Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya and Menka having icecreams. Soumya says the work did not happen completely, it went easy, Lord is with me, I m just getting Sambhav his love, Suhani and Krishna’s lives are settling, its not wrong. Menka says yes, get Suhani and Sambhav married soon, else Suhani can change her mind. Soumya says yes, I m worried for Yuvraaj, I feel he is going to do something, I m tensed hearing he is happy. Yuvraaj sits sad. Pratima goes to him.

Pratima says Suhani is leaving. He says she can move on, I m happy for her. Pratima says if you can move on, why can’t she move on, she is leaving seeing your pain, she can’t hurt you more. He says I m not sad, look at the gifts I got, I said I m happy. Pratima says if you believe what you are saying, then go and make Suhani

believe this.

Suhani tells Yuvaan that schools are opening, so they have to go back home, we will call Yuvani and Krishna at our home in winter vacation, now finish packing soon. Yuvraaj hurriedly leaves. Pratima saks what happened. Yuvaan asks Sambhav not to invite Yuvraaj. Suhani says this is bad. Yuvaan says sorry, call him too, we will go on picnic, but can’t we stay here for more days, I don’t want to go. She says no, we can’t stay here. Yuvraaj comes and asks why………..

Soumya and Pratima come along. Yuvraaj reminds Bhavna when Soumya eloped and married Krishna, Suhani was angry that her childhood dream was unfulfilled, now Suhani is doing same. He asks Yuvaan to stay here, Suhani your marriage will happen from this house, like you and Soumya decided in childhood, in same house and same mandap. Soumya gets puzzled. Yuvraaj says your childhood dream will get fulfilled now, Soumya and I will remarry along with you, we will forget the past and move on. Menka gets shocked hearing this.

Menka goes and informs Dadi’s pic that Yuvraaj is getting Suhani married to Sambhav, you and Rags are not here, Devdas is making Paro sit in mandap, I will manage and help Soumya, just keep gifting me jewelry. Suhani asks Sambhav how can he agree to Yuvraaj. Sambhav says Yuvraaj is doing this for mental peace. Sharad says Suhani was his wife. Sambhav says then ask him, not me. Yuvraaj tells Soumya that I won’t force you for marriage, everyone has right to move on, if Suhani can, why can’t we, we did this marriage acting for kids, why can’t we turn this lie into truth. She smiles. He says don’t worry, nothing will change after marriage.

Suhani says I know Pratima will be glad, but I know Dadi well, Dadi won’t let this happen. Sambhav says I guarantee Dadi won’t do anything, I can’t believe you married Yuvraaj, I would have felt he still loves you, he is just control freak and wants everything as per his wish. Sharad says no, its better if you don’t understand Yuvraaj.

Soumya thinks and gets the marriage papers. She says I will get free of tension once this marriage happens, I don’t need to worry for Krishna’s future, no one can make her leave from this house. Yuvaan tells Yuvani and Krishna that he has to go. Suhani says everyone has to go to their homes one day. Krishna asks why, because Sambhav is becoming his Papa and his house is there. Suhani says no, Yuvaan stays there with his mumma there. Yuvraaj comes and says wherever he stays, truth is I m his dad, this marriage is just an acting, I know. He disappears. She looks for him, and wonders why did kids not hear what Yuvraaj said.

Bhavna does not let Golu eat food. Sharad asks him to go out and play. He asks Bhavna why are you irritated. She says I don’t understand this two wedding matter. He says I m worried for your parents, when will you inform them. She says how did I forgot them, its no use to tell them, I know Papa won’t come. He says its our duty to tell them, atleast once. She says yes, what about Sambhav’s family. Sambhav says my family left me many years ago, they wanted me to become doctor, I wanted to become photographer, I left home and they broke relations with me.

Suhani wakes up recalling Yuvraaj’s words. She sees Yuvaan sleeping. She thinks this is my illusion, he can’t say all that. She imagines him again. He says you can’t run from truth by closing eyes. She looks for him. Suhani goes out and collides with Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj holds her. Saware…………plays………… She asks what are you doing. He says I m stopping you from falling. She says I was falling because of you. She asks why did he decide about this cheap dual wedding idea. He asks why did you not refuse that time. She says because Sambhav agreed, get away from my life, that I don’t even hear your voice. She goes. Soumya looks on.

Yuvaan says Sambhav has come, he is my Papa. Krishgna says he did not become your dad yet. Yuvaan says I could not wait to call him Papa. Yuvraaj looks on, and leaves. Pratima goes to Yuvraaj and asks why these two marriages. He says you wanted me to help Suhani in moving on. She says I love you, you are my son. He says I know what you are going to say now, its my failure anyhow. Soumya comes asking them to come for breakfast. He scolds her and calls her Suhani. Soumya gets shocked.

Suhani says I will make food. Pratima asks how will you cook without any help. Suhani says I will take Bhavna’s help, where is she. Soumya says she went to meet Lata and Pankaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bakwass soumya win mujse bardash nai hogaaaaaa

    1. mujse bhi,,,,,,

  2. Kamini soumya jayasa khush na ho Teri sadi yuraaj se nhi hogi

  3. Ragini

    Star plus has lost its charm they show boaring serials.They should show serials like swaragini krishna dasi and Naagin

    1. Bt I still lyk SSEL,,,just watch Mere Angne Mein e.t.c…they are the real boring serials,,,and at one point every serial will turn boring,,,,then they will regain the lost charm,,,.samething happened wid Swaragini too and Krsihnadasi/Naagin are fiction/supernatural series,,,can’t compare them wid drama,,,

    2. Meanwhile I lyk all these serials

      1. Cz u don’t have any other work other than watching serial

      2. I lyk all these serials,,bt watch only SSEL… I knw hw to manage my work along wid entertainment,,,U don’t knw anythng abt me,,so don’t post rubbish

    3. Resiel

      Wats special in it ? I don’t even seen special , swaragini have lost their storyline , wat rubbbish that kisan like sanskar doing , it is unnecessary , and krishnadasi and naagin wow wat an example to compare with ssel , so plzz don’t interfere with star plus matters its glad that they are showing the serial

      1. Ragini

        dont you tell me what i have to do so u shut up I just posted what I think.And I know the current track of swaragini is bad but look at the past tracks .And I did not say that ssel is bad I just said that star plus serials are not interesting to watch compated to the serials of colors

    4. Your just promoting swaragini krishnadasi and show finished naagin .ps I like watching naagin and swaragini but I hate Krishna dasi right ?

    5. Ragini is posting the same comment for evry serial,,,even under the poll section

  4. Witch saumya.. i dont know why they are saying suhani is ugly. But compare with suhani saumya is the ugliest …

    1. suhani is beautiful than all of soumya and rags plus menka

  5. Hi any bodysay what is bazigar please

  6. Well….Suhani and Yuvraj are not divorced yet,,,then how can they remarry!!!!,,,,I can’t bear Soumya’s happiness anymore,,,,Whenever I see her smiling on screen i just wanna slap her,,,and I hope Soumya’s fears come true,,,,hope he z planning somethng to bring suhani back in his lyf,,,,well it’s a waste to expect this frm him,,,,still waiting for a twist

    1. I Agree

      1. Aqsxxh

        Exactly what I was thinking they are still married legally right… So Yuv can b jailed for Polygamy

    2. Aqsxxh

      Exactly what I was thinking they are still married legally right… So Yuv can b jailed for Polygamy

    3. Yea,,,there are so many loopholes in the story after the leap

  7. Y this all worried and sad for suhani nd yuvaraj..will they get all back??

  8. What the hell is all this . I’m not understanding anything. Yuvani ko milaao naa jaldi se. They both deserve to be happy but together? No matter how good sambhav can be truth is that yuvraaj and suhani are made for each other despite all their problems❤ and they have two lovely kids who deserve to know the truth of their parents. Is that so difficult for you to understand respected writer?

  9. Slap slap soumya..this girl made me mad,totally..slap soumya slap dadi slap rags slap menka slap birla family..a big slap for dumbo yuvraj.finally slap CVS for this bakwas track.i just love kids now.this soumya using animal also for her gain..

  10. I think so much drama will happen during marriage and Suhani will get married with Yuvraj and Sowmya and Sambhav will get married.

  11. Kamini soumya I hope the writers let suhani knows about her b*t*h of a friend and yuvraaj should also be pretending to not know about Kamini soumya manipulation but in reality he should be aware of her every chal and planning to counter it. That’s why he proposed the dual weddings.

    1. Even I’m hoping d same. He must teach those witches a lesson atleast now. He’s d hero of d story bt not doing anything to gain his love. I think yuvi came to knw abt soumya’s evil plans n trying her to teach a lesson jus like b4 when she tried to marry him

  12. suhani yuvraj both are hurting soo much frm this dual marriage…
    i cant tolerate yuvi fake smile.. 🙁
    if marriage happen ang bomb blast are include the show the sowmya and sambhav ill dead on mandap :-\

  13. I guess yuvraj knows something about soumya’s evil plan. He s giving wicked smile and myt he read menka’s novel about this friend’s

  14. I wish either Krishna or yuvani or sambhav comes to know the wickedness behind soumyas ideas. .!!! And I wish the bride’s get changed just before the marriage..but we may have to wait for months for this marriage to happen…

  15. I wish menka could slip up n say something about soumya

  16. Aqsxxh

    Im really annoyed now. I am not going to watch this unless YuvAni unite. Ugh what bs.

  17. This show has become bad to worse

  18. come on shows dragging.get to the point i want yuvraj to find out all somyas wrongdoing. she needs a good slap. then i want suhani to find fake marrige papers. Once suhani and yuv get reunited then i want the show to end only because it paints a negative pictire.There is no punishment for wrongdoing.

  19. Aqsxxh

    YuvAni. Unite. Now. ASAP. It has to. GOD.

  20. Why is yuvraj faking being sad when he himself finished off everything with suhani.
    He doesn’t love her but his male ego hurts

  21. This is becoming a stupid senseless drama ever. Is yuvraj so stupid that he believes dadi, sowmya, menaka . Has he ever questioned them ? He has never tried to understand suhani .And is Suhani so dumb about not knowing what is going around her , even after undergone so much atrocities in that family? This drama is becoming unbelievably stupid and boring. It’s better to finish this series and stop messing up just to continue the series.

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