Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby asking Yuvaan to see her acting today, she will impress Dadi and get two rings. He asks what, will you act for rings. She says I mean I will show I know everything about puja. The dog gets the bag. She asks whose bag is this, show me. Dog leaves. He says dog went on Saiyyam, sorry, come. Everyone come for puja and wait for Yuvraaj. Sambhav comes there wearing the monkey cap. They ask what happened. He says I got rashes while shaving, it will irritate more by incense sticks. Pratima says nothing will happen, remove it. Dadi asks Pratima not to force him. Suhani and Sambhav go to do aarti. The plate falls. Pandit says its bad sign. Dadi says it happened by mistake, do puja. All the couples do aarti.

The lawyer and inspector come. Sharad asks how did you come

here. Dadi says I called them. She says this is that man. Suhani asks what happened, is there something. Dadi says he is the one, his face is behind this cap. He is my grandson Yuvraaj, I m naming my half property to him. Baby asks what will happen of us. Yuvaan jokes. Baby thinks he is mad. Dadi asks Yuvraaj not to worry, they came to see if you are really here or not, laws are strict, we got cheated before also, your record cleared before, they will just see you, you have honestly bear punishment even if you did not do crime, anyways I have to tell you all. Yuvraaj is the owner of half property. She asks lawyers to give papers, she will get papers signed. She asks Sambhav to come and talk to her. Suhani comes and says I got ayurvedic lep for his face. She asks him to move the cap. Dadi says leave it, come Yuvraaj.

Dadi takes Sambhav to room and asks him to sign on papers. He thinks how to sign. She asks him to read papers once. He checks papers and says Sambhav’s name is written on this. She says yes, because you are Sambhav. Sambhav gets shocked. She removes his cap. She says I don’t need to test you, no one can get saved by my eyes. He says if you know truth, why are you giving me property. She says you are Suhani’s husband, I want you and your wife to go far, take this property and don’t come back ever.

He asks will you let me go peacefully. She says yes, I don’t care for you and Suhani, I just want my grandson, you know how much I love Yuvraaj, I can even give my life, this is just half property, you can go if you don’t want this deal. He accepts the deal. She says fine, I have a condition, you have to take my revenge from Suhani, my family has bear a lot because of her. They shake hands.

Suhani comes to talk to Dadi. She gets a video. She checks and gets shocked seeing Dadi revealing Sambhav’s face and talking to him. She cries and drops the phone. She recalls Sambhav’s tortures. She goes to her room and sees Dadi there. She asks why did you come here, to act to like me. Dadi says I can’t do any acting, I came to take my grandson. Suhani asks whats this video. She scolds Dadi for doing deal with Sambhav. Yuvraaj sees them and hears them. Dadi says so I have sent this video to you, you did not think how you got this video. I recorded this video, I went to Sambhav and fooled him that I m with him, he got trapped. Suhani asks what is acting. Dadi says yes, I can go to any extent to save my Yuvraaj, I know you can do the same. Suhani says yes. Dadi says then we have to do this from today. Yuvraaj hears them.

Dadi says Yuvraaj told me, don’t know he was Yuvraaj or Sambhav, but he looked Yuvraaj by talks, he said we both should unite and I notice about your tests matter, but its true that we both can never understand each other. Suhani says we will understand for Yuvraaj’s sake. Dadi says yes, we have to get Yuvraaj back any way. Yuvraaj hears them. Suhani and Dadi join hands. Yuvraaj smiles and says Sambhav has no idea with whom he is playing, Dadi and Suhani will not leave him.

Dadi says Sambhav believes your hatred, I have to use his belief, you have do something. Suhani asks what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. QueenB

    OH MY

  2. So Dadi is trying to save yuvraj. So not evil Dadi then.

    So then, 02/January/2016. Is definitely going to happen. YES! 🙂
    Now what (r). I did say to REMEMBER this date.
    The bet is still ON! 😛 😉

    1. This means nothing mo. O:-)
      Suhani and Dadi well save yuvraj.

      All is well, until baby, want more.
      By the 26th January 2017. Not this January that came and went. B-)

      Yuvaan and Baby well kick everyone out. Today episode showed that Baby can be patient.

      1. 😀 😀

        Types mistake. Anyway we well see.

    2. mo,,,,,,Yuvraj took a leave for 10 days….Note the point,,,,,,,,hehe

      1. I meant Sahil,,,,,check Somi’s cmnt below

  3. Love u dadi for the 1st time…. Now sahil aka yuvraj is taking leave for 10 days…. So there will b kriyam scenes…..

    But I want dadi to unite yuvani this tym with good heart

    1. 10 days!!!!! He is always on a vaction,,,,,,,

  4. Unite yuvraj n suhani just watching for them

    1. Same hea…and lil bit suhani saiyyam scenes

    2. yeah,,,,,some were saying that all those who are Yuv-Ani lovers are hypocrites and they will complain if cvs shows Prathima/Dadi love story,,,,,,,we didn’t start watching this show for Prathima/Dadi,,,,we started watching this for Yuv-Ani,,,,,,I love Yuv-Ani still bcoz Sahil and Rajashri are my fav,,,,they are shown old in the serial whereas they are not even 40plus,,,,,So if we are liking their bond there is nothing wrong in that,,,,,I love Krishna-Sayyam tooo,,,I never thought about the logic behind a teenager marrying a 21plus girl,,,,,coz I just love Karan…..

      Commenting against the show could be understood,bt commenting against the viewers,,,,,let we have our own opinion

      1. @ silentReader i 100% agree with you, just beacuse they are parents and have grown up kids doesn’t mean their life is over, love is needed whatever the age is . And it is not like they are ignoring the kids for their own love story, no they just want to be together to handle problems and it is fair enough they were always separated before.

  5. Nithu

    Now its turning out lil…intresting…i guess…

  6. I really doubt dadi..what is she upto?..i mean whats d need in giving half of her property to sambhav even without that she can act nice to sambhav…may b at d end she will try to use her masterbrain in kicking out suhani from that aliens house forever!!..gosh how long they take to end this sambhav scrap

    1. Good point, i too don’t understand why she gave half property in sambhav name

  7. I hope dadi really is on suhanis side

    1. Amalina

      Yeah I hope so too, but I’m not sure whether dadi is planning something evil or not. I guess the property papers were fake or that they’re real and dadi is acting nice to Suhani to slowly tap her and throw her out of the house with her disgusting husband SAMBHAV!???

  8. Pakka episode! First i thought dadi planned against suhani n was upset bt aftr knwing she n su r united to bring sambhav out, literally amazed! They do have differences but now united nly for yuvaraj becoz both of them love him to the core.. Nice epi…

  9. What dadi and suhani working together?! Even for yuvraaj sake it is difficult to trust dadi. I am sure whatever dadi and suhani’s plan it will backfire big time and somethings really bad is gonna happen

    1. True, now thinking about it. Dadi never liked suhani. Now you have said this. I still think that Dadi is up to something.

      If you are right, I think Dadi knows that yuvraj is behind that mirror.
      Dadi is acting. I don’t believe that she well give the property away. Expect Suhani.
      Dadi well make sure that suhani sacrifices herself for yuvraj, and make her leave for good.

      1. @ Hanna
        Do you think, that you might be over thinking.

        I know where (r) thinking is coming from. 😉 Dadi might, work with suhani. Just to find yuvraj.

      2. If she does that in a way that would help suhani( but sambhav should die or go to jail), she can finally live a respectfull live with the ones who truly loves her . And for birla family , they will also be punished by karma , baby will job the job perfectly

      3. @ mo , it is hard to think positively after seeing so much negativity?.
        indian tv serials are not trustable, that’s why It has become a reflex to always think the worst ?

      4. haha agree Hanna,,,,,they will always show these type of good scenes and will ruin everything in the end,,,,,,so it’s hard to think positively,,,,,N I too think Suhani-Dadi united for the first tym ,,,,so obvious their plan will fail and one of them will be kidnapped,,,,,Kidnapping drama is an essential element in SSEL……N then everything will get fine soon and Dadi will blame SUhani for some reason and Blame drama will start agn

  10. Hii guys i m shanaya can i join ur grp plz

    N i also doubt dadi she is so bad

    1. Of course, everyone is welcomed here. You don’t need to ask anyone permission.

      I am just (r).
      I don’t give my real name, you don’t have to.

    2. Hai Shanaya…..yup it’s hard to trust dadi after seeing all those things she did,,,,,dnt knw whether she made a plan with Sambav to record all these and send to Suhani

  11. Epic episode today.Finally dadi and suhani together.Now no one can save sambhav.well done cvs plz show krishyyam scenes more

  12. I think suhani will go against dadi to make him believe dat they have to leave

  13. I really want saiyyam to come back to billa house so he can see his father true colors and help his mom… I have a feeling Krishna going to hate saiyyam after the true come out because she going to know his dad kill her mother….

    1. I wonder why Sayyam was sent to Lata’s house,,,,maybe cvs will bring him back at the right tym,,,,,just to show Sambav’s true colors

  14. I still don’t trust dadi…

  15. This is more like it – its about time we finally get Dadi putting everything to the side and joining hands with suhani – show Dadi in a positive role now

  16. I hope dadi n suhani gets toghthr n make one team . As per SSEL logic till date i wish that saiyyam doesnt come to know the plan of dadi n suhani n save his evil dad by saying all their plans to him

    1. hope he comes to knw abt his dad’s evil intensions first,,,,,then he will definitely help his maa,,,,,it will be great to see Suhani-Sayyaam working together against Sayyam

  17. Why is the current track not ending instead they’re prolonging it…dadi could’ve exposed sambav since she had a good opportunity but no, they chooses to prolong it….very boring! I want to see more saiyam and krishna’s scene….?

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