Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya saying Yuvraaj is coming back. Rags telling Pratima that Suhani won’t leave when Yuvraaj comes here. Pratima says I guarantee Suhani will leave, she has just met Yuvani, no one will ask her to go, and Soumya you know Suhani, she is your childhood friend, she does not have habit to snatch anyone’s rights, she will go before Yuvraaj comes. Suhani talks to the Krishna and Yuvaan. She says those items are for Yuvani. Rags asks Soumya to go and give this magic wand to Yuvani, we have no option. Suhani will go from here when Yuvani hates her. Soumya gives the magic wand to some girl to make her win. Rags smiles.

Yuvani asks Rags how is she looking. Rags says a real angel, fantastic, you look the best, but one girl has become red fairy, she has a red wand in

her hand. Yuvani asks if she wins then… Rags says sometimes you have to make someone lose to win. Soumya says yes. Yuvani says then I will win that contest and goes. Soumya says Suhani will leave today. Rags says Suhani will go when she is sure Yuvani did bad and can’t change now. Soumya says if Suhani does not know, I will tell her myself, but Suhani has to leave now.

Suhani compliments the girl. Yuvani gets angry seeing this. Yuvaan comes as sun and Suhani gets glad. Yuvani takes the girl’s wand and goes. Suhani thinks this stick was with red fairy, what is Yuvani doing with this. Suhani goes to Yuvani and stops her from breaking the wand. Yuvani says I m best, I will win. Suhani says you have to behave like angel, making others lose and win is called cheating. Yuvani says I don’t need to become like anyone. Suhani asks her not to do this, you are so selfish, if you break this, I will tell truth to everyone, they will remove you from this competition. Yuvani goes. Suhani says I was wrong, it will take much time to change Yuvani.

The competition begins. Yuvani says I m a angel and I m the best. Dadi says she is my granddaughter, she will look an angel. Yuvani runs. Soumya looks on. Krishna talks to Soumya and stops her. Yuvani says I will lose because of Suhani, I will tell Dadi to scold her. Snoopi comes and takes her wand. Yuvani asks Krishna to see snoopi got my wand. Yuvaan says I m a son, which gives light to everyone. Pratima hugs him. The girl says I m a red fairy. Krishna is called next. Yuvani asks Snoopi to give her wand back. Krishna recalls Suhani’s words to help others. Soumya says Krishna had to apply leaves on her dress, maybe she went out. Krishna asks Snoopi to give the wand and walks in mud. Suhani and Soumya come out to see. Krishna falls in the mud. She gets the wand. Yuvani says yuck, I don’t want this wand, throw it. Soumya asks whats all this. Krishna says snoopi took Yuvani’s wand, I fell in mud to get the wand.

The lady says how can Krishna participate like this. Yuvani says I want new wand. Suhani takes Krishna inside. Everyone laugh seeing Krishna. They ask Krishna to get ready in 5mins else she will be disqualified. Suhani asks how can you disqualify. Dadi says its rules. Suhani says you know I don’t get against any rules. She takes Krishna to the stage and says you all would think Krishna is not ready, the truth is Krishna is in her dress, she has become nature, she has helped Yuvani and fell in mud, Krishna took the wand back, she has kept nature by heart, she has shown nature’s feelings. Everyone clap.

The ladies agree with Suhani and says Suhani is right, fancy dress does not mean to just wear costume, it also means to accept qualities, Krishna is the winner today. Yuvani asks Soumya how did Krishna win, she is looking bad. The lady says looks do not matter, qualities also matters. Yuvani says tell them they are doing wrong, looks are imp. Krishna gets the trophy. Yuvani gets angry.

Yuvani asks Soumya how can anyone win by looking bad, does Suhani say right. Suhani looks on. Soumya gets speechless.

Pratima goes and makes Yuvani’s hair pleats. Yuvani says I lost today. Pratima says your sister won, it means you also won. Yuvani says but I looked best, how did Krishna win, it means Suhani said right. Soumya comes and looks on. Pratima asks Yuvani to decide what to do. Yuvani says if doing makeup is bad, why is makeup made. Pratima says makeup can be used, but you have to be good too. Yuvani says if I don’t do makeup, will they say I m best. Soumya says yes. Pratima says if you behave well, everyone will think you are good. Soumya says I will give milk to Krishna. Pratima says Suhani gave milk to kids, they are competing to finish it soon. She asks Yuvani to sleep,

Soumya makes Yuvani sleep and recalls Yuvraaj. She cries. Suhani brings Krishna and says she was not sleeping without you. Soumya hugs Krishna. Suhani asks where is the blanket. Soumya shows cupboard. Suhani checks cupboard and recalls Yuvraaj after seeing his clothes arranged. She takes blanket and some paper falls there. Suhani picks the paper. Soumya gets tensed. Suhani sees the marriage certificate papers….

Soumya scares Yuvaan about holiday ghost. Yuvaan cries and tells Suhani that Soumya told him about the ghost.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. soumya is very bad she is using the children to defeat suhani, soumya is doing all this for money she doesn’t value frndship and relations

  2. I think menka looks bad than suhani. Having white skin doesn’t make anyone beautiful. Director you are giving wrong message to the audience

    1. I’ve said the same before. Color/complexion does not determine beauty. I believe the girl who plays Suhaani is very attractive as well as the one who plays her sister. Soumya is a HORRIBLE character. She is selfish and greedy and a horrible person overall. She is using Yuvaani to achieve her goals and in the end she’s only harming herself and I hope it all backfires on her. She is very insecure and she knows why. She knows Yuvraaj doesn’t love her and behind his stupidity, he still feels for Suhaani. Just because Soumya helped with Yuvaani, doesn’t make her a good person. She is an opportunist and a puppet. No amount of money is worth someone I’ll-treating my child. She lets that old hag speak so I’ll of her daughter and though she knows Krisha will never be accepted, she continues stay with Yuvraaj and his family. This girl has no morals or integrity. She doesn’t know right from wrong so how can she truly teach that to these kids?

      1. I agree with u

  3. Even soumya is not beautiful

  4. shame on u sowmya.. u telling wrong things to yuvani and about her mother suhani..
    but suhani did good fr ur daughter again suhani prove as a good mother

    i dont yuvi and suhani ill meet r not.. but suhani ill teach a lesson the two devil dadi and sowmya

  5. saumya is the most selfish character in SSEL nd even worse than rags nd menka

  6. Why are the writers giving wrong message to kids? Please give the right message. Do you want kids to behave the same that watch the serial? Please, please bring out the truth about the kids.

  7. Actually der is one more scene after krishna get trouphy she comes down suhani is standing after sowmya krishna goes towards suhani but sowmya thinks dat krishna is coming towards her and opens her hands to hug but krishna goes near suhani and hugs her sowmya becomes angry…that was really funny sowmya took away suhanis child now soumyas child is loving suhani more…

    1. thanks jenny for the missing part of the update, I like it a lot…

  8. These shows have no morals and don’t teach anything.

  9. Thank u fr the updates amena. .
    They r just dragging the show &will continue to do so till sahil returns. Where is Sambhav ???why r they so insecured to show him instead they r showing soumya, rags & menka soooo boring. ……….& what’s gone wrong with menka r they trying to convey the child is a girl ?how foolish. …May be they r trying to change the track &will show yuvaan as the only waris fr the birlas &dadi will again run behind suhani. …..bullshit. .Suhani should be strong headed &teach dadi a lesson.

    1. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

      Exactly…i think they are insecure because they feel ppl will not like Yuvani then so Yuvraj will be in trouble….they do not want Sambhav to get all the attention in Yuvraj’s absence! Looks like Yuvraj has good contacts with the show people and is preventing Sambhav from getting the exposure!

      1. Very true. …..I too feel the same.The leads r not given leave fr more than a week &sahil is absent fr 17 days long.tht says it all. …

      2. Yes I agree if dere is no.yuvani it is due to personal reasons…yes actor playing have gud terms with ph why sambhav is not bring till now but they don’t know thepower of the fans .fans like suhani more than yuvraj.they.know.already.

      3. If he presents or not ..who cares now because people already loving sambhav more than him..

  10. hi jenny miss u dear… This soumya will regret when her daughter will love Suhani more than her then she will realise how someone feels and you try to snatch someone’s daughter

  11. I thought Soumya came there to raise both dtrs than why she discrimnating against her own dtr..for Birlas money and yuvraj…what can she be a mother at all.Selfish as ever..snatching Suhani Happiness..what morals are you writers teaching??Again Pratima is weak.Teach Rags a lesson..lazy bahu.Suhani stay strong and leave with dignity…take your son and go…Birlas are a bunch of ugly useless brainless lazy .Bring fresh change..Yuvraj with a bit of common sense and sees the wrong doings and if he loves Suhani than go get her..dummy..

  12. Who wants suhani and yuvraj yuvan and yuvani to be unite if yes reply yes if no reply no just to know sorry if this message irritates i just want to know please please please

    1. Me me n.want somu die yuvani yuvi.yuvan Krishna n suhani

    2. A big NO..

    3. YESSSSSSS! I want shambhav to come and get married to Soumya as it has always been YuvAni for me and always will beYuvAni 🙂

      1. I feel it’s really disgusting to see Sambhav &soumya together. Just bcoz we r a fan of yuvani it doesn’t mean soumya should get married to him, she doesn’t deserve him either.

    4. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

      No…want Suhani to be alone or be with Sambhav….not Yuvraj. Yuvani should unite only if Yuvraj is ready to leave Birla house and dadi for Suhani…. they will never love or respect her and if he loves her then he should protect her by taking her away from all this mess!

      1. But if he want to help suhani now he can’t because he his bounded by dere boundaries

    5. yes I want them to be united and I know it will happen bcz this is suhani si ek ladki not soumya is ek ladki

      1. hehe exactly

    6. I want yuvANI to unite for Yuvan…coz he deserves his father’s love…btw Yuvi dnt deserve Suhani …that’s a fact

  13. Santanya Singh

    Soumya is sooooo evil and selfish!!!

  14. Yes they should be a family a happy family loving family

  15. Y are they using the kids to justify their problems n the old bag dadi should be ashame of herself

  16. Oh come yuvraj isn’t the only man in India, if you think about it, men out numbers the women in India. So why shouldn’t suhani play the field, for once. Go on Suhani, go for it, it is time for us girls to some have fun.

  17. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Look at the difference between Soumya and Suhani…. while Suhani tries to do good to Krishna even though she does not know her that much and there is Soumya who has brought up Yuvani but still is doing so much harm to her….will people like Soumya ever change??? do not think so….

    Sahil has resumed shooting for SSEL after his vacation so i guess we should be able to see Yuvraj over the weekend episodes…. it will be interesting to see how much he is made aware of about Suhani and Yuvan and what his reaction would be…

    I still want Suhani and Sambhav together because till Yuvraj does not move out of Birla house i do not think things will ever get better for Suhani and also her kids….and i do not think Yuvraj has the guts to leave Dadi and Birla House for Suhani’s sake! He would rather bring back Suhani and make her adjust to others in Birla House … he will never respect her! Suhani is fine all alone but for Yuvan’s sake i want Sambhav to come in…Yuvan deserves fathers love….and as far as Yuvraj goes…..he should have never brought in Soumya to Birla house forget giving Suhani’s place to her….how could he stay in the same room with Soumya!!! just how????????????

    1. I still want yuvani but If subhav happen den yuvi regrets to his whole life for suhani

    2. I think Sambhav will be shown after Yuvraj’s entry…just to make Yuvi jealous…

  18. Krishna has a good heart because she wan not spoilt… and that’s why she will get closer to Suhani, because as small as she is …. she knows right from wrong…..
    looks like yuvani might come to the good side.
    I think Krishna is gonna be the one to teach the people in that house a lesson …. well one day.

  19. I like today’s episode that scene when khisna go to suhani not Soumiya for showing the prize

  20. Sahil don’t get on with the actress that play Suhani, he doesn’t want to do romantic scenes with her. He don’t get on with the actor that play yuvraj best friend sharad. I suppose they can get away faking that they are best friend. But romantic scenes with someone you don’t like. If the writers want to bring back suhani and yuvraj together, then they should replace Sahil, because if they don’t the show well suffer, with stupid writing. I would prefer suhani to move on with her life without yuvraj. This show has bad writers from the beginning, you don’t waste your time and life for a man who doesn’t want you.

    1. Yes I agree to.u

    2. Bt there are many videos showing Rajashree and Sahil as best friends …

  21. I would like to see yuvraj’s reaction on the whole situation &then decide whether I want yuvani ..even though yuvani unite in future it shouldn’t be at the cost of suhani’s self respect. …

    @ saheli. ..I too luved that scene,fr a moment I thought suhani is krishna’s mother. suhani was looking sooo pretty .

  22. I agree with the comment of Z that if Sahil Mehta cannot be on good terms with Rasjhri Rani in Suhani that the directors replaced Yuvraaj with another character.

    The audience can pick up and will sense the tension between the two lead characters and that will not be good viewing.

    My opinion and view is that if Yuvraaj (Sahil Mehta) does not put his differences aside with Suhani, then he should not be in the serial

    1. Ya nisa agree to u..sometimes it’s feels that he doesn’t want to work with her

  23. Hate today’s episode worst moms in universe menka and sowmya, rags don’t need to tell is she have a baby she will worst of all if they have problem with suhani why can’t they deal with her directly rather backstabbing her or scaring his son and making yuvani against her mom please writers atleast show some positivity.

  24. what kind of a person is Somya my god she is so shameless wanting to snatch her best friend husband she tried before and failed and it only takes time before yuvani gets to know that suhani is her REAL mom and i dont really care if yuvraj is leaving the show as long as Suhani is there i think producer should try and approach the lead actor who was in Choti Bahu if yuvraj is leaving what do you guys think? please no disrespect for yuvraj i am only stating my opinion

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