Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya saying she made salad for him. Yuvraaj says I m not hungry. Dadi stops him. He says I m tired and want to rest. Dadi says I will give something that will relieve of your tiredness, let Saurabh come and asks Rags and Anuj. She asks everyone about him. Sharad says I will call and ask. She says no, its already late, and gives a gift to Yuvraaj. He takes the envelope and sees divorce agreement. He says divorce papers and everyone is shocked.

Suhani looks at Yuvraaj. Dadi asks him not to wait and sign the papers. She gives the pen. He looks on and says no Dadi, I will not sign on these papers. Dadi asks what. Soumya gets angry and comes to him. Dadi asks why will you not sign. He says I made divorce papers earlier. Dadi says but I made it today. He says you are

doing so much for me, I made the papers yesterday and signed on it. Soumya smiles and says thank God, I was scared, where are those papers.

He says Sharad, you have it right. Sharad says what, and yes, you gave me. Yuvraaj says give it to Dadi, she will keep it safe. Soumya asks Suhani did she also sign. Dadi asks Suhani to answer Soumya, did she sign. Suhani says no. Dadi asks why. Sharad says I m not getting the papers. Dadi says he has hidden it so that Suhani can’t sign on it and asks Yuvraaj. He says I was waiting for right time. Soumya asks what right time.

Dadi asks him to sign on these papers now. Saurabh comes and says sorry Sharad, I did not tell you I took the papers for legal corrections in papers. Sharad says you should have told me, and Yuvraaj shows the papers to Dadi. She smiles seeing his signs on it. He asks Suhani to take it and sign. Suhani cries and signs on the papers.

Saurabh tells Pratima how they planned to skip the real divorce papers. Sharad says we were going to say Dadi that we already made the papers. Pratima asks why did they take Suhani’s sign on it. Yuvraaj says its fake papers, I made it to show Dadi, so that she does not make the real ones, I have given papers for correction to Saurabh and this all happened, else I would have given Dadi before. Pratima says I wish Dadi does not do anything again.

He says my next plan will fail Dadi’s every plan. Saurabh asks what is he planning. He says I will tell tomorrow morning. She says Dadi should realize she is doing wrong. He says first I will show Soumya, that its not her what wants, and she can never get it.

Its morning, Dadi says I got sweets as its big day for Birla family. Soumya comes and hugs Dadi. Rags says I think you got extra energy by Suhani’s divorce. Dadi says don’t taunt her Rags, so I got all the sweets. Menka comes home and is glad seeing the sweets. She says Dadi did this to welcome her and gets happy. Dadi gives sweets to Suhani and says congrats for your divorce. Menka is shocked. Suhani takes the sweets.

Pratima says its not done till now. Anuj says he is going in fitness competition. Menka says she just came and he is going. He tells Dadi that Allahabaad Adarsh Nari competition is again going to be held. They laugh on Rags and Menka. Rags says this time, Soumya will take part and Birlas will win. Anuj says Suhani will win. Saurabh says Anuj is right, Suhani can make us win easily. Dadi sees the list. Soumya says I should take part as I m becoming bahu.

Dadi says why is Suhani’s name in list instead of Soumya. Pratima says Suhani can take part. Dadi says no, she does not have any right here. Suhani asks why, I m still Yuvraaj’s legal wife and Birla’s bahu, I just signed on divorce papers, it did not happen yet. Menka says Suhani has answered Dadi and taunts on Dadi. Dadi says Suhani you think you are smart, I will make them include Soumya’s name in this list. They leave.

Yuvraj and Sharad come and he asks how is his plan. Pratima asks is this your plan. Yuvraaj says I did not say Suhani anything. Saurabh asks how did Suhani know then. Yuvraaj says she always knows everything and smiles.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj why is this imp for Dadi to win competition. He says her ego is imp. Dadi asks Soumya to win.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i luv this serial

  2. Soumya u are really wicked u don’t care about ur friend happiness DT so bad u are happy bcOs divorce paper u are original devil, idiot, evil etc

  3. Lub yew yavraj and suhani!! And dadi n soumya get lost!!

  4. even if its for money.. how can a girl be so wicked to snatch her friend’s husband.. best friend’s* husband actually!!!

  5. Gud one!
    Btr dn dt boring ipkknd2….

  6. Love the way suhani answer dadi back
    But it high time now we want that soumya out of that house just hurry up yuvraj and get rid of that witch she just irritiate me just cant stand her she is not marry to yuvraj yet but it look like she want to rule him

  7. A few episodes ago when soumya was irritate red with dadi she said if sheets the bahu of BH the she would take yuvraj away from the house and live seperatly if dadi heard that she would’ve never let soumya become bahu and I read in the spoilers that dadi will insult Krishna and soumya will be angry that dadi insulted Him and I think soumya likeskrishnastill but because of dadi she can’t think right the only thing she loves about yuvraj is his money and she’s so greedy if she could stand up for krishna then it obviously means that she still loves him it can’t decide who to be with because dadi keeps manipulating soumya ugh it’s so irritating

  8. Irritated* if she was the bahu*

  9. All other written updates can b late but ssel updates are never late i guess they have the script ready;)

  10. i like the story very much so interesting

  11. pony, u r a baby horse ha ha

  12. Wat a boring episode n how long will it take for soumya to get the hell out of birla house

  13. This show is good because the evil doers are always planning and conniving but never get too far as they good guys always comes up with an answer, it also stayed with the originality of the story line and hasn’t brought in new people with no connection to the story…that’s what you call entertainment…not like some of those shows with half baked stories being thrown together to make a mishmash serial.

  14. I now love this series then ever before. . Suhani you are my favorite. .!!♥♡ go girl you deserve it.

    1. Not you alone i love this story more than any thing.

  15. I hate soumya. Can you believe she would do that to her own best friend and if it weren’t for suhani she woulsn’t have been in that house. Yuvvraj should really teach her a good lesson,which she would remember all her life. I


  16. I love this serial because this is a team effort to get rid of soumya and done in such a way that dadi n soumya do not even realise it. I think this is yuvraajs way of showing that he loves suhani

  17. what a lovely serial and the story is going too good these days <3<3<3

  18. Who r u suchi ,u r comentng by usng my name use ur real name

  19. I love ths serial and ipkknd2 thy bth rockzzzz……..

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