Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani crying and asking Pratima about her state. Pratima says you are okay, we will talk to doctor and everything will be fine. Suhani hugs her. Saurabh and Anuj think of some way. Menka says there is one way now, just we both can give a child to this family, Rags does not want children and Suhani can’t conceive. Saurabh and Anuj get angry. Barbie comes there and asks Menka is she like this since birth or did any course to become like this. Menka asks Anuj who else can give this house a child. He says shut up. Barbie says I came to say Dadi is upset, stop Menka from saying bad about Suhani, be grateful for yourself instead taunting others.

Yuvraaj says why did I give surprise to Suhani, its all because of me. He gets angry and throws a vase. Sharad comes

there and asks why are you so worried, maybe doctor or report is wrong. Yuvraaj says maybe you are right, I can’t lose so soon, if I break, who will manage Suhani. Sharad says yes, Suhani needs you the most. Dadi gets someone’s call. She says yes, everything is fine, you will get money, this truth should not come out. Dadi keeps money in envelop. Bhavna calls out Dadi and Dadi hides the money. Bhavna looks for Dadi and sees some notes fallen on the floor. She sees more notes in cupboard.

Yuvraaj comes to room and sees Suhani crying. She says sorry. Barbie brings soup for her, and asks her to have it, Dadi made it for her. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to have the soup. Barbie makes Suhani sit and says Dadi has made this with love. Suhani says yes, she was thinking I will give her a heir. Yuvraaj asks her not to worry, Dadi will feel you don’t love her. Suhani says no, I will have it. Barbie says your relation is so strong, I hope it becomes stronger after all these problems. She says I m very sorry, since I came in this house, bad is happening with you. Suhani says its not your mistake. Barbie says tell me if you need my help, I will more than happy to help you. She goes.

Dadi goes outside and meets the doctor. She says you did great work, and gives the money envelop to him. Bhavna picks all the notes and arranges. She does not see the poisonous gas cylinder kept in the cupboard. She is about to open the cupboard, and Barbie stops her. Barbie says Suhani is very upset. Bhavna says I know, so I came to talk to Dadi, there will be some treatment for Suhani, I will keep this money. Barbie says don’t keep here, we will give money to Dadi, she will need it, I m worried for Suhani. Bhavna says me too, don’t know what to do now.

Yuvraaj feeds the soup to Suhani and says its my mistake, I should have not planned that surprise, maybe we can find some solution, I wear I will find some way out. She hugs him. he says I m with you, don’t cry, everything will be fine, I promise. She cries resting in his lap.

The doctor says I did what I had to, but be careful, that Suhani does not take second opinion, any doctor will tell Suhani that she is normal and can conceive. Dadi says fine, no need to tell me, I made you lie. Dadi comes inside the house. Barbie and Bhavna see Dadi. Bhavna gives the money to Dadi. Dadi says what will I do of this money, when I can’t get my children’s happiness by it. she goes.

Soumya works in parlor. Lalita talks to her friends and says qualities and values matter in a girl, right Soumya. Soumya says yes, your girl will get a nice proposal. Lalita signs Rakhi. Rakhi calls the lady and says I have a good proposal for your daughter, my brother is coming from US and we want to see your daughter. The lady tells them that a good proposal came for my daughter. Soumya congratulates her. Lalita smiles.

Dadi calls doctor. She thinks she can’t let Suhani conceive, I have to workout my next plan before she knows the truth. She goes to Bhavna and asks her not to be sad, who will manage Suhani then. Bhavna says yes, I don’t know what to tell Suhani, how to explain her. Dadi says I will say, I remember Golu is now 6 months old, we will keep a function and start his solid food diet. Bhavna says Suhani can feel bad. Dadi says no, we will do this function at home, Suhani will feed Golu first, she can get cheered up. Bhavna agrees.

Suhani talks to Soumya. Soumya asks what, is that doctor gynac, how can you trust that report, go to some specialist first. Suhani says yes, I should not lose so soon, I should be strong. Soumya says don’t get late, talk to Yuvraaj, I will find out about specialist. Suhani says yes, I will talk to Yuvraaj and Dadi. Soumya says don’t worry, there will be some solution, take care. She ends call.

Lalita tells the ladies that Soumya has good powers, whatever she says happens. The lady asks what do you mean. Rakhi and Lalita say that Soumya healed Krishna’s wound, when boiling water fell on his hand, Soumya has Devi powers. Lalita says we will help people, and asks the lady to get anyone, but with a chadava. Rakhi and Lalita get happy.

Suhani calls Yuvraaj and says sorry to make you worried. He says I completely understand. She says but we have to be strong, so that we can solve it. He says yes, I have a solution, we can try. She says why don’t we show to any other doctor. He says I was thinking the same, I was going to meet a gynac. She thanks him and says I knew you will make things fine. He says don’t compliment me. She says love you and ends call. He says I love you too. Saware………..plays……. Suhani turns and sees Dadi.

Bhavna tells Suhani will feed Golu in puja. Menka calls Suhani Baanch. Bhavna gets angry. Dadi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This dadi is such a headache….

  2. Dadi is so irritating me. Yuvraaj and suhani have to go to another doctor. And than punish dadi

  3. without knowing dadi Yuvani should meet some special gynac to know the truth, after knowing the truth they both leave birla house, till dadi realize her mistake they should not come back

  4. Say I, if you think Yuvraj won’t guess it dadi doing.

  5. Hassssss ! Suhani is normal and i think barbie help yuvraj and suhani to expose dadi dadi kabhi nahi sudhregi par ek type se aacha hi he dadi jo karti he sahi hi karti he kyuki uske kuch bhi karne se yuvraj or suhani ek dusre ke aur pass aa jate he or aab agar yuvraj ko dadi ka sach pata chala to wo dadi ko nahi chorega kyuki updadi ne suhani ko marne ki koshish ki jo yuvraj kabhi sehen nahi karega

  6. Can someone please explain what Baanch means?

    1. baanjh means who nvr evr born a child.

  7. I feel like barbie is the entry made by dadi plan to marry yuvraj

    1. Yes, it is. If you read the spoilers they are working together 🙁

    2. Really kon sa spoiler

  8. from the begining idiot dadi hates lovable suhani….
    now the track ill be going too much serious… 🙁

  9. I hope so too that yuvraj gets a second opinion without dadi knowing, maybe before this puja so that he can confront dadi in front of all. I also hope someone else overhears dadi or finds something to implicate her. Maybe snoopi, their dog or even Suhani. Maybe yuvraj will find out if he gets second opinion.

  10. U r right PSD ,but that’s the only thing they lack in Birla house, all the matters r discussed in sitting room or dinning room there’s no privacy atall, even the new entrant barbie enters yuvani’s bedroom with so ease. .
    Only yuraj should expose Dadi without suhani’s help or else there will be no weightage for yuvrajs character. .
    Soumya was sensible today.
    What if yuvraj is impotent? Will dadi’s reaction be the same?

  11. I think barbie is helping the evil old bag dadi n yuvraj should start thinking why all dis is happening since suhani came back

  12. Knowing dadi is devil incarnate why does everybody beat around the bush and never suspect dadi?

  13. U r right sushma, yuvraj should expose dadi. What if he gets married again and something happens and they find out he’s the one who can’t give heir then? Also, yes why don’t anyone knock before coming into a room. Yuvraj should point this out to dadi if she forces him to remarry.

  14. Barbie must also be aware of what’s happening and who’s doing it as she stopped bhavna from putting the money away.

  15. Irritating dadi . What’s wrong with all star plus serials . The bad ppl go on winning always . Suhani knows said don’t like her but still she will believe her . And now they will go to another doctor by letting dadi know . She will bribe that doctor also . I think Suhani is educated enough to goggle and find out. Star plus writer thinks ppl enjoy negativity and keep showing that always . Dadi should be punished for what she did with gauri . I don’t understand what crime dadi has to do to be kicked out of birla house

    1. I agree with you

  16. I totally agree with Madhu.Dadi needs to be shown the bus stop.The other family members need to catch a wake up and see dadi for the evil that she is.

  17. Guys do comment about this I think Barbie is also behind this and she is working with dadi cause when bhavna was turning around when saw is near the poison gas ⛽ then she called bhavna

  18. Omg ! Barbie bhi isi he par yuvraj usse sadi nahi karega i am sure bcoz he love suhani

  19. Same Barbie ki entry family me Dadi ne hi karwayi hai……Yuvraaj ki dusari shaadi karawane ke liye…..Barbie aur Dadi mile huye hai…..Mili juli sarkar

  20. What the hell dadi does

  21. Yes fathi.i thing u r right.mujhe v yehi lagta he..

  22. I am not an Indian, I live in Africa and have been enjoying the Hindu serials through my cable provider. However I find it difficult to think that in this particular serial, all members of the household allow Dadi to do as she likes. She kept Guari away from the family for years and nothing is done to punish her. Now she is after Suhani’s life!!! Poisonous gas????? Too bad. Only a naive person will belive that inhaling a poisonous gas will lead to a woman not being able to conceive.

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