Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Pratima and Bhavna that Saiyyam and Krishna are coming home. They smile. Suhani decorates the house with flowers. Bhavna, Suhani and Yuvraaj decorate the cradle and Saiyyam’s room. Baaton me ho khubsurti….plays….. Yuvraaj hugs Suhani. They smile. Rags shows some clothes to Dadi and asks her to smile. Dadi gets a bouquet and smiles. Suhani welcomes Krishna. She asks where is Saiyyam. Krishna says he got mad in happiness and left for shopping. Pratima says you know you will be changing this house’s fate. Suhani says there is a good news for you, Baby left from home. Krishna asks really and gets glad.

Inspector hurts and interrogates Baby. Baby acts to faint. Inspector asks her not to act. She asks constable to call doctor. Suhani gets

inspector’s call. Inspector says Baby will admit her crimes soon. Suhani gets glad and tells this to Pratima. They see Krishna and smile. Pratima says baby got auspicious steps.

Doctor checks Baby. Baby gets conscious and hits on her head. Doctor faints. Krishna says why did you do all this. Pratima says big good news is coming, that’s why. Suhani asks where are everyone. Baby gets dressed in burqa as the doctor, and leaves.

Dadi and everyone do a rasam for Krishna. Dadi says I want Krishna to have a daughter, calm and composed like Krishna, if its a son, he will be like Saiyyam, whom I can’t bear. She gifts Krishna. Krishna asks Dadi not to worry, Lord makes such people one. Everyone smile. Yuvraaj says I think it will be a daughter, I will make her sleep in Krishna’s cradle. Pratima reminds him the silver spoon which Krishna used to have in childhood. Krishna says I won’t show it to anyone, not even to baby. They laugh.

Suhani says I will call pandit and ask when is she reaching. The lady says I m reaching. Baby hits on her head. She gets angry and thinks to ruin everyone’s happiness. Bhavna says Saiyyam has gone on shopping and working hard. Rags says Saiyyam will get responsibility, while Krishna gets gifts. Yuvraaj says it will be interesting, as husband and wife become parents, its a good journey, I wish Suhani and I did not had such time. Suhani gets sad.

Baby comes there dressed as pandit. She rings the bell. She says I felt a bad spirit is here. Rags says we have thrown her out, now she can’t come here. Dadi says maybe there is something here, the lady has sent her sister, its fine. Bhavna agrees. Suhani asks Baby to come. Baby thinks she is calling me inside home, after making me leave. Baby enters the house and says we will start puja soon. Suhani wishes everything goes fine. Everyone close eyes and pray. Baby sees Suhani.

Baby uses a remote. She sees everyone and recalls their words. She sees Suhani and recalls what Suhani did with her. She sees Krishna, Dadi and Yuvraaj. She signs her men. The men holding the bell string nod. Baby falls down. They all open eyes and see her. Suhani sees the huge bell going to hit Krishna. Suhani and Krishna fall down. Everyone hold them and get worried. Bhavna recognizes Baby and shouts to Yuvraaj. Baby runs. Yuvraaj runs after her. Rags calls the doctor. Krishna cries in pain. Suhani asks Krishna not to worry, we won’t let anything happen to the baby.

Suhani asks doctor how is Krishna. Doctor says I could not save the baby. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. pl pl bring yuvani atleast n how did dadi change suddenly towards krishna.. pl end baby track y the hell they r dragging.. they r making me cry with tis epi

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    Oh no… There is no saiyyam but at least there was krishna and 10 sec Yuvani hug rather than being filled with baby..and the precap….??. Hope Karan is shown tomorrow..

  3. Director has decided tat till he makes baby career successful he will not concentrate on others

  4. I think sahil took good decision by quitting coz anyhow director was no more interested in him since he got baby

  5. After baby entered director is become blind. He can’t see any one. It doesn’t matter if any actors quit the show as long as baby is to his side

  6. Saiyyamlover_17

    Noooo??? why did they kill the Kriyam baby ????

  7. yes abi plz stop this baby track. baby u r a evil. I hate did u kill unborn baby.

  8. I read somewhere that now since Krishna baby is dead baby will fill her ears and blame suhani for krishnas miscarrage and will wind her up with other stuff and I think Krishna will then go against suhani but I’m not sure if Saaiyam will be against suhani or not plz end this baby track! Also I heard that yuvraj will be leaving the show as suhani will by accident kill yuvraj instead of baby!

    1. Well, i hope Yuvraj will not be killed by Suhani, if it’s true i will stop watching the show, i just hope they will replace the actor who is playing Yuvraj by someone else, because YuvAni love story is the basis of this serial. Since the beginning Suhani is fighting for Yuvraj’s love and for their happiness, she won his love but still we haven’t see any happiness moment without any evil interfering.
      As for me, the second leap was not necessary, they should have shown how Yuvraj and the whole family would have supported Suhani after what happened with Sambhav, it would have been more interesting, and by doing that, the writters would have given a real message to society. That’s my point of vue, i know everyone will not agree with me, but that’s what i’m thinking.

      1. Yuvani

        i agree with you

  9. Atleast baby shud quit so tat v can get rid of her

  10. y the hell they always show like tis.. idiot director, ph, cvs.. baby will only be present till the end of ssel. she will either kill everyone or they themselves will quit the show. better kill suhani..

  11. Aarti32

    WOW!! Kriyyam k baby k liye ye ritual ho rha h..Krishna lost her baby..But Saiyyam to nhi aaya!! Great ????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Even I was shocked at Saiyyam’s disappearance at such an important moment Aaru. and his wife had an miscarriage and he is still shopping…funny ?. If there’s no Saiyyam tomorrow the scene will become a joke…

  12. I think saiyaam will blame his mother suhani for the death of his baby

    1. Yea I heard Krishnas gonna go against suhani but I don’t think sayyam

  13. Krishna today is very beautiful and i missed saiyyam

  14. yuvani fans a good news 22April se star utsav par ssel a raha hain 7.30pm

  15. Guys I have a question and can someone PLZ answer, does Shristi and Karan still have beef??

    1. Kriyaaaaaam❤️️

      Why did they have beef in the first place???

  16. Hlo guyss ,l m mehak & new for u also bt i m very big fan of yuvani & kriyamm.isme yeh kya ho rha h baby ka track to khatam hi nhi ho rha or yeh neya twist bhi a gya mujhe lagta h ki yeh baby ki koi chaal h.agar sahil sir yeh show chodh kr chle gye to yeh serial dekhne ka to koi maza hi nhi ayega

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Hi Mehak… I agree with u.. SSEL track is not going in the favour of the viewers. Moreover Sahil’s quitting is also disastrous.
      I wonder when Baby track will end… Anyways enjoy commenting..

  17. Sai prashritha

    Hey guys . I am New to comment

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