Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking everyone to show their hands. Everyone show their hands. Dadi asks Soumya to show her hands. Soumya gets tensed. Krishna comes and apologizes, saying mumma did not do anything, I took that mangalsutra from the box, it was so beautiful and I could not wait. Soumya gets shocked. Krishna says I did not steal it, I just took that to see, and it fell in the stone grinder. Dadi asks how dare you take it, who are you to see it, I will punish it. Suhani says Krishna can’t do such wrong thing. Yuvaan says yes, Krishna never allows us to do any mischief. Yuvani says yes, Krishna is really nice. Soumya cries. Dadi says fine, its two days for marriage. Krishna hugs Suhani and cries.

Rakhi asks what, that’s our son. Radhe says yes, that woman has shown Rags and

Menka’s recording, Menka’s son is ours, they did not care for the baby, I understood all the game. Rakhi says I won’t leave Menka today and goes with the knife. He asks her to stop. Krishna asks Soumya why did she take that mangalsutra. Soumya asks why did you lie, I did not teach you to lie. Krishna says yes, but I did not know you lie.

Yuvraaj gives mangalsutra to Suhani. She tells its importance. The kids ask Yuvraaj to make Suhani wear managalsutra, so that it does not get lost. Soumya says I don’t want you to lose anyone. Krishna says everyone loves me, Suhani is very nice, we should always say truth, she promised she will never let me and Yuvani get away. Dadi says Yuvraaj can’t make Suhani wear mangalsutra, as they did not marry yet.

Everyone have a talk. Rags says I m going to my mum’s house. Bhavna and Suhani asks why. Rags gets annoyed and argues. Rakhi comes with knife, and everyone stop her in shock. Dadi asks whats happening. Rakhi says this is my son. Rags says shut up, he is our son. Menka worries. Bhavna says that’s why Rags was rushing with baby. Radhe says she was running with our son. Suhani says you both cheated us a lot. Rakhi says we are not lying, I will kill Menka. Suhani asks whats the matter. Rakhi asks her to ask Menka and Rags. Suhani asks Menka whats happening here.

Yuvraaj says Radhe you came to us to take money. Rakhi says this is my son, give him to me. Rags says no. Radhe stops Rakhi and says I will talk. He tells them that a woman has stolen our baby, whenever Rakhi sees any baby, she gets mad. Rakhi asks are you mad. He says calm down, I will talk to them. He apologizes and says we will leave. He takes Rakhi with him. Bhavna tells Rags not to leave home, we will help you, we are family.

Everyone is happy and do decorations. Baton me ho khubsurti………… plays……………. Yuvraaj helps Yuvaan fix the flowers. Sambhav asks Dadi to smile. He makes her eat curd. Krishna sits alone. Yuvani and Suhani hug her. Yuvraaj comes and hugs Suhani and kids. Soumya looks on.

Radhe asks Rakhi to think with her mind. She says I want my son. He asks what will you feed the baby, we don’t have anything, why don’t you see expenses. He explains her that we will get money and our baby will get good life. Menka asks Rags why did Radhe lie. Rags says don’t know. Menka says he maybe doing something big. Yuvraaj tells Sharad and Saurabh that he will try his best to keep this marriage.

Suhani talks to Bhavna and says my heart says I should do this marriage. Bhavna says yes, whatever happened before was a fight, you and Yuvraaj did not cheat each other, it was just anger, this marriage is good for everyone. Dadi says they can do anything, it will happen as I want.

Its morning, Suhani and Yuvraaj collide. She says sorry. They both get notes and try to find kids. Yuvaan and Yuvani think why did they now come till now. The kids make them sit. Yuvaan says we need to talk something imp, where will we go when we become one family. She says I used to take you everywhere. Yuvraaj says now I m with you. Yuvaan says we will go Shimla. Yuvani says I promised Soumya and Krishna that I will go Shimla with them. Suhani says fine, we will go together. They promise and smile. Yuvraaj says I will do what my family says. Krishna says a doli came for Suhani. The kids run away. Suhani says this did not happen last time. Yuvraaj says its nothing like last time.

Dadi looks on as the doli catches fire. Suhani saves Krishna and shouts for help. They get inside fire round.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Writers where is this all leading to…another crap scenior…all going Shimla…what taking Sourface soumya too…this is the limit…please does this happen in real life??please tell us if you are bored writing this script cos its from one crap to another….OR LOSE YOUR RATINGS

  2. uuuuuffff.. sowmya ur disgusting… u want money and luxuires home and family name of birla house ..
    u ill did these wrong things all ur selfishness oly not ur daughter future …

    ssel rocks.. but pls dnt dragg it.. pls make it more fun and more twist ..

  3. Writers gone mad.bakwassssss please come back in story .trp se aaplogo ko koi matlab nahi hai we all knew but bewkufi to mat dikhao …..kya story thi kya ja rahi hai it’s so boring,,,,,,,,,itna pyar sirf ek anger ki wajah se khatam ho gaya are you believed….itni achchhi understanding sab dikhawa tha????????soumya ko abtak samjh nahi aaya???????who is dadi? Nobody knows? But harkate same hai kuchh samajh nahi aaraha.ssel now became headache……plzzzzzz kuch thik kariye……plzzzzzzz

  4. The writers seems to be out of ideas. This serial was so beautiful since beginning and now I feel it is nothing but dragging episode by episode. I always think about the next episode being an interesting one but get disappointed. They are just adding stupidity in each episode for no reason other than trying to get the rating increased. I am sure eventually people will not be interested in watching this show any more.

  5. Omg this is going to far…. Do they have to take Krishna and somuya??? Yeah I think that they have ran out of ideas

    Where is yuraaj mum???

  6. Zero understandable or NON UNDERSTANDABLE serial …….. I think the writers have NO CLUE what’s happening coz they themselves have messed up the whole show ….. They r just dragging n writing up weird story line ….hopeless serial ….I just read the update buy don’t understand anything ??? don’t watch it anymore

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