Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj crying and thinking of Suhani. Sambhav tells Yuvaan that he is going to become his dad, and Suhani and I are marrying. Yuvaan gets glad. Suhani takes their pic. Yuvraaj stops the car and sees a drunkard man. Yuvaan says we will take the selfie. Sambhav asks Suhani to come. They take selfie. Yuvaan goes to everyone and tells them that he got a dad. Soumya asks him what is he saying. Yuvaan says mumma agreed to marry Sambhav. They all get shocked.

Soumya asks are you sure. Yuvaan says yes, mumma and Sambhav told me. Suhani comes. Pratima asks kids to leave. Yuvaan hugs her and goes to play with children. Menka says I won’t go anywhere, I m writing novel on them. Suhani says I was going to tell you Maa, Yuvaan told this way. Pratima says if Yuvraaj can move

on, Suhani can also move on. Soumya congratulates Suhani.

Sambhav comes and gets the ring for Suhani. He says I don’t need any ceremony to show my love, I will make Suhani wear the ring now itself. He holds her hand and the ring drops, falling near Yuvraaj’s feet. Yuvraaj picks the ring and gives to Sambhav. Pratima asks where were you. Yuvraaj says I went out for some work. He gives the ring and goes.

Bhavna and Suhani go and see some clothes, while having a talk. Suhani goes to change. Sambhav tells Soumya that Suhani is marrying me just for Yuvaan, its just a compromise. Soumya says no, she will like you being with you. He says yes, I know, whats why I agreed.

Sharad asks Yuvraaj are you fine, where did you go. Yuvraaj says I m fine, you don’t know I don’t need any wine to lessen my sadness, don’t worry.

Pratima does aarti of Suhani and Sambhav, and blesses them to be happy always. Sambhav promises to keep Suhani happy always. He makes Suhani wear the ring. Suhani also makes him wear the ring and is upset. Yuvaan is happy that he has a father now. Yuvraaj comes and asks whats happening, there is no music and masti, what will people say, no one looks happy. he gets the men with gifts and sweets.

He gives sweets to Sharad, Saurabh and others. They all get shocked seeing Yuvraaj’s happiness. Yuvraaj hides his pain and pretends to be happy. He gives sweets to Suhani and smiles. He then gives sweets to Sambhav and kids. He hugs Yuvaan and gifts him. Yuvani and Krishna ask for their gifts. Yuvraaj gifts them and Golu too. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he is very happy and wants Suhani and Sambhav to be happy. He gifts them. Suhani looks at him. He smiles and sees Soumya.

Suhani hugs Pratima and is leaving. She asks Pratima to take care of Yuvraaj, Yuvaan and Sambhav love each other and this happened. Pratima clarifies that Yuvraaj was unwell that day and had medicine effect so he could not help Yuvaan. Suhani says I understand Yuvraaj, but Sambhav made special relation with Yuvaan, my happiness is in Yuvaan’s happiness. Pratima says yes, I know this, but I lost being your mum in law, but I won being your mum, I m happy in your happiness. Suhani says I hope you will be with me in this decision, I m leaving now, I have to go some day. Pratima cries.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that you will get married in this house, like you and Soumya thought in childhood, to get married on same day in same mandap. Soumya and Suhani get puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It was sad to see Yuvi faking happiness…really felt bad for yuvANI,,,,,and I thnk Yuvi decided to marry SoumyaNagin,,,,Uffff

    1. I feel like I’m watching mujhse dosti karoge movie.. sindoor exchange blah blah

      1. time tobstop this shitty crappy serial

  2. Sarayumane

    This is highly ridiculous now, I can’t tolerate this crap any more

    1. yo , me tooo

      1. Getting annoying, ridiculous and unnecessary continuation.Then boring!!.

  3. suhani stayed there to get married..nonsense

  4. suhani still has the time to go back to her normal life like before

  5. Today’s episode is awesome.yuvraj crying for suhani…….is ass really good.precap is good.i think now yuvraj will make a move to get suhani back.

  6. Ab yeh kya huwaa? kahiiin woh drunkard Krishna to nehin thaa? twists on twists in this serial. Har roz nayyaa naatak?

    1. no yaar,,it was someone else,,,,not Krishna

  7. guys is Yuvraj going to marry Suhani???

    1. Obviously have you ever see a Indian serial where the leads don’t get back together after a leap…No right.

  8. good time got pay back I hope somu ends up with Sambhar then it wol be every good ending

  9. aaj ka episode …anshu aa gaya yaar… Yuvraaj kab samjhega soumya kitni slfsh hai???
    i want yuvaani jodi back…

  10. AAYUSH

    But i think yuvraj deserves this only.he never trusted suhani he always think what his daadi says is true so let him suffer now because after sometime it will be yuvani only so let yuvraj bear some pain till then so that he could understand what suhani went through

  11. i think yuvraj was planing something secret to get back suhani….
    defintly i sure suhani ill get back to yuvi’s life not sambhav

  12. Yuv gng to marry sowmiya

  13. Hmm poor yuvraj. Its s punishment for him which he really deserves he can directly tell d marriage truth to suhani now also but lazy fellow always either over reacts r else keeps quite. U can’t see that st###d soumya winning over our intelligent nd talented suhani

  14. This serial actual name should be “dosth bani southan”, “syhani ki zindagi ka kanta”, “pathi patni aur southan”,”bla bla bla……..;

  15. Nithu

    No ruby i read in one of spoulers dat subhav n yuvi somu marriage will be in same mandap?

    1. noo,,then it’s better to end the serial,,,yuvANI will unite,,,hope so

  16. I’m watching this serial after a long time. Can someone tell me if yuvaan and yuvani know the thruth about their parents??

    1. nopeee…

    2. no Rani,,they don’t knw

  17. I hope and pray the drunkard will be Krishna. But before then, I want Yuraaj to feel the pain of always doubting on suhani

    1. No yaar,,,that was not Krishna

  18. Think it will be a double wedding Suhani and Soumya as brides

  19. yuvaraj thinking to marry soumya but it endup soumya marrying sambhav 🙂

    1. Soumya can’t marry Sambav,,,he z so sweet,,,Soumya don’t deserve him,,,bt want yuvANI in the end

      1. yeah sambhav is good but ithappens no other choice

  20. If tht man ws krishna thn sambhv is going to lose suhani…

  21. i want suhani and all to know abt soumya dirty plans throw her out

  22. ye kaisa pyar hai.suhani move pn kar rahi ho tho yuvraj bhi move on kar rehe ho.kya he ye?

  23. I hate soumya..always…but I love yuvi and suhan….wants them to b together again and ever…still I hate saumya…..Crawling too much…

  24. It is maybe some plan of yuvraj… He has inculcated this habit by staying with soumya..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Yes that is exactly what I am thinking, maybe he will make Somu and Suhani wear the same clothes and the grooms get “mixed up” And ta dah! but I dont think Somu deserves a hubby…

      1. Or maybe yuvraj has decided to actually get married with soumya now that suhani is marrying sambhav

      2. Aqsxxh

        I hope not Aamal… Bcos if he does it messes up the whole show!

      3. She definitely deserves a husband..she is a young widow and must be really missing s*x…she desperately needs a husband who can satisfy her physically as well as financially else her husband will end up in jail as a smuggler

  25. This is dragging! Why can’t yuvraj tell suhani he’s not married to sumya and suhani tell Yuvan yuvraj is his father? It’s frustrating and that b*t*h sumya needs to be kicked out of the house, I don’t know why she’s keeping yuvraj apart from suhani because end of the day he’s not gonna live her and she’s not even married to him. I wanna see suhani kicking sumya out of the Birla house now that would the episode to watch!

    1. Yes…Somya shld be kicked out…irritating to see hr wicked tricks daily yuvraj n suhani shld get together…othrwise has to stop watchng this if continues all ths irritating scene of somya

  26. Yuvraaj I hope u r planning something big to outcast this soumya out of the house plzzzz. And don’t tell me you are doing this only to make suhani go through the same pain as you?

  27. i love YuvAani.. and i want dem together.. i miss saware song also 🙁 ..

    i think jab suhani ko pata chalega ki yuvi ne saumya se shadi nahi ki he, tab vo bhi sambhav ke sath shadi nahi karegi.. and finally yuvraj and suhani firse ek ho jayenge… 🙂

    1. Aqsxxh

      I miss YuvAni as well 🙁

  28. Wow! Do you woman who wants Yuvraj and Suhani to unite, Do you guys like to be abused by MEN.
    I FEEL Sorry for all of you. You have to be WEAK IN LIFE, to feel like that.
    Next time if you guys get in to trouble, honestly this is good advice.
    Ask yourself WHY.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Its only a show… and no, we dont want to see abuse! It is love! I feel sorry for all the people taking this seriously… for all the YuvAni ans they want them to unite so they can end this serial with all the children and husband and wife together since the show is supposed to be ending this month anyway…

      1. Yay..the show is ending finally

      2. Nithu

        How did u no dat the shw is ending in a mnth….no ways…!!!! I would cry if shw ends….i really love ssel… soo much…

    2. Yes it is only a show. But is it love?
      What types of LOVE is it showing.
      I am sorry to tell you this, But you are seeing abuse.
      When a Yuvraj humanity Suhani. That is abuse!
      When Yuvraj use emotional blackmail. That is abuse!
      When Yuvraj putting Suhani down and succeeding.
      That is a abuse!
      When Yuvraj make Suhani to apologize for no reason.
      That is a abuse!
      So the question is. What type of LOVE, that you are seeing?
      Another question. If you were in Suhani shoe, would YOU stay with a man like Yuvraj?

      1. Aqsxxh

        Mate. It’s for entertainment purposes, these dramas arent realistic, as as I can c there is love, your just there angry and too busy criticizing for what is wrong instead on realising what the actors have portrayed right… It’s not thses actor’s and actresses fault if they have to follow an illogical script…

  29. I think yuvraj will end up marrying suhani n out goes the wicked witch soumya

  30. Suhani still deeply loves Yuvraaj
    Yuvraaj is only now realising the diamond he is losing i e Suhani

  31. Dumbraj is a saddist. Sahil is a waste actor as he is still playing as a dumb and useless character..

  32. If they all get married in the same mandap…please end this serial now cos the whole story concept has changed.Please don’t punish Sambhav this way..he has done no wrong and is it right that a cunning women always win.Yuvraj never supported Suhani and now willing to marry soumya to slap Suhani again? The whole serial will become shameless time waster.Real Shame but again Suhani is the loser in all this mess created by birla witches and egoist dumraj.

  33. Guys, Soumya here..why are you guys so angry on Soumya after all it is a serial..

  34. Im feeling angry on Soumyas character as she is Suhani’s best friend YET she is manipulative
    Ie endangering Yuvaans life for her own selfish reasons
    That is not what best friends do

  35. Yes it ia serial but what crap is it showing us the janta.Firstly best friends do not snatch husbands and play dirty especially involving children.There should be trust in friendship and in a relationship.Infact from the begining you have wanted everything Suhani has.Yuvraj how much more you are going to degrade and hurt Suhani..please stop this nonsense about dual are basing your marriage on a lie just because of your ego and happy to hurt the love of your life ..why?? This will prove that Dadi was always right in all her cunning cheating treatment of Suhani.How can you fall so boy no brains.Prove to the janta that dumraj has become Yuvraj who has a heart and a brain to fight evil and bring about good.Soumya you will be called a shamless deceatful vamp on the name of friendship in serial for many years to come dear.Writers don’t make mockery of this serial by allowing dual wedding.You already rediculed Rohan in the mandap and now Sambhav..why do you use other men as scapegoat..why can’t you make Yuvraj positive and come to his senses and declare his love for Suhani and the children and let go of Soumya.Suhani has been made a scapegoat after all she had done for her inlaws and this is how she going to be treated???Time to stop fooling the janta.


    1. Is there any spoiler on that,,,,poor Sambav

  37. Yesterday’s epi showed the difference between Suhani and Yuvraj,,,,Suhani stopped Prathima frm explaining abt yuvi’s condition while Yuvan was in danger,,,,bcoz Suhani knw him very well and trusts him,,,bt if it was Yuvi in Suhani’s place ,he may ask her an explanation and then Suhani would have to prove herself,,,,,,Yuvi’s behaviour is the main villain of the story,coz he easily gets influenced by others,,,esply dadi/soumya e.t.c

  38. #UniteYuvani vs #UniteSubhav

    Seriously Yuvraj Birla…what are you trying to prove by laughing like that? That you are great??? really??? great about what??? Do you want to show that you are a great lover? How? Cannot you read your lover’s eyes? cannot you see the pain she is in due to you? She has been forced to take this decision because you left her with no other option by marrying Soumya – fake or real. You need to take care of yourself and your loved ones and stop being a stupid person who gets brainwashed from everywhere!!! Do not you have any sense of your own???

    Speak up Yuvraj Birla! Tell your truth of marriage with Soumya, accept your mistake of asking Suhani to go away and never search for her, let your ego down and tell Suhani you need her back, let your guilt be killed and set the things right for Yuvan, Yuvani, Suhani and Sambhav! Come on be a man!

    How mush so i liked Sambhav before but now i have a feeling he is not right for Suhani…seems he is one of Dadi’s puppets! do not know why just have that feeling….also in my heart i pray that someone will set things right by this dual marriage! Maybe Sharad(will make Yuvraj realize his love for Suhani or just simply trick them to get married because he knows both cannot live without each other!)? Maybe Sambahv(maybe he realizes that Suhani can never love him and will always love Yuvraj) or Yuvraj himself(may do some act like Rishi kapoor in Chandni movie…get drunk and fall and Suhani will come running and take him in her arms and Sambhav gives up! ) or Menaka(tells the truth about the parents to the kids – Krishna, Yuvan and Yuvani and then they conspire to get Yuvraj and Suhani married instead) or god himself(does something and gets Yuvani Suhani married)!!!!!! BUT GOD DAMN PLEASE GET YUVRAJ AND SUHANI UNITED SOON….THIS IS TRACK IS KILLING US!

    OR Suhani get married(or not) to Sambhav and go far away with Yuvan from the Birlas and never come back!

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