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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani walking towards the paper and Rags takes it, scolding Menka. Dadi signs Menka and shuts her mouth. Dadi takes Soumya from there. Menka says what did I do, they all make me wrong always. Suhani sits with a cake and says there is no surprise now, I will throw this, but no its food and I made it by so much difficulty. She says I will eat it and cuts it. She says happy valentines day Suhani and eats it. She praises herself and Yuvraaj comes there seeing herself appraisal and smiling.

He says he will shift her to Agra if she talks to herself and she can make others have cake if she wants. She smiles and asks will you have it. He says if you wish. She makes him eat it and he says its good, use sugar next time. She says you are bitter, its so sweet and still

you talk bitter. He asks when why is she talking to him. She says you came to talk to me. He asks why did she make the sweet cake. He says just like that. He says he is very angry on her, but she is not so bad that he can be anger for long time, thanks for the cake. He says its very nice and leaves. She smiles and says valentines day is over.

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Dadi and Soumya start acting showing the necklace design she liked and could not buy from Delhi. Suhani says Yuvraaj got such for me. Dadi asks your gift and Soumya’s choice, why does he bring her choice gifts for you, your choice does not match with him, his likes are such as Soumya’s. She asks does she like the necklace, as she does not like costly thing, and asks Soumya did she tell Yuvraaj that she likes this necklace, I think he bought it as you liked it, it means Suhani likes those things which you like. Suhani says it does not matter what he thought when he bought this, the thing is he went Delhi and got this necklace for Roka.

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Dadi says its interesting that Soumya and Yuvraaj’s likes are same. Pratima comes and says yes, that’s why Yuvraaj likes Suhani. Suhani greets her and sees the necklace design. She says she has some work and goes. Dadi signs Soumya to go after her. She scolds Pratima. She says Yuvraaj loves Soumya. Pratima says but he married Suhani, and she is a very good wife. Dadi says now you will tell me who is a good wife, you could not become a good wife, what will you teach your bahu, better stay in your limits.

Soumya acts sweet and says every girl will like this beautiful necklace. Suhani says for me, its not diamond necklace, but his gift which I will keep safe because of his love. She says love is not equaled to gold and silver. Soumya says you are lucky, Krishna did not gift me a silver anklet till now. She asks did she feel bad of Dadi’s words. Suhani says no, its nothing new if many people have same choice. Soumya leaves. Pratima comes to Suhani.

Pratima asks Suhani to make valentines surprise. She says I know Suhani will not lose easily, if you tell him, he will agree. Suhani smiles.

Krishna waits for Soumya. Rakhi and Lalita see him sad. He messages Soumya to meet him once. Lalita says I can’t see you in pain, I m your mum. He gets a courier and checks it. Dadi asks Soumya to show this message to Yuvraaj and take him out for the day. Krishna opens the box and sees the ashes of the love letters. He cries and says why did she do this. Lalita says that’s why I told you to forget her, remarry else Rakhi can’t marry Radhe, she said she will not marry till you get married.

Soumya intentionally bumps into Yuvraaj and says sorry. She shows her mood is bad and tells him about Krishna. He says leave him. She says I m scared he can come here and create any scene, I don’t like Dadi getting worried. He asks what did she think. She says I will meet him once. He starts leaving. She says I can’t meet him alone, if you are free, can you come along. He says fine. She thanks him. He says wait outside, I will just come.

He says don’t tell this to Suhani, she will take tension. She thinks he wants to spend time with me by not telling Suhani. She says fine and Dadi signs her all the best. Bhavna calls Suhani and tells Amit’s plan for valentines. Suhani says about valentines surprise for Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj comes and she asks are you going somewhere. He says yes, I have some work. She asks him to come soon as she has to go somewhere. He says fine. She says he said yes, I will confirm the table booking. She smiles after confirming the bookings.

Bhavna sees Yuvraaj giving flowers to someone and thinks its Suhani. She calls Suhani and tells her to go for dinner if she is done by flower shopping. Suhani gets puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. huh
    some one tell suhani abt soumyaa

  2. Serial walon kyo raita pehla rhe ho…..Suhani star plus ki bahuon ki Rahul Gandhi hai…dekh k bhi anjaan ban rhi hai…..I am sure Somya aur Yuvraj ko kiss krte bhi dekhle…toh kahegi Dekha meri Somu toh hai itni cute…tabhi yoh Yuvraj ne uss e kiss d kiya…..aur agar Somu k saath yuvraj bedroom mein soya hua mila…Yuvraj tum kine acche ho….Somu bichari akeli soti hai….Kri s hna se door…acha kiya tum us k saath so gye…….

  3. Soumya u r such a blo*dy big gold digger…

    1. Bhai mere itna udas mat ho….abhi…serial wale aur pakkayege…..jab tak tv na toot jaye…. daily soap se hamare muh mein jhaag na nikal aaye tab tak…..Soumya ka k aminapa aur Suhani ka chutiyapa….dikhayege

    Chutiyaa si ek Ladki
    Rahul aur Alia si ek ladki

  5. omg
    its sooooo boring!!!!

  6. really nt feeling like watching this show……every day same stories….

  7. I thnk Yuvraj gives flowers to soumya!

  8. Frnds luk closely soumya face her eyebrows,nose n mouth really luk like a gorilla am nt saying by her character am saying her real face yulk! In 1st episode i saw soumya i thought tis is shraddha kapoor thank god tat nt our cute shradha she is monkey

    1. hey hey dont blame gorillas .they’re adorable she is her own species which are ugly unacceptable creatures .

  9. bs kro ab…..ab suhani n yuvraj ka dikao

  10. as u want ot divide suhai and yuvraj then why did u keep their relaton ship as wife and husband

  11. I think yuvraaj give flowers to the ugly witch n home wrecker soumya

  12. why soumuya enterrupt suhan love…hmmmm one day she wil recognize that soumoya was nt good freind

  13. But why writer/director repeat d same story for us everyday i think dy don’t have story to tell us

  14. Pls let yuvraaj know his grandma is evil and let sushani stand up and fight for her Right and let soumya loose yuvraaj and Krishna too,so this will be example for every married woman

  15. I have just watching the show for 3 weeks. I find the serial BORING, UNINTERESTING, DULL, REPETITIVE, AND NON-PROGRESSIVE. I refuse to watch anymore. I request the writers to start change this story IMMEDIATELY otherwise the serial will not survive!!!! Also there a couple of actors which are performing poorly; Neha Yadav ( Souyma), Rags, and Pratima. If you make these few changes the serial could be a hit!!!!

  16. This serial is about prejdice against women who are darker, and how people who are slight shade lighter ( but still very brown) are liked more.
    in this serial Suhani (Miss Pandey is more physically beautiful than Neha Yadav (Souyma). Miss.Pandey is very good looking woman.

  17. You are gorgeous Rajeshri Pandey (suhani) looking woman. However, Neha Yadav (Souyma) is not attractive. She does not have good features and is only very very slightly fair, but still very brown skin color.

  18. I had never seen a worst serial than this..

  19. Kitna khich RHA h ye serial…star plus me har serl ka yahi haal h..air ye suhani to duniya ki sbse bewakuf ldki h..stupid..dhakkan…dimag me gobar bhara h iska.. Serial wale kisi ko itna bewakuf kese bna skte irritating…

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