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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying I will kill Sambhav. Dadi stops her and says I know what you have bear, but Yuvraaj was in jail for many years because of him, and he was roaming free outside, children grew without Yuvraaj’s love, we can’t do this, do you want Yuvraaj’s love or Sambhav’s hatred. Yuvraaj says its not easy for Suhani. Suhani asks what shall I do. Dadi says you can’t make him win, we have to get Yuvraaj back, I m fighting with him, you also fight, I fooled him by property, he believes that I hate you. Suhani says it means we should not show we are one. Dadi says yes, you have to do something. Suhani asks what.

Suhani goes to room. Dadi goes to Sharad and asks him to send Yuvraaj. She asks him to stand at door and wait. He says you want me to stand there.

Baby says its fine, I will do your work and wait for Papa ji. Sharad says fine and goes. Suhani checks Yuvraaj’s room to get some clue. She gets some items and recalls it was Sambhav who tried coming close to her. Baby thinks to do work and get gift from Dadi.

Sambhav comes home and goes to room. Baby gets busy on phone and does not see him. Sambhav sees Suhani and asks what are you doing. Suhani says I was finding my bracelet, I did not get it anywhere. He asks why will bracelet be here, I will get new one for you. She says fine and leaves. He sees the mask items fine and gets relieved. Dadi asks Baby did Yuvraaj come. Baby says no. Suhani says he is in room. Baby says no Dadi, he did not come. Dadi says why did he not meet me. Suhani stops Dadi. Suhani and Dadi go to Suhani’s room and talk. Dadi apologizes. Suhani says Baby can’t take any responsibility, I trust you, I did not get anything in that room. Dadi says how will we find Yuvraaj. Suhani says don’t know. Dadi says you were right to take his test. Suhani says but he answered all things right. Dadi asks what, how can this happen. Suhani says we have to find out.

Yuvani gets ready. Sambhav comes to him. Yuvani asks who are you. Sambhav says I m that man whom your mum did not love. I tied bomb to Yuvaan’s hand and it failed, you will not remember it, but today I will do something that you and your mum can’t forget. Suhani wakes up from this bad dream and shouts Yuvani. Yuvraaj sees Suhani worried. Suhani says I will not let Sambhav go to Yuvani.

Its morning, Suhani asks Yuvani to take training of self defence. Sambhav says whats Suhani doing. Suhani teaches Yuvani. Everyone come and look on. Suhani says girls want mind to win, not power. Sambhav says we will see. Yuvaan says he is challenging you, he does not know you are strong. Dadi asks whats this new drama. Yuvani says mumma is teaching me karate. Dadi says its fine, don’t wake up early tomorrow. Sambhav makes Suhani fine. Bhavna goes to help Suhani.

Sambhav asks Suhani to train herself then train others. He gives his hand to help. Suhani holds his hand and pushes him down. She says let enemy think he is powerful, he will not have all focus on you. Sambhav gets up and says not bad Suhani. Suhani recalls his cheap doings and gets angry. She beats him. He falls down. She asks him does he have to see more. Sambhav gets up angrily and asks did you get scared and lost so soon. Dadi looks on. Sambhav says this has just begun. He raises hand on her. Suhani stops his hand and twists his hand at his back. Pratima asks what are you doing. Suhani pushes him.

Everyone get shocked seeing Suhani and Yuvraaj fighting. Dadi smiles. Sambhav sees his nose bleeding and gets angry. Dadi goes to help Sambhav. She asks Pratima to bear this now as she has supported Suhani. Suhani says class over and goes. Bhavna asks how can you beat Yuvraaj. Suhani says I was training Yuvani, anyone can come wearing mask. Pratima asks what mask. Suhani says Sambhav cheated me by acting as friend, sorry, I did that for Yuvani. Dadi does Sambhav’s aid. Sambhav says why do I feel Suhani knows me that I m Sambhav. Dadi says she changed, she used to teach self defence in Goa, I just want to know where is Yuvraaj. He says let property come in my hands. She says I will transfer, you should thank me, if I did not stop Suhani from testing you, your secret would have come out. He says it can’t happen, Yuvraaj gave that test. Dadi tells this to Suhani. Suhani says it means Yuvraaj gave that test, he is fine.

Dadi says he is in this city, don’t know where. Suhani says I got Sambhav’s phone. She checks and sees message from his goon. She says its 3 days old message. Dadi asks her to message the goon to meet. Suhani says Sambhav is coming. Dadi hides. Sambhav comes. He asks for his phone. She says I did not see it. He says you looked great in anger, person should have some anger, it helps you in reaching destination. He gets her phone. She says sorry Yuvraaj if you got hurt, I hope I did not hurt your ego. He says no. She says your phone is not here. He calls on his number. She says your phone is not here. Dadi has his phone and hides in cupboard. He hears phone ringing. Dadi and Suhani worry.

Suhani fights with Sambhav’s goon. Dadi says Sambhav is calling again and again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Throw back #SUHANI…terrific n funny episode….but if sambhav was shown without mask it would havebeen outstanding…lol baby menka ki kami puri kar rahi hai?…cant believe suhani n dadi’s closeness…yuvraj seemed lyk a big buffon out there ?..yet hez fabulous…superb acting by YUVAANI

  2. Hehe,,,Dadi in cupboard,,,,,how she fit in the cupboard,,,,,Mmm,,,,,wonder what Sayyam will be doing now @ his nana’s place,,,,,

    1. So unfair!
      It’s suhani, suhani, suhani! Yuvraj, yuvraj, yuvraj!

      Where is Krishna and saiyyam ?
      What are they up too ?

      I am glad that I read update first, yesterday I wasted my time. 🙁

      Anyway, look like mo might win, because suhani said it’s only 3 days. On the show. Sorry (r).
      Or does that apply, is the bet on tv show weeks. Or real time weeks.
      :'( :'( Suhani better not think that saiyyam is involved with sambhav.
      We all know suhani is a bad mother.

      1. Shaanth ho jao meri bacchi,,,,Sayyam-Krishna ka vakth aa jaayega,,,,,,wonder what might they be doing at their nana’s place,,,,,2 din se ghaayaab he,,,,,atleast cvs shud show some Krish-Yyam scenes in b/w,,,,,,

        Suhani said 3 days???= 10 days in serial…..
        coz Somi said that Sahil(Yuvraj) took leave for 10 days and is on a vaction,,,,that means there z enough tym,,,,,
        so they can show tracks lyk-Some one getting kidnapped-Sambav revealing himself- Sayyam getting to know the truth-Sayyam helping Suhani-Yuvani/Yuvan/Krishna getting to knw the truth….e.t.c

        BTW,,,,nw I think that maybe Baby won’t do anything lyk that,,,,I thnk she now forgot that she married Yuvan for money,,,,,,coz her plan was to marry him and divorce him and then claim money as compensation

  3. superb! again, i loved maa beti scene(expected tis kind of scene) n even suhani fighting with sambhav. awesome ya.. thank god the cvs didnt forget suhani defense class. similarly like to see suhani saiyyam scenes..

  4. one thing is tat suhani taught self defense to everyone bt nt her own daughter n krishna? yuvani seems to be bold bt krishna s so soft tats y every1 cheats her..

  5. Love you saiyyam

    Suhani unfit to be a lead
    Most of the leads in other serials even try to be soft towards their enemy whereas suhani is mean to her own son and she is telling baby is bad yes I agree but first she has to see her own children then point finger towards others

  6. Nithu

    I think these days writers are eating…saraswati lehyam….thats the reason..yesterday and todays epi are good…our stong suhani is back..that too dadi is with her…the best 9ne can defeat them….

    1. yeaa that’s true,,,,it’s good to see them working together,,,bt can’t trust cvs,,,,

  7. Nice episode waiting for tomorrows plz show krishyyam scenes more

  8. krishna ? Sayyam

    Where the heck is Krishna and sayyam? I’m a stop watching it if they don’t come back tmw. And I hope something really romantic happens between them

    1. Same here! .I’ve been waiting to see saiyam and krishna’s scenes for the past 2 episodes and still waiting?…where r they? I’m so tired of suhani suhani suhani!!!!!!….

    2. saie Singh Jee

      Same here I only watch for KriYam

  9. saie Singh Jee

    Today’s episode is boring Why?….. because there is no KriYam in episode We want to see more of KriYam and their chemistry

  10. haha,,,that was one good epi….great that Dadi and Suhani made a team,,,,hope they will solve the problem soon

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