Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad and Pratima telling police about the skeleton. Inspector asks is this house is theirs since many years. Pratima says yes, Dadi’s inlaws have made this house. Dadi says they told me so. Inspector says science and technology have advanced and now we can find out whose skeleton is this. Police takes the skeleton. Yuvaan, Krishna and Saiyyam come. Yuvraaj asks everyone to come with him to outhouse, to talk about Suhani and Dadi. Dadi and Baby think how did Amma mai turn into skeleton so soon. They lift the sacks and do not see Amma mai there. Baby asks what did you do with her. Dadi says don’t know, Suresh was coming here. Baby gets a threatening letter and reads. Dadi asks who did this. Baby says did Suresh do this.

Suhani tells everyone about the death

drama. Yuvraaj asks about skeleton. Suhani says I don’t know about it. Saiyyam says Dadi got scared seeing the skeleton. Pratima says I can’t believe Dadi wants to kill you. Suhani says I thought she will get her memory. Krishna asks how did real Amma mai’s skeleton come in the wall, was she killed by Dadi. Pratima says no, Dadi believes her as ideal lady. Bhavna says she was troubled by Amma mai. Yuvraaj says no, she can’t do this, but she tried to kill Suhani.

Saiyyam says someone needs big reason to kill a person, Dadi thinks Amma mai is having an affair and wants to kill her. Yuvaan says yes, maybe Dadi had problem with Amma mai and killed her. Krishna disagrees and argues with Yuvaan. Suhani says Krishna is right, we have to find truth. Inspector calls Yuvraaj.

Baby goes to Dadi. She asks what did you do. She gets another note and gives to Dadi. Dadi reads the letter. The person asks Dadi to give 50 lakhs to hide the truth. Dadi asks how did this person know. Baby says I think Suresh did this. Dadi says I will talk to him. Baby says its no use, get money and go there, I will follow Suresh and catch him red handed. Dadi says but I don’t have money. Baby says you will have jewelry.

Yuvraaj says inspector said the skeleton is 30 years old. Pratima says Amma mai died that time. Suhani says we have no proof to blame Dadi. Suhani goes. She thinks how can this coincidence happen that skeleton was discovered when Dadi tried to kill me. She looks out of window. Dadi goes to keep jewelry and waits for Baby. Dadi falls and the letter drops. Dadi goes. Suhani comes there and reads letter. She says it means something is threatening Dadi.

Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and says its something fishy, we should tell truth to Dadi, someone is using this matter. He says no, she can get stroke being hyper. She asks what will we do now. He says someone who wrote this letter would have kept the skeleton.

Baby takes the jewelry and smiles. She says none can fail my plans, I came in this house with a motive. She recalls hearing Suhani and Yuvraaj’s plan. She thinks to kill Dadi and manage Suhani. She wears the jewelry and lies on the bed. Yuvaan comes and asks her to open the door. She says wait, I m changing. She removes the jewelry in hurry and hides it. Yuvaan comes in room and sleeps. Baby gets relieved. She forgets to remove a bangle.

Its morning, Suhani thinks why is anyone blackmailing Dadi, who is it. Suhani sees Baby and asks about bangle. Baby says Dadi gave this to me. Suhani says why will Dadi give this, she dislikes you. Baby lies to Suhani. She thinks this happened because of Yuvaan. She hears Suhani and Yuvraaj talking. He says I will knock thrice on door when I come to meet you, don’t open the door, if Dadi sees you, it will be big problem. Suhani agrees. Baby smiles.

Yuvaan meets some goons and pays money. The goon asks when will she come out. Yuvaan says I will tell you and gives Krishna’s pic. The goons leave. Krishna gets ready. Saiyyam talks to Suhani on phone. Krishna walks wearing anklet. Suhani asks Saiyyam to get items from market. His focus is on Krishna, and he does not hear what Suhani is saying. Suhani asks what are you saying, I want to make Dadi’s fav food, get some items from market. He says sorry, tell me. She tells him. She says you got deaf, come to outhouse. He ends call. He stops Krishna and asks her to remove anklet. He says its sound is irritating me, I can’t hear anything. She says I won’t remove this, you can go out and talk. She goes. Baby goes to hide the letter in Dadi’s room. Dadi comes and asks what are you doing here. She sees Baby with the letter.

Saiyyam is attacked with chilli powder. Krishna worries for Saiyyam. Yuvaan signs the goons to kidnap Krishna. Saiyyam holds his eyes and can’t see anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aarti32

    Hahahahaha!! I luvd it when Saiyyam said tv ki aunty ki tarah behosh mat ho jana!!?? He’s too good at sarcasm..But he cares for her too..He knew dat she wud get scared..So he jst explained her without showing care..But how hard he tries..He can’t hide his care

    1. would be great if ameena would include such dialogues in updates also. Really funny.

  2. Wow…haven’t seen the episode yet…but that was a very fast update….was up by 5:32…Loved the precap!!…but don’t see any Kriyam scenes as of such….

    1. Aarti32

      It was updated by 5:15..Or even before dat!! Good progress yaar..

  3. Aarti32

    Krishna jst doesn’t like Yuvaan at all!! How she shouted at Yuvaan, without any big reason..She’s jst too annoyed by Yuvaan ??

    1. Yeah she really did shout at Yuvan. Just loved her anger towarda his cheap behaviour. And loved sayyams reaction seeing Krishnas anger on Yuvan.

    2. ???Husband n wyf are same lyk sayyam dont leave chance to insult n shout at baby n now krishna is doing the same to yuvan by the way yuvaby deserv it

  4. Seriously, how illogical, Amma Mai’s skeleton is 30 years also, like WHAAAT? Yuvaan, yuvaani and krishna are like 27, seriously?? But can’t wait for saiyyam to rescue krishna

    1. Suhani and Yuvraaj are probably about 40 – 50 now. And when the episode first started there was amma mai the cvs need to be realistic

      1. No amma mai*

    2. Mystery

      I was also saying this to my momm…..30 years…huh…..but I love kriyyam scene….her anklet irritate him

    3. Life

      I agree with u Faaizah……

    4. Ur ryt they should have say 60yrs but now illogical in ssel is common .i mean we re used to it.look foward for tmr epi

      1. Zai

        We should not expect logic from ssel cvs especially with numbers or years. It’s always wrong

    5. Laavanya

      CVs maths is very weak….maybe they r not school pass out

      1. Aarti32

        Hahahahaha maths fail CVS ??

  5. Aarti32

    Krishna’s mere anklet is enough to distract Saiyyam ?? it was soo funny?? Suhani was saying something else n he was hearing something else!!
    N Krishna ko sach mein dar nhi lagta yaar.. Kaise Saiyyam ko bol k chali gyi, tumhe irritation hoti h to tum bahar chale jao..

  6. Khushi1707

    Great…Suhani – Sayyam conversation was hilarious ….waiting for next epi …Krishna concerned for her love ….. lugs the way Sayyam went to Krishna to explain…it explains he loves her …

    1. Khushi1707

      Sorry “luvd”

  7. Khushi1707

    Guys looks like Sayyam is in for a fight with the goons as Karan posted on Twitter about some “fight scene” because of which he got hurt on his neck..

  8. Awesome episode
    Loved it when krishna yelled at yuvaan. He deserved it. Good work by her. Saiyyam’s statement when krishna entered the house was so sarcastic and good
    He mocks at her but still that care for her is always there.

  9. Ha ha kriyam scene was very short. But no problem. Nice background score while Kriahna walks with anklets and Saiyyams reaction towards it getting irritated.

    Suhani ans sayyams conversation .hilarious while sayyam getting distutbed with Krishnas anklets sound.

    Finally Suhani saying sayyam that his ears got deaf and needs to come to outhouse to get it repaired

  10. Seriuosly..why aren’t the writers focusing on Sayyam and Yuvanis bondong or Saiyyam and Suhanis bonding..with some masti and nok jhok.

    It very annoying to always see baby and dadis conspiracy all the time.

    1. I totally agree Swapna!

  11. Great precap
    Waiting for tomorrow
    Kriyyam is fantastic

  12. I seriously think yuvan is sambhav’s son…anyways last scene was hilarious…..

  13. Khushi1707

    Hey I wanted to ask whether your comments await ‘moderation’ or not…Cause whenever I post any comments, it shows”Your comment is awaiting moderation” and takes hours to get published…Is it only with me or somebody else also has the same problem?

    1. Laavanya

      Hey, it happens with all. TU checks whether ur comment contain any offensive words, personal talks (not related to serial) etc.

      1. Khushi1707

        Okay, thanks for informing 🙂

    2. Zai

      With everyone it takes time to be publish

  14. Guys if that skeleton is of amma Mai then how did it have the locket of Suhani and Sharad just can’t believe how baby manages to create the false wall everything right under the nose of the entire fly but Saiyam just mailed the epi with his expressions

  15. Awesome episode
    Krishna gave a fitting reply to yuvaan. Saiyyam’s statement was sarcastic but it clearly showed his care.

  16. sorry for the reiteration

  17. Could anyone please give me the link to download 16th february episode?
    I want to watch it again.
    No hotstar links please. I dont have hotstat in my mobile.
    Please provide reliable links…
    Thanks a lot


      It’s a youtube link and reliable…but ur gonna have to watch it fast before its taken down

  18. @kushi1707 – it happens with me too. @ramya – yeah, how did she do that and how can the skeleton be of Anna mai, surely dadi would know. Hope suhani finds out baby is the blackmailer. Nobody bothers to check her room, even yuvaan never finds anything.

  19. i agree with you faaizah

  20. Swetha7

    if the skeleton is really amma mai’s the the age of the skeliton should be corrected at later episode.Krishna has become very bold……there is a way of telling something to someone.when sayyam is irritated because of the anklet he grabed her had and commanded her to remove it.even i was kriahna i would respond same sayyam said it kindly she may listen and remove it….anyway i think the in tomorrow’s sayyam will find krishna because of the sound of that anklet.

  21. Laavanya

    I wonder how can Birla house people esp Pratima think so good abt Dadi. She is strict but cannot murder someone. They easily forget what Dadi did to Gauri.

    1. Laavanya


    2. Aarti32

      They’re jst mahatmas ??

  22. Aarti32

    Sorry guys, he actually said filmo ki aunties ki tarah aarti ka basket gira k behosh mat ho jana..
    PS- I’m still unsure ?? as I could understand it properly, so I’ll hv to watch it tomorrow morning 7:30

    1. I think it was ” filmo ki tarah aarthi ki thaal girake behosh mat ho jana “

      1. *aarthi ka basket

    2. I think it was ” filmo ki tarah Aarti Ka basket gira ke behosh mat ho jana “

    3. I think it was ” filmo ki tarah Aarti ka basket gira ke behosh mat ho jana “

      1. Aarti32

        Ya ya..I saw d repeat today morning, then I heard properly.. Sorry..Too many mistakes ??

  23. Aarti32

    Suhani ne aaj tak Saiyyam se baith k baat nhi ki..Mom n son types baat!! Hamesha Yuvaan ko pamper krti rehti h..Aur aaj jab kaam tha to kaun yaad aya!! Yuvaan ya Saiyyam?? Saiyyam..Qki Yuvaan to kidnappings mein busy h..Suhani is jst impossible..Usko Dadi ka favourite khana banana h!! Apna favorite khana kha k kiski memory wapas aati h ??..Aisa hi hota to Chalo hum bhi different dishes khate h..Kya pata unmein se koi previous birth mein hamara favourite ho aur humein hamara previous birth yaad aa jaye ??
    Aur Amma Mai to mar gyi na..To wo Dadi k liye khana kaise bana sakti h!! Mujhe nhi pata tha ki aatma khana bhi banati h..Wo bhi logon ka favourite!!

    1. “previous birth yaad aa jaye!!!” haha…classic…laughing so hard right now…
      (also in reply to one of your previous comments few days ago…my b-day is feb 2….so I’m an aquarius)

      1. Aarti32

        Does dat mean u also do great sarcasm ??

  24. Swetha7

    i wonder why we gt less kriyam ff these days…i think they are busy with exams….yeh….exams are more important. i am waiting for kriyam guys do your exams well.all the best.

  25. Zai

    Short kriyam scenes but it was awesome.

    Krishna is becoming brave in each episode, she rejected yuvaan, scolded him and being sarcastic with Saiyyam also

    1. Zai

      Sorry i meant Saiyam being sarcastic with Krishna was very funny

  26. I like the kriyam scene.I really don’t know how skeleton is of amma Mai’s.or it is a plan of baby.
    Waiting for tomorrow kidnapping and fight scene………..Krishna sayyam’s both care for each other.

  27. Guys don’t concentrate on year number.. tey r not making any biopic to be perfect. It’s just a fictional story. Concentrate on story and not on number

  28. Hey guys…FINALLY watched the episode…it was cool…
    Sayyam’s first dialogue to Krishna; “Filmo ke tarah aunty ki basket pheka, behosh mat hojana”…I could FEEL the Sarcasm…Sayyam is just too cool…but the way he told Krishna he’ll explain everything was too cute…

  29. lt’s a nice story..l ever had,sayyam & krishna was a nice pair…l like the things happened between sayyam & krishna also suhani & yuraaj….l’m a big fann of the serial..l never missed it even at my exam times….

  30. The skeleton was ATLEAST 30 years old…that’s what the police said…so the skeleton could be MORE THAN 30 years old also…this Pratima messed everything up by saying that Amma Mai (sachi-wala) died about 30 years ago…which idiot gave her that dialoque…Imma’ be honest with ya guys…dumb people run this show…Sayyam also was supposed to be 14 years old…THEN cv’s realied their mistake…and made the leap 20 years…

    We’ll probably have a “Pratima realization scene” where she’ll be like “Sorry Mr.Indiana Birla, I guess Amma Mai ACTUALLY died 60 years ago…I’m gonna have to update the wikipedia page I wrote on her”

    (did you see what I did there- Indiana Jones…Indiana Birla…hehe)

    1. Hahaha!!! Pratimas dialogue you came up with was funny…Yuvraaj Birla as Indiana Birla…I love ur humour yaar??

    2. ??Ur comment is superb…keep commenting like this only…

      1. Thnx so much Poonam!!…but I might not comment from next Monday onward…cause my board exams are coming…they’re starting on March 10th…wish me luck!

    3. Aarti32

      God!! Indiana???? Wikipedia ????

  31. I wonder when Sayyam actually started to pay attention to Krishna and even get IRRITATED by the sound of her anklets…hehe…his convo with his mum was to die for though…bal mein tel…hehe

    They wouldn’t show that scene for nothing though…the cv’s aren’t THAT dumb…I think since Yuvaan throws chili powder in Sayyam’s eyes, Sayyam will rescue Krishna by listening to the sound of her anklets…that’ll be extra awesome…whatever happens though…YUVAAN SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT SAVE KRISHNA!!!! I’m warning you cv’s don’t mess with us kriyamites…

    P.S. Yuvaan’s idea actually made sense…Krishna was yelling at him for no reason (just like Sayyam yells at Baby) way to go Krishna!!! Sayyam was also looking at Krishna and Yuvaan and wondering what was going on…did anyone notice…hehe…

    1. I think you r right…Sayyam might fight with the goons and rescue Krishna listening to the sound of her anklets…hope Yuvanm does not save her…that dumb guy…

    2. Aarti32

      Yeah!! It’ll be so cute if Saiyyam saves Krishna by hearing d sound of those very anklets he was irritated wid..
      But I’m sure Yuvaan is foolish enough to not be able to save Krishna from d goons he himself hired

  32. Kriyam was funny and I agree wid kriyam rocks theory tht He will follow da sound of her anklet

  33. So is dadi faking memory loss or not? Nobody is clever enough to follow baby, not even bhavna. Suhani should sense about baby after seeing her wear the bangle. Or check handwriting somehow.

    1. I think Dadi has lost her memory because when it was Dadi birthday and everyone was drunk including Dadi – she was talking to god of how she wanted to murder ama mai. If Dadi was faking her memory and she was drunk she would have acted normal if you get me. When she was drunk she was calling sharad babuji. So I think she has lost her memory. Glad that answered your question tuffy x

    2. Aarti32

      Na na!! In dis show, no one ever doubts d actual mastermind..All r fools

    3. Dadi’s not faking…but I hope Suhani checks handwritng or gets a doubt

  34. Have you saw the spoilers Krishna life is in danger. Baby put poison in the cake to kill Suhani and yuvaan fed the cake to Krishna to make Suhani happy. Saiyaam and yuvaan are blaming each other for krishna state and they are scared when they saw Krishna in that state. Why does this happen to Krishna.

  35. Did anyone notice Saiyyam was carrying d basket 4 krishna wen dey were entering d dining area

    1. Yeh I saw that that was cute he took the basket off her and told her indirectly don’t panic ❤️

    2. Aarti32

      I noticed ??
      He’s so adorable..I luvd it..He immediately took d basket from her hand..Such a luvly husband he is??

  36. Sanchayita

    Hello everyone !!!I hope everyone have watched today’s episode..there were many kriyam scenes:-)..But why today’s written updates is not updated till now??

    1. Mystery

      I was also thinking where is today’s epi

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