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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj going to check ingredients. Menka and Rags see his recipe paper and see him busy. They planning go and change the recipe. He says he is finding cornflour, you might be not knowing, I will ask Ramesh. Menka jokes that Rags does not even know where salt is kept. She diverts Yuvraaj and changes the recipe. Rags and Menka laugh and tell Dadi that they have changed the ingredients. Yuvraaj says does anyone add curd in jamuns. Dadi says lets see how he makes the black jamuns now.

Its night, everyone sit for dinner. Suhani smiles seeing black jamuns, and says Rohan is very adamant, I was angry on you and you still made this. Rohan gets puzzled. Suhani eats it and coughs. She drinks water. She scolds Rohan for taking revenge, why did he put curd instead milk in jamuns.

Yuvraaj looks on, and says Suhani I have made this, not Rohan. She asks what. Dadi asks Yuvraaj why did he make this. Rohan says you did not know difference between curd and milk and jokes. Yuvraaj says sorry, I made mistake and leaves. Suhani gets sad and Rohan looks at her. Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and apologizes to him. He asks why sorry.

She says I have hurt you by saying about the food. He says its fine. She asks why did he do this, when he does not know cooking. He asks her to leave it and gets teary eyed. He goes to lawn at night and Sharad asks him what is he doing here. Yuvraaj says nothing. Sharad says Suhani will appreciate that you made it with love. Yuvraaj says I m going to have coffee, come if you want. He leaves. Anu comes and says he does not understand whats happened, Sharad we have to do something, Rohan is getting over friendly. Sharad is busy on call. Anuj says no one is listening to me.

Suhani goes to Yuvraaj’s room to talk, and he is in hall. She looks for him, and says where did he go. Dadi tells Rags that she proved that she is bahu of this house, and asks Menka to learn from Rags. She says Suhani should get someone who is like her and who can keep her happy. Rags says yes, Yuvraaj is not like Suhani, he is not bothered. Menka says but Yuvraaj has made… Rags steps on her feet to stop her, on seeing Rohan. Dadi smiles.

Suhani waits for Yuvraaj. She gets some newspapers from Ramesh and smiles seeing it. He asks why is she smiling and whose pic is she seeing in newspaper. She starts leaving and he holds her hand. He jokes and argues with her. She says his words are so boring that it irritates her. Yuvraaj sees them together and leaves. He bumps into pillar and gets hurt. Rohan asks what is he checking by hurting himself with pillar, that are you stone hearted or not.

Yuvraaj gets angry in his room and looks for medicines. He gets ointment and Suhani’s note. She reminds what he used to say, and asks him to do aid of his wound. He smiles and says Suhani, burn wound can’t be washed. Suhani looks on and smiles. He comes out and looks for her. Anuj asks where was he. Yuvraaj says Satte pe satte movie ad. Anuj says its Suhani’s fav movie. Yuvraaj asks will you do my work. Suhani comes and asks what. He asks what is she doing. She says sorry. Anuj smiles seeing them. Yuvraaj says I appreciate the honesty, thanks.

Its morning, Yuvraaj comes from jogging. Anuj says that cinema does not have online booking. Yuvraaj tries sending Ramesh to get tickets. Rags shows Menka the makeup kit she ordered online. Menka says you don’t order anything for me. She sees Suhani and asks her to see the makeup items. Rags says she does not know about imported makeup, and taunt her. Rohan comes to defend Suhani and argues with Rags. Menka laughs. Ramesh says he is going out, and asks Suhani does she need anything. He says he is going out to see movie. Yuvraaj gets tensed. He tries to stop Ramesh from saying, and sends him to work at home. Rohan asks Yuvraaj why is he being angry young man, and he will take Suhani. Suhani asks Rohan to make food, and Ramesh and she will take leave. Dadi thinks something is fishy, is Yuvraaj making any plan for Suhani again.

Yuvraaj says he has tickets in his jeans and he will surprise Suhani at night. Suhani takes clothes to wash. He asks her about his jeans. Suhani says jeans are put up in machine, and Yuvraaj runs to take tickets.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rohan is really dam cool…khoopach mast aahe pan yuvi ne tyachyakadoon shikayla hava khitari….suhani can be impressed by rohans tricks yuvi should try them

  2. Well said Rohan that yuvraj is stone ? hearted and its nice to see yuvraj jealous of seeing and yuvraj together nice ? episode………..

  3. Nice episode!
    Let see what happens next.

  4. I think rohan is going to make yuvraaj jeolous so that yuvrawj will realise his feelings for suhani and dadi will think rohan likes suhani and fall in her own trap

    1. No this cant happen yaar because the writer are trying ? to make Rohan fall in love ❤ with suhani and create some problem between suhani and yuvraj and guys no more yuvani scenes……..

  5. Fantastic job by Sahil. Its only Sahil & Yuvraj for me all the way. Suhani’s acting is getting repetitive. If she was smart, she should have understood why Yuvi made the effort to make the jamun in the first place. She is a real tubelight. Does not understand anything until it gets out of hand.
    I don’t like Rohan’s character.

  6. Too dragging….don’t understand what they r trying to focus on ….too dull all grown up

  7. She did not no he had tickets n why is he doing for her now maybe he is jealous of Rohan

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