Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani going after asking Rohan to cook today. Rohan asks Menka about Suhani’s likes. She says Suhani is Amitabh’s big fan. Suhani checks everything ready for breakfast, and tells Ramesh that she is feeling bad that Amitabh’s movie is missed. She tells about the movie. She says she also tried to book tickets. Yuvraaj hears her and has the tickets. He thinks he will surprise her at night. Saawre………..plays…….. Anuj comes to him and asks about tickets. Yuvraaj says I have put it in jeans. Dadi sees this and thinks to do something, Yuvraaj can’t take Suhani for movie.

Suhani and Ramesh come to the room, and Ramesh makes the clothes fall. Yuvraaj’s jeans also gets in those clothes. Yuvraaj comes to Suhani and asks about his jeans. She says its in

machine. Dadi thinks he can doubt on her. Yuvraaj checks in machine and is relieved its not there. Ramesh washes it separately and Yuvraaj scolds him. Suhani asks whats the problem, and they argue. Dadi looks on smiling. Yuvraaj gets the tickets torn and gets sad. Ramesh says tickets, I m sorry, I did not know this. Suhani asks what ticket. Yuvraaj leaves angrily.

Suhani checks the tickets and sees Satte pe satta movie tickets for tonight. Rohan looks at Suhani getting sad and says what happened now, that they are fighting. Dadi talks to Rohan about yuvraaj being angry as the tickets got torn. She says she feels bad for Suhani, she might be crying at some corner now. Everyone sit for dinner. Menka jokes and Anuj asks her to mind her own business. Ramesh says sorry. Suhani says its fine and asks about Yuvraaj.

Menka says Yuvraaj is trying something else. Rags and Dadi ask her to shut up and taunt her. Rags and Menka argue. The power goes. Suhani asks Ramesh to get torch. The movie plays on a white projector screen. Anuj asks Sharad did he do this. Sharad says I did not do anything. Suhani sees the snacks and movie theatre ambience. Suhani says thanks Yuvraaj, you planned such a good surprise for me. She smiles.

Rohan comes there and everyone look at him. Dadi smiles. Yuvraaj comes there and is shocked seeing the movie surprise. Suhani looks at Yuvraaj. Rohan says you are welcome, I feel doing good deed by bringing smile on Suhani’s face and jokes on Rags and Menka. Rags says we are happy too. Suhani thanks Rohan and says she wanted to see this movie since long time, but no need to do this again, I will see movie in theatre. She goes. Menka says I m more beautiful than Suhani, and two guys are pleasing Suhani. Rags says no, its just Dadi’s plan. Menka asks is it?

Soumya comes home and tells Lalita that she got vegs. Rakhi and Radhe have a talk. Soumya tells Krishna that they got salary from Birla company, its our right, we worked there. He gets annoyed. Rakhi and Radhe look on. Radhe tells Rakhi that Krishna has money and not giving them anything. Anuj talks to Yuvraaj about Rohan, doing anything new every day. Yuvraaj says Rohan is Dadi’s guest, we can’t do anything. Menka tells Rohan that Suhani likes golgappa, will he make it. Dadi says he is not your servant. Rohan says its fine Dadi. Dadi thanks him, and says she has seen smile on Suhani’s face after a long time. Rohan says welcome, I m happy doing this. Suhani messages sorry to Yuvraaj. He asks her to come face to face and say. She comes to him and says sorry. He says not bad, I feel good, hold your ears and I want to see that. She says you are taking my class. He asks why, am I your teacher. She says but you talk like any arrogant teacher. He asks her to hold her ears. Saawre…………….plays…………. She holds her ears and folds hands, apologizing. He looks at her and forgives her. They smile.

Rohan challenges Yuvraaj to gift pendant to Suhani, and lets see which one she likes. Yuvraaj tells him that you will lose, Suhani will never like that one.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh cum on!!!… who vl take TICKETS now-a-days.. if so it might b common ppl.. these are BIRLAS right?! … yuvraj might hv booked dem online… isnt it?!!! jus making audience fools… stupid ssel….

    1. There is no online booking available since it is not a multiplex. Anuj had said it already.

  2. Nice episode. Yuvraj is looking very cute when he is jealous.

  3. i cant believe suhani did that to rohan
    that was rude and she is stupid like always

  4. I sometime like the show and sometime hate it because sometimes the track is not draging and sometime it is not.Let see who wins.I am just waiting for that moment when Suhani is leaving the house and Yuvraaj is going to stop her and Dadi is going to get a huge shock ,why her grandson is stopping her.Does he cares about her.

  5. yaar….wat an episode…….if yuvraj is jeolous then y don’t he accept that he loves suhani…….going bit interesting nowdays….waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  6. I sometime like the show and sometime hate it because sometimes the track is not draging and sometime it is not.Let see who wins.I am just waiting for that moment when Suhani is leaving the house and Yuvraaj is going to stop her and Dadi is going to get a huge shock.

  7. Yuvraj is so cute. His efforts to impress his wifey is adorable.

  8. amrutha karithik

    hi guys very nice episode ….I think rohan planing karey . suhani n yuvraj milane ke lieya….. nice acting rohan ji… love u guys keep rocking

  9. I think Rohan is all acting up …to get Yunavi together …. Him getting closer to suhani will make yuvraj real use his feeling n LOVE for her –but come on yaar ….taking tooooooooo long …movie hotee shah rukh khan .kajol ko 1000 baar I love u keh chuka hota ….. Kya karein it’s a longgggggggg serial

  10. superb … I think the epi more intrstng ehile d entry of rohan rohan and suhani’s epi z suprb.nw I hv quite intrst to watch dis.I think dis z the plan of dadi and rohan to realize yuv abt his luv on suhani.dadi finally realize the innocence of suhani.and try to make….love b/w yuv and suhani.and also dis z a test is doing by dadi to get what z in yuv mind.what evr it z she doesn’t hv any prblm she jst need only yuv happinss.I think dat z also d surprise thing for d viewers.any wayz.. d stry z gng lk dis but d suhani z disgusting why she alwayz makes quarrel towardz rohan.I think suhani u shuld make him as your gud frnd….itz not a bad luck fr u.itz a gd luck fr u in future.

  11. plz dont end the scenes b/w rohan and suh so soon…make it as slow for the realization of yuv abt his up to dat much tym viewers can able to see some funny epi…

  12. isn’t it gud guys that yuvraj is getting jealous with rohan?i don’t know what is sharad hiding in the last few epi.

  13. when will this yuvraj confess his love to suhani. i’m waiting that scene.

  14. i’m sorry i 4got to add a for after waiting and before that.

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