Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani recalling Yuvraaj. She gets sad and walks on the road. She turns and imagines Yuvraaj there. Saware…..plays……………. they smile seeing each other. She runs to him and he disappears. She walks on the road. She reaches Birla house. Snoopi barks. She says how did I reach Birla house, snoopi…… she cries and tries to hire an auto. Few men come there and tease her. They say we will drop you home, whats the hurry now. She starts running and they follow her. She falls down on the road. They surround her and laugh. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj’s car stops there. He sees the goons teasing a girl. Suhani could not see his face as carlights obstruct the sight. Yuvraaj goes to the goons. He removes his coat and covers Suhani, not knowing she is Suhani. Their

hands touch. She turns to see him, and till then he turns towards the goons. The goons attack him and he boldly fights with them, bashing them well. More men come there seeing the fight. They stop the fight. The man says its good you have beaten them, they always trouble people, we will take them to police station. The people take the goons. Yuvraaj turns and sees the lady gone. He gets Suhani’s stole. The girls like the toys and wait for Yuvraaj. Soumya thinks why did Yuvraaj not come home till now.

Rags and Menka apologize to Soumya. Rags gives chocolate to Krishna and hugs her. Rags says we have to act Menka. Yuvani asks Soumya why did Rags give chocolate to Krishna. Soumya says Rags scolded Krishna in morning, sometimes mistake happens in anger, you both go and sleep now. She hugs girls and sends them. Yuvraaj comes. Soumya asks why are you worried, where is your coat. He says some goons were troubling a girl, I helped. She asks who was that girl. He says don’t know, she was in hurry and did not even say thanks.

Suhani comes back to hotel and cries holding the coat. She says I should have not come here, if Yuvraaj came there then, I will leave from here once Yuvaan’s competition ends, I will never come back. She says the man helped me and sorry, I could not say thanks. Yuvraaj keeps Suhani’s scarf and says it fell there. Soumya sees the scarf and this looks expensive, strange, why will any rich girl walk on road alone without her car. Snoopi takes scarf and gives to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj scolds him and asks what is it.

Pratima comes and asks what happened to snoopi, come we will go for walk. Yuvraaj says don’t know what happened. Pratima takes snoopi. Yuvraaj shuts the door. Soumya asks did you have dinner. He says yes, and you. She says yes. He asks did kids sleep. She says yes. He says I opened a fashion house on Yuvani’s name, I hope… she says that’s great, you are already doing lot for Krishna, I m happy. he thanks her. She goes to sleep. He rests on couch.

Its morning, Sharad makes Golu and Yuvaan talk on video chat. Yuvaan says I m tensed and eating a lot. Pratima says I will make hair pleats Yuvani. Yuvani says hair pleats are boring. Dadi says its competition today, let her hair be loose, she looks beautiful. Yuvani says I wrote my speech, I have to read it. Pratima says good, but when hair are loose, it will trouble. Dadi says fine, and gives a hair band to Yuvani. Yuvani thanks Dadi and says this hair band is suiting me a lot. Dadi asks her to apply creams too. Pratima says Yuvani always glows. Dadi says yes, even then let her apply cream. Suhani applies cream to Yuvaan. He says I m not hurt, see Mamu is seeing by magnifying glass. Sharad asks yes, where is the wound. Suhani says see the wound. They ask where and laugh. Sharad says Yuvaan, let her apply, you are tiger. Suhani says you are spoiling him. Yuvaan reminds her Yuvraaj. She gets sad.

Yuvani says none can win this competition except me. Pratima says its nothing like losing or winning. Dadi says I m sure Yuvani will make everyone lose. Soumya gets curd and feeds Yuvani. Suhani feeds curd to Yuvaan. She asks is he nervous. Yuvaan says I m tensed, will I be able to say well or not. She asks him to say by heart. He thanks and hugs her.

She says your hair has something red in it. she asks him to read well. Dadi asks Soumya where is her mangalsutra. Soumya says I will get it. Krishna says take this, you forgot on dining table, and asks Yuvraaj to make Soumya wear mangalsutra. Yuvani also insists. Yuvraaj and Soumya look at each other. Yuvraaj takes the mangalsutra.

Yuvraaj and Suhani reach the competition place with the kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Be strong Suhani and tell the truth to your son. Tell him everything, if yuvrajj doesn’t tell your daughter the truth then that is his problem.
    There is no use of thinking about a man who has moved on with your best ex friend.

  2. whats all this nonsense ,suhani and yuvraaj dint get to see each other ,it was perfct moment but how comes it ruin the air with those stupid people runing towards them. And whats wrong with somyas mangalsutra . i m so curious about the story behind and tomorows episode wil be very interesting.

  3. When will they show flashback? Why is Suhani worried if yuvraj sees her? Are soumya and yuvraj acting as married to each other? Why did soumya assume the fashion house was opened for Krishna?

  4. no .. yuvraj cant do that …. pls u r wife oly suhani no one replace suhanis place

  5. Shruthi Ravichandran

    I dont know and i cant understand wat is gng in ssel.yuvaraj and somuya are married couple are juz acting

  6. I want a new hero beside yuvarj 2 hero
    I miss suhani’s mammi dadi pankaj lata they are very important character of this show pls bring them back

  7. I think yuvaan will win the competition and he will call his mom on the stage.. There yuvraj will see her..
    By the way, suhani looked stunning in that white suit.. N her hair style.. I love it..

  8. i really think a hero should come who can make yuvraj jealous and then unite yuvani like wht rohan did…yuvaan wants his papa infront of yuvraj if he calls anyone else papa when yuvi knows that it is his son he cant bear it……yuvani also should come to know about yuvaan and suhani…happy family….

  9. Hey yuvani lover u were so true yesterday, yuvani didn’t see each other.
    Oh gosh can’t see soumya standing next to Yuvraj &that mangalsutra scene. ….it’s so painful to see. Agar woh soumya ko MS pehana dega toh hamare nazaron mai apni izzat gava baithega.

    1. I guess snoopy will cum in the mean time..

  10. no doubt yuvaan will win.but yuvraj suhani ke milne se zyada yuvani ko yuvan se nafrat hoga.I am not sure yuvraj and suhani meet on stage.yuvan will call yuvi will not yuvaani will see.

    1. i hope soo

    2. May be.. Suhani will be sitting in the front row n yuvraj smwhr behind her.. Yuvaan will call suhani on the stage.. And the moment she will get up, yuvi will get a call and he will leave the auditorium due to network prob..

      1. haha..that’s true, always happens lyk dat in these serials..

  11. when yuvraj and suhani to meet each othr on that time flashback is opend …if krishna is jail r died r comastage .. still confusing yarrr

  12. whtevr show our show ill nt miss our ssel.. letz rocks

  13. I agree with u yuvani lover. ……
    Krishna too dies along with guari. ……….news fr Tc .

  14. I too feel Rohan or any other handsome hero should come in suhani’s life who will luv her fr whatever she is, she too deserves unconditional luv.

    1. Yup.. And I think its fine that they didn’t see each other.. I want yuvi to see her as a strong and independent woman with all her pride, rather than in a pathetic condition!!

  15. Suhani always give lectures abt saying sorry and thanks bt forgot to say thanks yestrday…,,bt its good…as Sushma and Yuvanilover said,Yuvraj should see her as a strong person,,…also the writers should soon reveal wat exactly happened btwn yuvraj and suhani

  16. Waiting for the flashbacks!!!!

  17. Ab badi der m update hoti h pahle 7 baje hi ho jatti thi

    1. U r rite…

  18. 17 k episode ki update Abhi tak nhi hui

  19. yuvaan’s acting is better than the rest…and sadly the serial has lost its plot… 🙁

  20. Im hoping that Suhani’s Company overtakes Yuvraaj’s business
    Suhani hopey in a very strong and commanding position

  21. Suhani will hopefully be on a commanding position

  22. Both are competing for a contract ryt? Then how did it come to overtaking birlas business??
    And today’s epi was too boring and tmrw also it WL be coz they won’t see each other..

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