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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad telling Suhani that they lost the contract. She says we will manage, we will get any other contract. They have a talk on the way. Krishna and Yuvani come home with Yuvraaj. Dadi hugs Yuvani and says I knew you will win. She shows the cake and dress. Yuvani gets glad. Saurabh calls Yuvraaj and says we did not get the fashion house deal, some Lucknow company has filled the tender. Yuvraaj asks which is the company, find it out. He turns ending call and sees everyone gone.

Everyone go out and dance. Soumya records the family moments. Rags asks Soumya to dance. Soumya says if everyone dance, who will record, I m taking pics to keep Krishna’s childhood memories. She advises Rags to plan a baby, there is no other happiness than becoming a mum. Yuvani says I

want to dance all day and night. Soumya smiles. Pratima says Yuvani went on Suhani.

Krishna says Yuvani is selected for summer camp. Dadi says I knew this, she is best. Yuvani says we will burn Chinese lantern, come Dadi.

Suhani smiles seeing the samosas. Sharad asks where is Yuvaan. She signs there. She buys some snacks and they all eat together. Yuvaan takes some snacks for the driver and gives him. He says its treat from my side, I won competition. He tells Suhani that he did not lift samosa directly, as it would get oil on the hands. She recalls Yuvraaj’s words. He asks Sharad to call Bhavna and Golu on videocalling soon. Sharad makes the call. Suhani says we will start party now. They all celebrate. Suhani says Yuvaan is selected in summer camp. Golu and Yuvaan say they will miss each other. Sharad asks shall I book tonight’s tickets. Suhani says no, book tomorrow. He asks why. She says there is something tomorrow, I m thinking to visit that park on my anniversary, I know Yuvraaj won’t come, even then I will go.

Rags and Menka argue over Chinese lanterns. Menka complains about Rags to Dadi. Dadi asks Rags to let Menka fly it, as you don’t have children who will see that and get glad. Rags gets sad. Yuvani says I will light the lantern myself, I don’t need help. Krishna gets hurt and shouts. Everyone get shocked seeing it. Yuvraaj comes there and blows off the fire. He hugs Krishna. Dadi asks Yuvani are you fine. Yuvani says yes. Soumya gets water. Pratima gets worried and leaves from there. Soumya says I will talk to her. Dadi stops Soumya and goes to talk to Pratima.

Dadi says Pratima, we are celebrating Yuvani’s victory. Pratima asks how can you forget what happened by fire, why to take risk again. Dadi says no need to worry by small lantern. Pratima says Yuvraaj’s hand got burnt. Dadi says I felt bad seeing that. Pratima asks would you feel bad if Krishna was hurt. Soumya does aid to Yuvraaj’s hand. He asks her not to say thanks now, Krishna is my daughter too, I know you very well, even Yuvani loves you a lot. She says I raised Yuvani, she is my daughter. He says exactly, I raised Krishna, I know Krishna is biological father of Krishna, but for me both girls are same.

Suhani is sad and thinking about her other child. She thinks everyone would be happy if that incident did not happen, I have to accept it soon. Dadi says you mean I don’t love Krishna, its true, she is not my grandchild, she is Soumya’s daughter, Soumya is our bahu, who does a lot for us, Yuvani is our Yuvraaj’s daughter, so I love her more, she is wheatish and I don’t want anyone to degrade her, so I get best things for her. Pratima says she got spoiled. Dadi scolds her and says don’t teach me to raise kids, I don’t want her self esteem to get less. Pratima says Suhani was also dark, she had much self esteem, she was not spoiled. Dadi says but Suhani is not here to raise her daughter, topic is over. Krishna and Yuvani hear them and are puzzled.

Soumya tells Yuvraaj that they have to tell truth to Krishna now. He says its not needed now. Krishna and Yuvani come there. Krishna asks what should I not know…. Suhani shouts Yuvaan and hugs him. She says its cracker’s sound, we shall leave from here. Sharad takes them and leaves.

Soumya says Yuvraaj’s hand burnt. Krishna and Yuvani apologize. Soumya says it was an accident, don’t fight now, hug Yuvraaj. The girls ask Soumya to join the hug. Soumya says later, tell me is Dadi and Pratima upset. Yuvani says yes, I don’t think they will give up. Soumya asks the girls will they give up and asks them to use some formula. He asks what is it. Soumya says you will know it in morning, and hugs girls. He looks on.

Suhani sits in the park and sees Yuvraaj and her marriage pic. She cries recalling the family. She wishes someone comes to find her.

Suhani waits for Yuvraaj in park and goes not see him. They both buy groundnuts and eat, as per their promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please unite the lovebirds , Suhani come back to Birla’s and why the CV’s not telling what happened??

  2. nice.but it will b gud when they meet

  3. Someone pls tell me Wat happened suhani and yuvraj tell me the flashback


  5. No scene yuvraj is felt like he is missing suhani infact he is happy with soumya &wants to continue the relationship agar soumya ha bolde toh yeh besharm ki tarah chala jayega it’s better these two shameless people be together &suhani should move on in life she deserves a lot more. …..
    It’s so confusing …….i wonder whether yuraj &suhani even know the existence of the other child even sharadh didn’t react seeing yuvani. … ..He too is unaware of other child & may be yurajs &soumyas marriage too.

  6. My god getting really irritated seeing soumya n yuvraj together……. Whts wrong with yuvraaj!!! I don find yuvraj missing suhani……… I jus find suhani always thinking of yuvraj….

    1. Agree with u

  7. Well yuvraj obviously won’t miss suhani I mean it was HER FAULT SHE TRUSTED SAJAN AND BECAUSE OF HER GUARI AND KRISHNA DIED!!! Yuvraj had warned suhani about sajan but no she didn’t even listen always wanted to be mahan and it’s good suhani misses him she should know that trusting everyone so blindly isn’t always right and she said in today’s episode “it’s all because of me I want to forget everything” yes suhani is right it’s all BECAUSE OF HER!!! I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ALL WANT YUVANI BACK TOGETHER ITS GOOD THEY STAY SEPERATED FOR A WHILE AFTER ALL SUHANI SHOULD REALIZE THAT WHAT SHE DID WAS WRONG!!! Now I’m not saying I’m happy with yuvraj and soumya’s marriage I’m not I want yuvani to be together but after suhani knows her mistake. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU TRUST SOME STRANGER BUT NOT YOUR OWN HUSBAND!!!!! She pisses me off so much I love rajshri just not her character suhani she should’ve been shown more like her real life rajshri not reel life

    1. i don’t agree with you completely.kaise vishwas karega yuvraj ko?wo hamesha insaan ko chehera se pehchanti ho.use prove karna chahiye suhani ko ki ab aisa nahi.agar suhani yuvi ke jagah hoti apna baath wo hamesha prove karthi.Then why not yuvraj?aur mujhe lagta hai suhani ne ghar chod kar aur yuvraj ke zindagi se chala gaya.bina yuvi ko bathakar.thats why he hates her.I also feel yuvi dont miss suhani.jab phi seperation hua suhani hi miss kiya.yuvraj kabhi bhi uske peeche bhagte huye nahi dekha even when rohan was there in suhanis life.He dont miss her.He feels why will i go after suhani.wo jo chahe wo kar sakthe ho.mijhe kya?hamesha yuvi aisa hi tha.kitni episode se mein kah eahi hoon yuvi ko aur acha character banao.nahi hamesha suhani yuvi ko miss karthi hai.agar yuvi ke jagah naitik ya raman hoti tho kitni bar miss kiya hota suhani ko.

  8. Where is 17th April episode update
    Suhani will look stunning tomorrow

  9. Very boring epi.. And tmrw also it will be the same..
    Can’t see suhani in pain now.. Either unite YuvAni or let her move on with some other guy!!

  10. Why is Suhani sad when she thinks of her other child and why does she wish someone comes to find her? Why did dadi say Suhani is not here to raise yuvani? Why/how did Suhani leave? Soooo many questions only flashback will answer.

  11. Yes I agree with this. Yubraj never feels suhani for a single moment. he blamed suhani for gauri’ s death.but he is unaware that Krishna took this bomb & he did illegal works.but soumya never opens her mouth as she gets back luxary life.after leap I think yubraj never loves suhani

  12. Athaan pa 17 th episode enna aachu yen update aagala seekrama ah FB podunga appo thaan enna aachunu correct ah theriyum seekrama suhaniyum yuvrajum meet pannanum appo thaan nalla ah irukkum aana ithu kooda nalla ah thaan irukku aana ithaye romba iluththa ah irritate ah irukkum

  13. What is happening?? Have the writers forgotten about the FB?? Krishna looks so cute!! I think they are dragging Suhani and Yuvraj’s confrontation …. Pratima was way better in sarees… Its so confusing..

  14. I just yuvraj find suhani

  15. i think that Yuvraaj still deeply has love for Suhani that is perhaps the reason he is not intimate with Soumya

    I just cannot understand how she can take her best friend’s place

    like the saying goes that your best friend is your worst enemy

  16. its so bad that soumya is taking her friend’s place and not trying to make yuvraj find his love. it means she was never a faithful friend

  17. I don’t think that Somuya and Yuvraj aren’t married…. It’s just a act for the kids… And hopefully the writers would have a mind and reunite Yuvraj and Suhani together in tmmrs episode!

  18. what idiot birla family yar ….. no one knww suhani to find out even yuvraj also hate her… ahhhhh.. ..

  19. Yes zoya I agree with u, suhani has to learn a lesson of not trusting everyone so blindly, &take decisions on her own but do u think yuvraj is always right? Where do u find a single episode where he sits with his wife all alone & explain or convince her instead he has only shouted at her, this will only supress the problem not solve it. Did u hear suhani keeping her point of view so openly to Yuvraj, no she always doubted whether he will understand her problem or not. U r saying it’s her mistake it’s becoz barbie at the last moment changed her mind of killing the fmly whom suhani luved or else it would be suhani &unborn kids, in that case whom would u blame? &in any case does it mean he has to marry or pretend to marry his wife’s best friend? How is that justified?

  20. So true yuvani lover, they show suhani in so much of pain &so many expectations yuvan has frm his father. ….on the other hand they show birlas r very happy fmly now, no more plotting ,no more. ……is it becoz yuvraj has married a fair person no matter who she is &suhani has to go through pain fr she is dark.

  21. Zoya we too feel the same they r not married but pretending it, suppose tomorrow all the misunderstanding r cleared &yuvraj wants suhani to come back home then will he say soumya my wife is back u can go ur way or ask suhani &soumya to stay together,how will he justify the luv he is showering on krishna? any which way he will act according to his convenience.
    The writers r completely misleading many characters r introduced this will only help them to extend the episodes. the main concept is not uniting or separating of yuvani they should deal with the core concept of the story .

  22. things went so smoothly before the blast but whats wrong after the blast. would someone please narrate the story behind. my eyes is going to jump out seeing yuvraaj and somya together ,oh i reall hate ,seems like she’s trying to take suhanis place

  23. .would someone please narrate the story behind. my eyes is going to jump out seeing yuvraaj and somya together ,oh i reall hate ,seems like she’s trying to take suhanis place

  24. Suhani sits in the park on the bench saying that ONLY IF HER OTHER CHILD WAS ALIVE

    She says that Soumya had a daughter and that Suhani would have had TWO CHILDREN

    I can only assume that her daughter Yuvani was taken away from her at birth and this can only be the plot of evil Dadi. Probably Dadi told Yuvraaj that the other baby died

  25. Saheli.. Suhani looks stunning in every epi after the leap, especially in that blue saree and that white suit.. 🙂 🙂

  26. I have been thinking of writing a fanfic on ssel post leap, as I am not getting to see what I wanted.. But as my exams are on the door, I am not getting time now.. But I will surely do that after exams.. And I am sure, all of u will love it as I won’t be dragging it unnecessarily.. 🙂 🙂
    Till then, I would love to read if anybody has written any ff in 2016.. Plz provide the link if u know.. Thanks..

  27. @Beedyalakshmi since leap (that’s after bomb blast ) they hv not shown any flashbacks as to why yuvraj &soumya r married or enacting it. Suhani ,yuvan,sharadh, bhavna, Golu r shown separated frm the Birla fmly reason not known.
    She is already in suhani’s place all thanks to Yuvraj the great.

  28. I don’t think Yuvraj and sumya are married, just for the kids they’re putting the show and I feel sorry for Rags, I think she can’t have baby. Anyways this show is getting boring, what the hell happened 6 years ago! They need to reveal that, I don’t care if suhani and Yuvraj meet again and if they do great, but I just wanna know what happened!

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