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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Suhani’s nok jhok going on like always. She says she would have whistled in the theatre. He says its good tickets got washed. They argue and he smiles. He asks will she taunt him if he whistles. She asks really, I will also whistle along you. She says I will go now, I have work, good night. She leaves from his room. Yuvraaj gets thinking and says Suhani I really wish I do something for you without anything wrong, and bring a smile on your face.

Rohan talks to Dadi, Rags and Menka. He says he has a surprise. Rags takes Menka with her. Menka says sorry Dadi, I will just sit quiet. Rohan asks Dadi did she like his surprises. She says yes. He promises he will do everything good.

Its morning, Suhani is cooking for Yuvraaj. He comes to kitchen and

asks whats she doing. She says I m making dish. He asks is this any international cuisine recipe. She says nothing, why did you come here. He says I came to take water. She says really. He says Ramesh was busy, so I came. She asks him to drink water and go. He says he is going out. She stops him and says she is making pasta for him, as he has got tickets for her. He says pasta should be made well and asks her not to sleep after making pasta like last time. She smiles.

Rohan asks Yuvraaj for a lift as he is going for some personal work. Yuvraaj says even I m going for personal work, I can’t give lift. Dadi comes and asks Yuvraaj to take Rohan, she is taking the other car. Yuvraaj agrees and leaves with Rohan. Dadi smiles. Menka comes to talk to Suhani and Rags asks why is Suhani making pasta. She says I m sure Suhani is making this for Rohan. Menka bets. Yuvraaj and Rohan come to a jewelry shop and Rohan says he is buying it for his special friend. Yuvraaj says you did not say, and I m buying for Suhani. Rohan says even he is buying for Suhani, and Yuvraaj is shocked.

Suhani scolds Rags asking him not to bad joke, and she is cooking for entire family. Rags says I meant are you cooking to thank Rohan, you are explaining as if your heart has something fishy. Rohan says I mean, someone like Suhani. Yuvraaj likes a simple S pendant for Suhani and smiles. Rohan asks do you know Suhani will like it. Yuvraaj says you don’t worry. Rohan shows another pendant and says I think Suhani will like this.

Yuvraaj says I know her choice better. Rohan says I know I m right, you can bet if you want, we will give these 2 pendants to Suhani and lets see which one she likes. Yuvraaj says he does not have interest. Rohan challenges him saying I know to read eyes. Yuvraaj accepts it. He says Rohan you will lose this challenge, Suhani won’t like that pendant. Rohan smiles.

Suhani makes pasta and looks for Yuvraaj. She sees Sharad and goes after him. She cleans Sharad’s room mess and a car toy falls. She asks Sharad about the toy. Sharad says its my friend’s son’s toy. She asys she made pasta for Yuvraaj and asks her to taste it once. He says I m coming, and goes with her. Yuvraaj comes in Suhani’s room with her gift. He keeps the gift there. Dadi looks on and thinks what is he doing here.

Dadi sees Rohan with a gift too, and sees the pendant. She asks did he get gift for anyone. Rohan says yes, I was telling Yuvraaj that Suhani will like this pendant more, maybe he was right. Dadi says Suhani’s happiness matters at this time, maybe you are right and Yuvraaj is wrong. She smiles and leaves.

Dadi asks Rags and Menka to do as she said. Rags says don’t worry Dadi, Suhani will choose Rohan’s pendant. Suhani serves pasta to Yuvraaj. He says I want you to make mistakes so that I get my type of food. She says you are already living like Yuvraaj. He asks her to have food and wash hands first. She says I have to eat by spoon. He says go and wash your hands, in your room, handwash is kept there. She says she won’t eat. He asks her to come soon, and smiles. Rags and Menka switch the pendants in Suhani’s room. Suhani comes there and Menka stops her. Rags changes the names and asks Pratima what will she do now. She says now you are not here, what will happen. Suhani says she has work and goes inside the room. Rags hides and thinks what to do. She goes by the window. The pendants fall down.

Rohan and Yuvraaj talk about Suhani’s choice. She comes wearing the pendant and they look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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