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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani evaluating the moment and making a drawing. She thinks when phone fell, then how did…. She calls Gupta and says sorry, I m Suhani. He says sorry, I did not see see your name. she says if dad was on phone, he will have phone records. He says I m checking phone records, I m your lawyer and doing my work. She says sorry, did Krishna do this. He says I don’t care who went in that room, I will prove Pankaj innocent, we will meet in court. She ends call and says it matters to me, I will catch Gauri’s culprit. She says if Radhe went by window, it means Krishna did this, its Krishna’s blood, no he loves Soumya a lot, he knows he will lose Soumya doing this.

Aditya treats his wound on his hand. Bhavna comes and he hides his wound. He asks her to knock

the door and come, does she not have such manners. She says Pratima has sent kesar milk for Gauri. He asks her to take it back, he cares for Gauri. She says I m your elder sister, how can you tell all this against Pankaj, he raised you. He asks her to leave. She asks why does he think they are his enemy, its proved Papa is innocent. He says Pankaj did wrong, he is culprit for me as Gauri has seen him, its better if you also accept it. He goes. She thinks what happened to him, why does he want to prove Papa wrong.

She calls Suhani and says I m taking food for Papa. Suhani says I don’t know who did this, who can do this cheap thing. Bhavna says even I don’t know, we will get real culprit soon. I met Aditya now and his behavior is strange, he wants to prove Papa wrong. Suhani says leave it, he has gone mad being in Birla house and the richness, he does not care for Gauri. Bhavna says I felt it weird. Suhani ends call and worried.

Rags comes to Saurabh and bangs the door. Saurabh argues with her and says any deaf man can also hear such sound. He recalls Pankaj’s words and Gauri’s words. He thinks just Krishna can answer all questions now. Bhavna and Sharad come to police station to meet Pankaj. Sharad asks her to keep smile on her face. Pankaj comes there. Sharad and Bhavna behave normal to make Pankaj feel good. Pankaj cries and says I don’t want to have food. Sharad says you can’t lose courage, all this will end now. Pankaj says everything is over Sharad. Bhavna asks why are you saying this. Pankaj says yes, what do I have now. Bhavna says don’t say this. Sharad says this stain will get clear soon. Pankaj says its deep stain and its impossible, my respect and name got ruined, nothing will be fine soon. Bhavna cries and hugs him.

Its morning, court case starts. Gupta says Pankaj is innocent, we can’t punish him on Gauri’s words, Leela did not prove anything, she did not present evidence against Pankaj, we have evidence that Radhe went in that room too, he gave statement that he is innocent and did not do anything with Gauri, but how can we trust him, if we trust Radhe, then court should trust Pankaj too. He says we got blood stains in that room, which maybe of Krishna, he has run away hearing about blood tests. Lalita worries and says no, this is lie, my son Krishna did not do anything, Birla family is liar, they send my children to jail always. Judge asks her to sit, if your son did not do anything, why is he hiding. Soumya comes with Krishna and says Krishna is not hiding, he has come here to give his statement. They all turn and see Krishna.

Krishna comes in witness box and apologizes to everyone. He says I was tensed and I ran away. Judge asks why did you run. Krishna says I m innocent, I did not do anything, I was tensed as the blood on the glass pieces was mine. Menka says it means Krishna did this. She says Gauri is such a fool, how can she get confused between Pankaj uncle and Krishna. Yuvraaj says it means I m right, Krishna is the real culprit. Gupta asks him why did you go in in Gauri’s room, and why did anyone not see you. Krishna says it was night time and darkness, so maybe no one saw me, when I was running, my hand got this wound.

He says I will tell everything in detail, puja was going on, I had to go washroom and went upstairs, I was washing hands and kept my watch, I heard sound and came out, I forgot my watch, I came out and saw Gauri blaming Pankaj. Dadi asks whats happening, everyone has a new story. Leela asks Dadi to sit and let Krishna complete. Krishna says there was big drama, I left with my family, then I recalled I left my watch in that bathroom, I was tensed and I thought I will be caught being a poor man, so I went to take my watch, then I got my hand hurt, I ran away thinking doubt will come on me. Gupta says yes, we still doubt you. Leela says doubt is on Pankaj. Gupta asks Krishna do you have proof for your innocence. Krishna says no. Gupta says but I have call details of Pankaj’s phone, when he was talking on phone and then he went to misbehave with Gauri and then continued talking, duration between two calls is 45secs, will this happen, is this not strange that he continues talking knowing victim has seen his face. He says this is written statement of the man to whom Pankaj was talking, that man is present in court now, he said Pankaj spoke to him before and after the incident, this proves Pankaj is innocent, he went to pick his phone which fell there, he took phone and came out. He gives the broken phone and says it was given to police after Pankaj got arrested, he is innocent. Aditya says its all lie, Gauri has seen Pankaj, he did this. Judge asks him to sit. Gupta says we will test this thing too, I want court’s permission. He tells his plan. (mute)

Dadi gets worried. Leela opposes. Court permits Gupta and gives 10 mins break to resume court proceedings. Suhani says Yuvraaj, I don’t know what Gupta wants to do. He says let him do, his confidence shows he will prove Pankaj innocent. Suhani goes to Soumya and Krishna. She apologizes to them and says I knew Krishna did not do anything. He says you sent police to my home. She says I did not send police, you ran away and they doubted you.

Gupta asks Gauri to identify Pankaj in darkness, if you don’t do this, then it will proved you were mistaken. Gauri points and lights come. She points at Aditya, and gets shocked. Suhani says Aditya….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One smart character in this complete behkoof’s characters. At least the Director made the lawyer character upti date, Thank God. But why no investigation from the police side. Because this is not a normal serial.

  2. i wonder why dadi this past two epis seems tensed weneva she hears abt interrogation hmmmm????

  3. It’s amazing today aditya will be caught and pankaj wil be released and ihate leela and dadi they are disacusting

  4. Finally, Gupta is the smart one to solve this!!

  5. When suhani will get pregnant tied to listerning gauri + adity I don’t know where are they come from just doing nothing in the serial

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