Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam going to police station. Constable says I called you here, your dad did not have food since many days, he is a criminal, but he takes your name so much that maybe he wants you to forgive him. Saiyyam asks him to take him to Sambhav. Suhani sees the lantern and thinks of Yuvraaj’s words. Yuvraaj comes to her. He says you love Krishna right, what will you answer Soumya, you did not say anything to your son when he attacked Krishna, I feel guilty, she called me dad, its my duty to protect her. She says I feel Saiyyam did not do anything. He says if he accepts mistake then… She says then I will take him to police. Rags and Baby hear this.

Saiyyam goes to Sambhav and hears him. Sambhav says I will not have food, I wish I would have focussed on my

son than Suhani, Suhani gave me hope and went back to Yuvraaj, I wanted to keep her happiness, but she wanted Yuvraaj. Saiyyam hears him talking to a jail inmate. Sambhav says I could not bear seeing Suhani with Yuvraaj and did bad things, I wanted to become hero, but that woman made me helpless to become villain, I loved Yuvaan more than my life, and she made my son against me, my son hates me. He cries.

The man says I think Suhani wants you to fall in your son’s eyes. Saiyyam angrily leaves. Sambhav looks on and smiles. He eats food. The man says wow, constable did the work. Sambhav says your house will also get money, I wish my hatred reaches Suhani.

Yuvraaj apologizes to Krishna and says now Saiyyam can’t trouble you, I will find out, did Saiyyam raise hand on you, did you lie to us, please tell me, does he trouble you. She says I have no one in this world except you, so I will not lie, truth is Saiyyam has never raised hand on me till date, he hates me, but he did not touch me. Yuvraaj asks are you sure, did he leak AC gas. She says I don’t know about that, when I was leaving for reception, he did not wish me to go, maybe….. I don’t know him, he can do anything, he hates Suhani and can go to any extent to hurt her. He says its imp for me that you come, I got a dress for you. Saiyyam comes and says don’t worry, Krishna will come in your reception, infact I will come along, its grand celebration, I want to see what’s special, what happiness you get to make my dad bad. Yuvraaj says your dad was bad, calling him bad is like insulting bad. Saiyyam argues. Suhani scolds him. Saiyyam says fine, my dad is bad, I m his son, like he forcefully married you, I married Krishna and torturing her, in fact I wanted her to die. Suhani raises hand angrily. Yuvraaj stops her. Saiyyam says I wanted to hurt you, now go to police and prove this, I don’t care.

Yuvraaj takes Suhani with him. Suhani says he accepted his mistake, why did you stop me. He says I don’t think he did wrong, he accepted mistake as he was angry, Suhani said bad to Sambhav, so he said that, Suhani till we have no proof against him, we can’t blame him, Krishna also said Saiyyam did not hurt her till now. Baby says maybe Saiyyam did this to stop her. Rags says I agree with Baby. Yuvraaj says I can’t blame anyone for this. Dadi says we can do reception at home. Rags says they care for Saiyyam’s feelings. Dadi asks none cares about my words? Suhani says we will keep reception.

Bhavna sees Sharad putting lights on the plants. She asks him to fix it well. He asks will guests meet Suhani and Yuvraaj, or see lights. She says they will see lights and know its our happiness. Sharad says you are so happy for them. Bhavna says we waited for their union since long. Yuvaan asks what about Saiyyam. Sharad says Saiyyam has to believe this, they are made for each other. Yuvaan says if he troubles Krishna… Bhavna says no, we are with her. Sharad and Bhavna fix lights. Yuvaan fixes the board of Yuvraaj and Suhani’s names.

Saiyyam sees the board and says you wanted me to face truth… The party starts. Dadi tells Pratima that she wants to increase Yuvraaj’s happiness. Rags asks Dadi why did you call so many people. Dadi says Saiyyam will do everything today. Everyone smile seeing Yuvraaj and Suhani. Yuvani hugs Suhani. Lady congratulates Suhani. Rags says if Saiyyam creates issue, it will be bad for us. Dadi says Suhani can’t bear it and get away from Yuvraaj. The light goes.

Saiyyam comes on stage and greets everyone. He says I m Saiyyam, Suhani Birla’s son. Rags asks Baby to wait and watch. Saiyyam says I m not Yuvraaj’s son, I prepared a special gift for Suhani and her love, I want to show it to everyone, Suhani likes truth, I will show a good truth. Yuvraaj says we have to stop him. Suhani says no, let him do anything, I want to know truth. They hold hands. Saiyyam looks at them. Sharad says I will not leave Saiyyam. Saiyyam tells them about a love story.

Saiyyam asks Suhani why did she hold friendship when there was no love. He shows Suhani and Sambhav’s story.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will suhani tell saiyyam the truth and complete the story? He got fooled by his dad again.

  2. ARSHI -Vitharva and Kriyam fan

    Woooow,today’s episode published in 10minutes.GREAT……
    Hello, everyone( Arti32,Esther,mo,sia,Kriyam fan, Kriyam rocks,mystery……..and those whom’s name I missed)
    It is great to see response to my previous comment from all of u and the UPDATER.
    Today’s episode was good,bcoz truth is coming sooooon…
    DON’T WORRY, fans .Sayyam will learn full truth in this week.CONFIRMED…(u can see on location video in YouTube)

    But I’m feeling sad as my final exam is starting in 5 days and it’ll end in March.So,I may not comment regularly.I hardly get time for watching the show and most of time I just read the written updates.But I’ll try to comment between the gaps of exam.

    You all plz keep supporting the show,pleaseeeeeeee
    Keep on commenting …..?weather for Yuvani or Kriyam ???
    Love #SSEL and #JNDSD ????

    1. Aarti32

      It’s double A..Aarti??sab galat likhte h?

    2. Esther

      Hallooo dear…yup the update got published so sooon…thanx Amena
      N I’m eager to know what will be Sayyam’s response after truth revealation,,,,,

      I’m also having exams..practicals…2 more to go…thank god,will end on 23rd…
      N all the best for ur exams,,,do well 😀 😀 😀

  3. gud tat the story is moving.. liked yuvaraj defended saiyyam n waiting eagerly for the truth to come out…

  4. Esther

    stupid dadi,,,everyone cares for ur words,that’s why their life is a mess,,,can’t u just die…you should have stopped planning to separate Yuvi and Suhani long ago,,,,but u kept on planning and planning and now Yuvi is a father and FIL and soon will become a grandpa,,,why the hell u want them to separate…

    1. Aarti32

      So many comments in jst 5 mins.. U’re too quick!! Just kidding..Infact it’s good dat fans comment..Keep it up?
      I luvd your comment..It made me laugh..Badly n crazily..
      N I didn’t lyk d thought of Dadi dieing..Coz I luvdddddddd it..God bless u for such an amazinggg thought..
      N I luvd d thought of Yuvraj becoming grandpa, even more..U know wat I mean??

      1. Esther

        hehehe,,,,thankuu thankuu…..,I’m laughing hard and wanna put more smileys **laughing waala**but not available from my lap 🙁
        I know why you loved the idea of Yuvi becoming a grandpa u naughty gal… hehe…but I’m damn sure that cvs will make u wait….minimum 1 year

        N yea I wrote one comment first but that was too long, so I splitted it into parts and posted it by using cut and paste,,,just to make it easy for u ppl to read,,,,yea I always thinks abt everyone :B

        N are u watching IB??? N Kunal fan too…. Me too love Kunal

    2. Mystery

      Yuvi…n grandpaa….oh god…..hahaha…wow…wese CVS will take a lot of time for this…as they don’t even start the love story…..n this dadi…oh god

      1. Esther

        yea we all know cvs verywell,,,,,,I think YUV-ani confessed after one year of mrg,,, and never got a chance to stay happily,,,,,same will be the state of Kriyyam if Dadi is there,,,,hope she’ll die soon…**cruel me**

    3. Aarti32

      Yeah I watch, but I’m bored of shivika drama..I hate Anika but I luv shivaay..But not more than Kunal..But, luv Kunshika/Ishkara more than jst Kunal..
      N u’re too sweet to think abt our crazy battalion??

      1. Esther

        hehehe ty ty,,,,,I too love Kunal(well all girls love him) and Vrushika,,,more than Vrushika-her dance….omg she z an amazing dancer…. but basically I’m a Rudy fan…I think Shivika progressed alot,,,,now my fav couple is Rumya,,,,,coz they shows so much Shivika scenes and less Rumya scenes ,so I found it rare and spl…anyways not watching it nowadays coz of my exms

    4. Aarti32

      N I hated CVS for taking so long to make Yuvraj grandpa..Late lateef??

    5. Aarti32

      Yeah..Rudy is too cute n funny..He always lightens my mood.. Love him??

  5. Esther

    glad that Yuvi understood Sayyam…
    Yuvraj-Krishna bonding is really sweet…Krishna feels everyone cheated her…Yuvi is her only support…cute father-daughter bond..hope it won’t break

    1. Esther

      I think Sayyam won’t do anything to insult Suhani…he z just asking questions,,,all he wants is answers for his questions……but will Suhani reveal the truth infront of all these guests gathered here….

  6. Esther

    how come Sayyam knows everything about Sambav and Suhani,,,,!!! strange

  7. I have never been happier till date with Yuvraj’s outlook towards Krishna and Sayyam…For the past couple episodes he has been supporting and caring for Krishna as a father does…but today, even when Suhani and all the Birlas were ready to blame Sayyam and punish him, Yuvral understood him…I think he’s either starting to actually care for Sayyam, or he really want to make Sayyam a better person- as Suhani asked him to.

    Krishna still supported Sayyam and mentioned clearly that Sayyam has never touched her or hurt her intentionally till date…and I’m relieved for that. But Yuvraj really made us all proud today by genuinely caring for both Sayyam and Krishna.

    According to Spoilers, Suhani will tell Sayyam the full truth of his birth tomorrow and Sambhav’s complete truth tomorrow…and Sayyam will feel guilty and emotional when he gets a confirmation from Sambhav regarding the same. (Cant wait for tomorrow!)

    1. Esther

      yeaaaa I was shocked to see him supporting Sayyam,,,,It’s all Krishna’s effect…Krishna very well convinced him and he understood Sayyam’s anger

    2. Mystery

      What will saiyyam do….I think he will leave the BH

      1. Esther

        N after that maybe Suhani will leave searching for him,,,,then maybe we’ll be able to see a new Sayyam

  8. Aarti32

    Today Krishna was looking vry beautiful during d reception..I thought they will show some Kriyyam scenes, but unfortunately, d episode ended??
    Bad luck..
    My sister said dat, for a change, baby is looking beautiful today..I was like?? whattttttttt!! I said r u sure..Hv u seen Baby now?? She then said where’s Baby?? I said u only said she’s looking beautiful.. then she said oh, I’m sorry, I mistook yuvaani for Baby..Then we saw baby n we were laughing insanely??

    1. Mystery

      I was also hoping that saiyyam once…only once look at beautiful Krishna…but no there is no kriyyam scene

      1. Aarti32

        Saiyyam’s ‘mere papa ko jalaya’ drama took d episode man!!

    2. Haha? poor Yuvani ? but don’t underestimate Baby ?….she z a model u knw….?

      1. Esther

        this is me only,,,commented from mobile so that i can use betterr smileys but was lazy enough to log in

  9. I like this serial after kriyyam they are just look like real and cute…

  10. Sayyam dialogues r very much irritating…thank god tomorrow he will learn d truth…its better if they plan another blast and kill yuvani..atleast they will b together after after d other r behind yuvaani..god knows when this crap ends…i really feel pity on those ppl who thinks suhani deserves rape..hats off to ur great minds…not everyone has them…atleast think like a human before commenting on this important and complicated issue like molestation

    1. Agree with u @bhargavi….. Dadi must b given award for her never changed character…
      1. She was da 1 who create problems between yuvani
      2. She used saumya ….
      3. She used krishna…..
      4. She used Rohan….
      5.she used yuvraj also knowing he loves suhani..
      6.she used rag n menka in every track
      7. She used guari n try to seperate yuvani…
      8. She used barbie/balwinder…. A fake surrogate to manipulate yuvraj….
      8. She used saumya again to separate yuvani ….. N this stupid saumya called sambhav..
      9.she used saumya n saumya used sambhav…. Lastly sambhav used bh members??
      10.she was trapped by evil dadi…. Then too suhani saved her … When she survive she created problem….
      11. She used yuvani to hate her mother in childhood n now also….
      12. She used saiyaam so that krishna should not marry yuvan
      13. Now she will use yuvan….. Now u else is ramaining….. Really fed up…. How many enemies in this stupid show n if life yuvani….
      @bhargavi agree with u…. Pls do accident of yuvani….. I too will quit show…. Let dadi have 100 years n pls changed the name of the show…. It is no more ssel….

      1. Ya really… In india forum…. 1 person is posting so much… May b she/ hr is karan fan…. But the person should learn that molestation is not the simple thing…. The post her really irritating…suhani deserves more pain n all…. Bla bla… Really the person may b free…. But should learn this is show with illogical…. So y posting so many post in if n dat too always negative negative negative

      2. Great analysis @somi…dadi,rags,soumya are cheapest characters in this show they dont stick to one thing…atleast sambhav proved a perfect psycho but these ladies r perfect backstabbers

      3. Esther

        The person must be mad for sure…else who will comment like that….N yea Dadi even tried to use Bhavna,,,but I don’t remember whether it was a success or not,,,,,SHarad is the only person who was never influenced by dadi

      4. Mystery

        That person is mad…no girl deserve rape….huh…god

      5. Aarti32

        Such ppl shud be hanged till death.. Nonsense??

    2. Esther

      OMG! who commented lyk that?????!!!! NO GIRL DESERVES RAPE…whatever happened with Suhani was unlucky and shouldn’t hv happened,,,,,ayyo cheap,,,,,how can someone comment lyk that…

      1. Just check ssel forum…. U ‘ll find more than 100 posts in same topic…. Really irritating….

      2. Donno whoz that great person who supports rape shit @esther…but that he/she makes negative posts repeatedly but today was d most idiotic and nastiest post ever..she shouldnt have said that like that

      3. Esther

        Ufff such nasty persons are big threats to the society,,,,I don’t knw anythng abt Indian forums that’s why I didn’t see it,,,,,supporting rape itself shows what kinda character he/she is

    3. Suhani never deserved rape…no one should and will not deserve something disgusting like that…but Suhani DOES deserve the hate that Sayyam sometimes shows her because she she never gave him a chance to show who he really his and she never gave him any love…

      1. Yes @ kriyam rocks..suhani only deserves saiyyam hatred as she abandoned him and suhani herself accepted ki wo galat thi…everything needs tym to settle..thats all

      2. Esther

        yup that’s true…but not only Suhani,,,even Pankaj/Lata/Pratima/Bhavna/sharad e.t.c are also at fault,,,,

      3. Oh these people are unhappy, because the show is going to concentrate on suhani children.

        That is why they are lied about people said suhani deserves to be raped.
        I was right you people are hypocrites.

        I did say, and I stand by it, that I don’t believe in abortion.
        It doesn’t matter where or how a child come from. Children are god gift.
        I also told them, at the end of the day, they are actor’s, they well get paid.
        Look at the second pages. It was a vote on. Should suhani ek ladki stay or go.

      4. I also commented on that vote thingy. I also commented on website. NO ONE SAID SUHANI DESERVES TO BE RAPED!
        You people need to get help!
        Yes I agree with Hassan, no said anything about suhani deserves to be raped. Hassan talk about age, but Hassan did say that they well get paid.

        Do these people think that Sahil and Rajshri. Would care about them. No they won’t, they well have their own family.

        I know what I said, I never said suhani deserves to be raped. I did say suhani deserves baby as a daughter in law.
        Because the way she was treating saiyyam. I also called suhani a bad mother. Because suhani tried to force yuvaan marrying Krishna.
        I also like to say, for month they wanted yuvani reunion. Now they have got it , they are not happy. Finally there going to be peace, for suhani and yuvraj. Saiyyam is going to say sorry to suhani. But I also believe suhani should say sorry to, because she abandoned him.
        They are not happy. I know what they want. They want the show to end. This is your loyalty towards sahil and rajshri.
        I also like to thanks Tina, who looked into this. So thank you Tina!

      5. I went to that vote thingy, like Hassan said.
        They are upset the show is going to concentrate on suhani kids. Unbelievable!
        To spread lies about other people comments, is wrong. To say things that people didn’t comment.
        No one said suhani deserves to get rape. Some did say if suhani was honest with herself, then she should have the abortion.
        Saiyyam won’t not have felt the pain of abandonment. But they did say no one deserves to be raped. You people should be a shamed of yourself.
        What is, do you people want, and yes I am having at go, that the one that agreed to their lies.

        Please, next time, that you want to lie about people. Make sure that there are no proof.

      6. All d ppl who didnt find that post go and check forum topic i am crying…then comment here…check properly before u say something…that person got bashed over there..its not a lie great minds…u dont b hypocrites…im not only d one who saw that even @somi saw that

    4. pl dear dont say death to our YUVANI. after all these tortures n sad happenings for almost 8 months, they shud live for many years.. i knw now the story has lost its essence bt aftr revealng the truth they can b shown leavin bh n going somewhere far. n tats hw it can make us satisfied n ill be happy tat yuvani story has ended on a gud note.. i hope tat somethng like tat happns..

    5. Hi I just checked, I didn’t find anyone said that suhani deserves to be raped by anyone.
      They said suhani deserves baby as her daughter in law.

      Not about rape. There was an old posts, because the way suhani treated saiyyam. Saiyyam well feel that sambhav is the only parent that well love in the world.
      Nothing about suhani deserves to be raped.

      Please don’t embarrass yourself.
      I am saying a good thing.

      Because people are going to check.

      1. I was one of the old posts, I never saw anyone saying suhani deserves to be raped.

        I didn’t comment all the time, but I read the updates.

        These people are crazy!
        Why are they doing this, please just stop. This is only a TV show.

      2. Oh u didnt find that…thas ok many ppl found that….plz check and read every post properly before u say something….its not topic name dear…of u have patience read recent posts….any ways i commented here bcoz that one seemed a pathetic thing ….its just a show and people r so obsessed with it

      3. You didn’t, explained yourself, you said people said that this daily. That suhani deserves to be raped! So I have checked.

        If it not in this website, then you should have made this clear.

        I am not in anyone side!
        I said a good thing!

      4. I never once said that suhani deserves to be raped!

        Bhargavi, has made this comments, now is telling people, that they didn’t read properly.

        This is the reason that I don’t comment all the time.
        I do feel for you Tina, like me you did, try to reason with these people.

      5. Bhargavi made this comment and it’s properly written in her comments that she is talking about person who commented in SSEL Indian forums..
        she never mentioned anything about the poll thing…then how you people got that poll into this matter…
        Some people assumed that she is talking about the poll in SSEL page and started bashing them…you people was not bothered about reading full comments.

        now whatever you people did was wrong to accuse someone ….She didn’t say that any of you commented supporting rape…It’s written clearly in 3/4 of their comments that they are talking about SSEL Indian forums…then are you all blind…?

        and why all of you are clearing things like “I never supported rape,I never said that,I never said this…Did she take any of your’s name….NO”…so stop justifying yourself after calling someone crazy/liar….only Tina’s comment is justifiable…she said that in a proper language…all others made comment without knowing the fact,just to create a fight

  11. Mystery

    Oh god…saiyyam don’t be,a fool….live ur life with krishna

  12. I hope saiyaam finds out the truth and believes it.. Cant wait till kriyam love story to start ❤️

    1. He will find out the truth, and when he confronts Sambhav, Sambhav will also accept that he forced himself on Suhani…
      In the spoilers, it says that sayyam will be heartbroken and leave the Birla house

      1. Mystery

        Hawww he will leave Krishna???


    I don’t get one thing.. Where did saiyaam stay Suhani said an family took him but saiyaam said he stayed in an orphanage. How did saiyaam know that sambhav and suhani are his parents? Also, about suhani killing sambhav how does saiyaam know all this? How did he know who suhani was and where did he get sambavs picture from. I’m just so curious to know because saiyaam was a new born when he got left so how does he know everything.

    1. You’re correct @ilovekriyyam I never thought of that where did saiyaam know all this from. I agree with you where did he get sambhavs picture from the one he had with him when he come to the birla house. Yet again I can’t wait for kriyyam story to start looking forward to it

  14. Syedul

    I’m a quit waiting for Kriyam scenes . Maybe until there isn’t any i ain’t watching the show

  15. I have to give credit, yuvraj did good today. He stopped suhani from hitting saiyyam.

    Like I said yesterday, I think yuvraj next plan, is saiyyam. Yuvraj going to be his dad.
    So well done to the writers, finally you do read and listen.

    I can’t wait for saiyyam and Krishna love story to happen. Now we can put the past behind us.
    I believe and also hope, that this chapter, well be different.

    1. Esther

      I think you very well predicted what’s gonna happen next,,,,,,I really don’t want Sahil to quit the show,,,,but the story is moving somewhat like u said,,,,Yuvraj is being good to Sayyam,,,,,maybe whatever u said will come true,,,,,

      1. Thank You Eather.

        I saw Bhargavi & Somi comments . But I didn’t comment, why because I knew what was coming. One thing on disagreement, we are not going to agree. But another on lies, which people didn’t comment about.
        There was this girl name Shanti. She was the happy go lucky type of a girl. She was right about them, they are on, the miserable side of the website.
        Please Esther, look up on her comments.

      2. Esther

        haan,,,,I remember Shanthi,,,,I used to read the comments sometimes and even commented using a diff name (not registered )…not regularly but I have commented 2 or 3 times,,,,,N yup I read her cmnts…
        actly I checked Indian forums and didn’t understand anything ,so I thought that it’s bcoz I’m new that site and stopped checking further

        N not Eather,,hehe Esther 😀

      3. Esther

        *new to that

      4. Sorry Esther.

        You are right, I have read your comment. They wanted people reaction, so they got it.
        So you know why then shanti, is not commenting any more.
        Every time, I commented here, I have said enough time. That rape is wrong.
        I also looked at the character, saiyyam. Abandoning is also wrong.

        Yes I made bets, with other, on a bit of a fun side.

        I just think that some people here. Don’t like that. They don’t like people, having a bit of a fun.

        Now the writers has done a good job. Everything that people wanted has happened.
        They are upset. You what I don’t care. What they think, or say.
        Like Krishna said I know what I have written. It is there for everyone to read.

        I also stand by my comments. You what even, the writers look at my comments, and agreed with me.
        Kriyam was my idea, yes it was me. I did say way back then, if they want to, save this show. Then they well put these characters together.

        It is not my fault, no one here as ideas. You know what I am going to stop giving my idea for the show.
        I want these people to put their ideas forward. Let see how good they are.

      5. Well mo, I am sorry to say. The writers has, good few month, of your ideas.

        Well said mo, Krishna, Hassan, Lucy, and poppy.
        I don’t know why that they attacked Lucy. She even didn’t comment all the time. Poor Tina, I am afraid you are in their list, of people that they hate now.

        The one thing that I have to say about mo is that cvs, should employ her. Sometimes mo can think out, ideas forward for this show.
        She is amazing, even I can’t understand how she does it. Mo even understand the character more better then I do.

        So @ Bhargavi, somi and your friends.
        Put your money where your mouth is, and think of an idea for this show.
        Mo used to do this sometimes every day.

        Yes I am on Twitter, but I am not going tell you. Who I am.
        Last thing I want is crazy people on my page.

        Like Krishna, mo said, even I know what I have written.

      6. Well they didn’t argue with you about giving ideas ….so what’s the need to challenge…….cvs are no way related to the page and will not read any of these comments,else they would have used tracks from FF’s in the show and show would have been amazing….and actually they didn’t attack Lucy..but Lucy attacked them by calling Bhargavi crazy without reading the full comments posted by them…

      7. Okay then fine, but even you have to agree, that the comments that was made wasn’t clear.

        Let all calm down, everyone.
        I actually do mean it, not by anger any more.
        Think of an idea for this show.
        Because the writers do listen.

      8. I really do miss, shanti and Hanna. They were this light, now we stuck with people, who just want to cause arguments.

        And no new, we didn’t wait for any yuvani fan’s to comments.

        We read, the comments first.
        There was no waiting!

      9. Actually, do put money where your mouth is.
        Think of a story line. I agree with you r, mo should get employed by cvs.

  16. I agree somi and bhargavi m v forum ko check karti hu daily unke aise hi neg comment dekhne ko milte lekin aaj to limit cross ho gai unhe yuvraj ka jail jana suhani ko torture karna sab sahi lagta h saiyam ke saath sabko sympathy h lekin wo kuch jyada hi possesive h i think wo karan ki bhut badi fan h par aise logo ko to ignore hi karna chahiye jinhone rape jaise sensitive issue par bolne se pahle ek baar v nhi socha

    1. Thanku atleast u found that and ur always supportive

      1. I saw too. That girl sed Suhani is to blame for her rape n no sympathy for her becos she left saiyyam. Dis is like A ke baad B nahi, B ke baad A. Suhani got raped b4 saiyyam came, n she’s saying lik rape is ok punishment 4 suhani leaving saiyyam.

    2. Dear bhargavi n ssel fan… Thanq dear….
      But I cant understand the people… Y they r saying hypocrites to us….. Nonsense n senseless people…. We never ever replied to their comments… N we never discuss about their comments… That day we discussing about Yuvani n then too they lot of problems….
      @hassan…. We r not talking about your comments…. We were talking about the “the person who is daily posting in same topic…. If u want to check go n check in India forum…”….
      Lastly, it’s our personal life what we want n what we don’t want…N who r u tell us..???
      Everytime saying hypocrites means we r not fool….. U people r crazy that the world seems to u hypocrites coz u r hypocrite

      Stop commenting when we r not even saying or discussing about…. I don’t want waste my tym just to comment u….

      N ya it is correct we r watching for sahil n rajshri….. So if they quit…. We ‘ll also quit…. Its our like n dislike….. Who r u to tell us…. ???
      We don’t have problem with kriyam….. N it exists what we think it doesn’t matter….. N lastly I know they r earning from the show…… Think before u comment to us…. N i think their is no need to comment anymore….

      @bhargavi n @sselfan…. I’ll stop here commenting… We’ll chat in YuvAni ff

      1. A.Tejaswi

        I saw the post whatever u say is correct @somi n @bhargavi

  17. sarita sharma

    i agree somi bhargavi ssel fans

    1. Thanks for ur support

    2. Thnq dear sarita,bhargavi n ssel fan…. We never think bad of other n here people r without knowing….. N thnx for the support…

    3. Aqsxxh

      Idek what is happening i am so lost

  18. hay arshi and good lock to your exam

  19. i want Yuvraj and Suhani to be reunited he is her husband i mean she acted in a haste when she got marry to sambhav she thought yuvraj ditch her at the altar little did she know dadi evil twin had hands in it she told sambhav from the inception she wanted nothing romantically from him yet he keep pushing himself in the same direction agreed yuvraj loved somya but they did not get marry because she never loved him so she got married to krishna hence all the confusion started when dadi wanted to separate yuvraj and suhani all in all yuvraj and suhani should be together for the sake of her children which includes saiyam and some people should check the time of their comments before they open their trap and pollutes the atmosphere

    1. Really agree with u @sia… The story became very illogical with so much mistakes….

  20. What she comments here it is….
    .If sambhav raped her it’s her fault….


    1. A.Tejaswi

      Yes even I saw it

  21. Esther

    Well….some people loves YUVani and som people loves KRIyyam,,,,some hates Suhani and some hates Sayyam,,,,,,but plz don’t fight over that…why so much negative energy for a show,,,,we all have diff pov …maintain a positive aura,,,,afterall we are watching the show for our happiness,not for the betterment of the actors/cvs/directors

    1. Esther

      ohhhhh God TU……………..why the hell u r not posting my comments,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,uff

      I think this is the argument topic

      1. Ya… This 1 only…. N if u see…. U will find many more…. But it true all have different pov…. Calling us hypocrites it not the solution…. I think u r new…. U r smart…. At least u understand every1 have their own opinion…. This is not 1 tym….. In this site…. Poll one for the slot Changing time site…. Do check…. We were just discussing about YuvAni….. In that site…. Some people were eager to comment n taunt us… Just coz we were discussing about YuvAni…. Cool…. Atleast u find solution…. Thnq dear @esther…
        If u want check… Pls check the poll 1 where it was asking about ssel should wrap up or go on…. @bhargavi n @durbi n i was discussing….


      2. Esther

        haa thanx Somi,,,,yup i became active here recently…….N yea i hv seen that poll,,,,N I guess I hv commented there to…as Saaya,,,,,,then i changed my user name to Esther

        I think they misunderstood ur comment……Indian forums is a different site rite,,,,maybe they checked that poll update to see the comment…I searched using the keyword ‘Indian forums-ssel-iam crying’ which I got from Bhargavi’s cmnt and got this link,,,,,,,maybe they searched in the poll update in Tellyupdates itself……

        guys please think well and check well before commenting anything

  22. I have some questions to ask about the show

    1) why a baby, rags and dadi trying to harm Krishna?
    2) its has been nearly 30 years and dadi still doesn’t like suhani?
    3) any chanaces sambhav will come back?
    4) will saiyamm believe suhani that sabhav raped her?

    I really like this show, I watch it daily from Australia, I also stay up until 12 am and 1 am just to read updates

    1. Heyy dear..i ll try to answer ur believe me..most of ur quesns r myn as well..;) that they blame sayyam nd turn ever1 against suhani fr supporting sayyam..nd eventually kick suhani out of bh..i guess
      2.i srsly dont know wat is wrong wid dat lady..
      3.yes,most propably he will..i mean he came back aftr suhani apparently burnt him he has to
      4.nd yes.sayyam does believe suhani..spoilers say that sayyam confronts sambhav who accepts that he forced himself on suhani..nd a hurt sayyam leaves bh while suhani looks for him..
      Hope you got ur answers..

    2. Aarti32

      Baby, Rags n Dadi r trying to harm Krishna to hurt Suhani maybe..I’m not sure
      Dadi is freaking nuts, she’ll nvr accept Suhani, in her life. God knows wat grudges she has..??
      There r full chances dat sambhav will be back..if saiyyam believes Suhani, then he’ll come back soon..But if saiyyam can be their headache for some more time, then sambhav will return later..

    3. Esther

      3) the question should be ‘any chance that Sambav will not come back’…..coz he is the unbeatable,,,,,,a person who escaped from death and managed to live hiding from others for 20 yrs and built his own underworld gang with so many goons,,,,getting arrested isn’t a big deal for him

      1. Esther

        wo aayegaa,,,,zarur aayega :p

      2. Aarti32

        Hilarious u r man!!??

  23. Well..der were 69 just wanted to make it 70..i knw i sound ridiculous…yuvaani is cool bt im in luv wid kriyyam..jus waiting fr dat fyn day..wen dey ll just wake sayyam up frm his sleep…nd kick sambhav…dat wud be n epic scene…till den keep ur calm my dear ssel fans…cos i think dat day is cumin soon..

  24. sarita sharma

    aap logo ko yakeen karna h to karo nhi to aapki marzi ssel ke india forum par i am crying ke name se post kiya h use open karna to pata chal jayega i don’t he or she said if sambhav raped her its all her fault i m not getting any sympathy that sambhav got raped her iska kya matlab h indirectly way m unka matlab to yahi h jab logo ne unhe cretisize kiya to unhone ek or post ki read ke name se jisme unhone kaha ki i did not say she deserve raped we r not liar hamne to kai baar dekhkar ye post kiya lekin aapne to ek baar v nhi socha kisi ko liar kahne se pahle

  25. sarita sharma

    yes its true i watch ssel only sahil and rajshri if they will quit i also quit bcs show m story to suhani sambhav ki marriage ke baad nhi h yuvaani ne show ko 2&half year tak run kar liya now i really want if sahil quit ssel should wrap aisa ham yuvaani fans chahate h but hamare chahane se kya hota h ye trp par depend karta h or 1 ,2 month m ye clear ho jayega

  26. Hassan,Krishna/Poppy,Tina,Lucy…..don’t embarras yourself.
    You people are commenting as if you were waiting since long for Yuvani fans to post something so that you can argue with them,,,,,You should not accuse some one without any proof,,,,,You people commented without reading their post fully…how can you accuse/blame someone to be liar for no reason
    Somi and others….no need to leave the site for anyone,,,,it’s none’s private site,,,,all have the right to comment here

  27. My sincere request to d ppl who r commenting under my comments ….before calling me and my friends liars check ur eyesight first….we clearly mentioned forums and ppl here talking abt voting blah blah…yuvani fans and yuvani kriyam fans calm down guys we need not waste our energy on this bakwas…those ppl dont need explanation …. read properly before reacting

  28. Hey Guys, stop quarreling like this,after all it’s a daily soap.So,request to everyone is Don’t take it soooooooooooo seriously.
    @Bhargavi,chill yaar.Don’t mind.Let everyone say whatever they want.It doesn’t matter na…..
    @Aarti32,sorry 4 mistake, Actually I didn’t notice double A..Feeling sorry for u bcoz ppl also misunderstand my name Arshi ,they think I’m (Arnav-Khushi=Arshi) fan which is not like that.It’s just my name .
    @Esther Tnx for well wishes.
    @Hafiza ,hope u got ur answers.
    @ TUFFY I saw u commenting in JNDSD section,good to see u here

    Hey,I saw karan’s pic on instagram that he is @ a wedding function,may be he has taken leave for some days.

    Please everyone comment and Let’s cross 100 today,
    It’ll be century of comments

    1. Kriyyam lover

      Yaa..even i think so

    2. Aqsxxh

      yah it did reach a hundred which I found hilarious

  29. Aarti32

    Plzz..No sorrys in frnds..It was jst a mistake not a sin?? so..It’s OK..??
    I thought wow 97 comments, but then I came to know dat it was bcz of arguments..But from now onwards we’ll try n cross 100 comments daily, without fights..Done??

  30. Suhani (rajshri rani) I love you so much i like your acting you are fabulous actress.And i also love this serial so much.

  31. well said I’m New it is just a damn serial why get hyper is beyond reasoning some of these persons are only embarrassing themselves by arguing no one i mean no one on earth wants to get rape so the question does not even needs to be given a second thought so please end this discussion here and now it is not an easy task for me when i have to question some of my clients who have been raped you have to be graphic sometimes if they are under age their cases has to be behind closed doors so that their identity are hidden from the public and no photographers reporters etc are allowed in the court room most cases these young girls are being lured by rich men who are promising them good jobs but believe you me i have won nine out of ten cases i dont make joke where my job is concern sometimes i rip some of these perpetrators to shreds i fought hard for my victims because i am a woman too never feel you are alone someone out there is looking out for you when you are not looking out for yourself

  32. sarita sharma

    thanks dear i m new

  33. Thanks @ im new….anyways everyone knows whoz right here…if someppl still were blind or acting as if they are or purposely doing i cant help….i m not interested in ur useless comments….ha one thing i would like to say is mind ur language whoever used it….

  34. [email protected]’m new…. At least u made clear that we were not talking about those people….

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