Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Yuvraaj to think about his mum, as she is unwell. She holds his hand and says give me one chance, I will talk to Suhani. Suhani and Pankaj miss to see them. Lata stops them and says I will make Dalya for Pratima and take some fruits for her too. She says I will come too, wait. Soumya says before anyone sees you with me, please go from here. Yuvraaj says fine, I m quiet for you, I love you and will marry only you, not Suhani. She says fine, I will talk to them, don’t worry. He leaves. Krishna thinks about Soumya seeing him with Yuvraaj.

The doctor checks Pratima and asks her to take medicines on time. Yuvraaj asks doctor how is she now. The doctor says she is better, butt don’t give her any stress or tension. Krishna meets Soumya and says now you

know Yuvraaj loves you. She says yes, but I don’t love him. He says I know, as you married me, you are my wife now, but I don’t like him. She says if Yuvraaj knows this, he will go to Suhani’s parents and break this relation and my mum will fix my marriage with him. Suhani’s heart can break too.

Krishna says I m going Lucknow for few days, clear this matter before I come back. Suhani cleans her room and sticks Amitabh’s posters and slips. She imagines Yuvraaj saying be careful Suhani and smiles. She falls and calls Lata. Lata comes and asks how did you fall. Suhani says I get filmi sometimes. Lata sees the posters and says I was afraid of this day. Suhani says I waited for this day. Lata hugs her. Yuvraaj says Sharad that he is feeling very helpless. Sharad says even I don’t have any idea. Anuj talks to phone and says I won’t do modeling as my mum in unwell.

Sharad asks him what happened. Anuj says he got local offer and he refused to do it saying mum is unwell. He leaves. Yuvraaj gets an idea and tells Sharad that we can also postpone the marriage till mum gets well, and when she gets well, I will tell her the truth. Sharad says yes, lets go and tell her. Dadi calls Rags and asks her to come online. She asks how was the rasam there. Rags says mum became unwell, so we did not get chance to say. Sharad signs Yuvraaj to tell Dadi. Dadi asks where is Menka.

Rags laughs and says she went to her mum’s house, as she is unwell. She says let me talk to Pratima. Dadi scolds Rags and Ramesh to clean the house, else she will fire Ramesh from his job. She wants everything to be perfect. Pratima talks to Dadi. She says she is fine. Dadi says get well soon, else you won’t be in your son’s marriage. She asks Rags to check her BP. Rags checks and says its normal. Dadi says marriage should be done after 5 days. Yuvraaj gets tensed. She says I will come on marriage day. She asks Rags to take care of everything and let Pratima rest. Yuvraaj gets upset as his plan flops.

Ramesh goes to clean the house before Dadi comes as he has to save his job. Suhani comes with her parents. Ramesh says Dadi is on laptop, come and meet her. Yuvraaj comes out with the laptop. Dadi says make me meet Suhani, show her. Yuvraaj and Sharad smile. Sharad says good luck, Dadi will reject her seeing her. Suhani comes infront of the laptop. She asks her to sit as she can’t see her face. Snoopy comes in between and spoils everything. He breaks the laptop. Dadi could not see Suhani. The webcam does not come now, and she can just hear Suhani now.

Ramesh tells Pratima that Suhani came with her family. Suhani greets her and talks to her well. Dadi gets impressed by her. Rags says now you will see her in marriage. Dadi says fine, prepare for the marriage. Rags takes the laptop. Pratima comes and talks to them. Lata says I made Dalya for you. Pratima thanks her. Yuvraaj asks Pratima to rest. Pratima says I m happy as Suhani is with me. Ramesh brings the Dalya and Rags makes him fall. The Dalya falls on the ground and Rags smile.

Pankaj sees Yuvraaj and Soumya holding hands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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