Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Soumya to keep trying to woo Yuvraaj. She asks her to tell every little details to use, what happened between Suhani, her and Yuvraaj, she will do anything, you act sweet and I will do as per my plan. Suhani asks Yuvraaj what he have in breakfast. He says anything and leaves. She says what happened to him. She sees his phone ringing, and he takes it. He says yes pack it and send, its surprise. She smiles and says it means he wants to give ma surprise.

Rags asks Dadi what she has to do about Suhani. Dadi says we should see Krishna, did the divorce papers come back. Rags says no. Dadi says we have to take the love letters back from Soumya else her love can get revived. She asks Menka to steal the letters from Soumya’s room and praises her to fool

her and make the work done. Menka gets glad and agrees to do it. Rags asks why did she send Menka. Dadi says if she gets caught, we will put all the blame on her. They smile.

Soumya comes to Suhani in kitchen and acts sweet. Suhani says I m making cake, as I heard him planning surprise for me in valentines, and tells everything. Soumya says one can’t say Yuvraaj can plan surprise seeing him. Suhani says but he made such surprise for my birthday too. Soumya asks her to leave cake and find out surprise. Suhani says leave it, he will do what he wants to.

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Krishna does the arrangements for valentines and tells Rakhi that Soumya will come back, she promised me she will come, she does not care about my poverty, she will read the letters and come. He orders continental food for her. Rakhi tells Lalita that Soumya will not come, she lied to Krishna. Lalita says she is also sure. Soumya rushes out and Menka hides. She looks at her and Sharad thinks she is upto something.

Soumya asks Yuvraaj does he need any help for giving surprise to Suhani. He says he is not doing such thing. She says Suhani is not interested in valentines. He says Suhani makes her choice as everyone’s choice. She gets Krishna’s call and cuts it being angry. She tells Yuvraaj she won’t talk to Krishna. She says someone should see him. He says I will manage him if he troubles you a lot.

Menka tries finding the letters. Soumya tells Suhani about Yuvraaj not planning any surprise and she is telling this as her hope can break, she is saying the truth. Menka gets the letters and gets tensed as Soumya comes. She asks what happened to her hair, and Menka gets an idea to lie to her. She says she was trying to make hairstyle like hers. Suhani comes and laughs seeing Menka. Menka leaves. She gives the letters to Dadi and Rags.

Dadi burns all the letters and asks Rags to send the ashes back to Krishna. Suhani says she is fine if Yuvraaj does not plan any surprise. Soumya says you are so good that you take everything so easily. They get the burning smell and come to see. They ask Dadi about it and Dadi lies to them. Suhani says I feel its smell of any paper burning and sees it. Krishna’s name is written on it. Rags gets tensed.

Suhani asks Soumya about the necklace Yuvraaj gifted her. Dadi asks why did he give you Soumya’s choice.

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  1. niraj yuvani

    once again they r showing suhani’s romantic dream with yuvi I don’t know how much that cv’s would irritate us by showing repeated dreams of suhani I am hesitated and if they once again show that dream sequence I will just kill that story writer

  2. sree

    all i was telling was switch on to suhani si ek ladki………… it is so boring and irrititating……………….switch on to iss pyaar ek baar phir……….more interesting than this show……..

  3. suchi

    Hey yuvraj i saw ur dance in valenties day spcl show OMG! Its sooooo superb dear i just lovd it n suhani ur laugh is nice dr u luking gud with makeup or withot mkup lve u yuvani:-D


    is suhani thick or what, any stupid person can see how close soumya tries to get to yuvraaj, this drama is becoming more patheitic day by day. plzzzzzzzzzzz move the storyline on this has been dragging for soooooooo long.

  5. je

    DULL, DULL serial. Actors Rajeshri(suhani), Sahil (Yuvraj), Sharad and Menka are very talented actors of this show. Unfortunately this serial is hiding you true talent due to the script. You all need to move on to bigger better things. Nehalem Yadav ( Souyma) who is not your calibre can remain with this boring, tedious, pathetic and awful serial!!!

  6. lovely

    guys i dnt get it y u guys hate sowmya in real….shez an actor and she is dng the best job and its not the real her…maybe in real life shez different..;)
    be positive dnt mistake her…shez dng her role good

  7. fleur

    I have to agree with the comments written by Je. Neha Yadav (Souyma) is an actress that can improve her talent, maybe she needs to
    attend an acting school. I have to say although dadi plays an evil role but she depicts her character very well.

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