Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Bhavna does she not trust him. Bhavna tells Pratima that she trusts Sharad, he can never hurt her. She says but we know Soumya’s limits, she can do anything, I don’t trust her. Rags and Menka smile. Soumya asks Sharad to trust her, if Dadi makes me leave from this house by this misunderstanding, what about Krishna. Suhani shuts windows and door and tries to crack locker code. She applies some cream to the locker and says I will remove that watch from Yuvaan’s hand till evening.

Yuvraaj comes to meet Suhani. She opens door and says Sambhav….. He says I think I spoiled your mood, were you expecting someone else. She says no, come. He asks where is aunty and uncle. She says they went out and Yuvaan went to play. He asks and Sambhav. She says

he went to get cake for Yuvaan. He asks her to come and sit. She says you please leave, Sambhav does not like your coming here. He asks why, do you also think its wrong, what happened to you, not as ex-wife or friend, you can tell your problem just like this. She asks him does he want to know her problem, he is her problem, I don’t want to do friendship. He asks why did you tell RJ that friendship means Yuvraaj for you. She asks how do you know. He says I was that RJ, you are confusing things, if I m your friend, why did you ask me to leave, you lied, you said if we are together, we can solve any problem. She says yes I lied, because I love you, when I see you, I can’t move on in life and get back, so you leave from here. He says fine Suhani, I m going. She cries.

He opens the door and sees Sambhav. Sambhav gets shocked seeing him, and says Yuvraaj, come we will have cake. Yuvraaj says no, I have some work and leaves. Sambhav angrily stares at Suhani.

Soumya cries and worries. Krishna comes and asks why are you crying, tell me the problem. Sharad comes and tells Krishna that there is no problem, some people are troubling Soumya, don’t worry, I will make things fine, Krishna go and play, I will make your mumma smile. Krishna goes. Sharad tells Soumya that Dadi wants a reason, we will give her that reason. He asks Soumya to come and help her.

Rags and Menka talk about framing Soumya and now she has to leave from home. Sharad and Soumya record them. Rags slips and Menka holds her. Sharad takes pics. Sharad and Soumya smile. Suhani looks for Sambhav. She shuts windows and checks locker. She sees the four digits different and gets code. She opens locker and takes the remote. Sambhav comes there and she gets tensed. She drops the remote.

Everyone sit to have lunch. They all see pics of Rags and Menka in awkward pose. Pratima asks whats all this. Sharad says its Rags and Menka’s truth, which they have hidden till now. Menka says stop nonsense, we are married and happy with our husbands. Sharad says so what, world is bad. Rags says shut up, I slipped and was holding Menka. Sharad asks what, if everyone can see Soumya and my truth in pics, can’t we see your truth in this. Soumya says I did not do anything, Rags and Menka took pics when Sharad was helping me. Sharad says yes, Rags and Menka did wrong, so we did this. Pratima says Sharad is right, Rags did wrong to ruin house peace to take revenge from Soumya, its good Bhavna trusts Sharad, else what would have happened. Bhavna requests Rags to stop playing games and ruining peace.

Sambhav ties Suhani. She asks won’t I try to free my son, what did you think. He says every try will get you punished, I know you will do something, so I kept fake remote in locker. He says I have to do something of your lovely hands and holds her. He says if you try to do anything next time, you will remember this punishment. She asks him to open her, you captured a little boy, you are cheap father. He says you are cheap wife, why did Yuvraaj come to meet you, you love someone when you have a husband, you called him, you are a liar, you will get punished.

He looks at the iron and heats it. She gets scared. He takes the hot iron. She says no Sambhav and struggles. He says nothing will happen. She cries and says no…. He holds her hand and burns her hand by the hot iron. She screams and cries.

Later, Lata asks Suhani to get up. Lata cries seeing her hand burnt. Suhani gets conscious. Lata asks Sambhav to come fast. Sambhav gets the ice bag and ass why do you work carelessly, how did you burn hand while pressing clothes, I will call doctor. Suhani cries and hugs Lata. Lata asks her to think of Yuvaan, what will he go through seeing you like this. Suhani says I will be careful. Sambhav says doctor is not answering. Suhani gets first aid kit and says I don’t need any doctor, I will manage. She applies ointment on her hand.

Suhani asks the man is everything fine. Sambhav shoots the man. Suhani gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Horrible episode … suhani could have told everything to yuvraj … they are just fooling the viewers … disgusting on the part of cv to show these …I quit watching this disgusting show

  2. What happened to the spoiler of dadi reuniting yuvraj and Suhani on their Facebook page? When is that going to happen? When will yuvraj know what sambhav is doing to Suhani? Sick of this track now.

  3. Arshitha

    Fr d 1st tym I enjoyed d track in Birla’s house. Shared used his brain.
    When they 1st introduced Sambhav hr was a nice n sweet person who loved yuvaan n suhani unconditionally. Later just to elevate Yuvi’s character they turned him from bad to sadist n finally a murderer.
    I’m watching it jus fr d reunion. If they kill yuvi then I’ll definitely stop watching this crap. Not even d updates.
    In SNS they killed Ahem, when trp dropped they made(begged) him comeback as a lookalike.
    Why such illogical storyline, when they can avoid it beforehand?
    Same thing may happen to SSEL if d trp drops

    1. Yaa u r right.. if they ll kill yuvi. Not only trp ll drop.. bt they ll hav to end the show..

  4. What rubbish is happening in this serial

  5. Now it has become saathiya part2….juz lyk gopi killed radha and leap happened..same way suhani kills sambhav…yuvraj tho useless ban chuka hain….suhani jail jaayegi….sahil will be replaced by someother person…yuvaan yuvani…unki murder maa ko hate karenge….der will be no yuvani for sure….end mein yuvani fans ko mila baabaji ka thullu….seriously bot feeling lyk fighting for yuvani anymore….its all over…

  6. Such rubbish drama now. Should be stopped now. Wasting time. Thx Dadi ur precious grandson life is in danger by getting sambhav here. Also how did sambhav stop taking pictures? What’s the reason for his psycho. Y is it dragging. Y doesn’t yuvraj figure out suhani language that she still loves him and can’t do anything without his help. Y does lata always think the bad is good?

  7. Please no leap

  8. cvs are a bunch of criminals. never ever have seen such a horrible serial.

  9. stop this shit immediatly we dont want telecast these type of serials

  10. I m pretty sure that all this bullshit is happening coz of offscreen matters of d actors…now i completely regret being their fan….wasting my tym on this shit….so mean..too much unprofessionlism ki actors r quitting…..go to hell…u ppl dont value ur fans emotions…think of those ppl who have done a lot for u….many n night thought of u….supported ur show…made it a success despite of zero promotion…i consider myself small in front of those ardent fans…still waiting for d things dey dont even get…..

    1. Yaa i completely agree with u…

    2. totally agree with you..

  11. Crap track!! End it

  12. QueenB

    How stupid are you Suhani
    Why didn’t you tell Yuvraaj real quickly about Sambhav
    WHat are you trying to prove
    These writers makes no sense at times

  13. How much r u going to show this nonsense plzzzz asap end evil sambhav track n if leap takes place sahil n rajshri must be thr in ssel if not no one is going to watch ssel coz they r life of ssel

  14. And wat kind of mother is lata cant she doubt sambhav suhani is getting injured by tat devil sambhav and she gives credit of best son in law cvs dont think fans r fools whatever blo*dy crap u show will enjoy ot plzzzz dont copy other shows if no story end ssel n unite yuvani

  15. Yuvraj responsible for all dis….when suhani was wid him..he never cared for her….always took her for granted….never trusted her…n now showing fake concern……suhani gave so many tests to prove herself and faced soooany trouble….n she was always blamed for doing good….. yuvraj never stood by her side….n now creating trouble…..I don’t want reunion….not bcz I doesnt want to see suhani happy..but yuvraj doesn’t deserve such a nice heart

  16. Ruksy plz read this sh*t plz stop this plz plz plz no this cant happen

    1. Arshitha

      Oh no!!! Alrdy there was 5 yrs leap n now it’s 15. That means suhani vl b in her mid or late 40s. I hoped dadi would chng atleast when she was saved frm her twin. But NO. If d leap is confirmed I’ll quit watching it. But I sincerely pray dat evil dad shouldn’t be there post leap.
      SSEL is gonna b SNS-2

  17. what a ridiculous epi ……… guys i had still hope that before they unite yuvani. i really don’t want this leap,i think because this leap only sahil is going to quite the show.

  18. Nithu

    omg….its not my ssel..which i love to the core of my heart…

  19. Can someone give Sambhav one sharp kick up his ugly face

  20. I think the leap is almost confirmed as tellychakkar has also reported the same as it is confirmed with the producers . Wen they can handle the current track in a better way ,y r they going for a leap. I think this show Shud be renamed as Savdhaan India.

  21. 2days episode is just bakwaas…hi all m new here…

  22. Whatever sambhav doing to Suhani should happen to sambhav. Waiting for it.

  23. What sort of message are the writers portraying? That it’s fine to treat people like sambhav is? When will Lata realise that something is wrong? When is dadi going to reunite Suhani and yuvraj or is that not going to happen? Please end this serial and show something else. Really bored of this track.

  24. Aqsxxh

    guys read my new post, its about this track and comment everything you hate about the serial on it! Then it would be good if you sent the episode link to starplus! WE NEED CHANGE

  25. How much more suhani has to go true plz tell yuvraj

  26. Day by day Suhani si ek ladki is becoming horrible criminal show. Writers should stop this show if they don’t know to show happy family love stories. Kahan dey kahan story ley jaa rahey writers. Koi sense nahi yeh gatiya show dekhna nahi chahiye. Stop all this bakwas producers. You are spoiling fans of this show. If writers can’t show something good then they should stop this show completely. Kick this pig criminal sambhav out of this show as soon as possible. Writers producers kuch bi sensible nahi dikhatey show mein. Business chodkey sambhav itney paisey kaisey kama leta hai jo criminals ki tarah kharcha karta hai. Pura din business chodey koi gharpey baith sakta hai kya. All bakwas.

    1. Its a ridiculous show with zero logic….

  27. Do something and stop leap pleade

  28. P.N. Bhargava

    The more Shambhava tries the most stupid he becomes and hates negative character.Suhani should kick him in his antsn

  29. Plsssss Hegde and others. Don’t take leap ……yuvraj suhani ko reunite karke happy ending kariye.budda buddi nahi dekhna….hasi ,masti wali suhani ko dekhne ke liye humsab taras gaye hai.plzzzzzz do some for viewers…..

  30. You do not see Movies more than 3 hours; similarly TV Serials should not be more than 60-80-100 to keep sanity of Serial. As you will not make movie more than 3 hours and rather re-introduce same as Part 2 and Part 3; it is about time Producer – Director – Story Writers – and All Characters have to end Serial then move forward for Another Story and another Serial.

    As now this serial has really become BAKWAS.. just end it within 1 week wrapping up by sending Sambhav in jail or meeting death in car or truck accident…re-uniting rest in family to live happily ever after. Yes Producer – Director – Story writers can be creative to create another show.. you do not get un-employed … you move forward with something New.

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