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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Yuvraaj does he have anything to say. He says yes, everything is going on so fine, I like this. Pratima asks Anuj for Suhani’s home number. Anuj says Suhani is busy, and shows Yuvraaj talking to her. Pratima smiles and asks Yuvraaj to give phone, she wants to talk to Suhani. Pratima talks to Suhani. Bhavna asks Lata why is she upset. Lata says she is worried as Rags and Menka will trouble Suhani. Soumya says Dadi is there, they won’t do anything in her presence.

Suhani tells Pratima that she took lots of time to make a place in Yuvraaj’s heart. Pratima asks her to come soon, as they are missing her. Suhani thanks for her support. Pratima blesses her. Menka cries and says I won’t do thjs. Yuvraaj asks what happened. Menka says they are

making me dance. Yuvraaj says what, its wrong, Rags should dance on this song Lo Chali mai, I m her devar. Anuj asks Rags to perform solo. Rags says no way. Dadi says its Yuvraaj’s sangeet, you have to dance.

Anuj says Menka will act as Suhani and I will do Yuvraaj’s role, we will do a nice skit. Dadi likes the idea. Sharad says he did not think which song to choose. Anuj says I chose the song, Sapno me milti hai and teases Yuvraaj. Rags gets angry. Yuvraaj thanks Dadi. Dadi says I can do anything for your happiness and hugs Yuvraaj. Soumya asks Lalita why is she worried. Murali says Rakhi did not get ready since 1 hour. Soumya says she will ask Krishna when will he come. She calls Krishna and asks when will he come. Krishna says he can’t come and he is on the set. Rakhi gets ready. Soumya says Krishna is not coming. Rakhi says now bear the problems of a superstar’s wife and taunts Soumya.

Bhavna makes Suhani ready and asks is she nervous. Suhani says she can’t believe she is marrying Yuvraaj. Bhavna pinches her and asks does she believe it now. She asks her to enjoy every moment and hugs her. Anuj asks Menka to stop her acting, she did not do any work. Menka says she wants to die and not become Suhani. Rags says yes, we have to do something. They start arguing.

Everyone come in the sangeet at Birla house. Rishi comes and asks Soumya about Bhavna. Soumya says she will come with Suhani. Rishi tells Pratima that his parents could not come. Dadi asks Rags and Menka to accept Suhani for Yuvraaj’s sake. Soumya and Sharad talk about dance competition. Rishi asks Sharad about Bhavna. Anuj says they are on the way. Dadi asks Pratima to get the ancestral necklace and not tell anyone, it’s a surprise.

Menka and Rakhi have an argument. Rags asks Menka not to waste time and takes her. Rags says Dadi is giving me ancestral necklace and nothing to you. Menka gets annoyed. Ramesh says Suhani has come. They all smile seeing Suhani. Pratima says come. Dadi says no, stop there and they all get stunned. Lalita says this old woman will never change, she will never change. Rags says so this is Dadi’s plan to insult Suhani.

Dadi says I want to welcome them by all rituals. Everyone smile. Dadi says I will just come. Dadi gets the aarti plate. Menka says I m getting heart attack. Pratima says I will do aarti. Dadi says no, I will do, I want to welcome Suhani by respect, as I have insulted her a lot before. Dadi does Suhani’s aarti. Yuvraaj smiles.

Anuj and Menka do the skit. Yuvraaj sings Dilbar mere………….. and surprises Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow nice episode dadi respect suhani for the first time but dont know does dadi really changed.tomorrow episode will be awesome lovely yuvani.

  2. Today I think menka rocks…her comedy punches were great..I liked the precap specially when suhani got surprised..(y)

  3. Good episode, saw suhani happy after a long time. But feel suspicious of dadi. What is she upto… Writers pls dont make yuvani’s life more comlicated. Give thematleast two weeks to relax. What do u yuvani fans think…

  4. Yes u r absolutely write just let them chill for few days but guys I think dadi is going to play a game with suhani I’m quite sure about this

    1. Yes I too think so…..

  5. I am so happy that Yuvraaj has finally relised his love for Suhani however i don’t trust Dadi at all. I think she has something up her sleeves.

  6. Good aparna

  7. I agree with you both guys…. but I don’t think writers would do as we hope… they do exactly opposite what viewers desire.. they won’t let yuvaani live their lives happily with one another…

  8. suhani yubraj love story

    dadi rocks…i love u dadi..hate yuvani..yaak

  9. Awwww! Loved

  10. Luv u menka ur acting is so good

  11. Guys, a story need few twistsand turns. If yuvani live happily there is no story in that. Instead they need to show their mutual trust and love inspie ofd dadis plans. Only then it will become true love

  12. I don’t think dadi has accepted suhani, she’s trying to show yuvraj tat she can do anything for him even if it’s to accept suhani buts it all show off and fake. I think she has got wicked plan for suhani dadi showing tat she has accepted suhani wen tats not true.

  13. How nice of dadi to welcome suhani but evil still lurks

  14. Some thing big is going to happen. It’s foolish to this dadi has changed. She can never change. But I just want her to fall in her own trap and get exposed this time. Yuvraj should see dadi’s true face. Enough of drama now. It’s been a long time dadi is hiding her true face. She must be exposed. Rohan should have revealed the truth. I thought he would definitely reveal but he disappointed me.

  15. nic episode
    yuvani lov u

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