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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Yuvraaj. She says how can you be blind in Suhani’s wife and be with culprits. Yuvraaj says we can together find the truth. Dadi says Pankaj is the culprit, who else will it be, Krishna or Radhe. Suhani says if you believe them, why can’t I believe my dad. Dadi says I will not let your dad get free so easily. She goes. Yuvraaj says I will just come and goes. Lata cries. Suhani consoles her. Lata says don’t know who has done this, Pankaj is bearing all this. Suhani says everything will be fine, I will just meet Soumya and apologize to her.

Suhani meets Soumya and apologizes to her. Soumya says its fine, it was such situation, Krishna was afraid and went somewhere, but Krishna did not do anything. Suhani thanks her for understanding. Lalita scolds

Suhani. Pratima asks Aditya where are you going. Aditya says we will not stay here, Gauri’s life has become joke here, I was wrong to think she will be safe here. Gauri says you all said Aditya did this, but Aditya did not do anything. Aditya says no need to explain them, come with me. Yuvraaj comes home with Dadi. Gauri says Aditya did not do anything, why are you with wrong people, they are bad people. She cries. Yuvraaj says its not Pankaj’s mistake, we will find real culprit. Anuj says Yuvraaj is right, we should focus to find real culprit. Yuvraaj says no one will go anywhere. Rags says its not easy for us like you, we have to prove Pankaj guilty in 24 hours. Dadi says we will not let Pankaj get free. Saurabh asks Rags to stop igniting fire.

Saurabh consoles Gauri. Yuvraaj promises Aditya that he will not leave the culprit. Lata meets Pankaj in police station. Inspector says you got famous Pankaj, see the pic on first page of paper. Lata reads the wrong news and asks Pankaj not to see it. Lalita scolds Suhani for blaming Krishna. Suhani says I did not doubt on Krishna. Soumya says it was not Suhani’s mistake. Lalita asks her to manage beauty parlor, else they have to beg money and get food. Suhani asks Soumya to manage her home. Soumya asks how is Yuvraaj. Suhani says he is stuck between both families, but supporting me, I will help him in finding Gauri’s culprit.

Pankaj reads the news that Pankaj is getting freed only because of talented lawyer Gupta. He says world will not believe me, they will still find me guilty. Lata says forget this, we will prove you innocent. They cry and talk about his helplessness. She encourages him and asks him to think of his two daughters and her, as they are facing everyone daily. She says I know you are innocent, your respect is still same in our eyes.

Yuvraaj and Suhani have a talk walking on the road side. She asks are you fine, forgive me, you are bearing Dadi’s anger and Pratima’s annoyance to help my dad, I m sorry. He stops her from saying. He says I know Pankaj ji, that’s why I m helping him, he can’t do such cheap thing. She holds his hand and says you did your duty, I will do my duty and find the culprit, sorry I forgot about Gauri’s sorrow while proving my dad innocent, the culprit is still roaming free, we have to find culprit soon to get justice for Gauri.

Dadi asks Leela to get justice for Gauri. Leela asks how, Gauri does not know whom did she see, my career can end by this case, one thing is clear you all don’t know what happened, I will lose this case, I don’t have proof against Pankaj. Dadi says I don’t care, take any amount, get fake proof, Pankaj should not come out of jail. Bhavna hears this and cries.

Suhani talks to Yuvraaj about the culprit. He says I feel its Radhe, as he has sent me to jail by acting of his death, I doubt on him, I have no evidence against him. Suhani gets Bhavna’s call. Bhavna cries and says listen to me carefully Suhani. Sharad comes and hears Bhavna. Bhavna says Dadi did this planning to trap Pankaj, so that you and Yuvraaj get separated. Suhani asks what, and hides from Yuvraaj. Bhavna says I have heard Rags and Menka, and also Dadi talking to Leela. Suhani says you don’t worry, Papa will come back home soon, I understand, calm down. Bhavna ends call and cries. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what happened. Sharad gives water to Bhavna. She asks why is Dadi doing this, she wants to ruin my family to take revenge from Suhani, she is ruining my dad’s respect, I can’t see my dad broken like this. He consoles her. She hugs him and cries. He says I will see what to do, don’t worry.

Suhani says Bhavna was worrying for Papa, she will be fine. Yuvraaj says if we convince Soumya to help us, it will be easy for us. She says fine, I will talk to her. He says I will go home and leaves. Suhani says I can’t blame Dadi without proof, and messages Bhavna not to tell anything about Dadi to Yuvraaj, I won’t let Dadi win easily, I have a plan.

Rags thinks Pankaj is really innocent, Dadi planned this to kick out Suhani, plan is good but it can fail if we don’t get proof, Suhani will come back in this house, I can’t let this happen. Bhavna wakes up and sees Sharad sleeping. Dadi takes the botox injections parcel and asks the man not to tell anyone. She goes to her room. Bhavna comes out and opens the main door. Suhani meets her and asks who was that man. Bhavna says don’t know, come to room fast. Suhani says I will hide in Gauri’s room, because Dadi will come there to keep some proof against Papa, I will catch Dadi that time.

Suhani gets Aditya’s shirt hidden. Bhavna stops Rags. Rags hears the phone ringing and asks who is inside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think dadi set aditya up to do that n aditya is the real culprit

    1. If dadi set it up and used Aditya for it, then Aditya is not the only culprit. Both of them are.

  2. Interesting episode. Good suspense. Love Yuvy for supporting Suhani.

  3. Finally Bhavna and suhani planning together on the good side just as menka and rags on the bad side!! Sharad is such a good guy to Bhavna!!

  4. Too dragging…finish it soon

  5. Tooo dragggng

  6. kab khatam hoga drama

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