Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani asking Krishna not to take the cake, which Saiyyam went to get for her. Krishna smiles. Yuvani says don’t smile, no need to take cake, tell his dialogue that you don’t need his pity. Saiyyam comes to them. Krishna says I don’t care cake, I don’t need your pity. He says its not for you, I got this cake for my sister. He feeds cake to Yuvani and smiles seeing Krishna. He goes. Krishna looks at Yuvani.

Baby sees everyone talking. She gives cake to Suhani and Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj thanks her. Krishna goes to Suhani and says no one is giving me cake. Suhani says its fine, I will feed you. She feeds cake to Krishna. Yuvraaj also feeds Krishna. They all smile. Suhani says what’s this party, we will sing and dance, anyone sing, we will celebrate. Pratima

says but which song to play. Saiyyam says I will play song. They all get in drunken state. Saiyyam starts dancing on Humma humma. He dances with Bhavna and Suhani. Everyone smile and join the dance. Suhani and Yuvraaj dance with everyone.

Saiyyam falls down and tries to put the flowers back. He says sorry and talks to flowers. Krishna comes there and smiles. She says wow. He asks what wow. She says your hair looking so good moving in hair, and this song is so romantic. He asks what song, I can’t hear it. She asks why, song is playing, when I see you, violin plays, wing blows, your hair fly, you look hero, I feel like dancing. She falls down. He laughs and says you always fall down, handle yourself some times. She laughs.

Dadi goes to Sharad and Bhavna and says I have to tell something, I m very bad. Baby comes and tells Bhavna that Pratima is calling her. Bhavna goes. Sharad says good night, and goes. Baby asks Dadi what was she doing. Dadi asks her to be as servant. Baby says its better to apply that pack to Suhani.

Krishna says I have to sleep here, I m feeling sleepy. Saiyyam says our room is there. She sleep on stairs and says good night. Saiyyam lifts her and says you are so heavy, you can’t sleep here, you are stupid girl. He takes her.

Suhani and Yuvraaj see each other via glasses. He says I want to have something spicy. She says me too. He asks why do you always copy me, copy cat, trouble anyone else. She says I get fun troubling you. He says fine, I will eat spicy food that you will worry. She says none is born to make me worry. She laughs. He says fine, I will show it now. He gets green chillies and says now copy me, I will eat all these green chillies. She says I will also eat it. They say cheers and eat chillies.

Yuvaan overfills the water in the glass. Dadi comes to him and says I have to tell you something. Yuvaan says I also have to say, I will say first, I m younger. Dadi says no, first I will say, ladies first. They laugh. Baby sees them and goes. Saiyyam drops Krishna on the bed. She laughs. He says wow…. She asks what wow. He says wind is blowing even here, your hair are flying, I think romantic song is playing. She says really, then dance and show. He smiles.

Baby comes and sees Suhani and Yuvraaj. Yuvaan calls her Krishna and asks her to come with him. Baby asks him to leave her. He takes her along. Suhani and Yuvraaj eat many chillies. She gets sweets and they eat. She asks why were we eating chillies. He says good question, don’t know. They wonder where is Dadi and go out to see.

Dadi is in lawn and shouts why are you doing this Lord, I know I tried to kidnap Amma Mai and get her killed. Suhani and Yuvraaj come there and hear Dadi. Dadi says I don’t regret, Amma Mai should die, the thing she did, this is her punishment, she has a relation with a servant, Suresh is a cheap servant, they are defaming the family, so I added glass pieces in juice, Amma mai did not drink that, the goon drunk it and died, when I saw Amma mai romancing with servant. I got angry and wanted to punish Amma mai, so I added poison in lep, why is Lord not helping me, don’t stop me, I have to kill Amma mai, I will kill Amma mai, she has to die. Suhani and Yuvraaj get shocked.

Its morning, Krishna wakes up and falls down the bed. Saiyyam wakes up and asks what happened, what are you doing on ground. She says nothing and gets up. He sees I love Saiyyam written on her face with marker and gets shocked. He recalls the night moment. FB shows Saiyyam asking Krishna to wake up. She says let me sleep. He says so you won’t listen. He gets marker and says if you don’t wake up, I will write something in your face. She says write anything, now I m not scared of you. He calls her cute and says I don’t deserve anyone’s love, don’t know why you love me. He writes I love Saiyyam on her face. FB ends. Krishna thinks why was I sleeping on bed with Saiyyam, what happened yesterday night. She sees mirror and gets shocked seeing her face. She says did Saiyyam write this, what does this mean.

Suhani and Yuvraaj meet doctor. Suhani and Yuvraaj tell doctor what Dadi thinks of their affair. Doctor says its dangerous thing. Yuvraaj says we will tell truth to Dadi. Doctor says no, she will think you are lying to hide affair and get hyper. Suhani says we can’t make her hyper, if we kill Amma mai in front of Dadi. Yuvraaj asks what. Doctor says this is ideal situation, but you both can go away from some days, maybe her anger calms down. Suhani says what’s guarantee, we can kill Amma mai. Yuvraaj says its dangerous. She says hear my plan. He says no means no. Doctor says I don’t like this idea, but maybe its beneficial for Dadi. Suhani tells her plan.

Saiyyam goes out and asks Bhavna why is she seeing him like this. Bhavna asks what’s this. He asks what. She says I think I have to show you mirror. She shows him mirror. She shows I love Krishna written on his face.

Dadi and Baby make plan to kill Amma mai and put blame on Suresh. Baby plans to get rid of Dadi after Suhani’s death.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. DADI CONFESSED!!!!! Someone throw another party!!!! She said EVERYTHING…I guessed yesterday that we’d have an angry Dadi confession…yay!!!!

  2. Baby is the one doing all this drama.

  3. Okay….okay….let me go hyperventilate in the bathroom cause of Kriyam, then keep typing…Ahhhh!!!

    When I was watching the episode online today, I kept repeating the drunk stairs-wala Kriyam scene…cause I thought that was the only Kriyam scene there was…boy was I wrong…

    When they showed us the cake scene, I was like “yup, this is it…this is all the Kriyam we’re gonna see today…’
    Then, they showed us the drunk Kriyam scene near the stairs…and I started freaking out…I was like ” cherish this…the cv’s only wanna show us this”…
    THEN, they gave the scene where Sayyam was all like: “Wow…and he was telling Krishna that he could hear a romantic song playing” I. was. about. to. explode….
    AND THEN THEY SHOW US AN ENDING SCENE LIKE THAT!!!! Sayyam actuall wrote that on Krishna’s face…and how did he have ‘I love Krishna’ written on his face….

    1. Hey kriyam rocks, I really like your comments for each episode and always wait for them once the episode is up on the site- i think you should become a registered member and put up a review for the episode everyday since you always have a lot to say. I would definitely read your reviews and opinions…you are really funny in your comments too 😀

  4. Mystery

    KJ tweet that SAIYYAM IS NOT USED TO LOVE….the next 1-3 episode will be cute thouh

  5. But guys…(I’m gonna analyse Sayyam’s character here:)

    Sayyam KNEW Krishna loved him all this time…HE KNEW…that means he wasn’t just trying to stop her from staying away from him…he was trying to actually stop her from loving him…that’s why he was being so rude…and we heard it from him only today…he thinks he doesn’t deserve anyone’s love…forget Krishna’s

    Bonus’ of today’s episode…

    1. He picked her up from the stairs when she wanted to sleep…he was concerned
    2. He called her “stupid girl” (did you hear the affection in his voice?)
    3. he was smiling soooo much when she was calling him a hero…
    4. the way he got all close to her when he was telling her that the wind was blowing, her hair was flying, etc…pagal ladka…
    5. What he wrote on her cheek just because she wasn’t waking up!!!!
    6. His guilty puppy dog look when he saw what was written on her face…DID YOU GUYS NOTICE THIS OR WHAT!!!! (I’m so sorry, I’m getting excited…)

  6. I couldn’t see this episode becuz of this Tution!! Looks like this was a really funny &real treat to kriyyam fans…waiting to see this epi on hotstar….

  7. He called her cute too!!! Also did you guys see how he subtly placed some napkins on the table before walking out…

    1. Also…Sayyam called their room “humara room”…it means he is used to being with Krishna …

  8. I think Krishna will be the roadblock in the relationship now though…she is a somewhat weak character…Sayyam will probably unknowingly give her a lot of opportunities to confess or communicate with him…but she should take the chances…also, she should stop relying on Yuvani so much and start going forward in this relationship…she always keeps depending on Yuvani cause she can’t interpret Sayyam’s feelings through his actions…I wanna see some major development in her character (hopefully due to Sayyam)..but I’m still loving Yuvaani’s role right now 😀

  9. Amazing episode maza aagaya btw anyone seen new olv on youtube its saiyyam and krishnas scene but its somat to do wid sticks shrishti was saying that tension wala mahaul chal raha hai ghar main and someones doing somat so they back to the baby and dadi drama

  10. Zai

    Didn’t expect so much kriyam scene for today. Cvs gave kriyamites heart attack today.
    So much kriyam scenes

  11. Today was amazing kriyam loveee❤️❤️

  12. Wow.. guys loved the kriyyam scene today… aaj toh mje hi aa gye episode dekh kr… i just loved the way when saiyyam said to krishna that ” thodi stupid h pr cute bhi toh h” nd ya saiyyam knows that krishna loves her than why he is not confessing his love..
    And who wrote “i love krishna ” on saiyyams face… strange

  13. Is it true that shristi and karan are having some issue
    i dont know???

  14. This episode rockzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving kriyam and yuvani scenes

  15. Aarti32

    Esther, Lavanya, Halima!! Where r u three?? Aaj hi to comment krne layak episode tha..Aaj hi bhag gye!!

  16. It is confirmed Dadi isn’t faking about her memory loss, she has lost it. I loved this episode today we found out quite abit example:
    1. Saiyaam knows Krishna loves him
    2. Dadi has lost her memory
    3. Yuvraaj and Suhani know Dadi caused all the problems
    4. Saiyaam doesn’t want Krishna to fall in love with him because he doesn’t deserve it that’s why his carrying on being rude to Krishna so she hates him.
    KUDOS to the cast and directors this episode was mind blowing and especially kudos to baby for putting alcohol in the cake..

  17. Waiting fr tmmtw epi…..wanna see wat clarification saiyyam will give to bhavna…..hehe

  18. I jst wanna see saiyyam kissing krishna in his dream nd making faces which will be notice by krishna… funny it will be….

  19. Kriyam scene was soo cute ?

  20. D episode was super duper awesomeeee..loved kriyammmmm a lot….???????

  21. I wonder why saiyyam doesn’t call suhani maa infront of everyone. He thinks that he doesn’t deserve any one’s love. Wish to see saiyyam and suhani scenes, where saiyyam gets his mother’s love

  22. This was the best kriyam omg! I’m smiling . This is awesome . I expected this 2 happen . Buh did smthn happen between them at night

  23. Hi i am from sri lanka. Can u please tell me the repeat telecast time. Normaly morning 7. Now its not… i missed few episodes.. pls tell me the time

    1. Mystery

      Repeat telecast time is morning 7:30 am ….may be…

      1. Ok thanx. I ll check.

  24. Wow what a scene yaar….lovely… I just like it.this was one of the best scene of kriyam……….

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