Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor checking balloon piece and says it does not have that gas. He asks them to see Suhani and goes. Dadi drags Barbie there and says you did this to kill Suhani right. Barbie says no, I filled balloons by same air container which Yuvraaj gave. Yuvraaj says yes, no need to check. Saurabh says then who did this. Pratima says we have to be with Suhani now. Yuvraaj goes to her. Dadi says Suhani told me not to blame anyone without proof, so I m leaving you, else I would have kicked you out.

Soumya boils water and asks Krishna to get geyser repaired. He says I will see that tomorrow, I m going for interview. Soumya takes the hot water and it falls over his hand. Lalita scolds Soumya. Soumya asks Krishna to put his hand in cold water. He asks can’t she do any

work well. Lalita thinks can this happen what I m thinking.

Yuvraaj sits by Suhani’s side. He says I told you this surprise giving is not my thing, see what happened now. Barbie comes there crying and asks Yuvraaj to believe her, she did not do anything. He says its okay, don’t worry, I will manage. She says no, you sit with Suhani, I will solve this medicines. She goes. Yuvraaj says enough Suhani, if you get up, I promise I will get you samosas. She gets semi conscious. He smiles.

Yuvraaj comes to room and says everything got bad. Suhani comes and says nothing spoiled. He smiles and asks when did you get up. She disappears. He looks for her and says whoever did this with Suhani, I will not leave that person. He checks Suhani’s laptop and reads her diary. Suhani writes that Yuvraaj is not agreeing, but I know he will become best dad in the world. He smiles reading it. Suhani says I know Yuvraaj will make the child hygienic, they both can make me mad, but my son will have my qualities too, we both will have samosas and make Yuvraaj mad.

Bhavna asks Suhani to get up, else I will tell truth to Yuvraaj that you left Golu with him to change his mind. Yuvraaj looks on and says I will not let Suhani eat samosas for one month, you both fooled me. Bhavna says Suhani, see Yuvraaj heard the truth. He smiles and says yes, you both joked with me, Suhani can’t eat samosas and kachoris now. Suhani opens her eyes and says no Yuvraaj. They smile.Bhavna says I will tell everyone that Suhani got conscious. She goes. Suhani asks what happened. He says I planned surprise and everything went wrong. She says nothing like that. He hugs her and says I felt I lost you. She says I will never leave you and go. He says I know.

Lalita waits for Rakhi outside the house. Rakhi comes there and Lalita makes her fall. She shouts Rakhi what happened and asks Soumya to see. She signs Rakhi and asks Soumya to be here, and goes to get bandage. Soumya sees the wound and asks Lalita to get medicine first. She says I will clean the wound. Rakhi cleans the fake wound by her dupatta, and asks where did the wound go, your touch made my wound clean, see… Lalita comes and asks where did the wound go. Rakhi says Soumya’s touch healed it. Soumya gets shocked.

Barbie comes to Suhani and cries. She says I m really sorry, I did not do this intentionally. Suhani asks what. Barbie says I know you also think I did this. Pratima comes and asks why is Barbie crying. Suhani says she is mad, stop crying now, its not Suhani’s mistake, whats in person’s fate, it happens, no one can change it, Lord had sent you here, there will be some good reason. Pratima says yes, and asks Suhani to change clothes, Yuvraaj will take you to hospital. Suhani asks why, I m fine. Pratima says we have to know that gas effect. Bhavna comes and says yes, go. Suhani says I felt Yuvraaj was angry on me when I was unconscious, knowing we left Golu that day, he punished me that I can’t eat samosas for one month. Bhavna says I told that and Yuvraaj supported me. Suhani says its good it was not true.

Suhani plays with Golu and says Yuvraaj came to know we both fooled him, but we won’t leave samosas. Yuvraaj looks on and smiles. Suhani says sorry, tell him Golu to let us eat samosas. He says fine, don’t do this again. She asks did you really forgive us. He nods and says life is short to stay annoyed, I felt I really lost you Suhani, so I decided that we will not spoil our present for future, I don’t know I will be there tomorrow or not, we are happy and fulfill our desires, live happily, and this will start with your wish, lets have a baby, we both need a family, today or after 2 years does not matter. She asks really, thanks and hugs him. Dadi smiles seeing them and says sorry I heard you, I can’t believe you are doing to fulfill my dream, I want to share this happiness. She blesses them and asks them to go hospital, I will make your fav food and then we will celebrate. Dadi hugs them.

Its night, Dadi pampers Suhani and asks her to have food well. She says you can have samosas sometimes, but in limit. Barbie asks how are you now. Suhani says I m fine. Saurabh says Ramesh, the food looks good. Ramesh says Dadi made everything for Suhani. Yuvraaj gets sad attending a call. Saurabh asks Yuvraaj to come and have food. Pratima asks Yuvraaj is everything fine. Suhani asks what happened. Yuvraaj says it was doctor’s call, Suhani you can’t conceive ever. Suhani, Dadi, Pratima and everyone get shocked.

Dadi tells someone that everything is fine, truth should not come out. She keeps some money in cupboard. Bhavna gets the notes and arranges. She does not see poisonous gas cylinder in Dadi’s cupboard.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Having said that, you can say that you can’t have children. Just because suhani inhaled a period a long time. It have to take a month or two to say that she can’t have children. Yuvraj is an idiot if he doesn’t know this.

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