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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi arguing with Suhani. Suhani says we should not hide Gauri’s face with makeup. Yuvraaj says we should not hide it, Aditya will know it, we did not force him, its happening by his wish. Lata shows the ring for Gauri. Bhavna likes it. Lata says she have gave orders for sweet, its good Bhavna and Sharad came here. Aditya teases Bhavna. She runs to beat him and falls over Sharad. They have an eyelock. Sharad says sorry. Aditya laughs. Sharad says I got all these things. Lata says it was not needed for you to do this. Pankaj comes and says Sharad is not letting me do any work, I feel he does all work at home too. Sharad says yes, Bhavna just relaxes, I manage Golu. They all laugh.

Aditya thinks if we can give a gold ring to Gauri, so she will give me diamond

ring, she is very rich. Suhani tells her ideas to dance in engagement. Yuvraaj and Saurabh refuse for it. Suhani says we are doing this for Gauri’s happiness, and convinces her. Menka gets angry and thinks to do something. She sees her hand hurt.

Rags comes to Gauri and sees her hiding the scar. She asks did she use the mobile Rags gifted her. Gauri says no. Rags says we will message Aditya. Gauri agrees. Rags writes message, asking Aditya how much is Gauri beautiful in his eyes. Gauri gets tensed. Rags says you should make Aditya praise you, all husbands are boring and they should know to praise their wife. Aditya replies Gauir is beautiful than a pearl. Rags says husbands compare wife with a moon, anyways pearl is also good. Rags writes him, why is she not like moon. She gets reply. Aditya writes she is not moon, as moon has a mark, and you are without any mark. Gauri gets tensed.

Next day, Suhani welcomes Soumya and takes her to Gauri. She asks Gauri to tell Soumya how she wants to get ready, Soumya will help her. Soumya asks Rita to show all hairstyles to Gauri. Gauri worries for the mark and says she wants to tie hair. She asks Soumya won’t this mark hide by makeup. Soumya says it can hide, but makeup has many chemicals. Gauri says fine, I will keep hair loose.

Rags and Menka have a talk and make Pratima hear it. Menka says she dislikes Gauri. Rags says Aditya can get a better girl, Gauri is not normal. Menka says yes, Gauri has mark. Rags says I know Aditya asked for Gauri’s hand, but Gauri is not perfect, I think we should thank Aditya once. Menka says I don’t care and goes. Pratima sees Rags. Rags says sorry, I did not mean that, I said we should thank Aditya. Rags goes to Menka. Rags says I want to know does Aditya know about Gauri’s mark, I think he does not know, did you notice Gauri, she always covered her mark. Menka gets glad getting an idea and says I will tell Aditya this good news.

Aditya gets ready. Bhavna compliments him and gifts him a photo frame, with his and Gauri’s pic. He likes it and says Gauri is very beautiful. Bhavna says yes, but have some shame today. He teases her. Sharad comes and asks them to come, they are getting late. They laugh.

Soumya tells Suhani that she made Gauri ready nicely, she looks a princess. Suhani says I m glad your parlor is running well. Yuvraaj greets Soumya and asks Suhani to come to talk to him. He asks Suhani to follow his tips, else she does anything. She says just he taunts her, and goes annoyed. Yuvraaj asks Anuj what did they plan. Anuj does not say. Yuvraaj thinks what did they plan. Pankaj, Lata, Aditya, Bhavna and Sharad come there. Saurabh teases Sharad for going to help Bhavna. Pratima welcomes them. Dadi talks to Pankaj and Lata and is happy, asking them to manage Gauri well. Lata says yes, sure, we will keep Gauri happy.

Aditya asks Suhani where is Gauri. Suhani asks him to have patience. Menka says yes, as you will be shocked seeing her face. He asks what. Rags says she means Gauri is looking very beautiful today, he would be knowing Soumya right. Suhani says he knows, and takes him along. Rags stops Menka. Menka says I can’t wait, I want to bring Gauri’s face infront of Aditya. Rags says we don’t know whether he has seen Gauri or not, if he does not know, we will not tell him today, we will make this a big scene in the mandap. They smile.

Pratima asks Suhani to get Gauri. Pratima thanks Aditya for ignoring Gauri’s mark. Rags stops her and says Dadi is calling you. Aditya asks Rags what is aunty saying about mark. Rags says you know Gauri’s state and still accepted her. He says don’t worry, I will teach her everything, I like her face a lot, her face has innocence, without any mark. Suhani brings Gauri. He says see her, she looks a fairy. He sees Gauri and smiles.

Everyone dance on the song Mahi ve. Gauri dances with Aditya, and her mark is seen as her hair move off her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Hopefully aditya will still accept gauri if he see’s the mark on her face!

  3. Nice but i hope he likes her n not her scar but he is also using her for the money

  4. Revathi Anandh

    ya, he dont have job too and after he knows that mark sure he will dislike her but he will marry her for her money.. usual story… borring

  5. Aditya is a user
    He’s marrying aditya for money

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