Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking of how Dadi used to insult her. Pratima comes and says if you are thinking how Dadi insulted you, think how I supported you, how you changed Yuvraaj. She says I think we should tell truth to kids. Suhani says no, we can’t tell Yuvani, she can get more spoiled, I just want her to become a good person. Sharad tells Yuvaan not to be upset, they will take snoopi. Yuvani asks Krishna to have her fav icecream. Krishna refuses. Yuvani says then even I won’t have it. Krishna eats icecream. Suhani thinks Yuvani is not bad at heart, she is just going on wrong path, I have to change her. Yuvani gets glad seeing the new dog. Saurabh says I told shopkeeper to show a cute dog, everyone called him naughty in shop, did you think of any name. Dadi says its good he is

cute. Krishna says snoopi is best for me. Yuvani says no, naughty is best for me, I will have no trouble by him.

Soumya asks Leela where is Krishna. Leela says don’t know. Soumya scolds her and asks her to find Suhani’s plan. Leela tells about Menka writing a book on Sautan and Saheli. Soumya says idiot…. Yuvani shouts….. everyone go to Yuvani and see everything messed up. Dadi asks whats this. Yuvani says naughty did this. Krishna says snoopi was better. Suhani says snoopi was looking old, so what it naughty broke toys, new will come. Yuvani says these were my fav toys. Suhani says so what, you can get new toys and keep this naughty dog. Soumya says we will get new toys. Suhani says your mumma is best. Yuvani says I want snoopi, and asks Saurabh to get him back, its fine if he is looking old. Sharad brings snoopi. Yuvani hugs snoopi and says I love you, I will not send you anywhere. Soumya looks on.

Later, Rags goes to Soumya and says you maybe afraid to lose Yuvani, send Suhani away, she maybe finding excuse to meet Yuvraaj. Krishna thanks Suhani for bringing snoopi back, I know he is the best. Suhani says I love snoopi too. Krishna says you talk like Pratima. Soumya asks Rags do you think Suhani came back for Yuvraaj. Rags says ofcourse, what can be the reason, she will try to come back in this house, but I can help you, we can create such situation that Suhani leaves this house. Soumya says I m trying. Rags says try hard, if you lose, think about yourself and Krishna, I m with you now, don’t worry, I will help you in kicking out Suhani, but there is one way, if Yuvani rejects Suhani, then she has to leave.

Soumya says using Yuvani like this will be wrong. Rags says then let Yuvani leave with Suhani, or let Suhani shift here, now choice is yours. Yuvaan asks Suhani to tell the plan to Krishna, which we made for Yuvani. Suhani says when we try to change someone with love, we don’t make a plan, but help. Krishna says Yuvani needs punishment, as Dadi punishes me for mistakes. Suhani says no, when anyone can change by love, whats the need to punish. She goes to see Soumya. She finds Yuvraaj’s call coming on Soumya’s phone. She recalls Yuvraaj and says no, I moved on.

Yuvani tells everyone about fancy dress competition. Suhani asks where is it conducted. Dadi says we do this since three years in our house, you don’t know it. Yuvaan asks can I participate. Dadi says sure. Yuvani says I will win like always. Suhani asks them to be happy, even if they win or lose. Rags says just losers console themselves saying this. Yuvani asks what shall I become like this. Suhani asks Yuvaan to become sun and Krishna can become nature. Yuvani says I will become angel. Suhani asks them to turn their nature like that. Rags says its just fancy dress competition. Suhani says I don’t believe so. Dadi asks Suhani not to interfere. Yuvani says I will wear white dress, it suits me.

Menka checks her baby and cuts hair. She says since when will I hide this hair like this. Rags comes and Menka hides the hair. Rags asks where is she lost. Menka says I have to manage my baby and taunts Rags. Rags says fine, don’t come after me then. Rags asks why did you keep scissor here under mattress. Menka says its good luck, every wish comes true. Menka argues and pushes Rags. Rags gets angry and leaves.

Rags goes to Soumya and asks what are you doing. Soumya says I m preparing for dinner. Rags says you should focus on making Yuvani win competition, else Suhani can make Yuvaan win, Dadi will melt for Yuvaan, afterall he is Yuvraaj’s son. Soumya says I m scared, am I teaching wrong things to Yuvani for my benefit. Rags says Yuvani is not bad by nature, she can’t look good, its not our mistake, Suhani is always insecure, she also cares for her looks. Rags asks her to make Yuvani win, we should not let her thinking change, else you will lose Yuvani forever. Soumya says yes, I will make Yuvani ready. She gets Yuvraaj’s message and gets shocked. She tells Rags that Yuvraaj is coming back soon, we can’t wait to workout on our plans. Rags asks what do you want to do?


Soumya says Suhani will leave after today’s issue. Rags says Suhani will leave when she is sure that Yuvani does not want her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think pratima is right, the kids should know the truth. I don’t think Suhani will see yuvraj. Hope pratima tells him everything that’s happened. Also hope soumya’s plan fails. Dadi should also find out the truth about menka and her son. What is she hiding?

  2. I pray the plan is successful to make her leave, and a new phase will start as Yuvraaj will have to beg for her to come back to his life.

  3. Having a friend like soumya
    I prefer having none!
    Soumya is back stabbing b*t*hy friend!

  4. i think Menka’s baby is a girl. And when dadi will know it she will love Yuvaan

    1. yes I’m also thinking the same

  5. ek bat mujhe aaj tak samjh nai aayi ki bina matlb kisi ko (rags, menka) kisi se (suhani) itni nafrat kaise ho sakti hai its disgusting

  6. These guys Sowmya and rags don’t about suhani actually when yuvavi gets more
    Angry on suhani
    Suhani will get strong feeling that she should not leave her daughter like this
    Bichari tum kuch bhi karlo
    Yahi hoga
    Bczz she is not selfish like Sowmya
    If her daughter yuvani only insults means
    She will be hurt but pakka she will change and go
    It’s time for yuvraj to come
    I think he is very happy about his wedding
    I wish him get all happiness in the world
    Happy married life yuvraj

    1. yea,,,that’s true..bcoz Suhani is not a coward like Soumya…She know well to manage situations

  7. I really wantz yuvani.together….

  8. Suhani don’t realise that Yuvani won’t accept and listen to her. As for pratma you want yuvani to be good, then do it yourself. Let suhani get on with her life.

    1. But dear after she is mother…na

  9. hmm you are right guys but i think that Yuvraj should see Suhani is an independent woman. Not in birla house where almost no one respect her

  10. With a friend like Soumya it’s like she has 10 enemies. I also want Yuvraj to see Suhani is doing well without him and is respected better than at Birla house.

  11. I hope yuvraj come before suhani leave n soumya is not to be trusted

  12. What u feels still yuvi has feelings for suhani…or he moves on with somu…when yuvani meet dey mutually decided to move on with dere respective partners

  13. i hope Yuvraj hate soumya in future

  14. For adult women, Dadi, Menka, Rags and Soumya are acting like mean girls lol..writers need to make mature roles for them and stop making them so immature…bunch of idiots teaching a little kid wrong things in live. Soumya should spend time with her own daughter and teach her independence so she never depends on anyone or their money…like she does on the Birla’s

  15. saumya is so selfish. ..I can’t tolerate her…I want that suhani should leave the birla house. ..I m very excited for yuvraj nd sambhav too..

  16. dekho bhyra nat manana yuvi ane ke bad he’ll support soumya.Suhani se milne ka khushi bhu na hogi

  17. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Really what the hell is Menaka hiding!!! she is one character who you hate but still she keeps us wanting more all the time!!!

    Suhani will go…Yuvraj will come…they do not meet…then Sambhav gets closer to Suhani then Yuvraj will see them then either he will let her go or will try to get her back! Perhaps he will get her back too…you all know how Suhani is..she will come back for Yuvani!

    I think Soumya’s character will die eventually…. Sourabh will adopt Krishna but Rags will be mean to her…Suhani will be perfect mother for Krishna too….. i think this is how the story will unfold…lets wait and watch….excited to know Yuvraj is coming back…but now want to know when Sambhav will make his entry into Suhani’s life!!!! Nevertheless want Yuvraj to repent all his life and Suhani should move on with Sambhav!

    1. Somu no words to me…..

      N ya don’t know what CVS decided but hope yuvani United…but really feels..sambhav entry will be soon in bh…when he stand n.speak against Dadi by favouring suhani its fun to watch….

      N u know our yuvi he his in guilt…jealous ..anger…fear n also have responsiblity of Krishna n he speaks with suhani..

      But I feels dere is no.jealousy track…but really to create drama dere should be jealousy track

  18. Suhani why are u bent on teaching your dtr right from wrong..because when there is no respect shown to you..why tolerate havr no self respect..yes i know she is your dtr but wen dummy Yuvraj arrives he will side up wigh evil witch Dadi and Soumya..and more insults to you.You are strong leave and show that you are better than them and their twisted beliefs.Soumya lied to you re wearing manglesultre for her late husband..give her tight slap in the name of demeaning friendship..let yuvraj run and beg for forgiveness.Walk away…birla pratima is again making you do the dirty work..tell her to grow up and face Dadi.Not time to get emotional..let yhem get emotional.Show Janta that women cannot be suppresed and weak..regardless of their colour and looks…prove birlas wrong..

  19. wtf if one goes marry other is she goes marry other

  20. seriously yaar 4 marriages lol

  21. I don’t like this track plz just end it i want yuvani and their kid live together without dadi menka rags soumya i want their romance

  22. I don’t want Suhani and Yuvraj to meet!!!
    And seriously, what is Suhani still doing in Birla house? Why is she trying to change Yuvani? When Suhani will not be there, dadi will keep on spoilling her, so what the need to do that? And Suhani should not do that as it is Yuvani’s mother who should do that, i mean Soumya, because yes Suhani is Yuvani biological mother but Yuvani’s mother is Soumya as she raised her even if she is not a good mother.
    Where is the strong Suhani we had seen just after the leap? She is humiliated and nobody respect her in this house!
    What i don’t understand is that after the leap we have seen dadi looking at Suhani’s photo, she was looking at it as if she was missing Suhani, and even before the leap Dadi seems to have started to like Suhani so what happened? After the leap, i thought that Dadi will be the one who will unite Suhani and Yuvraj but dadi hate her just as the beggining!
    Suhani should go before Yuvraj come back, i think that dadi will tell Yuvraj that she did it for him as Suhani was going to leave with both the children, and then Yuvraj will forgive Dadi and will be angry with Suhani for taking Yuvaan away from him. Yuvraj is stupid, even if dadi tries to kill Suhani in front of him, he will blame Suhani and say that it’s her fault,

    1. Dear it’s not right…why she allows.Dadi to spoil her child…I think here sambhav come n stood for her……n I know not yuvi don’t suhani or not but he angry on.her…

    2. She is mother…a gud human being with pure heart

  23. Tell me a joy …if she ran away from the things then how we called her suhani…who mold everyone she something if have urs son who is not gud….n leave away from u…being a mother u want ie urs child would not spoil by anybody..he should.become a gud person.。dear ask a parents whn dey r not capable of to.raising a child..n gives dere child to.dat dere child has gud future …but when dey dere child is gng to..wrong dey feels…

    N I m pitty much sure whn.she came to.all of dis things is dng by somu she she snatched yuvani from her….

    How somu said she is my daughter…she is suhani daughter too…wo usse khud chodkar nhi gyi thi…

  24. Soumya is an ediot she dosent understand the reason suhani came back

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