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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya and Suhani laughing about Menka’s bad stomach. They have a friendly talk and laugh. Rohan and Lata smile seeing them. Yuvraaj looks for the sweater Suhani gifted him. Dadi knocks the door. He thinks its Ramesh, and asks whom did you ask before touching my things. Dadi asks are you finding anything. He says nothing special, just clothes, what happened. She says this courier has come for you, Suhani has sent this for you and gives him the box. She leaves. He sees the memorable things and also his marriage CD. He recalls those moments and thinks Suhani has kept such small things safe for so many months. He thinks Suhani has sent marriage CD back and gets angry. Dadi and Rags smile seeing him. Rags says she has seen Rohan at Suhani’s home and this is true. Dadi

smiles and says I think destiny is with us.

Suhani and Soumya come for a walk and recall old times. Soumya hugs her and thinks she promises to get Suhani her love. She asks her not to believe Rags, Yuvraaj can’t send those things. Suhani says my mind is not working, I m not thinking of it. Soumya says she will go home. Suhani asks her to take care and leaves. Soumya thinks something. She calls someone. Dadi and Rags call Rohan.

Yuvraaj does not eat the food. Dadi calls Rohan and asks where is he staying. Rohan says he is staying at Suhani’s home. Dadi repeats it and Yuvraaj hears it. Rohan says he was hurt, they insisted and he stayed, he will leave. Dadi asks how can he stay there. Rohan says I m leaving from here today. Yuvraaj leaves. Dadi ends the call and Rags says congrats. Yuvraaj heard the talk, our plan is successful. Dadi says Rohan is leaving today, we have to do something.

Soumya meets Sharad and says she wants to unite Suhani and Yuvraaj, Rags and Menka are playing game, and now Rohan has come to stay there. He says what, did he get that home to stay. She says we should unite them, Suhani is hurt by seeing Yuvraaj supporting Dadi, did you tell him what Dadi said, you have to tell him, he does not care for Suhani. Sharad says he is nice, he likes Suhani. She says I know, but we have to remind him. He asks how. She asks him to get Yuvraaj outside, she will make Yuvraaj realize he likes Suhani.

Rohan tells Pankaj that he is leaving now, he got extra love from them so he stayed for long, Suhani has caught him in her friendship. He jokes and asks Suhani to keep smiling, and never stop her lectures. He starts leaving. Some officials come there and tell Pankaj about the blame of cheat on him. Pankaj and everyone say its wrong. Pankaj says I did not do any wrong work till date. The man says he is suspended till the blame is cleared off his name. They get shocked.

Yuvraaj comes home. Soumya and Sharad see Yuvraaj and start fighting. Yuvraaj sees them and says what are they doing here. Sharad supports Yuvraaj and Soumya talks in Suhani’s favor. She says Suhani’s hand got burnt while working in kitchen and she is admitted in city hospital. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Sharad says I can’t promise, Yuvraaj said he has nothing to do with Suhani. Yuvraaj says Suhani in city hospital and gets sad….

Sharad and Soumya see Yuvraaj worried for Suhani and hope their plan works. The officers ask Pankaj to sign on the papers. Suhani says check it first. They ask her to be away from this and Pankaj agrees to sign. Rohan stops him. They ask Rohan not to interfere. Rohan asks them to show their ID. The men get tensed and asks who is he. Rohan says I m Pankaj’s lawyer. The men say we have IDs and stop some paper there. Rohan asks where is the badge, what happened, tell me your names, from which department are you all. The men sign and run from there. Pankaj gets unwell. Suhani and Bhavna get worried. Lata gives him water.

Pankaj says I took tension. Suhani says its all fine. Rohan says they were fraud people. He checks the papers and says its good you did not sign, its written that you accept all the blames. Lata thanks Rohan for saving Pankaj again like an angel, else don’t know what would have happened. She sees the chit fallen there and checks it. She says its someone’s number. Bhavna says I will call and see. She gets shocked seeing its Yuvraaj’s number. Yuvraaj gets Pankaj’s missed call and thinks of Soumya’s words.

Yuvraaj thinks maybe Suhani called me. Bhavna says how did frauds got Yuvraaj’s number. Rohan says maybe he has send the frauds as he is annoyed with Suhani. Pankaj says no, he can’t do this, I know him well. Suhani says we will take you to city hospital. Pankaj says Yuvraaj….

Soumya gets stunned seeing Suhani at city hospital. Suhani asks what is she doing here. Soumya sees Yuvraaj coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so booooooooooring episode

  2. what a crap

  3. if the writers cannot write a proper script,please dont ,its very shameful to write this stupidities and screen on tv

  4. Ye drama kab khatam hoga aur kab hoga yuvani ka milan?

  5. Wat is happening now leave Suhani alone she is better off without yuvraaj

  6. Please please please suhani si ek ladki end karo..really hopeless serial.

    1. If u don’t want to watch this serial means don’t watch y r u telling end this show

      Comment edited.

      1. Because it useless story better to start a new serial instead i think u are the director

  7. I hate that old woman…this show is annoying with so much simple misunderstanding that can be cleared if people start talking to the other person involved instead of second hand information and assuming wrong…

  8. Let the games begin. 🙂

  9. sandra s thannickal

    mein ye serial ko bahud like karthi thi.Ab kya chal raha hai.Us ganthi old aurath ko pehalae khar se nikalana chahiyae.Yuvini ka milan kab hoga? I’M WAITING

  10. I’m waiting for yuvani Milan and plz dadi should die she is such a naagin??

  11. What a stupid writer! He have to learn from other shows. He could write many beautiful scenes about their separation.But this writer has zero talent. He has no imaginary talent.Even we audience can imagine many scenes after their separation.

    1. ABSOLUTELY WELL SAID JOBA. this writer has zero talent to narrate the story beautifully. the screenplay is absurd. its like a small kid making gravy by dropping in all vegetables as a whole and uncooked dal and unsoaked imli. i think even that would be a little better than the way the writer of this serial is trying to putting in things. HEIGHT OF RUBBISHNESS. PLEASE END THE SHOW OR AT LEAST CHANGE THE WRITER.

  12. This drama is so boring from day one they have to stop this is not happen in real life stop making this no one believe there daughter in law

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