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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna asking everyone to be in the same room and experience the jail stay. Soumya and Krishna come out. Pratima says she will stay here with them and goes inside the room. Suhani asks Pratima to go. Menka says we have less place, how will we adjust you. Suhani asks Menka to stop it. Pratima tells Soumya that Krishna and Soumya will never be happy, no one’s fate can be snatched, so and take rest, make plans to make them unhappy. Soumya smiles and says yes, and you think how to thank Suhani for this state. Pratima shuts the door. Krishna locks it. Soumya calls them thieves.

Soumya sees Dadi taking food for her grandsons, and says they are staying without AC, you can’t stop me, I m not taking for my bahus, I did not know you will manage everything so well, you

cheated me last time at the time of marriage, I thought you will come in Suhani’s words again. Dadi asks her not to lose this time, as Krishna has hopes from her too.

Rags and Menka fight for the pillow. Suhani asks them to stop fighting. She says if they have shut us together, we should use this chance. Menka asks will she play antakshiri now, how will she use this chance? Yuvraaj says just leave it Menka. Menka says Ramesh will sleep in bathroom. Suhani says you, Rags and mum sleep on bed, I will sleep on sofa. Yuvraaj asks Ramesh to arrange sleeping mattresses for men on the floor.

Menka says Saurabh has run away knowing Soumya and Krishna will do this. Dadi brings the food for them. She tells Yuvraaj that she can’t see him and Anuj like this. He thanks her and asks did she had food. She nods and shuts the door. He says Dadi has sent food for us. Menka says she has sent food for me, she is so nice, I love Dadi. They all eat from the two plates. They all go to sleep. Suhani gets thinking. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that she won’t get formula if she stays awake. She says you scared me. He asks her to sleep. She says she does not wish to talk.

She says she has to do something to get formula. He asks her to think tomorrow. She says if we apologize to Soumya and Krishna, and take back complaint, will they give formula. They all get disturbed by Rags’ snores. Menka says Rags is snoring so loud and jokes. They all laugh. Pratima asks them to sleep, snoring is not bad. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to think in morning and sleep now.

Its morning, everyone come out. Menka sees the food and is glad. Suhani says she will apologize and get the formula. Yuvraaj says no, we will first see what they will do today. Menka sees someone similar to her and screams. Its Rakhi. She sits to dine. They all get worried seeing Rakhi. Suhani asks what is she doing in Menka’s clothes. Radhe comes and says lovely specs. Anuj says its mine, who are you. Radhe says I m Rakhi’s husband. Suhani asks Soumya what are they doing here. Radhe says I have come here for breakfast, Lalita told me that we will get good food here. Lalita comes and asks Suhani to get some new sarees for her.

She asks her to serve them food. Murali says this is not right Krishna. Krishna says yes, I will say whats right, you did not sit on right seat, sit here on head of the family chair. Dadi comes and asks whats happening. Menka says thief has made driver sit on your chair. Soumya asks her to behave herself. Murali asks Dadi to sit in her seat. Dadi says she is not hungry and leaves. Rags asks Ramesh for breakfast. Ramesh says I will make. Soumya says stop, I have made the breakfast ready and shows Roti and raw onions. Menka says will we have this jail type food.

Soumya says why, Krishna has eate this food in jail for 2 days. She asks them to have it else go. Lalita asks her family to start eating. They eat delicious dishes and Birla family looks on. Anuj says this is not done. Yuvraaj says we can’t do anything, this is so disgusting, they don’t have manners to eat. Suhani says its enough, we have to do something. He says yes, I can’t stay with unhygienic people. She asks is he still caring about hygiene. He says yes. Suhani asks Pratima not to worry.

Menka and Rags go to Dadi and see her having good food. Dadi says they did not listen to her. Krishna tries to hear them. Lalita talks to Soumya and Rakhi that Yuvraaj loves Pratima a lot. Lalita says lets see and checks Pratima’s sarees. Pratima comes there and Lalita throws her sarees. Rakhi says Soumya has told us to throw sarees. Dadi sees Krishna and asks Rags and Menka to go, and ask help from Suhani. Menka says what did Suhani do, you went to police station to complain. Dadi says shut up Menka, go from here. Dadi comes out and does not see anyone.

Krishna tells Dadi that Suhani is very clever, so he has got his family here. Dadi asks what will he do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sandra s thannickal

    I am first..what is happening?so stupid…suhaninae complaint nahi kiya phir kisne kiya tho vo socha bhi nahi.Aur vo dadi kithna bora hai.usko apani company ke phalaye ke bare mein koyi phikkar nahi.suhani ko haranae keliye vo aurat khadi rahi hai.

  2. This drama is a totally bullshit now.decided to not to watch again..

  3. I don’t know where they are dragging g this serial… Whatever is coming nowadays is totally disguistinng… Decided to stop watching this serial….

  4. This series is so boring. Should just end the series

  5. I can’t even read the written updates. its completely boring, nonsense, useless and senseless. I don’t how the director managed to picture the useless story. He must be one of a boring person. There is no story line in this crap. Suhani the way she walks itself crap with a cheppal. aww stop this bakwas.

  6. this show should end now. They are running out of ideas and its really stupid. these writers have destroyed this show. A lot of viewers have stopped watching.

  7. i thinks Suhani/Krishna/Somu are all in this together so that the truth about Dadi and her evil deeds come out in the open in front of Yuvraaj. They have to act so genuine that no one suspects even the viewers…well I hope that is it in the long run otherwise it’s stupid

  8. I’m also thinking same sharmi…

  9. Yaaa tht it will be gud. orelse the serial will be bakwas….now also its nt boooooring…………

  10. Boring boring and boring

  11. Senseless boring ridiculous .
    Stoped watching and also reading updates. Worst story.line ever seen on tv. Gud we can atleast save 30 mins of electricity by not watching.this nonsense. And Yuv and suhanis luv track is boooring on all.

  12. Wat are they really doing

  13. Pls writers do something about this boring script!! You have such great actors but not one intresting scene.. No romantic yuvani moments… I have stoped watching this serial for about a month now… Today i am reading again and still same boring script….Pls come up with something intresting or u will lose the viewers…!

    Yuvani Fan…

  14. The story lacks common sense and not going on right track. People will loose interest, if it continues like this. Becoming total boring.

  15. So boring and useless . Is director have nothing else. *no romance , story and all * ;->;-> bakwas bakwas bakwas!

  16. totally bullshit………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bakwaaaas kar diya pura serial,…!!!!!!!!

  17. BAKWAS!
    it’s sooo stupid..

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