Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Dadi pacifies Soumya and says Yuvraj and other family member’s love you so much so don’t worry about anything and forget Krishna… Yuvraj sits with friends @ a restaurant… He receives message about opening new joint account with Suhani… He can’t pay the bill as all his account balance transferred to new account. He gets annoyed…

Yuvraj gets furious on Suhani and decides to sleep on hall’s sofa… Rags and Menaka enjoyed that… Suhani asks about Dadi, why didn’t tell about the Joint account matter to Yuvraj… Dadi slips with excuse, time will take for changing a habit… So you should wait for the result.

Yuvraj sits on sofa… Suhani came there… but Yuvraj was furious… so Suhani didn’t tell anything and walks out while Sharad watching this…

Suhani tries to speak with Yuvraj… She says that, she was not aware that all funds will transfer to new account… But Yuvraj avoids her… Dadi and team enjoying that scene..
At morning Yuvraj speaks with Snoopy… Suhani watching that… At that time Soumya coming to hall… She is wearing the same dress who bought Rags and Menaka. Snoopy catches Soumya’s skirt… Suhani and Yuvraj tries to save her.. Suhani calls Yuvraj but he walks away… Soumya’s skirt got torn off by Snoopy… Soumya asks Suhani about why Yuvraj slept on hall? She tells everything.. Soumya says the same between her and Krishna… Suhani says she can’t imagine that situation in her life…

Yuvraj meet his friend on outside the Birla house.. While Rags and Menaka waiting for Yuraj’s Debit card… Menaka and Rags realizes Yuvraj is there… A man( who brings Debit Card) coming near to Yuvraj. Rags walks out in a hurry… That man came near Yuvraj and says excuse me.’.. Yuvraj talking with his friend… Rags get tensed…

Precap: Everybody is getting ready to go for the party… Dadi stops Suhani…

Update Credit to: Seby

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