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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking what did Gauri do. Yuvraaj asks Menka what happened to her hand. Menka says Gauri gifted her glass pieces. They all look on. Dadi scolds Menka and asks Anuj to control her. She takes Gauri and goes. Anuj asks Menka what is she saying. They all leave. Suhani sees the drawing. She tells Yuvraaj that Menka is saying true. Menka says yes, Anuj ji I m saying truth. Suhani shows Gauri’s drawing. Menka says yes, she gave me gift, I have put hand inside the box and my hand got cut. Yuvraaj asks why will Gauri do this. Suhani says don’t know, but Gauri did it.

She apologizes to Menka, and says Yuvraaj, we have to talk to Gauri. Menka says you called me liar and insulted me. Suhani says you know Gauri’s anger, we have to find out why Gauri did this,

and explain her that she did wrong. Menka says everyone insult me, and today you are not scolding Gauri. Yuvraaj apologizes to Menka and says we can’t shout on Gauri. Anuj agrees and says we should find out why Gauri did this. Yuvraaj says yes, we will explain her, she did wrong. Anuj says I don’t want Maa to get hurt. Yuvraaj goes to Gauri and confronts her. Gauri admits she did this. Anuj and Suhani tell everything to Pratima and Saurabh. Suhani says we can’t neglect this, this is not a small thing. Saurabh says yes, Menka got much hurt, if anything wrong happened then..

Dadi asks Yuvraaj not to be angry, Gauri will not do this mistake, Menka broke you gifted thing, and Gauri got angry, it was Menka’s mistake, forget it. She asks Gauri to come and see the arrangements for tomorrow, Pankaj and Lata will be coming. Dadi and Yuvraaj leave. Suhani looks on and goes to Gauri. She asks why did she do this with Menka. Gauri says I wanted to hurt her, she broke my gift, she did this intentionally, she is very bad. Gauri fumes. Suhani says you mean you did right. Gauri says yes, go from here, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Saurabh hears them.

Dadi sees everyone silent. She asks them not to talk to Gauri, she won’t do any such thing again. Suhani says Gauri is kiddish and not ready for marriage, she just thinks of new clothes and jewelry, I understand this from her words, she thinks babies are got from market or temple. Yuvraaj says Gauri realized her mistake. Suhani says no, she said she did right and was angry, she can’t hurt anyone, this is not right, Gauri is not ready for marriage, understand this, she is immature, we can wait for some time. Dadi gets angry and asks what nonsense are you saying, is it that you have gone mad, you make new stories on small things.

Saurabh says Dadi, then maybe I m mad too, as I agree with Suhani, Gauri is my sister, I care for her happiness, such relation is not useful whose meaning she does not know, think if she does this in her inlaws then…. Dadi asks him to stop him and think about Gauri’s happiness, why is Suhani having problem, does she not like Gauri for Aditya. Suhani asks what are you saying. Pratima says Suhani, I know Gauri did wrong, we will make her realize, it does not mean she can’t marry, she will get mature with time. Lata is there for Gauri, do you think she won’t support Gauri, don’t worry, Gauri will become responsible after marriage. Suhani hugs her.

Rags makes Gauri ready and compliments her. Gauri hides the mark. Rags says everyone know of it, from whom are you hiding this. Dadi comes and talks to Rags, to show Gauri that Suhani was trying to break this alliance. Gauri asks what happened. Rags and Dadi fill her ears against Suhani. Yuvraaj comes there. Rags sees him and signs Dadi. Suhani packs gifts. Bhavna finds her upset and pacifies her. She says I know Gauri is close to you, and you can see her doing wrong, but Gauri is kiddish, forget this, if everyone feel Gauri will keep her marriage, then agree, mum and dad are also there. Suhani asks do you think I m wrong. Bhavna says no, but I feel bad when anyone insults you when you are right. She hugs Suhani.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that Rags was right, we have to correct whats wrong. Yuvraaj says I have to talk to Gauri. Dadi and Rags leave. He compliments Gauri. Rags and Dadi hide and look on. Yuvraaj gifts Gauri. Gauri thanks and hugs him. He asks Gauri is Aditya her fav. She says first my Vyu and Suhani, then Aditya. He says really, then you don’t understand us. She says I got angry on Menka as she broke the gift. He asks will she stay without them. She says we can be in touch on phone. He says I was thinking you stay here till next year. She says no, I can’t live without Aditya. He says fine, if this is your happiness, I won’t stop you. He says whatever happened was wrong, if you realize it, you should say sorry to those whom you love a lot.

Aditya shows Gauri’s pic, and says she is beautiful and rich too. He laughs talking to his friends. Bhavna and Suhani come to that cafe with Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suhani is right…also I knew it…I knew dat Adi is doing this for some cause…bcoz love came in 2 days 😛 bt didn’t think that he is so cheap

  2. He is using gauri for money n think gauri know about it

  3. Guess they don’t have enough villians in the show they have to turn Gauri now…misleading innocent people seems like their storyline…gees so frustrating reading up on it…stop watching, not worth precious time

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