Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani showing her clothes to Pratima. Pratima says she wanted to bring a dress for her. Suhani says your love is enough and hugs her. Pratima says Yuvraaj will be coming soon. Soumya and Yuvraaj are out to meet Krishna, as she lied to him. She hugs him on pretext of being scared of accident and holds his hand. He says Krishna did not come, maybe he wants to create a scene at home. She says maybe he saw you and run being afraid. He says there is no use to be here now, lets go home.

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She acts like being helpless and gains his sympathy saying she is alone today and stares the flowers. Suhani gets ready and

says Yuvraaj did not come. Pratima compliments her and asks her to call Yuvraaj. Suhani asks her to go and rest. Soumya says she will not cry, if her husband does not love her, but she has family and friends. She buys some flowers and says I will be happy now and love myself. He says good to know you are moving on. She says I will celebrate valentines my way this time. Soumya asks the price of flowers. The vendor says 2000rs. Soumya thinks she did so much drama but he did not give her any flower.

Yuvraaj pays the money. Bhavna passes by and sees Yuvraaj holding the flowers and tells Amit that she saw Yuvraaj, he was gifting flowers to Suhani, you did not gift me. Soumya thanks Yuvraaj. Bhavna calls Suhani and asks her to go resort if she is done with flower shopping in market, save some romance for resort. Suhani asks what is she saying. Bhavna says I have seen Yuvraaj giving you flowers, even I was in market. Suhani gets puzzled. Suhani gets angry and does not find Soumya in her room. She says whats going on and recalls seeing them together. She says its wrong to doubt on them.

Suhani cancels the table reservation and get sad. Suhani sees Soumya and Yuvraaj coming home. Suhani sees Soumya with flowers and recalls Bhavna’s words. Soumya says she bought the flowers. Dadi comes and taunts Suhani on her choice of roses. Suhani says nothing is perfect in the world. Dadi says Yuvraaj and Soumya’s likes are exactly the same. Suhani asks where did she go. Soumya says she went alone, who will surprise her now, she celebrated valentines alone. Suhani asks did she go alone? Dadi asks why is she becoming spy. Suhani says I would have gone with her, and wishes her happy valentines day.

Soumya says I think she saw me and Yuvraaj together. Dadi says even I want this to see you both and move back, but she will not move back easily, so we have to be careful. Soumya says but she is having doubt. Dadi says let her doubt and smiles. Suhani asks Yuvraaj why did he not come early. He says he was busy and could not tell her. They argue. Rags calls Lalita and asks her did she do her work. Lalita says yes, Krishna agreed to remarry. Rags says just make him sign the divorce papers, else you will lose the money. Lalita asks her to be patient. Rags says he is heartbroken, make him sign soon. Rags and Dadi smile.

Menka tells Ramesh not to make anything for Anuj for two days and is angry on him. Soumya gifts them flowers with wishes. Soumya goes to Yuvraaj and gifts him a flower. Suhani looks on. Sharad takes it and thanks her, saying pray for me that I get a good wife, I have everything, but not love track. Soumya says why not, I will pray for you too. She takes it back from Sharad and gives Yuvraaj. She smiles and Suhani looks on upset.

Yuvraaj gifts Suhani a watch. Dadi asks for whom is this new watch. Yuvraaj says its for mum. Dadi asks Soumya how is it. Soumya says nice. Dadi asks her to take it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yaar yeh dadi toh chudail ka saaya ban gai…har baat pe dakhal deti h :[email protected]

  2. U dirty creature Yuvraj u lied Suhani u disappointed her & u spend time with that devil Soumya again u scolding her shame on u I hate u blo*dy fool……….

    1. i dont know why but i like ur comments.. lol !

      1. and………ofcourse sahil…………this is just a show so dont get out ur anger on it …………….

  3. I just have no idea why the hell you all try to inculcate hatred in peoples mind. How bad and why always making women stupid and helpless. gosh, please do something better not cheap characters like dadi and soumya. People will soon forget what is good and will accept evil very soon.

  4. Dadi you are soo bad,pls writer let yuvraaj know his dadi is evil, and let rag husband have another girlfriend and let rag know about it I want her to see pain of end somebody relation

  5. Another episode to miss yawn what a boring show

  6. Suhani is stupid

  7. Suhani Character is very dumd. When is she going to see the light?

  8. let suhani know about dadi and soumya’s plans…..

  9. this serial is getting boring day by day.

  10. Stupid yuvraaj if he don’t care suhani, he can divorce and marry sowmya happily. Why is he playing with suhani’s emotions.

  11. I feel bad for suhani 🙁

  12. Too bad its turning out to be..if yuvraj doesnt like suhani why they are still married..why the writer is not at all taking the hatred that the viewers are giving towards the show…

  13. He guys i cant understand how some people still giving excellent rating 4 this show……………its Awful now

  14. stupid story

  15. Hi everyone……………are you getting rid of soumya/dadi……… let us make our own imaginations on it…………with new twist on the show…………reply me pls……

    1. dadi should like suhani……..and hate soumya………….yuvaraj and suhani……in a romantic mood………….and just for a fun………….kidnap suhani …..(as usual) …………yuvaraj finding suhani and so on………..

      1. priya …….ur twist is so……..nice….yaar

  16. Not even for valentines day suhaani & yuvraj can spend quality time together!! Yuvraj is always mean to his wife and nice to Soumya.. If he still loves Soumya then let him just be with her.. Why would anyone want a nasty person like Soumya as a daughter in law!! Because she is pretty!! really…….

  17. I totally agree wid priya if suhani is kidnapd yuvraj vl realise his love( now dis track 1ly gng on kum kum bhagya)

    1. me too……………..

  18. I think Suhani should leave Yuvraaj. She deserves better and let him be with head witch Dadi and her 3 witches in training lol… anyways, Soumya will also do the same to them, if she can betray a childhood friend, then they are nobody, just a means to her getting what she wants

  19. at least suhani is starting to change
    keep going with this new idea in her head

  20. Imagination. . .
    Soumya planing evil 4 valentine’s evng. . Suhani planing spcl 4 yuvraj. .out birla house wid d help of sharad. . Pent house’s open terece garden type locatn. . Rags spy them. . Reports abt dis 2 soumya. .
    Yuvraj is caled by somu at d same place. . Bt at evng when sharad leaves as al preprtns r ovr. Suhani is alone waiting 4 yuvraj as she has alrdy left a card wid a msg abt dat pent house, whch yuvraj dsnt gets bt rags do get n hides n tels abt dat 2 somu

    1. nice………….

  21. This show is so boring. I luv d concept of this story bt y dragging it too long. Plz let suhani know d truth n now yuvraj should confess his luv fr suhani.
    I really wish to see an epi where suhani ask soumya to leave her home and dadi taking soumya’s side saying soumya ll nt go ne where n ask suhani to leave d house. N yuvraj saying “yes, keep soumya with u, suhani ll leave d house with me, as i dont want to stay under the same roof with soumya”
    n then only did dadi ll have some akkal.
    N she ll throw out soumya frm her house in the fear of loosing her grandson. n this soumya ll get a lesson by loosing krishna n yuvraj both. Krishna should marry a gal who should throw out his mother n sister from her home. n they ll also hav a lesson.
    plz change d situation. we dont want to see everytime bad winning over good.

    1. ofcoarse and if dadi didnt allow soumya to leave the house ??……………suhani should leave and surely yuvaraj will leave the house

  22. Rags in d same pent house cum resort. . Finds sourabh wid sum othr girl and starts folowng mean while yuvraj on d way nd suhani waitng. . She finds rags. . Scene – rags shockd – sourabh affair – rags get hiper – sourabh complnts u dnt hv tym 4 me rathr u r busy in planing evil. Rags realise is shckd, suhani suprts rags. .

    1. then rags will be suhanis side

      1. Yes rags in suhani’s side. . Bt she wil also get 2 knw latr abt soumya’s wickedness too

  23. Rags feels guilty n tels abt her n soumya n dadi’s wrng intension. . Suhani evn aftr knwng also stil faiths yuvraj. Yuvraj reached at d site. . Soumya says dis al arngmnts she made 4 him. .
    To knw more. . Pls rpl if u al r finding my imaginatn intrstng. .

    1. interesting

  24. Kavya what a good imagination

  25. agree with moi’s comments Neha Yadav is so strange looking, broad features a most swollen-like. If she was good looking I think viewers would not mind her, in fact we might enjoy watching the serial. I enjoy watching Suhani absolutely beautiful woman, her face perfect with delicate features…..and gorgeous long black hair!!!! She should be a MODEL.

  26. Soumya you are a evil by distoying your bestfriend home and yuvraaj u are dumb can’t you see whats drama she creat uhhhhh this show become boringggg now please do somting whit this old hag dadi blo*dy creep

  27. blo*dy awful

  28. Kavya ur imagination is gud pls continue sistr

  29. When Suhani finds out she needs to leave Yuvraaj cause he’s just an ass to her because of the gold digger and b*** Soumya. Suhane deserves better. Yuvraaj yells at her for everything and he has no right. If he wants to sleep with that witch Soumya then leave Suhani she will get better than you. Hate this show now. Only waiting for the day Suhani leaves Yuvraaj and slaps Soumya. Then people will watch again. Hate rags.

  30. I just hate soumya

  31. Comparing other serials to this show, in Diya Aur Baati two different stories started after this Souyma, and Yuan drama and the stories have already concluded. Obviously that serial have much superior quality editors/ writers and producers. You are all a bunch of second class professionals who cannot start a new story line for this tedious and boring serial. blo*dy PATHETIC! !!

  32. soumya is really heartless, ooh poor suhani I wish suhani will see d reality of her so called childhood friend

  33. Wat a boring stupid ugly story every channel is giving nice competition in spinning such good for nothing stories. I think being in a big family is highly dangerous as people easily spoil others life. On the other hand if u c realtime stories they r far ahead we can’t see dumb lady like suhaani or Cunning like daadi people do anything for their love life….

  34. humm . hamesha soumya yuvraaj ky peechay pr jati hy ,, plzzz get out soumya … i sont want to see him .. and also dadi and rags …

  35. Thnks 4 lykng my imagntns
    so i continue. .
    Amit is in d same resort, saw somu n yvraj. . He sends a waiter wid alcohol mixd drinks 4 yuvraj n somu so dat he cud take revenge on yuvraj by create a scene provng him charactrles. .
    Here yuvraj is suprisd 2 c al arngmnts n ask somu wht al dis means?
    Somu says celebrtn of our frndshp begning. Yuvraj says al dis nt needed

  36. Suhani takes brkn heartd rags 2 birla house. Dadi gets 2 knw al dis. . Menka says rags jiji ! Jo ap suhani k sath krna chahti thi wo apke sath ho gaya. .
    Rags feels those words of menka. .
    Here somu nd yuvraj starts dinner as somu convinces yuvraj by sayng ‘tum agar dinner ni krte ho toh muje lagega tmre man me abi b mere liye shak h aur muje galat sochte ho’
    thn dey hv d alchl drnks wid slpng pills. . Aftrsum tym both get unconcious n amit takes thm in a room nd put thm 2gthr in a same bed. . Takes pics nd leaves. .
    Suhani cals yuvraj n somu bt both r nt rcvng call. . Nxt mrng comes. . Somu wakes up nd finds herslf wid yuvraj. .

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