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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags asking Menka to come with her. She says I feel some big drama is going to happen, come on, lets go. Menka is tensed for some other matter. Yuvani tells Soumya that this doll is best, her hair are so good, quality will be good too. Soumya is angry and asks Yuvani why did she take this doll, when that aunty takes you from here, then you will know. Yuvani says I found this doll different and gets sad. Soumya says sorry, I m afraid to lose you, that aunty is bad, she wants to take you from here, but you are smart, don’t get confused.

Yuvaan comes and asks Yuvani to come with her and play game. Soumya tells Yuvani that Suhani gets angry when you throw things. Yuvani nods. Sharad asks the kids to make their dolls walk and he will say which one won. Rags tells Menka

that something will happen now, as Soumya and Suhani are at same place. Yuvani says I said my doll is best. Krishna says my doll will win. Yuvani’s doll stops. Krishna and Yuvaan jump happily. Suhani tells Yuvani that I told you your doll quality is not good. Krishna wins. Suhani says we value good thin, person should have beautiful heart, whats the use when heart is not good and person is beautiful.

Suhani signs Yuvani. Pratima gets a rose. Suhani says thing should not be seen, your friend gave you rose as she wanted to see you happy, you should see intentions. Yuvani takes the rose and doll. Soumya stares at her. Suhani says having good face does not mean that person is good. Yuvani throws Krishna’s doll.

Everyone get shocked. Yuvani says I don’t like roses, I don’t like why anyone gets roses. She misbehaves again and goes. Soumya smiles. Pratima goes to Suhani and asks her not to be sad. Suhani says I don’t know why my daughter became like this. Pratima says she is raised differently, she is Yuvraaj’s daughter, you know Dadi’s love for her. Soumya comes there and cries. Suhani asks what happened. Soumya says I failed Suhani, I m very bad mum, you are bearing punishment of my mistake, you leave from here, everyone will get normal, I will manage Yuvani. Suhani says you gave good upbringing, Krishna is the proof, Daid has spoiled Yuvani, I will change her, we both will manage her.

Suhani says maybe you won’t go against Dadi to support me, but I will go against Dadi. Pratima asks Soumya not to worry for Yuvani. Suhani says I m her mum and have to change her. Rags tells Dadi what happened today. Dadi asks Menka to call Yuvani, I will end this story today. Rags says Suhani does not leave trying till she succeeds. Dadi says I m just worried for Yuvani. Yuvani comes. Dadi tells her that you did right, some people will tell you beauty will be imp, but then world will find you useless. Yuvani asks Dadi to explain this to Krishna, she is angry and not talking to me, thinking I m wrong. Dadi asks Soumya why is Krishna not talking to Yuvani, I will talk to her. Soumya says I will talk to Krishna, don’t worry.

Sharad and Saurabh play with Snoopi. Suhani thinks what to do to explain Yuvani that she is thinking wrong. Yuvaan writes Suhani’s name in family tree. Krishna says Suhani and Yuvani’s name is similar, even your and Yuvani’s names are very similar. He says yes, strange. They continue game. She writes father’s name Yuvraaj and asks Yuvaan how will he write father’s name in the box now. Dadi comes and scolds Krishna.

Suhani sees snoopi and gets some idea. Krishna says Yuvani broke my doll. Dadi says I will give new doll to you, go. Krishna leaves. Dadi throws the book. Suhani comes and picks it. she sees the family tree. Dadi tells Yuvaan that if names are similar, it does not mean there is relation, go and sleep. Pratima asks Dadi why did she say so. Suhani says its fine, no need to tell children. Dadi says let us raise Yuvani our way, stop interfering in her life, as we are not interfering in Yuvaan’s life.

Krishna cries and asks Soumya why did Dadi scold me. Soumya says Yuvani is unwell, you are her sister and not talking to her. Krishna says this time it was her mistake, she broke my doll and spoke rude with aunty. She says sometimes loved ones do mistake, we should forgive them, forgive Yuvani for my sake. Krishna says if Yuvani feels I m not good, then… Yuvani hears them and cries. She leaves.

Menka gives some envelop to a man. Rags asks her what are you doing here at this time. Menka makes excuses. Rags stops her and asks are you hiding anything. Menka worries.

Its morning, Suhani asks Snoopi to help her and not clean himself of this powder till her work is done. She sends Snoopi to Yuvani. Yuvani asks what happened to snoopi. Suhani says he got old. Yuvani says he is not looking good, I don’t want him. Yuvaan says even Dadi got old. Yuvani says Dadi maintains herself. Suhani asks shall we send this away. Saurabh says I m going office. Suhani asks him to drop Snoopi somewhere. Yuvani says I don’t snoopi cute, I don’t want him here. Yuvaan asks shall we keep him. Sharad says yes, we will take him. Yuvani says I want good looking dog. Dadi tells Yuvani that just best thing comes in our house, the thing which does not look has no place in our house. She looks at Suhani and taunts.

Yuvani tells about fancy dress competition. Daid says we are doing this since three years. Suhani says win or lose, we should be happy. Rags taunts Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is getting really irritating especially soumyas character I wish yuvraaj comes soon and yuvani comes to know suhani is her real mum

  2. The story has become poor quality

  3. Omg!!! This is really irritating….let yuvraj enter the story and yuani should soon know about her real mom

  4. I think menka’s kid is not her real baby. She even treats him like she didn’t give birth to him. AND SOUMYA OH LORD SHE IS SO TWO FACED. IN FRONT OF YUVANI SHE TALKES BAD ABOUT SUHANI AND IN FRONT OF SUHANI SHE SHOWS SYMPATY. UGHH THIS SOUMYA IS SO IRRITATING?

  5. Yes boring story. ….first story took its way like suhani stuck character she became stone bt the way she is behaving in birla house is wat she waa before even worst. …so sad…nt happy for this track wats going on

  6. I wanted yuvani should reunite soon…

  7. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Like Suhani said she cahnged her looks – but she does not like it so she never sees the mirror. But from her heart she is still the old Suhani but she has lost all her playfulness only sadness fills her …except for Yuvan! That is why she is still not able to stand against Dadi….

    I think she should take Snoopi and Yuvani and leave from there! She should file a case against Birlas for lying to her about her child. And should win the custody of Yuvani and should go away with her before Yuvraj comes back…. After all Yuvani is not gaining anything by staying there.

    Let Yuvraj and Soumya live there in the Birla house happily….. Suhani should move on with her life…somebody please bring Sambhav back… it is painful to see Suhani all alone while Yuvraj, Soumya and Birlas are having a gala time at her expense….its time they repent…. i think its time for Yuvraj’s(Sahil’s vacation is almost over) return….we should be seeing him in the coming week but before that Suhani will leave the Birla house….wonder who will tell him about her and Yuvan…i guess Pratima would…. or Yuvani and Krishna would be mistake tell about her and Yuvan… it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds there after…. but before Yuvraj comes in i think Sambhav should come in to Suhani’s life….let Yuvraj suffer the way Suhani has all these years and days to see her with another man… who is by far better than him! i just want Yuvraj’s character to suffer till the end of this serial… Suhani should move on and find her true love!

  8. #unitesubhav. At last, I total agree with you. You have taking the words out of my mouth, I am crying, so happy. Thank You! 🙂

  9. Lol! How can she put her make up, if she never sees the mirror? haha!
    Everytime i’m reading the updates, i’m praying that Yuvraj and Suhani does not unite, i want to see Sambhav, i like his character more than Yuvraj, they should have made some Sambhav-Suhani’s scene instead of this boring story! I’m very disapointed by this serial

    1. yea…i too thought of the same

  10. I really think that yuvraj should come back and the kids should learn the truth somehow either by mistake or pratima telling him. Why should dadi always have her way. Also I too think menka has probably adopted her son and is paying someone, where is her husband? I hope dadi finds out soon somehow and too that yuvraj and soumya aren’t really married and Suhani has a right to what happens in birla house.

    1. Yes I either want subhav or yuvani…but not somraj….I agree yuvi has to.suffer end of serial..what she loss

  11. I feel so sorry for Suhani. In the face of so much disrespect from almost everyone at Birla House, she still maintains her dignity and with composure she takes it all in her stride.

    I want to see Suhani happy, smiling again. I wish her life to be filled with love and that Yuvraaj has to learn the truth about his cute son Yuvaan.

    I am sensing that there will be lots of pain for Suhani if she stays at Birla House. This pain will only be alleviated and when every one learns the truth about Yuvraaj and Soumya’s fake marriage

    What an evil friend Soumya – she does not deserive a good friend like Suhani. She is now categorised with Rags and Dadi devils

    1. Dear agree I don’t know why everyone wants subhav…..why kid’s not united soon…

  12. I think suhani should start being nice n loving toward krishna n see wat yuvani will do

  13. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    Good news…Good news….Good news everybody…. Yuvraj(Sahil himself has confirmed) should be back soon… maybe in a couple of days or so…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 so just hang in there!!! Keep supporting Yuvani….. But he will need to perform a miracle to revive things on SSEL now…..too much damage has been done…..audience has lost interest! but we still need Sambhav on…. Let Yuvraj and Sambhav fight it out! Why should Suhani fight always….i hope Yuvraj sees the difference between Yuvan and Yuvani and gives Yuvani to Suhani saying he failed as her parent … that will get him all of the audience’s love, sympathy and support…. then they will want Yuvraj and Suhani back together! Else it should be Subhav… what say???

    1. Thank god…..missed him verymuch… again a week wid this stupid soumya’s drama.

    2. and that’s a good idea….

  14. I hate irritating, selfish witch saumya and Dadi. They can never be honest to anyone . saumya can never be a good mother, good wife good dil and good friend same like Dadi . they both are horrible. Yuvraj and Suhani should stay together happily with their children yuvani and yuvan. Pratima and yuvraj should leave Birla house they should stay with suhani so that’s Dadi been left all alone ans realise her mistake

  15. But I really feels…ie yuvani will unite at end….because I have feeling ie somu.may die at the end…or her own.daughter attached to.suhani instead of somu…she say here nobody love me…even u whn yuvani dng wrong u supports her m.dadi

  16. Maybe Menka’s kid is nt her own kid and maybe Dadi will come to knw the truth also she may come to know that Yuvi and somu is nt married so she may decide to keep yuvan wid dem …as there is no other waris

  17. Can anyone tel me who is Sambhav?? SORRY i dont comment here…..

    1. Sambav is Suhani’s assistant…

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