Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with few ladies talking to Suhani about Adarsh Nari competition and asks her to see the pamphlets. Suhani says I don’t want anything, I will manage without these electronics. The lady says she can lose. Rags says it does not matter to her, she is already lost, tell me what do you have. The ladies show the kitchen utilities and Rags and Menka like to buy it. The ladies ask Suhani what will she buy if she wanted. Suhani says nothing. Rags says I will take everything. Suhani says all these things work by light, what if power goes. Rags taunt her.

Suhani comes to Yuvraaj. She says flowing water shows everything is clear, no lie and no cheat. He says like you. She says no, I was like this before, not now, and maybe I m failing to find old Suhani. He says no need to find,

she is still the same. She asks shall I ask anything. He says no and laughs. He says yes ask. She says Dadi did not put any pressure on Rags and Menka for household work, but why did this competition win get imp for her. He says her ego is imp, she shows Birlas are perfect and never lose, she wants to make you lose and show that Soumya is best for me.

She says I m afraid. He asks why. She says its big day for me, if I lose then. He says impossible, Suhani Birla did not lose till now and will never lose, I trust you. She smiles and says thank you, I will try not to tell you down. He says you are perfect, I have to try not to let you down. They smile.

Dadi asks Soumya to win at any cost. Menka tells Rags that they will comment and stand in corner together. Rags gets irked. She tells her not to worry, as she will manage everything. Menka taunts her. Rags says shut up. Soumya says she will manage alone and takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi says good. Menka thinks now it will be fun.

Its morning, everyone come in the competition. Pratima and Dadi say they will win this year. Yuvraaj wishes all the best to Suhani and Soumya says thanks. Saurabh says all the best to Rags and jokes on her. Everyone laugh. The same ladies welcome everyone in the competition and say that they visited the homes as sales women and wanted to see how many women are deserving to take part, and they regret that many women let them down. She says there is one woman who made them happy, she was the only one who passed their test and she is Suhani Birla.

Yuvraaj claps happily. The lady says Suhani gets a extra point because of the test. They ask all the women to get chance to get ahead of Suhani. They show the boxes and some items, they have to make unique things using it, and they will get points on final products and they will get a pearl if they are lucky, they will get extra points for the pearl. She says if they don’t like the items, they can change with anyone who agrees for exchange, we can know how helpful they are and how they will adjust in changes, so they made this competition to know ideal qualities.

Suhani gets the box and Soumya gets vegs in her box. She thinks how to cook. Yuvraaj says see how Soumya exchanges her box with Suhani now. Sharad asks really. He says yes. Soumya sees Suhani and goes to her, to exchange the box. Yuvraaj laughs. The lady tells Suhani that she can’t exchange box without telling her. Suhani says fine. Soumya thinks Suhani’s box is better. Yuvraaj says Soumya’s habit is to get other’s things and Suhani makes her things best, that’s her. He smiles.

Suhani sees the vegs and gets the pearl in her box. Soumya picks it. Sharad says don’t let cheaters win. The lady says Suhani gets bonus points. They ask Soumya see to decide in hurry, she gave her fate to Suhani, and once you have left anything, you should not claim right on it. Pratima says she is right, if she does not value her things, nothing will be left. She says she is not taunting Soumya, but showing the truth of life.

They joke on Rags and says she does not know what to do, Menka and she used all brain in planning. Soumya thinks the lucky pearl was mine, which Suhani snatched from me. Menka laughs and jokes on Soumya. She asks Suhani what is she doing. Suhani makes vegetable art and tells Menka that its not necessary that what she feels is wrong, everyone think its wrong. Menka tells Rags that Suhani will not win. Soumya thinks it was her box and Suhani always steals my fate.

Yuvraaj says the competition is going as I wanted. He says he will just come. The time ends. The lady checks the things the ladies made. Soumya does not use things well and everyone praise Suhani by her showpiece of vegetables and they taunt Soumya of losing. Soumya says its because of Suhani. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to make Soumya win at any cost. He nods and thinks something else.

Yuvraaj says he will buy Soumya’s creation for 50000rs. Sharad says Dadi can do anything to make Soumya win. The winner is to be announced.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. super episode always yuvaraj and suhani rocking the show

  2. half of d matter is cut in the w.u…
    kindly c dat the w.u is given like d veera of today’s episode..

  3. Suhani must win…….nt that soumya……

  4. waiting day afr tmw episode and i also wish soumya realized that her true love is krishna not yuvaraj and let them happy and hoping the best as always

  5. suhani will win nt that sowmya.she dn’t no friendship value

  6. waiting to c that suhani gets her ryt in birla’s house nd love of yuvraj nd suhani

  7. hey suchi ,i am not using ur name, iam using my name only,my name also suchi,how dare u comment like this

  8. nice epi! vry funny to c soumia’s expression!

  9. This black suhani is going to win the competition, what a curropt society, soumya is nice and fair she should be the winner. She is not black like suhani

    1. Shut up!! You only say nonsens!! If u have nothing to say than shut your big mouth!!

    2. What ur problem soumyaj if u think suhani is black then why u read watch n comments for because as far as i know suhani is the lead actress not souyma and by the way soon soumya will get throw out of the house and it will only be suhani so it will be better if u stop watch n read it
      If suhani is black that not your stinking problem soumyaj so you can go hell
      Peoples like you have problem with everything around you nothing in this world will please non skulls like you it will be better if u watch urself before u comments on others because it have same peoples out there who love to talk bad about peoples when them self have many faults in them

    3. That soumya she making my blood boil right now if i was there i slap her every time she saying that suhani is snatching everythings away from she infact she the one who snatch everythings away from suhani she dont know how to cook she get a box with vegs she dont want that she run to suhani to change it now when suhani check she have pearls and that stupid b*t*h saying suhani snatch it from her

    4. I think soumaji is DADI (old lady) that is why she like only white skin

    5. sowmya having to much forhead sowmya is nt perfect.but suhani is perfect girl.

    6. sowmya dont know value of friendship.she iz cheating suhani.even though suhani helping sowmya.that is called frdship

  10. Suhani will win as she is pure n good

  11. I like yuvani part today…

  12. Why will yuvraj buy soumya’s art piece?? Why not suhani’s?? If he buys soumya art piece then she’ll think he did this to save her from humiliation and he loves her a lot I hate the part when he said he will buy soumya’s art piece but yuvani scene was good today

  13. Oh thn wht is ur ful name my name suchitha ,anyhow i lovd d today epi lov u yuvani <3 😉

  14. Im gng to change my suchi as süchï

  15. Yuvani lovers 😉 😉 😀

  16. Soumyaj yu say black suhani will win she is black but she was innocent pure relationship but soumaya was fair but she was cheating her friend it is not innocent she will be soon throw out by suhani yu mind was always should be best yu think its wrong habit in thiscomment yu can no

  17. Soumyaj yu say black suhani will win she is black but she was innocent pure relationship but soumaya was fair but she was cheating her friend it is not innocent she will be soon throw out by suhani yu mind was always should be best yu think its wrong habit in this comment yu can no about yu thinking

  18. outerbeauty is given importance in case of ‘First sight’. but if v notice that the person is not fair like his/her skin, v will leave them

  19. Achu yaar im sweet…….i changed my name….yaar where were u? missss u a lot

    1. wow! sweet?? my frnd, i also missed u. how r u?

  20. Suhanni is not black if done proper makeup she is the beautiful fairy in the serial than others, don’t give unnecessary comments everything is God’s creation only … we have to find the best.

    1. hi deepa u r right are yaar she not black bt in serial they are showing character like that.she is actually beautiful

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