Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna showing the mirror to Saiyyam. Yuvaan looks on and thinks what’s happening, Saiyyam is forcing Krishna that she likes him. Saiyyam hides his face. Bhavna teases him. He goes. Krishna cleans her face. She recalls writing I love Krishna on Saiyyam’s face. Saiyyam comes to room and sees Krishna. He hides his face. She gives him tissue and liquid to clean.

Dadi asks Baby to sweep floor. She scolds Baby and punishes her. Suhani comes and asks what happened, maybe Baby did something. Yuvraaj comes there and asks the servant to put a sack in storeroom. Suhani sees Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj makes the servant fall. Suhani scolds the servant, and says I would have died if this sack fell on me. Yuvraaj says forgive him. Suhani asks will I get alive if he apologizes.


cuts hand and writes I love Krishna on paper. He says now Krishna has to come back to me, even Saiyyam can’t write love letter by blood for you. Yuvraaj asks Suhani will Dadi agree. Suhani says yes, she wants to kill me, she will apply this easy way. He worries. She says nothing will happen to me, come we will see what’s Dadi’s plan.

Baby asks Dadi what are you saying. Dadi says if heavy sack falls on Amma mai, she will die, blame will be on Suresh, we will blame him that he did this to take revenge from Amma mai, you will be my witness. Baby thinks of course I will become witness, but not of what you are thinking.

Dadi calls someone and asks for arranging ropes and sacks. Yuvaaj and Suhani hear this. Yuvraaj says Dadi knows you go for walk in evening, be careful. She says yes, you know what to do. They go. Baby says I will rule in this house, its no problem to go on wrong way to earn money. Dadi asks the goons to tie the sacks on the tree fast. Yuvraaj and Suhani look on. He says what is Dadi doing. Suhani says she is right, she thinks her mum in law is having an affair with servant. Yuvraaj calls doctor. Suhani goes ahead. Baby asks Dadi to move fast. The goons drop the sacks on Dadi’s order. The sacks fall down. Suhani screams. Baby smiles and tells Dadi that work is done. Dadi runs to see Suhani and says Amma mai would have died till now. Yuvraaj shouts Amma mai. Dadi hears him and runs.

Yuvraaj runs to Suhani and throws away the light sack. Suhani says I m here. He goes and hugs her. She asks will Dadi agree, what will we tell everyone. He says you can’t come inside the house. Pratima asks Yuvraaj about Suhani. Saiyyam says I looked for her everywhere, maybe she went to Nani. Bhavna says no, Lata would have told me. Dadi says none knows Amma mai died, if they see her dead body then. Baby says let them see, go and do acting that you are also worried. She cleans the wall and Suhani’s photo falls. She says sorry.

Saiyyam asks can you see and clean. He picks Suhani’s pic. She sees the hollow wall and tells them. Sharad also checks. Yuvraaj looks on. Yuvraaj breaks the wall. They look inside. They get shocked seeing a skeleton. Sharad says whose pendant is this. Pratima asks Sharad not to go inside. Yuvraaj says its fine, I will see.

He gets the pendant from the skeleton. He opens the locket and see Suhani and Sharad’s pic. Pratima says its Amma mai and Babuji’s pic. Yuvraaj says this pendant was here at homee. Bhavna says did anyone do this cheap joke with this. Sharad says no, someone has kept it here since many years. Baby says it means none knew this. Pratima says this chain is of Amma mai, it means…. Dadi says no, it can’t be of Amma mai. Yuvraaj thinks why is Dadi feeling guilty, did Suhani do changes in plan which she forgot to tell me. Pratima says call police. Sharad calls police.

Dadi says how can this skeleton come here. Pratima asks Dadi to come. Yuvraaj asks Bhavna to get everyone and come to outhouse, I have to say something. Yuvaan stops Krishna and writes love letter. He says I m not able to say and written everything in this. She asks what happened to your hand. He says nothing, I m glad knowing you care for me. She sees the love letter written by blood. She gets shocked and looks at him.

She asks do you love me. He says yes. She asks what happened to you, you changed completely in one year, you married by your wish, did you not think of Baby. He says I can’t stay happy with Baby. She says you did not leave her, you are with her. He asks what happened to you. She says when I begged you not to leave you, you did not stop, you chose Baby. She tears the letter and says I choose Saiyyam. He says he won’t love you. She says maybe, but it does not mean I leave him, stop all this.

Dadi falls down and drops a note. Suhani reads the letter and says someone is threatening Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sanchayita

    Lol!! Saiyyam ‘s expression when bhavna shoeed his face was so cute..he was literally blushing a lil ?..Krishna ‘s reply to yuvaan was can he force krishna to like him..huhhh?..

  2. Laavanya

    Krishna gave a good reply to Yuvaan…..he is so disgusting.
    When he said ki Saiyyam bhi kabhi nahi karega tumhere liye Krishna……..Saiyyam is much better than u usko itni nich harak karne ki jaroot nahi hai

  3. Laavanya

    Hi Arti, u were right kal ka epi dhamakedar that aur mein bhag gayi :joy: :joy:
    I love everyone even Baby too in yesterday epi :p except the part when Yuvaan was looking at Krishna….that was so creepy. Divjot ma’am n Kabir danced really well n Karan is always awesome. <3

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    i loved yuvraj’s concern for suhani….yuVani scene weas so short today but loved it….

  5. Link for the new Olv please

  6. Link for new olv please link please

  7. Yes yuvan is being. So cheap nowadays.and he is also being typical… Bahi Purana ghatiya ashikana andaj….hat katka khun sa love letter likhna…yuvan this doesn’t. Suits u.Krishna was very clear at her statement. I really like the way she said I will choose sayyam.really appreciating.

  8. Aarti32

    Suhani ko galat log kabhi galat nhi lagte..Baby is exceptional case..Dadi apni saas ko marna chahti h..Wo bhi sahi h!! I mean seriously!! Kisi ko marne ka koi bhi reason kabhi bhi sahi nhi hota

  9. The first two minutes were sooo cute…Sayyam was acting like a shy bride…and Krishna’s flashback!!! Kriyamite and Laavanya guessed correctly…Krishna wrote that on Sayyam’s face…god they both were acting soo weird around each other…cray jodi…

  10. The YuvAni scene was so cute…Yuvraaj was so worried for Suhani…btw what was Dadi trying to kill? A mammoth or a woman…so many sacks? hehe…

  11. The last seven minutes was like a mini Indiana Jones trailer..with Yuvraaj Birla starring as know who…Indiana jones!!!! I mean seriously??? Hollow doors, Skeletons…and years old pendants??? But honestly speaking, I think Dadi ACTUALLY murdered her Amma Mai…and now that she’s lost her memory, she’s reliving those moments…scary…yikes

    1. Laavanya

      Yuvraaj as Indiana Jones ???

  12. Well done Krishna!
    Tell yuvaan like it is, even if saiyyam doesn’t love Krishna. Krishna is not going to leave her husband.
    For no one!

    Yuvaan is such a spoilt rich brat!

  13. I think Yuvaan is becoming an obsessive lover like Sambhav…he’s even planning a fake kidnap…I dont know guys..he gave a khoon bhari letter to Krishna also…He’s really changing a lot…

    1. in love with kriyyam

      I agree!
      Yuvaan is going bad, I to say this, but suhani is dumb.

      Since she saw yuvaan giving rose to Krishna. She didn’t ask or question him.
      If this was my mother, oh boy. It would have been questions, after question.
      I gave a rose once to a friend.
      Just a friend. My mum was asking question. She told me not to fool around with people feeling.

      Suhani didn’t do, I know we don’t like our parents, to question us.
      I believe now, that they are doing the right thing.
      If suhani stop yuvaan fooling around with Krishna feeling.
      Then this wouldn’t have happened.
      I know suhani love’s yuvaan the most. But she has given yuvaan, a bad up bringing.

      My mother said, this is the up bringing of a child, that well determined, of the child. Weather it is good or bad.
      That is why you should question the child intention.

      1. True…you are right!

  14. skeleton and all is done by baby to make adi confess her crime.

  15. That was really funny I’m in luv wid kriyam buh it was only like a min

  16. Yuvaan is becoming sambhavv…what do you thnk guys????

    1. Aarti32

      Oh no..D show will get ruined if Yuvaan becomes second Sambhav??

  17. Aarti32

    Guys, comment karo na!! All hv become quiet..No discussion no replies!!

  18. No yuvaan should not become sambhav….
    Baby should be thrown out and new girl should come for yuvaan after realizing his mistake

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