Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna giving food and clothes to the needy. She goes to Baby and gives things. Baby holds her hand and says sorry, but Suhani snatched your happiness to become mum, none cares for you, Suhani does not care for us, she is selfish. Suhani looks on. Baby pushes Krishna and goes. Suhani asks Krishna is she fine. Krishna says I can never become fine now. Suhani asks did you get hurt. Krishna says now it does not matter. Suhani says I will never let problems come in your way. Krishna says I can’t become mum because of you, what can be bigger problem than this. Suhani asks you think I can do this. Krishna says I don’t know, I can’t become a mum now, my child will never come in this world.

Suhani says I can understand what you are going through. Krishna cries. Suhani

says I know it looks impossible to lose child, I m going through the same thing, I will always stand by you, I will fight for you, as I m your mum. Krishna says you are mum and I can’t realize the feeling of being a mum. She goes. Bhavna comes and says this happened because of Baby. Suhani says I should have stopped this, but I did not, I have let Baby go away so easily. Baby hides and eats food. Inspector asks her if she knows this woman. He shows Baby’s pic. She signs no. He goes. Yuvraaj says Baby is dangerous, she came our house twice, I tried following her, she has attacked my daughter, do something fast. He asks Bhavna why is she worried. She says I m worried that Suhani and Krishna’s relation can get worse, Krishna is blaming Suhani. Yuvraaj says we know Suhani saved Krishna’s life. Bhavna says we have to explain Suhani not to lose courage. He says don’t worry, I will talk to her.

Yuvraaj sees Krishna with the cradle and toys. She cries and says my baby won’t come, I just have this doll. He consoles her. She says everything got over. He asks did she tell Saiyyam. She says no. He asks her to talk to Saiyyam, you can’t bear this alone, person breaks alone. He goes.

Suhani is sad and works in kitchen. She thinks of Krishna’s words. She goes to ignite stove. Yuvraaj stops her and says gas is leaking, what are you doing. She says I was going to make khichdi, I would have told Krishna that Bhavna made it. He says you don’t need to do this, everyone is there to take care of her, you are imp for me, we will go out for some days. She refuses. Bhavna says you have to go, its a big shock for all of us, we have to get fine to manage Krishna, you are not fine now, so please go, Pratima and I will manage her, Yuvraaj just take care of Suhani. Suhani agrees.

Krishna takes rest. Bhavna comes to her and asks her to smile, have popcorn and watch a movie with her. Krishna refuses. Bhavna insists. Yuvraaj and Suhani come to a hotel. He asks why are you worried Suhani. Manager says you are our old clients, and gives the champagne as complimentary gift. Yuvraaj thanks him. Suhani asks why did you take this. He says such a good champagne for free, since when did you start refusing free things. He smiles.

Baby calls someone and says find them fast, I want to know what’s going on, I have seen Yuvraaj and Suhani going on. Krishna laughs seeing the movie. Bhavna asks her to laugh slow, if Dadi wakes up, what will happen. Krishna says Dadi will scold me. Bhavna talks to Suhani. Krishna turns sad. Bhavna says you know Suhani can never hurt you. Krishna hugs her. Yuvraaj takes the wine and says cheers. Suhani says you know I don’t drink. He says its expensive champagne, don’t waste it. She asks since when did you start valuing money. He says I got affected by you.

They talk about the old time. He makes her drink the champagne. Baby waits for someone. A man comes there. She hides. She sees him and comes out. She asks what did you find out, answer me. He says nothing, Suhani and Yuvraaj are having champagne in a five star hotel. She asks what, fine go from here. She thinks such big thing happened at home, Suhani is enjoying in hotel, how does her life get so easy.

Yuvraaj and Suhani have a talk. He jokes on her. They smile. She holds him and sleeps. Its morning, Pratima comes to Krishna. Krishna wakes up. She apologizes to Pratima. Pratima says everyone has their own way to fight with situation, Suhani did what she felt right, come and have breakfast, I made jam roll. She goes. Suhani says I m feeling bad. Yuvraaj asks why, champagne was free, sorry I know you are worried for Krishna, I thought you will feel better if we come here. She thanks him and says we will go home, we have to end problems. He jokes. She beats him. They smile.

Saiyyam says we will do something to make mood better. Bhavna says we can play Antakshiri. Baby hears this on phone. A man tells Baby to be careful while using camera, it can take anyone’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. couldnot even enjoy YUVANI scenes due to sahil leaving but gud to c nice moments of them. they show happiness of them n finally show some shit like separation n death..

    1. Yuvani

      anyway sahil quit…….so yuvani scenes are limited….just enjoy them…….that is what i am doing…..

      1. s dear agree with u.. tats wat we have to do right nw an am watchng episodes from the first of the show to get satisfied.. to say tat was real SSEL for us..

  2. Please someone give here rajshri rani fb link please.

  3. Finally saiyyam is back i am so happy well today episode main bahut miss kiya saiyyam and so sad for yuvani fans sahil quite ssel

  4. i hate baby as champakali pehle yuvan ko mara phir saiyyam Krishna ke baby ko aur ab yuvraj ko please ssel se get out karo baby as champakali ko so irritating me

  5. i hate baby as champakali pehle yuvan ko mara phir saiyyam Krishna ke baby ko aur ab yuvraj ko please ssel se get out karo baby as champakali ko so irritating

  6. Fidato

    Hmm… At last Sayyam came back from shopping after two days.. seriously… These are dumbest CVS ever have.. at least they can give us convincing reason for Sayyam’s absence… Shopping… Anyway glad he came back…

    Yuvani moments are good…But sad to hear that sail is quiting the show…

  7. Director forgot about the drugs in yuva stomach and also tey don’t even give much details about tiger track

  8. The summary of the show is if u r fair u ll be loved by all. If u r not fair n u r dark then u ll be hated n ll get many problems in life. But if u r charcoal dark but still use make up n designer cloths u ll keep on succeeding n ll never become weak example baby

    1. Fidato

      I couldn’t stop laugh…While read your comment..???

  9. Hello everyone my name is richa shah me ssel show ki fan hu sab ke liye good news hai today fb per live the sahil sir karan polomi etc alekh sir usmai sahil sir ne bola ki baby yuvraj ka last shoot tha aj mins ki baby’s track over end this week good news cheq in fb last line mai bola so happy ab shayd kriyam suhani per focus hoga

    1. That’s great! Thanks for informing us?


  11. You now I wish the writers make a big turn on this track and say that Krishna can have a child,and baby gave the doctor full money to tell birla family that Krishna can’t be a mom

  12. Guys check out the whisper challege between karan and srishti on glitz vision- youtube
    It was super cute

  13. Please please stop playing that “baby baby” annoying song. I feel like strangling someone when I hear it

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