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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags telling Menka that she will let this engagement happen, and then she will expose Suhani in the marriage infront of Dadi and then it will be a big drama which they will enjoy. Yiuvraaj comes home and everyone ask him to have dinner, but he refuses and goes to his room. He is very angry. Rags and Menka brings fruits for him, as he did not have dinner. He is about to eat an apple and sees a stain on it. Rags asks what happened. Yuvraaj says it has stain and I won’t eat it. Menka says be habituated to it now as you are marrying Suhani.

Sharad says I will say what to do and asks Yuvraaj to go to Suhani and tell her the truth. Yuvraaj says no, she can tell to Maa. Sharad says she is smart and will understand. Yuvraaj says I will talk to her. Rags says I will help

you, as we know she does not deserve to be here and you love Soumya, this relation will break and Pratima won’t get any shock. Menka asks Rags what will happen if Yuvraaj meets Suhani. Rags says just wait and watch. Ramesh receives a call and tells Pratima, that Shukla ji called and says Saxena is coming home for work. Pratima says tell this to Anuj or Saurabh. Lata is amazed to see Rags and Menka and greets them happily. She says you both here. Rags smile.

Anuj and Saurabh say we can’t go to office. Saxena comes there and says I m here to manage everything, tell me what to do. Pratima asks where is Shukla. Saxena says the work is important, I send loan papers to bank. Yuvraaj comes and says he is going for some work. Saxena asks Saurabh is Pankaj now his relative. Yuvraaj hears this. Menka tells Lata that we came to meet Suhani. Rags says we don’t want out guests to comment on Suhani’s dressing sense. Menka asks Rags what is her plan. Rags says come with me.

Saxena says why don’t we use him and take his help. Yuvraaj says we don’t want any help. He leaves annoyed. Saxena says fine. Suhani is in her room. Rags and Menka come to her. Suhani is glad seeing her. Rags says we came to take your blouse measurements. Menka is glad seeing Amitabh’s posters. Rags takes the measurements and Menka writes down. Rags says Yuvraaj wants to meet you. Suhani says me? Rags says he wants to talk to you before marriage. Lata hears this and says its their engagement today, there is no time.

Rags says it won’t take much time, she will go and come soon. Lata says fine, go. Menka says get ready, we will wait outside. Rags and Menka make Lata hear that its not good if Yuvraaj meets Suhani, even Pratima is upset with this, if Dadi knows this…… Menka says yes. Rags says why does he want to meet her. Menka says yes, I hears its bad omen. Lata says sorry, I can’t send Suhani with you, as its not good if she goes out. Rags asks shall we go and tell Yuvraaj you did not allow Suhani. Lata says no, you explain him. Menka says fine, we will go. They leave.

Suhan gets ready to meet Yuvraaj and Lata stops her. Pankaj thinks of Soumya’s words and asks Suhani to go. Suhani makes Lata agree and hugs her. She leaves. Pankaj and Lata talk about Pratima doing all the arrangements. Pratima calls Lata to say what will Suhani wear in engagement. Lata says anything, Rags and Menka came here to take her measurements. Pratima says but we have already have it. Menka and Rags are on the way. Menka praises Rags.

Yuvraaj calls Rags and she says sorry. He says no thanks, Suhani is coming to meet me. She says what. He says yes, I will talk to you after talking to her. Suhani comes to Yuvraaj and he smiles hoping to break off with her. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to tell Suhani everything. Menka and Rags take an auto. Rags and Menka come to Yuvraaj and Suhani. Suhani smiles seeing him.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he came to speak his heart out. Suhani hears him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is too much! Just tell her the truth!

  2. This is old it’s copying bidaai where when a groom family come they want sadhana but not ragini because she is dark skinned and sadhana is fair
    Sadhana = soumya both are fair and beautiful and the main character falls for them
    Ragini= suhani. Both are dark skinned and not that pretty and the main characters prefers others

  3. I think it’s different and not lyk bidai coz the the hero has a different mindset,

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