl r u and soumya…in sab ki zimmedaar tum ho…seriously if dadi had died…ssel could have gained high trp

  3. What nonsense…. Black colour… Black colour….. Dadi is right…. Mostly coz of suhani only…. But blame on black colour….. Stupid writer…. Making difference s in colour…. nowadays…. No meaning in differences

  4. ssel bakwaas hota ja ra h i just only read updates now not on tv ?

  5. ohh.. no again barbiee….. god.. pls give a sense om writters… they dnt knw how handled this story….

    and yuvaann was not like yuvi.. yuvi always unique forever…

    yuvani is ditto of rags oly… always insulting others now her mother tooo..

    krishna is dumb character….

  6. I guess Saiyyam is Suhani n Sambhav child.

    1. They never had a kid!

  7. @bhargavi – only guessing, the pic on Instagram and from precap, saiyyam saying to Suhani to be quiet if she does not know about her mom (is this a typing error)? Writers stupid to bring colour of skin as a reason for things going wrong.

    Just wish what happened prior to leap would be shown, suppose they’re holding back until yuvraj is shown again.

  8. This was the only serial I saw… after Barbie saga I stopped seeing and wad only reading updates…. Now after this stupid leap…. this is my last read….bye bye SSEL

  9. I think rags will find out who he is n I hope suhani burn him like sambhav

  10. Didn’t Barbie ask dadi to sign over birla house to her when her track was being telecast? How does he have orignal documents?

  11. I think he is sambav relative’s

  12. What crap they showing.Why is it that no one asked who he was??Dadi blaming Suhani but Dadi has always plotted and bought people with her please this nonsense..cannot be Sambhav as he looks 20 yrs old and if its Yuvraj and Suhani’s through Barbie..remember she was the surrogate mother..who than ended up in prison.Well whatever but why Dadi willing to give half to save badnami but she is the biggest cultprit .Funny isn’t it that Menka.Soumya and Yuvraj quit the show bcos of not wanting to age BUT they are looking young..look at Dadi .Rags and even Pratima.Suhani is the only one looking tired and old .Come on Suhani glamour up a bit and stop playing the role of a dummy stupid puppet on the string for Dadi..but why?No one puts up with the crap from ugly ducklings dadi and rags so why are you???

  13. Hi can someone tell me the real name of the actor playing saiyyam?

    1. karan jotwani…@Masoom

  14. Guys I told you earlier that Saiyyam is Shambhav child born out of Rape of Suhani.

    1. Really how did suhani abandon the kid

  15. Goodbye suhani and yuvraaj! Their childrens looks elder than the parents.

  16. where is today’s update guyz?

  17. hey guys i missed this show since month and now i cant understand whats happlening. plz can anyone tell me the story in breif . where is yuaraj and soumya ? what happened to sambau. plz guys answer

    1. No one know about Yuvraj
      Soumya is dead
      Sambhav is dead

  18. jasminder gill

    Show is f**k in bulls hit hate this guy salty am for god sake who is this idiot

  19. jasminder gill

    Who is this salyyam. I hate him seems like it’s suhani get all the blame. Kill dadi off she hates black people. blo*dy hell show is repeating itself. Ektha ka poor come on to earth all ur serials are bulls hits. I think u have lost ur mind since u got married. Repeating again and again just got rid of sambav out come salyyam.what has happened to stupid me aka and babhu

  20. Saiyyam is not Suhani and Sambav’s son.if Suhani had a child from that rape incident,that child will be of only 15 years old.please don’t confuse the readers.

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